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2010 2009 2008 2008 2007 2001 1985 1979 1977 1970 1966 1965 1962 1960 1957 1952 1941 1938 1919 1891 Commercial operation of the rst (3x660 MW) HVDC interconnection for the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Gulf States First HVDC valve delivery for Sino-Russian interconnection with CEPRI, China First 765 kV/3150 A horizontal disconnectors in South Africa and SIPAT in India First 1200 kV Capacitor Voltage Transformer type-tested for India Instrument Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Disconnectors delivered for the rst ever 765 kV substation in India Worlds longest gas-insulated lines commissioned at PP9 Power Station, Saudi Arabia Cross-Channel link: worlds ever HVDC Submarine 2000 MW interconnector First-ever 800 kV GIS installed at Joshua Falls, USA First thyristor-based power electronics for long-distance transmission in Africa Largest-ever 600 MVA generator transformers for European power stations First SF6 technology 245 kV GIS, France. Pioneer Swiss 760 kV transducer First 735 kV circuit breaker First 1,050 kV transformer for Extra High Voltage test lines First AE-type 525 kV transmission circuit breakers, Russia Double-pressure SF6 circuit breakers First 400 kV switchgear, Sweden. First oil-to-air bushings, Italy First DC transmission line, Berlin, Germany AEG patent for SF6 gas as quenching agent First 120 kV bulk-oil circuit breaker, France First AC transmission line in Frankfurt, Germany


ELECTRIC POWER IS PRODUCED IN VARIOUS TYPES OF PLANTS: NUCLEAR, FOSSIL FUEL-FIRED (COAL, OIL, GAS), HYDRO-ELECTRIC, WIND, SOLAR POWER... WITH RISING GLOBAL ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION POPULATION GROWTH, ACCESS TO BETTER STANDARDS OF LIVING AND RISING INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION- POWER GRIDS MUST BE EXPANDED AND STRENGTHENED TO ACCOMMODATE THOSE NEEDS. ALSTOM GRID HAS THE PRODUCTS AND RELIABLE SOLUTIONS TO MEET WITH THESE CHALLENGING DEMANDS. OUR GRID PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS REPRESENT A COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF EQUIPMENT COVERING THE HIGH TO THE ULTRA-HIGH VOLTAGE UP TO 1200 KV (AC) AND 1000 KV (DC). (1) Power Transformers complete range of Power Transformers and Reactors for power generation, power transmission, electro-intensive industrial applications and rail/catenary applications. (2) Air-insulated switchgear (AIS) Live Tank Circuit-Breakers, Dead Tank Circuit-Breakers, Generator Circuit Breakers, Instrument Transformers and Disconnectors. (3) Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) high voltage Gas-Insulated switchgear from 72.5 kV to 800 kV and Spring Mechanisms for Circuit-Breakers. (4) HVDC/FACTS backed by over 50 years of experience, Alstom Grid offers customers project-by-project assessments for long distance power transmission, energy trading between independent networks and asynchronous network connections.

Alstom Grid serves our Customers, both utilities and industries.

WITHIN TRANSMISSION, WHICH INVOLVES TRANSPORTING ELECTRICITY FROM THE POWER PLANT OVER LONG DISTANCES AND AT HIGH VOLTAGES, WE SERVE BOTH INTEGRATED POWER GENERATING COMPANIES AND POWER TRANSMISSION UTILITIES. WITHIN THE INDUSTRIES WE SERVE POWER GENERATION COMPANIES, OIL AND GAS COMPANIES, ELECTRO-INTENSIVE ELECTRICITY INDUSTRIES SUCH AS ALUMINUM COMPANIES, RAILROADS AND AIRPORTS. Power generation turnkey systems for step-up substations, automation power plant optimization and trading solutions on top of HV product solutions. Mines & Metals connecting electro-intensive applications such as electrolysis and arc furnaces directly to the grid. Oil & Gas products with high safety, security and reliability. Railways high-speed trains, railways and metros can rely on overhead conductor or third-rail power supply, together with on-board transformers.

