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Advanced Material Management Workshop Course Syllabus

Morning Day 1
Classroom: Introductions and Course Goals and Agenda. Classroom: Understanding the Current State: Review of the existing cell design, current volumes, current BOMs and parts lists. Use of MRP for material control. Classroom: Definition of Kanban and the five main Kanban methods: In Process Kanban, Two-Bin Kanban, Multi-Bin Kanban, Non-Repeating Kanban, Multi-Card Kanban. Team Assignment: A Plan for Every Part. Populate Kanban planning worksheet with base part number data. Spreadsheet and printers provided. Team Assignment: Kanban Sizing Calculations. Calculate target quantities for Supermarket and Line Materials.

Afternoon Day 1
Classroom: Complete a Plan for Every Part, including determining the correct Kanban method. Team Assignment: Finalize a Plan For Every Part. Determine Kanban methodology per part, container size, Kanban label design. Team Assignment: Set up physical workstations with labeled bins and correct quantities. Classroom: The supermarket strategy. Team Assignment: Set up Supermarket with labeled bins and correct quantities. Use Bosch-provided flow racks, bins and Orgatex products. Toyota Plant Tour: Tour workstation presentation and material supermarkets.

Morning Day 2
Classroom: Designing the replenishment route and calculating material handling resources. Team Assignment: Measure replenishment route distance, planned replenishment cycles, required resource calculations. Classroom: Measuring material delivery performance. Kanban performance metrics. Team Assignment: Set up Kanban Status Board. Classroom: Level-loading and the impact of variability on a Kanban system. Introduction to Heijunka. Toyota Plant Tour: Tour replenishment route process and use of AGVs.

Afternoon Day 2
Classroom: Train the Trainer. Conduct Material Handler training session. Team Assignment: Bring the cell live and exercise the material delivery system. Record replenishment route metrics. Conduct debrief and document proposed improvements. Classroom: Material information management with a Kanban system.

Morning Day 3
Classroom: Total Cost of Acquisition Analysis. Team Assignment: Calculation fleet design using analysis spreadsheet (provided). Classroom: Forklift and Fleet Management design. Guidelines for use of AGVs in the plant. Team Assignment: Calculate total cost of procurement for two items. Toyota Plant Tour: Tour warehousing and raw material storage. Outside supplier communication and Receiving Inspection. Team Assignment: Conduct audit of Kanban system, including a full pull sequence audit.

Afternoon Day 3
Classroom: Kaizen the Kanban system. Implementing a Lean Management System related to material management. Team Assignment: Improvements to Kanban system in the workshop. Classroom: Kanban and supply chain considerations. Use of MRP in a Kanban environment with suppliers. Team Assignment: Line Live. Bring the line live and conduct debrief meeting. Classroom: Conclusion and Final Remarks.