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A BYTE OF LIFE Tuesday, July 14, 2009 HEART

Force simply not with Sutil!


At 21, Manjula Veeraragavan juggles a career
with HCL Technologies and represents
Tamil Nadu at National level in shooting
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mid-night buffet
Now, satisfy your midnight hunger pangs with pani puri, bhel puri, pav baji,
vada pav and many more at the Raintree Hotel. Open only on weekends, the
buffet starts from mid-night and goes on till 3.30 a.m. Price: Rs. 399.
For details call 4225 2525

Run Chennai Run

T he second edition of the GiveLife Chennai
Marathon seems to have gotten bigger
and better. This year the organisers are
expecting participation from around two
lakh people. Besides, the run has also
received an international accreditation from
The Association of International Marathon
Society, London and international marathon
runners from Europe and Africa will be
The run will be held on August 22, with
prizes for professional run (21.09 km for
men and women), Great Chennai City Run
(7 km) and wheel chair run for the
Registration fee for the half marathon is Rs.
Evam’s theatre and acting workshop is for you
100, city run is Rs. 20 and wheel chair run is

o you want to act or
For details visit www.givelife- do theatre? But you
chennaimarathon.com. Or call Sasitha at don’t know how and
9444960704/ 044-24994344. where to start. Or,
are you bored of your mo-
notonous job and want to
take a break? You have nil
experience but want to
have fun and learn. Yes!
Then join Cut Chennai
Edition 5.
Evam is introducing fun
theatre and acting work-
shop for all you who want
to do more in life. You will
learn about the various as-
pects of theatre including
acting, body language,
voice, creativity, storytell-

ing and much more. The

workshop will be conduct- What, When, Where
ed by theatre professionals What: Learn Acting
and costs Rs. 3,000. You When: July 18 and 19; 9 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.
can avail discount if you The applications are available at www.evam.in or email
register as a team of three. teamevam@gmail.com. Call 9940438669/ 9840281513
Ergo Correspondent

My U.S.P.

This fruit cart
owner on 100
Feet Road in
Vadapalani has
found a new
way to establish
his identity.
His cart has a
Apparently, a
customer who
did not have
money pledged
his number
plate for a
glass of juice.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A shooting star
at close range
At 21, Manjula Exciting start with NCC Manjula was deemed fit to take
part in the 34th State Level Shoot-
I earn will go towards my family.
And my expenses would primari-
people like Abhinav Bindra and
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, this
Veeraragavan Manjula’s tryst with shooting
started when she was the Cadet
ing Championship. Pre-nation-
als, the G.V. Mavlankar Shooting
ly include food, transportation
and bullets.”
discipline seems to be getting
more limelight. Manjula puts it
juggles a career Under Officer in the NCC wing of
JBAS College. “NCC kindled my
Championship followed, and she
emerged successful at fourth
Manjula is desperately trying to
make all ends meet. “I thought I’ll
forth very candidly. “I need spon-
sors and the sport needs more
with HCL interest in shooting. The rigorous
competitions and training ses-
place scoring 567/600.
It was raining medals, and
start a business. Currently, I’m in
a contract to sell ladies salwar
Manjula shells out nearly Rs.
Technologies and sions were tiring, yet very excit-
ing,” she says.
Manjula was selected to repre-
sent Tamil Nadu at the National
materials. I’ve also managed to
buy a computer through which I
5,000 every month for practice.
This would translate into nearly
represents Tamil Eager to continue, she applied
for a membership with the Chen-
level. There’s been no looking
back after that.
could do some extra paperwork
and medical transcriptions.”
Rs. 30,000, if she has to meet all
her needs and gear up for the Na-
Nadu at National nai Rifle Club in 2008, but was
unable to pay the initial subscrip- Fighting out
Right now, her sights are fixed
on the National Shooting Cham-
tional Championship. “I’m aim-
ing for the Commonwealth
level in shooting tion of Rs. one lakh. Not dishear-
tened, she proceeded to the
Compared to other sports,
shooting is quite expensive. An
pionship 2009 in Jharkhand
where she represents Tamil Na-
Games and the Olympics. I want
to prove myself and bring more
Madurai Rifle Club, where she air-rifle fit for competitions can du. “During practice, when I laurels to our nation,” she says.
met renowned coach K.Velshan- cost around Rs. one lakh, and know that I have only 10 bullets, Manjula has set her target, one
kar. After practicing for two more money fades away for bul- my concentration is disrupted that would never blur.
PREETHI R. weeks, the coach asked her to lets and pellets. And when big and that is not good.” To put it in her words, “I have
feedback@goergo.in join the club, impressed by her bucks seem to go up in a poof of In a cricket-crazy nation, the fire in my blood, and with a
talent. smoke, there is an increasing shooting probably never had a little help, I can reach great
heights in firing.” ■

