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Postgraduate studies in South Africa - NWU University Doctors Degrees & Masters Degrees Potchefstroom South Africa

Education is the welcome door towards the success and education institutes are surely the key for it. To polish up the definition of Education in order to make this world a much better place to live; Northwest University at SouthAfrica has guided the way of the inspiring students from all across the globe. The NWU University Potchefstroom is a well known name in the niche of education hubs. Although the footprints of this university were visible in the year 2004; the main campus of Potchefstroom holds a long history of 141 years. The university holds a group of three different campuses including: Potchefstroom Mafikeng Vanderbijlpark These all campuses are situated between the panoramas of South-Africa and attract thousands of students every year from all around the blue planet. Besides being the head quarter of the North-west University; the Potchefstroom campus has a glorious record of delivering the best graduates and technical experts to the industry. The majority of the students at this campus are from the Afrikaans Speaking community but for the ease and comfortability of the students from other countries; the institute provides the interpreting facility and hence creates a multilingual environment for the students. At the end of the academic year 2008; the institute reached the milestone of 35174 students which is boosting at an impressive pace since then. The Potchefstroom campus of the NWU offers 8 major courses that include: Arts Engineering Law Education Sciences Health Sciences Natural Sciences Economic and Management Sciences Theology

Beside with covering these major sectors of higher education; the institute incorporates 20 research entities, research centers and many more educational hubs.

Global Exposure
The Potchefstroom campus proudly owns a long list of awards and appraisal for the excellent academic performance. Some of the most honorable achievement and amazing facilities of the campus includes: International Award for Power Alerts. International Collaboration of SAPQI (a team of university lecturers) with Integral Energy in Australia and LPQI in Europe. International recognition of QRM programme from two global professional risk management wings. Impressive Laboratory and Pioneer educational facility in the field of Plastic Industry.

Finishing Words
Dont you want to make your child a part of this success parade? TheNorthwest University South Africa Potchefstroom campus provides the advanced hostel facility and the guarantee of security for the students. For more information about the Fee Structure, Admission Procedure, Eligibility Criteria and anything else; you are advised to check out the official website of the university.

About Us
At the Northwest University South Africa we strive toward becoming a research-driven campus, where excellence in teaching-learning and research are mutually reinforced. We have eight faculties, including Arts, Natural Sciences, Theology, Law, Economic and Management Sciences, Education Sciences, Engineering, and Health Sciences, and 23 innovative research entities, centres and platforms, which produce relevant and focused research of the highest quality.