Building the electricity highways with GRID Products

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A world of experience from a leading player Key contracts in 2009 / 2010 Power transformers Gas-insulated substations Circuit breakers and generator circuit breakers Instrument transformers Disconnectors High Voltage Direct Current (hvdc) and Ultra High Voltage Alternative Current (uhvac) From turnkey delivery to after-sales support


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A World of experience
from a leading player
Today Alstom Grid is a world recognized technological leader with field proven expertise. Our unique pool of experts helps customers meet growing energy demands, mitigate climate change and manage increasingly complex grids. Alstom Grid develops tailored and competitive solutions that comply with demanding environmental requirements and focuses on improving network reliability, efficiency, and security. We design, develop, and deliver cutting-edge solutions for high and ultra high-voltage transmission, conventional air and gas-insulated switchgear. With an industrial base of 40 factories spread over seven countries on four continents, Alstom Grid has the technology and the reach to serve our customers worldwide. Proven solutions for power and industry applications
Everyday life is increasingly energy-dependent. To meet growing demand, power providers have to expand, upgrade and interconnect their existing systems. Alstom Grid meets these energy needs with a full range of solutions and services for long-distance transmission at voltages up to 1200kV.

Smarter energy superhighways for tomorrow

The grid of the future must deliver more energy with greater flexibility in a complex and increasingly competitive environment. By building more intelligence into todays infrastructure, Alstom Grid is easing the transition from centralized, unidirectional networksto smarter grids with decentralized operational flexibility, characterized by multidirectional energy and data flow solutions.

Sustainable technology, increasing demand

At Alstom Grid, we aim to make energy available to all, protect the planet, and act responsibly towards future generations. To reduce the consumption of natural resources, and make the most of the power they produce, we strive to maximize supplies, minimize energy losses and keep costs down through energy efficiency and continuous R&D programs. In response to environmental issues and in anticipation of future customer needs, Alstom Grid applies the EcoDesign concept systematically to any new product from design and engineering to end-of-life recycling. We have developed a specific Green Product range that is more compact, less noisy and uses natural insulating fluids, which preserve the environment while enhancing the safety and the lifetime of the products. Alstom Grid develops innovative technologies aimed at optimizing energy efficiency and reducing the required quantities of SF6 gas and subsequent CO2 equivalent emissions.

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Alstom Grid Products Key contracts in 2009/2010

Improving the reliability of electrical transmission with the supply of a 500/230 kV Air-insulated substation for Riel power plant.

Upgrade of the largest subsea HVDC line between France and the UK.


155/33 kV offshore high-voltage substation to connect wind farm to the HVDC grid.


Strengthening Network Reliability: 200 MVA High Voltage Power Transformers, 345/115kV single phase autotransformers for the states of Connecticut and New Hampshire.


Increasing Cubas transmission network with the supply of 24 115 kV MVA transformers.



HVDC equipment for the longest transmission line in the world (2,375 km), including converter transformers, disconnectors and circuit breakers for the 600 kV HVDC interconnection project.
4 - Alstom

Gas-insulated switchgear and Power Transformers to equip the biggest African oil refinery.

South Africa
Reinforcing the grid with 765kV Live Tank Circuit Breakers and 400/765 kV disconnectors.

220 kV power transformers, 2966kV substations including 6 Gas-insulated substations.



Supplying power to railways with hermetic trackside transformers.


245 kV turnkey substation for the hydroelectric power station in Riddes.


Strengthening Turkeys national grid with the supply of 380 kV and 154 kV Gasinsulated substations and power transformers.

HVDC systems to interconnect the North East of China and the Three Gorges Dam to Shanghai.



Developing Indias UHV network and increasing access to power with several 765kV Extra High Voltage substations. 220 kV AC-DC conversion substation for aluminium smelters and 100 kA, 1650 V direct current rectifier substations.

South Korea

400 MW HVDC bipole scheme linking South Koreas Jeju Island with the mainland to ensure 100% availability of electricity.


Moderninising the electrical network with turnkey 155 kV Air-insulated and Gasinsulated substations.