ith a rifle crooked be- With just a month’s training, need for sponsors. “Most of what fighting chance. But thanks to
tween her shoulder and
fist, Manjula Veeraraga-
van steadies herself,
peers down the scope of her rifle,
and leans back slightly. The air is
heavy with silence and stillness,
except for the sounds of the
morning breeze.
Ten seconds later, there’s a
crack of a bullet as she pulls the
trigger and one can see the ever
fascinating twist of smoke com-
ing out of the gun’s slot. Birds
happily chattering and resting on
a patch of grass under a tree scat-
ter away for their lives. Bull’s eye!
“I don’t know how to explain
when I know
it,” she says, reviewing her shot.
“It feels like you have so much
power. You just have to be in the
that I have
right mental state.”
Squeezing the trigger comes
with a great sacrifice for Manjula.
only 10
The 21-year-old juggles hard for
time – she works as a legal ad-
ministrator at HCL Technologies
bullets, my
and also pursues an MBA degree
through correspondence. After a
gruelling week of work, she pro-
ceeds to Madurai on Fridays. Rig-
orous practice sessions
punctuate her weekends and be-
is disrupted
fore she knows it, she’s back. But
Manjula remains surprisingly un-
and that is
“I’ve always believed that the
human brain can concentrate on
more things than one. I like it that
not good.
my schedule is jam-packed,” she
04 TECHNORAMA ERGO Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We’re through the shock, we’re through
the collapse. I would argue the worst is
behind us, speaking generally, not specifically to
Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

Test PC monitors before purchasing

hey’re all flat; 22 inches measured horizon- in the store is the image quality. The customer
tally and offer a range of additional func- should trust his or her own eyes, not the data on
tions. So how can buyers tell a good PC the sales sheet. “They really aren’t very informa-
monitor from a bad one? Is a contrast of tive, because the manufacturer doesn’t measure
500:1 sufficient, or does it need a ratio of 3000:1? under normal conditions,” Lorenz explains.
“The benchmark data they provide is only of Colour quality in particular is often a matter of
limited usefulness,” says Dirk Lorenz from the taste, Kuhlmann says: “What one person finds
German consumer testing organisation Stiftung pleasant is not at all so for the next guy.” The
Warentest in Berlin. Much more important is tak- sample screen offered in the store is not suitable
ing a look at the display itself in the store. for testing. Potential buyers should instead watch
The first step is to consider how the monitor is a video on the monitor, or view photos stored on
going to be used. USB stick or similar removable medium.
Displays needed for gaming, for example, need Manufacturers, for their part, try to funnel con-
to have attributes different from office monitors. sumers toward numbers-heavy units with con-
A monitor for video playback has to be big and trast ratios up to 30,000:1 and higher.
offer high levels of colour gradation, brightness, The experts note that a ratio of 500:1 is more
and contrast. than enough, however.
Office monitors, by contrast, should feature Anything above 1,000 is just bells and whistles,
good ergonomics. Overly large monitors can be a Kuhlmann notes.
distraction in that setting, though. Of much more significance is that the monitor
“It’s like being in the movie theatre and sitting is uniformly illuminated - not darker on the edges
in the first row,” explains Juergen Reinhard from than in the middle. A monitor without a re-
hardware-maker Samsung. stricted viewing angle is helpful in this re-
Lorenz recommends against mirrored models gard as well.
for the same reason. “It may look nice in the PC monitors are not necessarily the best
store, but it is distracting in daily use,” she says. place to try and save a few pennies, Kuhl-
Ulrike Kuhlmann from Hanover-based comput- mann says. Good displays currently cost
er magazine c’t, also recommends a device with around 200-300 dollars.
digital inputs such as HDMI or VDI. “They are “You really shouldn’t underestimate your
more expensive, but they’re worth it,” she notes. own requirements. After all, this is what
Displays with only analogue input can only be you’re going to be looking at day after
attached to the computer using an adapter, since day,” Kuhlmann says. ■
most computers today offer digital-only image DPA
“The images may end up with a flicker. But you
won’t notice it in the store - only once you get it
home,” Kuhlmann says.
One thing that can and should be checked

Office monitors
must be height
adjustable. If the
display is set too
low, the ceiling
lighting can be
reflected in it
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
P3 players have become one of comfortable using In-Ear headphones be-
the most popular accessories for cause they cannot hear what is going on
joggers as listening to your fa- in the outside world.
vourite music can help overcome Knott recommends trying the tradi-
the last few metres before finally arriving tional style semi-open headphones that
home. sit on the ears and remain in a stable posi-
But to enjoy jogging and listening to tion with the aid of a headband.
music at the same time there are a few Studio style headphones, on the other
things you should take note of. hand, are not suitable because they fill
The best kind of MP3 player to go jog- with too much sweat. “It might happen
ging with is one with flash memory. Many that while you’re jogging you feel like
players have a hard disk drive with mov- you’re wearing steam boilers over your
ing parts that can experience problems ears.”
while you’re jogging over rough terrain, Some headphone models already have

Tips on
as Michael Knott from the Hamburg- an MP3 player integrated into the head-
based technology website netzwelt.de band.
explains. Another thing to look out for is the
“Electronic flash players on the other connection between the headphone and
hand are completely immune to vibra- the player. Cables are often a source of

tion,” he says. It is usually older MP3 possible danger for joggers, according to
players that are vulnerable to shocks and Knott. “It can get caught on something
vibrations and almost all players found in and pull the headphones from your ears.”
stores today have flash memory. A cable can also distract you while jog-
Last year 4.16 million MP3 players were ging if you continually have to take care

the best
sold but only 23,000 of them had hard of where it is. In that case it might be wise
drives, according to Roland Stehle from to choose a Bluetooth headphone that
Germany’s Gesellschaft fuer Unterhal- has no cables.
tungs und Kommunikationselektronik, a “A pair of Bluetooth headphones cost
consumer electronics umbrella organisa- between 28 and 42 dollars more than ca-

tion that provides information about the ble headphones.” But the downside is
sector. that there is just a small choice of Blue-
Although the capacity of flash players tooth headphones on the market.
to store songs is growing steadily and al- A good way to keep a normal player in
most all of them are suitable for jogging, a secure and stable position is with the aid
some come with headphones that can of an armband placed in the upper area
cause problems when running, as Urs of your arm, explains Knott. That way the
Weber from the German magazine Run- player will not bounce around as when it

player ner’s World explains.

