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Physical Education, Health & Drivers Education Department

Course: Instructor: Office: Phone: Email: Adv. Health: Controversial Issues in Health & Society Mr. Jim Bondi West P.E. Office (630) 468-4486 jbondi@hinsdale86.org

Hinsdale South High School

Best Time(s): 2,7/8 Hour, Before/After School (Open Door Policy) Home Page: Text: http://www.hinsdale86.org/staff/jbondi/ transitioning to https://sites.google.com/site/hshsadvancedhealth/home Ive created a course e-book accessible via our course link above. Instead of purchasing a book(s) it will be expected that you download and print articles of your choosing. Accessible via: http://www.hinsdale86.org/staff/jbondi/ADVhealtheBOOK.html

Course Description: By definition Health Education is described as consciously constructed opportunities for learning involving some form of communication designed to improve health literacy, including improving knowledge, and developing life skills which are conducive to individual and community health (World Health Organization). Furthermore according to the Joint Committee on Health Education a health literate individual is a critical thinker and problem solver, a responsible and productive citizen, a self-directed learner, and an effective communicator. The basis of this course will be the development of these skills through the research, presentation, and debate of current controversial issues in health and society. Purpose Statement: Overall, the foundation of this course is engaging students in exploring the concepts of critical thinking and reflection through the investigation of controversial issues and current events in health and society. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the variety of viewpoints of the leaders in various fields of health, medicine, and public health policy and how these dynamic issues ultimately impact personal, community and global health. Ultimately the course is aimed at underscoring the role of politics in public health policy and performing continuous cost-benefit analysis through critical thinking at these various levels of public health (individual through community). Course Requirements and Participation: When we use the term Advanced Health I assume that you have an interest level in this course material that allows for greater thought, reflection, learning, and participation. You chose to sign up for this elective course and simply put participation in class discussions and activities will be paramount to the format of learning we will embrace: guided discussion. I appreciate some of you are more introverted than others, however it should be noted from day one that you will personally be expected to take an active role in class; in fact your grade will reflect your active participation. This being said attendance is necessary to participate in the student-centered and project-based format of the course. Honors Credit: Those taking this course for honors credit and those taking this course in its general format will meet universal requirements and objectives; however this course will be differentiated for honors students. That is, all honors students will be expected to perform all course projects, readings, graded discussions and additional assessments that will include supplements or modifications/variations that will provide an increased rigor to the shared course objectives. Classroom Guidelines: It is expected that each person will be treated with respect and courtesy. This is a safe environment, free from ridicule. Personal attacks and offensive statements will not be tolerated. This goes for student-to-student, student-toteacher, and I will maintain this commitment as it pertains to teacher-to-student. School Policies in Review: Tardies, behavior, cell phones (purses), bathroom and everything else you already know My Policies: Attendance, participation, effort and organization (self-directed) and a positive attitude also goes a long way. Advanced Health Major Project Course Work and Assessments in Overview (Put Dates in Planner)

1 Large Project Per Quarter 1st Quarter-Community Assignment Project 2nd Quarter-Health Career Project Current Events Projects 2 Current Events Presentations Per Quarter Controversial Issues


Due Date

60 100

Oct. 21 Jan. 7

Removed From Course

Controversial Issues Grade Breakdown Preparation (Printed sources) 6 (10% of Grade) Completed Annotated Readings (Done in class) 6 (10% of Grade) Guided Notes (Done in class) 12 (20% of Grade) The Least You Need to Know Guided Questions 21 (35% of Grade) Personal Contribution Toward Graded Discussion 15 (25% of Grade) =60 Points Each (x 9) 1 Moderator of Controversial Issues Mini Projects 5 Mini Projects Throughout the Course Final 80 60 (x5) 20% of Course Grade

