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Laurie & Marty Scheinman and Michael Balboni, Esq.

Jeffrey Brown, Esq. Resi Cooper Warren Feldman, Esq. Craig Johnson, Esq.
Alan Klinger, Esq. Lenard Leeds, Esq. Barry Peek, Esq. Dr. Asif Rehman
Robert Scheinman
(Host Committee in Formation)
Bemociatic Canuiuate foi Nayoi of NYC!

Thuisuay, 0ctobei S, 2u1S
6:Supm- 8:uupm
! !

Contiibution Levels:
Chaii: $2S,uuu
Bost: $1u,uuu
Co-Bost: $4,9Su
Inuiviuual: $1,uuu

Naximum contiibution alloweu pei inuiviuual: $4,9Su

Peisonal contiibutions only. Coipoiate, LLC, anu LLP contiibutions aie stiictly piohibiteu.

Please make checks payable to: "7-8!9#$:-$/!1#$!%-!2('/&#"
Paiu foi by New Yoikeis foi ue Blasio

Thuisuay, 0ctobei S, 2u1S 6:Supm - 8:uupm

Yes! I would like to attend the event on October 3, and I would like to contribute $_____________________

No, I cannot attend the event on October 3, but I would still like to support Bill and contribute $__________

Name: __________________________________ Home Address: ____________________________________________________

City: __________________ State: ______________ Zip Code: __________ Contribution Amount: $ _________________

Your Employers Name: ____________________________ Your Occupation: _____________________________________

Your Work Address: _________________________________City: _______________ State: _______ Zip Code: _________

Home Phone: ____________________ Work Phone: ______________________ Cell Phone:_______________________

Fax: _______________________ E-mail address: _____________________________________________

Please indicate if contribution is being made by: Cash_______ Money Order________ Credit Card______ Check______

Please charge my: ___Visa ___MasterCard ___AMEX

Credit Card No:_________________________________________ Exp. Date: _______

Please make checks payable to: New Yorkers for De Blasio and mail to
New Yorkers for De Blasio
32 Court Street, Suite 902
Brooklyn, NY 11201

*For contributions of more than $400 only: Please complete Doing Business questionnaire.
Please indicate whether you have business dealings with the City: YES ______ NO_______ NOT SURE______ (If yes, please complete section below):

City Agency/Agencies Name and Address of
Doing Business Entity
Business Category
(for example, Contracts)
(for example, CEO)

The following statement is required by NYC Campaign Finance Board Rules:
I understand that State law requires that a contribution be in my name and be from my own funds. I hereby affirm that this contribution
is being made from my personal funds, is not being reimbursed in any manner, and is not being made as a loan.
Credit Card Contributors: I affirm that this contribution is being made from my personal credit card account, billed to and paid by
me for my personal use and having no corporate and business affiliation, and is not being made as a loan.

Your signature required: _________________________________________ Date Signed: ________________________

Contribution Requirements:
We cannot accept: contributions from corporations, partnerships or limited liability companies (LLCs); cash contributions that are more than $100;
any contributions over $4,950. *If a contributor has business dealings with the City as defined in the Campaign Finance Act, the
contribution limit is $400.
Federal law prohibits contributions from foreign nationals.
We cannot accept contributions from political committees, unless the committee registers with the Campaign Finance Board. If you wish to make a
contribution from an unregistered committee, call Elana 646-361-2530 for a registration form.
Contributions are not tax deductible.
State law prohibits making a contribution in someone elses name, reimbursing someone for a contribution made in your name, being
reimbursed for a contribution made in your name, or claiming to have made a contribution when a loan is made

Paid for by New Yorkers for de Blasio. Printed in house.