“In many cases the standard head-
phones don’t fit well and fall out when
jogging.” Weber recommends choosing
headphones that have multiple types of
is in your pocket.
Apple’s iPod Shuffle and players from
Creative and Philips are easily and safely
attached to your clothing with a clip, adds
Weber. One way to protect the player
ear attachments and are adjustable. from rain is with a silicone covering. “Un-
What are known as In-Ear headphones fortunately many silicone covers don’t fit
are the best, according to Stehle. Weber 100 per cent,” says Knott.
also believes In-Ear models produce bet- For those who lose their sense of
ter quality sound. rhythm while listening to music as they
“Many joggers swear by In-Ear head- jog there are MP3 players that choose
phones while some don’t think they’re music to suit your running pace.
any good at all,” says Knott. They feel un- “That is very useful as many joggers
tend to run too quickly when they listen
All in all MP3 players can to a fast song,” says Knott.
provide motivation without Those players can identify the beats per
minute of a song and match it to your jog-
taking your breath away as ging tempo. Or the jogger can choose the
you jog pace. ■

Photo: AFP
06 VILLAGE ERGO Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bestselling bra - for men

A silky bra has become a instant hit in Japan -
with men. Experts suggest Japanese men find
wearing a bra under their shirts "relaxing".

Queen joins Twitter Brick-throwing

Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal family have joined social
networking website Twitter. vigilante an
The page of the royal family on the site will be run to provide
news and information service, with lists of engagements and Internet hit
updates to websites reporting about the royalty. A retired teacher has become
However, members of the family will not tweet on the page. an unlikely Internet hit in
“The Queen has been advised that it’s up and running but there China for throwing bricks at
won’t be any members of the Royal Family tweeting,” the cars whose drivers were
Telegraph quoted a spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace as saying. ignoring red lights at a
Already more than 450 people have started following the dangerous crossing, state
monarchy at http://twitter.com/BritishMonarchy. media reported Monday.
ANI The furious 74-year-old last
week took up position on an
intersection in Lanzhou, the capital of northwest Gansu
province, and damaged more than 30 cars before he was
Hillary to find hot showers for stopped by police, the China Daily reported.
“I just wanted to catch people’s attention and tell the
staff at State Department drivers to think of pedestrians,” the man said, according
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently added to the report.
another initiative to her portfolio during a question-answer The unnamed man’s attacks drew wide support in Chinese
session with staffers - finding hot showers for her cyberspace, with nearly 80 percent of 400,000 respondents
employees at the State Department. to an online poll backing him, the paper said.
Apart from being asked about “biking and running to The ex-teacher became a campaigner for road safety after
work”, she was asked by a young woman: “Whether you a pedestrian was killed near where he lived.
would support an initiative to get us access to showers.” He successfully lobbied for traffic lights at the intersection,
According to the New York Daily News, the crowd in the but drivers continued to ignore them, the report said,
Dean Acheson auditorium at citing the Lanzhou Morning Post.
the State Department AFP
cracked up as the former
First Lady replied: “I don’t
know what portable showers
look like. (But) we’ll look Taller men make more money
into it.” Taller men are able to earn more money than their shorter
It was Clinton’s first counterparts, according to a study.
extended public appearance The study suggests that taller people make more money simply
since she broke her elbow because they are perceived to be more intelligent and powerful.
during a tumble last month. “Our estimates suggest that if the average man of about 178
After six months on the job, centimetres gains an additional five centimetres in height, he
the former First Lady told would be able to earn an extra 950 dollars per year - which is
her team: “We need to get approximately equal to the wage gain from one extra year of
in the habit of looking to labour market experience,” Live Science quoted study co-author
the horizon and planning for Andrew Leigh, an economist at the Australian National
how we want things to be.” University, as saying.

Udaipur voted world’s best city

daipur was voted the world’s best Westerners.
city for travellers in 2009 in an on- “Value, intimacy, service, and discov-
line poll by Travel + Leisure maga- ery are top priorities. As for that so-last-
zine, trumping last year’s winner August-sounding word, luxury, it’s all
Bangkok. about enclaves that shelter stealth
The island of Bali in Indonesia topped wealth,” she said in a statement.
the Galapagos to be named best island in Novogrod said dramatically sited out-
the annual poll, in which casual and laid- posts ranging from Jade Mountain in St.
back destinations prevailed. Lucia to San Ysidro Ranch in California
Magazine readers also voted Bush- featured highly this year.
mans Kloof Cedar Mountains, in South Value ratings for a number of top-
Africa, as the world’s top hotel while Sin- ranked cities - Udaipur, Cape Town,
gapore Airlines grabbed the best airline Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Chiang Mai, and
award again. Luang Prabang - were sky-high while
Nancy Novogrod, editor-in-chief of other far-flung cities also made a strong
Travel + Leisure said this year’s poll re- showing.
flected changing travel interests in a However, favourites such as New York
challenging economy, with Udaipur, fa- City, Florence, Rome, and San Francisco
mous for its canals and palaces, a current remained in the top 10 overall. ■
tourist favourite for well-heeled Reuters
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Websites of the day Hide and seek
Sneak a peek at those lucky enough to be the world’s richest people A two-year-old girl from Pennsylvania is
http://www.forbes.com/billionaires so good at playing hide and seek - her
Find out how many cups of coffee you can consume before the caffeine kills you worried family had to call police and
http://www.energyfiend.com/death-by-caffeine firefighters to help find her.