Power systems and equipment, including Power Transformers and Gas-insulated substations for the countrys largest-known natural gas field.


Saudi Arabia

420 kV Gas-insulated bays for a water desalination plant for the transmission and distribution of energy.

Developing the electrical distribution network with the supply of 11 132 kV Gas-insulated substations.
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Power transformers

At the cutting-edge of power transformer technology

Alstom Grid has dedicated production facilities for Power Transformers on four continents, with a current production capacity of more than 130,000 MVA for medium and large power transformers. We deliver up to 1000 new medium and large power transformers around the world each year. Your global partner As a key player and pioneer in transformer technology, Alstom Grid designs and manufactures all types of power transformers and reactors for power generation, power transmission, electro-intensive industrial applications and rail applications. Alstom Grids power transformer range extends to every level, from generator transformers, interconnecting step-up and step-down transformers and auto-transformers, to shunt or series reactors, including HVDC converter transformers, smoothing reactors and phase shifting transformers. Alstom Grids large, installed base of transformers includes all types up to 765 kV AC voltage levels and the largest rated power up to 1200 MVA three-phase units or largest single-phase units for nuclear power plants. Alstom Grid power transformer solutions for metal industries applications, capitalizing on over 35 years of experience, also includes a full range of rectifier transformers for electrolysis process of metal or chemical industries, as well as Electrical Arc Furnace

transformers (AC or DC). With expertise in products up to the highest ratings, Alstom Grid references include rectifier transformer combinations above 80 kA DC current ratings and Electrical Arc Furnace transformers above 250 MVA power ratings. Innovative products to answer the new challenges of our customers Alstom Grids eco-friendly, green power transformers range from 10 to 200 MVA and up to 245 kV. They have been specifically designed to meet customer needs and to cope with growing environmental concerns. This range of power transformers with innovative technologies offers reduced pollution and fire risks through the use of recyclable and biodegradable natural ester oil as a cooling and dielectric fluid. They also offer optimized life cycle costs with combined hermetically sealed tank design, optimized losses and reduced noise levels.

6 - Alstom

Alstom Grids broad transformer range now extends to UHV voltage levels to answer customer challenges for bulk and long transmission lines with the highest energy efficiencies. Alstom Grid power transformers also take advantage of our 50 years experience in (U)HV bushings technologies and state-of-the-art factories with fully equipped high voltage test laboratories, enabling customized designs and fast delivery of bushings up to 1200 kV AC. Expertise at the leading edge Research and development drives the design and manufacture of transformers. Alstom Grids senior engineers address issues from partial discharge monitoring and diagnostics to transformer modelling, transient behavior and frequency response analysis and dielectric system development for the validation of innovative insulating structures for up to 1200 kV AC and 800 kV DC . In addition, they draw on their expertise both in the field and with the technical committees of major international standards bodies such as the CIGRE and IEEE. Guaranteed state-of-the-art Customers can expect the same excellent quality from all Alstom Grid power transformer facilities. All of our design and manufacturing sites are guided by the same concept of quality design and production complemented by standardized software and production rules.

Success story
Most of Alstom Grids transformers and reactors have surpassed their life expectancy and are still in service. The quality in design as well as the manufacturing processes and controls have been confirmed over time. Real-time monitoring Fed by Alstom Grids broad expertise in power transformers, the MS 3000 online comprehensive condition monitoring and expert system slots into smart grids, with state-of-the-art IEC 61850 standard communications for power automation systems. A key factor in reducing overall life-cycle costs, the MS 3000 ensures the reliability and availability of your electrical power supply while reducing maintenance expenditures. Alstom Grids expert system for condition diagnosis and accompanying suite of solutions for data management, acquisition and analysis, enables continuous supervision and the early detection of incipient faults throughout a transformers lifecycle. We deliver what we promise Alstom Grid combines the best selection of equipment and software to create customized solutions. When a transformer leaves the Alstom Grid factory for your site, you know that every step has been taken to ensure its quality, reliability and performance.
Brazil: Direct Current technologies for bulk power transmission across the worlds longest transmission line
Alstom Grid has been awarded an order for a 600 kV High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) bipole for Rio Madeira project in Brazil. This will be the worlds longest power transmission line, with a total length of 2,375 kilometers. Alstom will supply 28 UHVDC Converter Transformers for complete converter stations, confirming its position as a key innovative leader in complex HVDC converter transformers. The bipole and its two converter stations will transform alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) with the capacity to transfer 3,150 MW from the Porto Velho collector substation in the Amazon region, to the Araraquara II substation in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Alstom - 7