See Below See Below See Below Week of Final

Cumulative/Summative Course Assessment Covering All Course Information (Review Provided) Controversial Issues Tentative Schedule (First Date=Sources Due, Underlined Date = Moderator Presentation) I. American Culture, Media and Health a. ISSUE 1: Is the Media Affecting the Health of American Youth? Sep. 16, 17, 18 b. Mini-Project 1: Analysis of American Culture & Media Sep. 19 c. ISSUE 2: Do Online Friendships Hinder Adolescent Well-Being? Sep. 23, 24 II. Drugs and Society a. ISSUE 3: Is Drug Addiction a Brain Disease? Sep. 27, 30 b. Mini-Project 2: Controversial Issues in Drugs and Society Oct. 1 c. ISSUE 4: Should Marijuana Be Approved for Medical Use? Oct. 9,10, 11 III. Consumer Health and Society a. ISSUE 5: Is it Safe to Consume Genetically Engineered Foods? Oct. 25, 28, 29 b. Mini-Project 3: Buyer Beware Oct. 30 c. ISSUE 6: Should the Government Regulate the Sale, Advertisement, Nov. 8,11, 15 and Distribution of Junk Food? IV. Sexuality and Society a. ISSUE 7: Should the Cervical Cancer Vaccine Be Compulsory? Nov. 29,20, 21 b. Mini-Project 4: Big Brother and Health Nov. 25 c. ISSUE 8: Should Adolescents Have Access to Condoms in Schools? Dec. 2,3, 6 d. Mini-Project 5: Recent Developments Analysis Dec. 10 V. Emerging Issues in 21st Century Health and Society a. ISSUE 9: Should Embryonic Stem Cell Research Be Supported? Dec. 9,12, 13 b. ISSUE 10: Should the U.S. Adopt a Public Health Care Option? Dec. 16,17, 19
Late & Make-Up Work: All make-up work is due within the same time frame of missed school (ie. 1 day for 1 day); field trips do not count and it is expected to meet due dates during field trips. While late work will be assessed at a one letter grade deduction for each school day the project is late after the class period in which the assignment was to be due with a maximum amount of half off deducted and a maximum time frame of one week of allotted time. In other words late work must be turned in within a week of due date to receive any credit.

Fall 2013 Advanced Health Calendar

This is the course calendar. I will often remind you of upcoming dates, assignments, etc. but between this and the course syllabus it will be expected for you to learn to look over this calendar on a weekly basis and use it in conjunction with your planner. My advice is for you to learn to embrace what a calendar can do for your life . You can ask me when something is due or where were meeting on a particular day.but the resounding answer will always be to check this lovely document or the one available online. Become self-directed! I reserve the right to call it tentative and will inform you should anything change.






23 FIRST DAY Introductions The Bigfoot Bet and the ShakeWeight Basic Course Model


26 Preview Course Model -Syllabus -Honors vs. Non -Website -Calendar -Course Expectat.

27 Review Course Model Issue Moderator in Detail Controversial Issues Stance and Interest Survey

28 Computer Lab Issues Moderator Intro Research May utilize Our eBook Sources Look over TLYNTK Questions for Guidance

29 Computer Lab Issues Moderator Continued Research What is the Ethical/Moral Dilemma: True Heart of the Controversy? 5 Computer Lab Issue Moderator Tweaking Email Me Pres./If Update it Later Email Updated Copy 12 Computer Lab Mini Project 1: Finish/Email Me Shared Version (Make Public) Do you have Issue 1 and 2 Sources? 19 Mini Project 1 Due Analysis of American Culture and Media Everyone Ready to Present

30 Computer Lab Issues Moderator Prepare Rough Draft/Email to Me If Time Print Issue 1 Sources


3 Issues Moderator Rough Draft Due Meet with All Groups Individually in Order of Presentation Questions Feedback Homework 10 Computer Lab Mini Project 1: Analysis of American Culture and the Media Research Check in on CHP idea. 17 Issue 1 Research Day 2 (Typically 1 Day for Research):

4 Finish Moderator Meetings Assign Community Health Project (Due end of quarter) Preview -Options -Hours/Sheet -Write Up 11 Computer Lab 10 OCLOCK START Preview/Review Printing Up Sources Do you have Issue 1 and 2 Sources? If time continue MP1 18 Issue 1 Presentation Graded Discussion

6 Movie: Digital Nation Media, Technology and American Culture.

9 Preview MiniProject Model and Generalized Rubric -Group Protocol -Honors/NonHonors -SlideRocket Demo -Emailing Shared Versions -Assign MP 1 16 Issue 1 Expectations of Class Time/ Research &Demo Annotating Expectations Research Day 1 Issue Sources Due

13 Preview/Review Model and Expectations of Controversial Issue Grading/Discussion -Preparation -Sources -Rubric(s) -Annotating Suggestions Issue Sources Mon! 20 Mini Project 1 Due Analysis of American Culture and Media Finish Presentations Start Issue 2 Research over Weekend?


23 Issue 2 Research Have Sources Ready

24 Issue 2 Presentation Graded Discussion

25 Computer Lab Mini Project 2: Controversial Issues in Drugs and Society Research

26 Computer Lab Mini Project 2: When Done Make sure to Share Link w/ Me Do you have Issue 3 & 4 Sources ready? 3 Issue 4 Research Have Sources Ready

27 Issue 3 Research Have Sources Ready (Homework: Finish Research) 4 Movie Medical Marijuana Controversy Value of MM? Access to MM? Local Control? CHP Reminder! Where are You on Community Health Project? 11 Current Event Protocol /Examples Current Event 1 Sign Up and Procedures Community Health Project Check in 18 Community Health Project Due -Hours Sheet -Write Up (Summary and Reaction) -Brief Presentation Everyone Ready to Present