ove over Hollywood, butt eat in our restaurants, shop here - centives - almost every town or ing member of the Screen Actors the movies that used the Lincoln
out Broadway: Washing- and all that generates revenues city does, said Friedman - but al- Guild who works between acting Memorial as a backdrop, Mont-
ton, once seen as a dour for the city,” said Josh Friedman, so because the capital simply jobs as a guide on tours of DC gomery told a group of cinema
city with too many grim- spokesman for the DC Office of cannot be replicated in a studio. locations where films have been buffs on one of the tours, which
faced lobbyists and politicos, is Motion Picture and Television “We have landmarks you can’t shot. On Location Tours launched less
attracting hordes of film-makers Development. do justice to if you try to recreate Forrest Gump, Wedding Crash- than a year ago in Washington.
and stars these days, as well as Washington is highly prized as them.” ers, National Treasure and even Peter Sellers’s Being There, All
the people who like to watch a filming location not only be- “It’s too obviously fake,” said the 1930s classic Mr Smith Goes the President’s Men and Thank
them. cause it pays movie-makers in- Mike Montgomery, a card-carry- to Washington are just some of you for Smoking are among more
In 1991, half a dozen films and than 120 movies shot at the Capi-
TV shows were shot in Washing- tol, the most popular Washington
ton. Fifteen years later, more than film location, Montgomery said.
three times that number were
shot here and in the first six
Most of the productions that film in Washington In the movies the building has
been swarmed by locusts - which
months of 2009, Washington has are smaller affairs that merely pass through the were actually Styrofoam packing
been buzzing with movie and TV peanuts, painted brown - and has
activity. capital without putting down roots for several weeks “been the target of a lot of vio-
Last month, visitors and locals lence from aliens,” said Mont-
watched the residents in music gomery.
channel MTV’s reality show, The But although Montgomery can
Real World, check into a house in spot a studio set or blooper about
Dupont Circle for weeks of co- Washington in a movie - like Joan
habitation and filming for a show Allen jogging through Arlington
that will air next year. cemetery in The Contender,
Some DC natives reported on which, Montgomery said, “no-
celeb-spotting website JustJared- body does” - since the September
.com, seeing actor Jack Nicholson 11, 2001 attacks, in which Wash-
outside La Tomate restaurant, al- ington was targeted other cities
so in Dupont Circle near Wash- have been acting as ersatz US
ington’s embassy row. capitals for film-makers.
Nicholson, according to Just- Toronto has been particularly
Jared, is in Washington - referred good at mimicking Washington,
to by locals as “The District” or with more than 20 films, includ-
DC - to film Academy Award-win- ing the TV movies The Day Re-
ning director James Brooks’ new agan was Shot, Secret Service and
movie, in which Nicholson plays RFK, about the assassinated
Reese Witherspoon’s father. brother of slain president John F.
The romantic comedy, which Kennedy, filmed in the Canadian
has a working title of “How Do city between 2000 and 2006.
You Know” and also stars Owen But there’s no denying that
Wilson and Paul Judd as two men there’s a sense of cool about liv-
vying for Witherspoon’s affec- ing in or visiting Washington
tions, recently wrapped up sever- these days, and according to Re-
al weeks of filming in becca Pawlowski, director of
Washington. communications at Destination
Earlier this year, Angelina Jolie DC, much of that is thanks to
filmed several takes of a scene for President Barack Obama.
the spy thriller Salt outside the “There’s been a lot of buzz and
Archives-Navy Memorial Metro excitement around Washington
station in downtown DC. DC, starting with the election in
“The scene played out right in November and continuing into
front of anyone who wanted to the inauguration in January, par-
watch, and the set was so unas- ticularly internationally - we’ve
suming that some people who seen a lot of visitors coming over
were walking by had no idea what for that reason, to be part of this
they had stumbled onto,” Fox phenomenon,” Pawlowski said.
Television, which filmed Jolie be- This file photo shows people standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial in “People want to be part of the
ing filmed, wrote on its website. Washington, DC. Washington DC is becoming more and more popular as a set for energy and changes in Washing-
“But even if they’re just passing film and TV producers. Washington is highly prized as a filming location not only ton.” ■
through, they stay in our hotels, because it pays movie-makers incentives - almost every town or city does, - but AFP
also because the capital simply cannot be replicated in a studio. PHOTO: AFP
08 SPORT ERGO Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chowrasia disappoints
SSP Chowrasia could not arrest the slide in form and signed off with his worst card of the week –
a five-over 76 – to finish a lowly 77th in the Barclays Scottish Open golf tournament. After a poor
third round of 75 dashed his hopes for a decent finish in the European Tour event, Chowrasia
seemed to have lost the plot as the diminutive Kolkata pro stuttered to 76 to total nine-over 293
and pocket Euro 5196.


