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PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, -versus MELISSA L. DATUYON, Accused X ------------------------------------------------ X INFORMATION The undersigned accuses MELISSA L. DATUYON of the crime of the THEFT, committed as follows: That on or about September 21, 2013 in the City of Iloilo, within the jurisdiction of this court, the accused did, then and there, willfully, unlawfully, feloniously, with intent of gain and without the consent of the owner thereof, take, steal, and carry away the following personal property belonging to one, GARLIT O. PEREZ to wit: MITZUBISHI LANCER 2011 MODEL, of the total value of 600,000, Philippine currency: CONTRARY TO LAW. MARVIN H. TALEON II Assistant City Prosecutor CERTIFICATION AS TO CONDUCT OF INQUEST I hereby certify that the accused was lawfully arrested without a warrant and that, upon being informed of his rights, refused to waive the provisions of Article 125 of the Revised penal Code and, for this reason, an Inquest was conducted; that based on the complaint and the evidence presented before me without any countervailing evidence submitted by the accused, despite opportunity to do so, there is reasonable ground to believe that the accused has committed the crime of theft and should thus, be held for said crime; that this Information was with prior authority of the City Prosecutor. MARVIN H. TALEON II Assistant City Prosecutor SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME this 22nd day of September 2013 in Iloilo City. CRIMINAL CASE NO. 10-1236 For: QUALIFIED THEFT

JOMMEL Q. ALERTA City Prosecutor No Bail recommended