Gas-insulated substations

State-of-the-art Gas-Insulated Substations (GIS)

With 15,000 bays in over 2,000 substations and over 150km of single-phase Gas-insulated Lines up to 550 kV in service, Alstom Grids track record is your guarantee of reliability. After more than 40 years of operational experience, Alstom Grid is a leader of the GIS market thanks to our continuous objectives of meeting the most demanding operational criteria through a sustainable process of improvement of our solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities and processes are constantly evolving to ensure we deliver products of the highest quality. Our GIS are delivered tested and commissioned to meet the most demanding criteria of safety and security. Alstom Grid employs modern techniques of Life Cycle Assessment during the optimized conception of our equipment and we also provide highly responsive teams for training and after-sales assistance, as well as the structures to deliver any customized package solutions. Since a timely responsiveness may not be sufficient under all circumstances, at Alstom Grid we have resolutely introduced a pro-active attitude, where our customers are actually the core of our business: the unquestionable success of our GIS Users Group has proven the pertinence of this partnership.

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Technology leadership and future-proof thinking

Increasingly competitive high voltage solutions are required to keep pace with developments in power technologies and markets. Alstom Grid leads the way with world-firsts and proposes a comprehensive range of solutions with ratings from 72.5 kV to 800 kV. The F35, B105 and T155 solutions deliver the most technically robust equipment, equipped with low-energy circuit breakers driven by firstclass spring mechanisms, together with extremely reduced maintenance and footprint requirements and outstanding overall reliability.

Success story
Extreme performance in any environment
Fully compliant with the most demanding industry and international standards, Alstom Grid solutions can withstand years of service in corrosive and contaminated conditions such as offshore installations, mineshafts and tunnels. Quality design boosts their reliability by reducing the quantity of parts and components, which in turn, benefits the total cost of ownership. Technology breakthrough secures high voltage Canadian grid
Alstom Grid recently designed, manufactured and installed a 500 kV GIS substation for BC Hydro in Canada. This is the very first 500 kV GIS project equipped with our in-house RPH3, the latest generation pointon-wave controller which has proven its cutting edge performances by limiting the over voltages caused by the switching of long transmission lines. This success was also driven by the close partnership with BC Hydro during the comprehensive campaign of field-testing on the 300 km long, 550 kV transmission circuit, where the test results qualified as virtually perfect.

Leading the way in eco-friendly design

With an eye to the future, Alstom Grid has designed exclusive seals to minimize SF6 leakage, and has deliberately introduced advanced eco-design practices such as the substitution of thermo-plastic polymers for epoxy resin and elimination of heavy metals to facilitate recycling at end-of-life.

Smart solutions for in-service reliability

Alstom Grid solutions integrate devices to support a predictive rather than preventative maintenance policy, with the advanced functions of on-line bay monitoring (BW3), partial discharge measurement (PDWatch), and minimal switching, with our latest controlled switching relay (RPH3).

Shrinking the technology footprint

The business benefits of Alstom Grids approach to ecofriendly design are clearly apparent on the F35 170 kV, which has 30% less footprint than its predecessors, making it less costly and easier to transport. It is the most compact switchgear in its category, fits 1-meter bays in sites such as offshore wind farms, central business districts and mobile substations. Ideal for upgrades, extensions and revamps wherever space is at a premium, it combines peak performance and cost-effectiveness with exceptional availability and ease of access to its components.