Force India’s Adrian Sutil drives during the German Grand Prix
at Nurburgring on Sunday. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Laxman leads Lancashire Warne takes on KP

Australian spin legend Shane Warne has termed
to victory Kevin Pietersen’s unconventional paddle sweep
VVS Laxman hit a sedate unbeaten 64 to in the opening Ashes Test as an “ego shot”
script Lancashire’s seven-wicket win over which the England batsman should have
Worcestershire in the division one County avoided “to put the team first, not himself”.
Championship at Old Trafford. The Indian, Pietersen was going great guns at 69 when he
who scored only 19 in the first innings, more stretched to play a pre-determined paddle sweep from way
than made up when it mattered most and outside off-stump off Nathan Hauritz and the ball brushed his
remained unbeaten after a 93-ball knock studded with six fours. helmet before Simon Katich completing the “brain snap”
Laxman and Steven Croft (40 not out) put together an un- dismissal in the England first innings in Cardiff.
separated 91-run stand to see Lancashire home. It was, however, “You have to be careful not to over criticise. Any batsman can
Paul Horton (77) who top-scored in Lancashire’s second innings. get out. What matters is the way they get out, because that
Lancashire bagged 17 points from the win which would keep reveals their thought processes about batting. It seemed that
the fourth-placed team in the hunt for the title race. Pietersen just wanted to keep playing sweep shots against
Hauritz. To me, that is an ego shot,” Warne said. “I think
Brief scores Pietersen, too, just gets bored. That is where hunger comes in.
Worcestershire: 172 all out and 236 all out lose by seven-wickets He prepares better than anybody for games, but he has to put
to Lancashire: 145 all out and 264/3. the team first, not himself,” he said.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I don’t think it was required. I was unhappy with it. He (Anderson) changed it (the gloves) the over before, I don’t
think they’d be too sweaty in one over. I’m not sure what the physio was doing out there. I didn’t see anyone call
for the physio to come out. As far as I’m concerned, it was pretty ordinary really. But they can play whatever way they
want to play. We came to play by the rules and the spirit of the game. It’s up to them to do what they want to do.
Ricky Ponting accusing England of not playing in the spirit of the game

Heartbreak for Sutil

From a possible podium finish the
German driver finishes a disastrous 15th

drian Sutil tryst with sion with more-experienced good weekend and the next one
wretched luck continued at Raikkonen while coming out of will come very soon. All our de-
his home grand prix, as the his pit stop sequence. The crash velopment shows we are on the
Force India driver was left his car with a bloody nose and right track and that we are much
bumped off by Ferrari’s Kimi Sutil had to retire back to the pit more competitive.”
Raikkonen from a possible podi- lane for repairs, which robbed The driver, who had started
um finish at the German Grand him close to 15 seconds. That seventh on the grid eventually
Prix on Sunday. The German ended his points dream. The Fer- finished 15th. “It was a good race
driving in front of his home rari driver coming from behind for me. The start was a bit diffi-
crowd at the Nurburgring had looked a tad reckless to bump in- cult but I lost just one position. In
done exceptionally well to claw to to Sutil, though the race stewards the first stint I did really well and
the second spot in the grid before chose to term it as just another it was looking very promising as I
his first pit stop after lap 27 of the “racing accident”. Earlier, last was up to second by my first stop.
60 lap race and looked destined year in Monaco, Sutil running But in motor sport unfortunate
to win Force India’s and his first fourth was thrown out of the race incidents happen. You cannot
championship points. after Rakkionen clipped him from take them to heart,” he said.
But similar to last year’s behind, prompting an angry re- “Overall I think we’ve learnt a lot.
Monaco Grand Prix, sponse from the Force India It’s the first time starting in the
he was involved driver. top 10 and it’s a different race up
in a colli- However, this time Sutil chose there.”
to stay away from the blame Chairman and team principal,
game. “When I went out of the Vijay Mallya too said the same.
pit lane I saw Kimi coming on “It’s been largely all good this
the outside of the corner and weekend and again I am very
I just tried to hold my line proud of the team and both our
but he went to the outside drivers. It’s just a shame that after
and I touched him and lost such a great weekend perfor-
part of my front wing,” mance that we don’t have any
Sutil explained. “We points to show for it. Both that’s
shouldn’t be that dis- motor sport,” he said “The next
appointed with this race is only in a couple of weeks
result as we so we’ll refocus on this and try to
have had a finish the job in Hungary. ■