30 Issue 3 Presentation Graded Discussion

1 Mini Project 2 Due: Controversial Issues in Drugs and Society Everyone Ready to Present

2 10 OCLOCK START Mini Project 2 Finish Presentations


7 Issue 4 Presentation Graded Discussion

8 Computer Lab (Prezi Demo) Mini Project 3: Buyer Beware Start Research

9 Computer Lab Mini Project 3: Buyer Beware Cont. Research

10 Computer Lab Mini Project 3: Buyer Beware (1 extra day for Prezi) When Done Share Presentation with me 17 Current Events 1 Finish Presentations


15 Computer Lab Current Events 1 Sign Up/Research Print 2 Copies of Write up and 1 Copy of Article

16 Current Events 1 Due Everyone Ready to Present

21 Community Health Project Finish Sharing

Issue 5 Sources? 22 Computer Lab Current Events 2 Sign Up/Research Print 2 Copies of Write up and 1 Copy of Article

23 Issue 5 Research Have Sources Ready 10 OCLOCK START

24 Movie: Food Inc Start Movie

25 Finish Movie

28 Issue 5 Continued Research Have Sources Ready

Issue 5/6 Sources? 29 Issue 5 Presentation Graded Discussion

30 Current Events 2 Due Everyone Ready to Present

31 Current Events 2 Finish Presentations

1 Mini Project 3 Due: Buyer Beware Everyone Ready to Present (Make sure I have link shared HW: Decide on Career Health Project

4 Mini Project 3: Buyer Beware Finish Presentations

5 Preview Career Health Project

6 Computer Lab Career Health Project Research

7 Computer Lab Career Health Project Fact Sheet

8 Computer Lab Career Health Project Email Fact Sheet Start Presentation Issue 6 sources? 11:30 Dismissal PT CONFERENCES 15 Computer Lab Mini Project 4: Big Brother and Health Research


11 Computer Lab Current Events 3 Sign Up/Research Print 2 Copies of Write up and 1 Copy of Article Issue 6 Sources? 18 Computer Lab Mini Project 4: Big Brother and Health Finish Presentations Issue 7,8 Sources? 25 Issue 7 Presentation Graded Discussion

12 Issue 6 Research Have Sources Ready

13 10 OCLOCK START Movie: Food Police Govt Intervention? Right vs. Left? Does Obesity Problem/Epidemic Warrant Int? 20 Current Events 3 Finish Presentations Career Project Check in. PARENT VISITATION 27 Mini Project 4: Big Brother and Health Presentations EARLY DISMISSAL

14 Issue 6 Presentation Graded Discussion

19 Current Events 3 Due Everyone Ready to Present


22 Movie: Vaccine Wars What are the concerns for vaccines? What drives the debate? 29 BREAK NO SCHOOL Time to do Interview for Career Health Project??? 6 Issue 8 Presentation Graded Discussion Did you Email me Fact Sheetfor Career Health Project? 13 Issue 9 Presentation Graded Discussion

26 Mini Project 4 Due: Big Brother and Health Everyone Ready to Present 3 Issue 8 Research Have Sources Ready


2 Mini Project 4: Big Brother and Health Presentations

4 Computer Lab Mini Project 5: Recent Developments in Reproductive Health Research

5 Computer Lab Mini Project 5: Recent Developments in Reproductive Health Finish Issue 9-10 Sources? 12 Movie: Stem Cell Debate What is a SC? Differentiation? 3 Types of SCs? What drives the debate?

9 Mini Project 5 Due Graded Discussion Day 1

10 Finish Mini Project Graded Discussion Day 2

11 Issue 9 Research Have Sources Ready 10 OCLOCK START


16 Issue 10 Research Have Sources Ready

17 Movie: Sick Around America Basic Insurance Understanding? Pre-Existing Conditions? 5 Changes ACA?

18 Issue 10 Presentation Graded Discussion Day 1

19 Issue 10 Graded Discussion Day 2 HOLIDAY ASSEMBLY

20 Computer Lab Current Events 4 Sign Up/Research Print 2 Copies of write up and 1 copy of Article END OF DAY WINTER BREAK BEGINS-Finish Career Projects?


6 SCHOOL RESUMES Current Events 4 Due Everyone Ready to Present

7 Current Events 4 Finish Presentations --------------------------Career Health Project Due Everyone Ready to Present 14 Final: During Final Week Study Guide to be Provided

8 Career Health Projects Presentations Continued

9 Career Health Projects Presentations Continued

10 Career Health Projects Presentations Continued

13 Informal Course Evals




Computer Lab Dates For your planner; We will meet directly in the lab. Aug: 28, 29, 30 Sept: 5, 10, 11, 12, 25, 26 Oct: 8, 9, 10,15, 22 Nov: 6,7,8, 11, 15, 18 Dec: 4, 5, 20
Please Note: This document and calendar are also available online via our website for the course.