Kaka defends Real spending spree Grapplers excel

Brazilian midfielder Kaka has said he believes he and
Indian grapplers signed off the Junior Asian Wrestling
Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo are worth the huge
Championship in style, bagging gold and a silver on the final day
transfer fees which Spanish giants Real Madrid dished out
in Manila on Sunday, to finish with an impressive haul of 14
for them last month. “If Real Madrid have decided to pay
so much money for us it is because we are worth it, isn’t
Rahul Aware won the gold in 55kg freestyle category, while the
it? Because we have shown it with our football in recent
silver was bagged by Rahul Mann in 60kg division. Overall, India
years,” he said. “We are in a sport which pays these kinds
won five gold, four silver and five bronze medals in the three-
of figures and within this sphere it could be that we are
day meet, a Wrestling Federation of India release stated. Apart
worth this investment,” the 27-year-old added.
from Aware, other medal winners in men’s freestyle category are
Real signed Kaka from AC Milan for 65 million euros and
Surender (50kg, gold); Joginder Kumar (120kg, gold), Rahul
paid a record fee of around 94 million euros to sign Ronaldo from Manchester
Mann (60kg, silver). Suresh Yadav (60kg, gold); Manjit (50kg
United. “In the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the most expensive player, he
bronze); Manoj (55 Kg, bronze); Rupender (96kg, bronze); Rakesh
has shown that he’s number one and that he’s worth this money,” said Kaka.
Hooda (120kg, bronze) are medal winners in the Greco Roman
Ronaldo, 24, has also said the astronomical sum paid by Real for him made
style division. In the women’s freestyle, Navjot Kaur (67kg, gold);
business sense. But the hefty amounts paid for the two most recent winners of
Gargi Yadav (55kg, silver); Anmol (72kg, silver); Sakshi Malik
the FIFA World Player of the Year award have sparked controversy, with UEFA
(59kg, silver); Anju Chaudhary (51kg, bronze) were the medal
president Michel Platini calling the transfers “a serious challenge to the idea of
10 FLICK ERGO Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brangelina searching for luxury house

Globetrotting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are apparently thinking of setting up
base in New York, for reports have suggested that the celebrity couple have been
secretly checking out plush properties in the Big Apple.

“Daddy this is for you”

Jackson’s daughter Paris’
final necklace gift to him

ichael Jackson’s 11-year-old daughter
Paris wrapped a necklace around her fa-
ther’s wrist as he lay in his open coffin,
the singer’s elder sister La Toya has re-
La Toya, 53, saw Paris’ heartbreaking act dur-
ing the family’s private viewing of his body at the
Forest Lawn Cemetery.
“Paris told me, ‘The heart is in two pieces. I
want one half to go to Daddy and I will wear the
other half forever’,” the Mirror quoted La Toya as
“She carefully wrapped it around his wrist and
said, ‘Daddy this is for you. On Daddy, it will be
blue because he is cold. On me, it’s purple. He’s
so cold, he is so cold’,” she added.
Paris purchased the broken heart necklace,
which changes colour in different temperatures,
after the King of Pop died and wore it when she
delivered her emotional tribute at his memorial
service. La Toya also revealed that Paris got some
coloured stones and decorated Michael’s body
with them.
“His lips were slightly swollen from the au-
topsy and Paris asked, ‘Who did that to Daddy?’ I
told her it was because he had passed,” she said.


Paris Jackson (L) and her brother Prince Michael Jackson I on stage
during the memorial service for Michael Jackson at the Staples
Center in Los Angeles on July 7, 2009. AFP PHOTO

I’m not quitting acting: World’s hottest

Emma Watson celeb daughter
Harry Potter star Emma Watson has Amber Le Bon, the stunning
dismissed reports suggesting she plans daughter of supermodel Yasmin
to turn her back on acting after her Le Bon and ’Duran Duran’
stint as Hermione Granger in the Harry frontman Simon Le Bon, has been
Potter films end in 2010. The 19-year- voted the world’s hottest celebrity
old has enrolled herself at US’ daughter in a poll. During the
prestigious Columbia University but study, conducted for men’s
says that she plans to take on film magazine Zoo, voters named the
roles during breaks from university, 19-year-old model as their choice
reported femalefirst.co.uk. “I’m going for the hottest celebrity daughter.
to university but it doesn’t mean I’m Amber had recently abandoned
giving up acting. I feel like I do want her studies to pursue a career on
to continue. I just want a normal the catwalk. "Despite being one
experience for a bit,” she said. “I’ve of the lesser-known celebrity
managed to juggle and balance study daughters, the ZOO web users
and working well enough up to this have been swung by the beauty
point, so I don’t see why I can’t keep of Simon and Yasmin Le Bon’s
doing that,” she added. daughter Amber.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Gardening keeps Sienna Miller grounded
Hollywood actress Sienna Miller says that she loves nothing better than getting
dirty in the grass and mud because it helps keep her grounded. “I’m trying to make
my place in the country self-sufficient - I’m planting a vegetable patch. I love
having that balance in my life, which can get a bit crazy,” contactmusic.com quoted
the actress as saying.

Trisha makes her dream

debut in Bollywood with
Yet another
Khatta Meetha
sweet start
T Star-studded audio launch of
risha describes her entry into Bollywood
as dream debut and thanks her mentor,
filmmaker Priyadarshan, who launched
her in Tamil movies with Lesa Lesa seven Ninaithale Inikkum
years ago, for now introducing her to Hindi
films as well. SREEJITH S.
Priyan has signed Trisha for the Hindi mo-
vie Khatta Meetha opposite Bollywood star “I am thrilled to the core. Sharing the dais with Kamal
Akshay Kumar. Hassan is a fabulous experience. Thanks to
“My lucky director Priyadarshan, who in- Ulaganayagan for making this a memorable day,” said
troduced me in Tamil movies, is giving me a Prithviraj at the audio launch of Ninaithale Inikkum, the
break in Hindi films too. After my debut in remake of super hit Malayalam film Classmates, held at
Lesa Lesa, I was reticent about my career. Sathyam Cinemas on Monday.
Now with a firm foot in southern cinema, Directed by debutant G. N. R. Kumaravelan, the movie
things have worked out for Bollywood as well, stars Prithviraj, Priyamani, K. Bhagyaraj, Sakthi and Evam
thanks to Priyadarshan. I have a meaty role Karthik. It has music scored by Vijay Antony, who has
on par with Akshay in the movie,” Trisha said. been getting rave review oflate.
The former Miss Chennai has one more Releasing the audio CD, Kamal Hassan praised composer
reason to feel happy about her association Vijay Antony’s Nakka Mukka song saying, “I’m listening
with Akshay. Yes, she has signed on the dot- to that song daily, as it’s the caller tune of my daughter
ted lines for two more Hindi movies to be Shruti.”
made by the Akshay’s production house, Hari He also said that remaking a good script is a healthy
Om Productions. trend, also referring to his next venture Unnaipol
“I should consider myself lucky. Though I Oruvan, which is a remake of A Wednesday.
had several offers from Bollywood earlier, I The lead pairs were all praise for the director. Prithvi
couldn’t accommodate the dates as I was bu- was grateful that the director retained him for the lead
sy with Tamil and Telugu films. Now the mo- role, which he did in the Malayalam version.
ment has come and that too in a big way. Screen siren Priyamani rued over missing a chance to
Three movies and a dream debut opposite unleash her glamour. “The flick has a racy song and I
Akshay Kumar, that too directed by my men- wanted to do an item number for that and the director
tor Priyadarshan,” she says with a vivacious declined my request. But in the end the song has
smile. shaped up well,” said the National award-winning
Asked will she bid adieu to south Indian actress.
films now, Trisha said: “No. I have done over For Karthik, this is his first role as an anti-hero. “This is a
30 films in various south Indian languages. key project for me and for the past few years I have
Why do you think I should say bye to my been waiting for a breakthrough and I hope this film
native?” will fire me up, as I don’t want to stick onto a particular
She also rubbished rumours that she had role. I learnt a lot from my co-stars,” said Karthik, who
pulled out of Aadukalam. wants to shed his image as theatre artiste.
“I am extremely happy to be part of the Cameraman Balasubramaniam and other technical
movie directed by Vetrimaran. However, if members of the crew were also present at the event. ■
the dates allotted for the film will clash with
my Hindi movies, I will have to rethink about
it. But as of now, the rumours are baseless,”
she said.
The actress is opti-
mistic about stiff com-
petition in Bollywood.
“There is competi-
Trisha has signed on
tion everywhere. It the dotted lines for
keeps one going. When
I entered southern film
two more Hindi
industry, Simran and movies to be made
Jyothika were ruling
the roost. Competition by the Akshay’s
makes you give your production house,
best. And I am ready for
the game,” she said. ■ Hari Om Productions

Thanks to Priyan
Photo: R. Ravindran
12 ERGO Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Babu Ramu from Perot Systems has nominated his friends as Partners in Anand Babu from Allsec Technologies Limited has nominated his friends
Crime. This picture was clicked at Queensland during their team CRT’s as Partners in Crime. This picture was clicked in Yercaud during their
7th year anniversary celebration. team outing.

Vidhya Gopu from Wipro has nominated her team as Partners in Crime. Vasanth Chakravarthy from Cybernet Slashsupport has nominated his
This photo was clicked by her team mate Senthil R. in Yelagiri during friends as Partners in Crime. This picture was taken during their trip to
their outing. Kodaikanal.

Narayan from HCL Technologies has nominated his friends as Partners Anandbabu M. from Cognizant Technology Solutions has nominated his
in Crime. This pic was clicked during their get together at a restaurant on friends as Partners in Crime. This photo was clicked at Kodaikanal.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

■ Dear Raje,
Hope it adds, Some special pleasure To the hours of
Debit QA team of Wipro your day &
Technologies has nomi- To know you’re being thought of In the very
nated Sharmi Dyana Sel- warmest way...
vi as Office Angel. And when your birthday’s over,
Hope that you’ll remember, too,
Sharmi is a polite, cute, The same warm thoughts as always Will keep going
clever, helping and honest out to you!
person. She is very prompt Best Wishes from,
in her work and very Sugan and Vinoth
friendly to her team HCL Technologies Ltd.
members. She is a hard ■ Dear Sridhar,
worker and very innocent Millions of birthday wishes to you!! God bless you
girl. today and for evermore!!
Cheerz & have fun!!
New Age Software and Solutions.
Ashok Nagar.
■ Hi Gajendran
May this special day be filled with sweet memories
and happy hours. Wishing you all the fun and
excitement that only birthdays can bring!
With Cheers,
Viswa Human Resources,
from Coastal Training Technologies
Wipro India (P) Ltd, Chennai
doodled ■ Hi Subha,
this Hope u ll be doing good...
why not nu kaekuren..?
veetu sapadu, njying the new life apram enna
seri pullainga edo sollanumnu aasa padrom so
solrom kettuko
Already stepped in to a new chapter and we wish
atleast be a unforgettable anectode in ur entire life
even though we live at a distance,
u will always live in our hearts as always our trusted
friend engal iniya weightaana drumstick friendku
Birthday wishes
with luv
Nivedita.M, Saranya.S,
Suganya.S, Vidhya T. and
all M-City Friends
■ Hi Prasanna,
May your special day be filled with memories and
flowers, friendship and happy hours
This birthday be the beginning of a year filled with
happy memories, wonderful moments and shining
dreams Your birthday only comes around once a
year so let’s make today a day to remember
Best wishes,
Ameriprise Team,
Syntel Ltd, Chennai.
■ Hey Jeba
How do you expect me to remember your birthday,
when you never look any older? HAPPY BIRTHDAY
1. Teacher: "What is common between JESUS, KRISHNA , RAM, GANDHI and With Love,
BUDHA?" Vijaya :)
Gangu: "All are born on government holidays...!!!

2. Sir: What is difference between Orange and Apple?

Belated Wishes
Gangu: Color of Orange is orange, but color of Apple is not APPLE. ■ Hi Sridharan
May this special day be filled with sweet memories
3. One tourist from U.S.A. asked to Gangu: Any great man born in this and happy hours. Wishing you all the fun and
village??? excitement that only birthdays can bring!
Gangu: No sir, only small Babies!!! With Cheers,
Saravanan.G Human Resources, Coastal Training Technologies
Calsoft Labs India (P) Ltd, Chennai
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jackson butter tribute to go for vote

Plans to erect a giant statue of Michael Jackson made from
butter at the Iowa State Fair are to be voted for by locals.


from Cybernet-
Slash Support
shot this picture
at Mysore Zoo
using Sony
Cybershot 7.2
quizzing and
watching movies

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Gas gas goes wrong Word’s worth
Pranksters landed a British family of tourists in Verticordious (ver-ti-kor-dee-us) an obsolete and
trouble with a Florida hotel - after they persuaded rare word that means ‘turning the heart from evil.’
them to smash the hotels windows with a toilet tank From a Latin word meaning ‘turner of hearts,’ used
by insisting there was a gas leak. as an epithet for Venus.



A mixed day full of surprises. While the first half of
the day seems favourable for important discussions,
the later half of the day might make you feel as if
you are wasting time pursuing needless goals. You
might end up in arguments with your partner.


Hard work always pays off and you seem to agree
whole heartedly. The efforts made in the first half of
the day will blossom beautifully towards the end of
the day. It will be a good day on the career front
and you should be open to receive opportunities.


Your grey cells might feel very active today due to
BORN LOSER important discussions with colleagues and superiors
at office. Ganesha suggests that if you remain
focused during the day, the outcome of the
discussions might be in your favour.
Comfortable balancing of emotions towards the end
of the day will take over a pessimistic beginning of
the day. Ganesha feels you might lend help to
colleagues, revealing your compassionate nature.
Similarly in love life, you might be more sensitive.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Tip for the day – be positive and focused. Try to
avoid any kind of arguments and do not indulge in
pointless discussions with anyone at office during
the entire day. Do not let negative thoughts creep
into personal and professional life.
A perfect day for office today. Ganesha feels that
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT you tend to systemize your working pattern today,
which includes punctuality and handling
responsibilities. Although you might feel drained out
by the end of the day.
Late working hours may result into physical and
mental stress. Nevertheless, such dedication to work
and genius brain will be your two key factors for
your profession. Ganesha feels you should apply the
same intelligence on the romance front as well.
The second half of the day is in your favour, hence
do not get agitated in case some technical problems
do not get solved. Ganesha states that your
administrative abilities will prove to be very useful
End of the ‘incommunicado’ phase. You will
communicate with important people within or
outside the organization and might also indulge in
social and professional networking. Make a trip with
your beloved or spend time with family at home.
The day today can be bifurcated in two sections;
the earlier part of the day involves technical and
administrative work resulting into physical drain. The
second part of the day might leave you brooding
over professional and personal issues.
PREVIOUS Ooh la la! That’s exactly how you will be seen
today. The smooth talker in you takes control as
ISSUE’S you make your way into people’s hearts. A perfect
day for developmental meetings. Don’t forget to
SOLUTIONS pray Ganesha!
Ganesha finds you in a dull mood towards the
beginning of the day, but energy will pump up as
the day progresses. At work you will be noticed for
taking initiatives and gelling well with colleagues,
says Ganesha.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Children admire the Arctic wolves from behind a glass

window at a zoo in Hefei, in eastern China’s Anhui
province. PHOTO: AFP

Colombian salsa dancers perform during the Colombia Salsa Congress

at Medellin University in Medellin, Antioquia Department,
Colombia. PHOTO: AFP

Spanish matador Rafael Rubio "Rafaelillo" is gored by

a bull during a bullfight of the San Fermin festival in
Pamplona, northern Spain. PHOTO: AFP

Michael Ball, Chairman of the Bradman Foundation,

(L) and former Prime Minister of Australia John
Howard AC pose with two ’Bradman Cricket Bats’ at
the Goring Hotel in central London. The bats, one of
which is the famous ’140’ Bradman bat and the other
is signed by Australia and England Test teams from
the fourth Test of the Series, have been loaned to
the International Cricket Hall of Fame in Bowral,
New South Wales, by current owners Martin and Protesters against a development project on the banks of the river Spree
Eugene Withers from Scotland. The ’140’ bat was in Berlin pull a giant baby behind their boat in Berlin.
used by Australian cricketer Sir Donald Bradman to PHOTO: AFP
score 140 runs against Yorkshire at Sheffield on
July 16, 1934. PHOTO: AFP