Alstom - 9

Circuit breakers and generator circuit breakers

Field-proven in 150,000 installations

More than 80,000 circuit breakers with thermal-assisted interrupters and spring operating mechanisms are in service WORLDWIDE and another 8,000 new 36 800 kV solutions are being commissioned every year. World-class range up to 1200 kV Alstom Grid is one of the top three circuit breaker suppliers with its Live Tank (GL range), Dead Tank (DT range) and Compact modules, ranging from 36 kV to 1200 kV. Alstom Grids complete product portfolio enables us to respond to any customer need, including power generation with our Generator Circuit Breakers for installations up to 50 kV - 1500MW. Future-proof for integration As our new range currently extends to pioneering 1200 kV technology, customers know they can count on Alstom Grid for future-proof solutions. Since supplying the first 800 kV circuit breakers to the United States, Alstom Grid has stayed ahead of the curve. Today we have references from Brazil to Russia, Canada, India, Venezuela, South Africa and the Ukraine - and Alstom Grid has delivered more than 50% of the 800 kV Live Tank technology installed worldwide.

10 - Alstom

Rugged technology you can rely on Alstom Grids double-motion principle enables us to reduce the stress in the breaking chamber, which directly lowers the maintenance costs of our breaker range. The same technology also reduces chamber dimensions, which in turn shrinks our customers CO2 footprint. Extensive mechanical operation design testing in excess of 10,000 operations ensures the spring operating mechanism stays trouble-free. Even after years of use in the most extreme conditions, you can rely on it to react in milliseconds. Tested to the most demanding standards on earth Alstom Grid high voltage circuit breakers and generator circuit breakers are tested above and beyond the latest ISO, IEC and ANSI/IEEE requirements for quality and reliability. Seismic shaking table tests for earthquake resistance are mandatory on most of the range and can be complemented by additional customer-specific tests, such as salt fog resistance in Germany, low temperature performances down to -55C for Canada and Russia and electrical endurance tests in France.

Success story
Russia : Contract for 183 Live Tank Circuit Breakers (110 kV and 220 kV)
Alstom Grid is a key player in the Russian electricity market. High demand is being pushed by the development of a new network and improvement of existing installations. In 20082010 Alstom Grid installed a total of 116 GL 312 (110 kV) SF6 Live Tank circuit breakers, and 67 GL314 (220 kV) SF6 Live Tank circuit breakers at 70 substations throughout all regions of the Russian Federation. With the latest generation of circuit breakers using the double motion principle and spring operating machanisms technologies, our products are able to perform in extreme climatic conditions. Alstom Grid has again demonstrated its undisputed leadership when it comes to meeting demanding technical and environmental specifications.

Making switchgear smarter Continuous supervision is essential to evaluate breaker performance. Devices such as CBWatch-2 keep track of all of the switchgears key parameters, ensuring the operational reliability of self-monitoring circuit breakers. Combination of the breaker with control devices such as the SICU-4 can anticipate critical situations and trip the circuit breaker in advance. The top-of-the-range RPH synchronous switching relay is ideal for special needs such as long line, shunt reactor or capacitor bank switching.

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Instrument transformers

Reliable measurement is our mission

As an essential link for the safe and efficient operation of transmission networks, Instrument transformers provide accurate and reliable current and voltage measurements for secondary equipment such as meters, protection relays, bay computers and other devices. With more than 200,000 instrument transformers in service and over 100 years experience, Alstom Grid offers a comprehensive choice of proven, cuttingedge technologies. Worldwide leader in HV instrument transformers up to 1200 kV Alstom Grid offers the most comprehensive range up to 1200kV: top of the range Current Transformers, Voltage Transformers, Capacitor Voltage Transformers and Combined Metering Units. With acquisitions such as RITZ (High Voltage Activities), Passoni & Villa for their bushing activity and NxtPhase for their optical technology in instrument transformers, Alstom Grid has reinforced its technological leadership. Alstom Grids market-leading instrument transformers are installed in substations all over the world, demonstrating that the largest utilities have confidence in our solutions.

12 - Alstom

Smart solutions for smart grids Ahead of the competition with digital instrument transformers already in operation, Alstom Grid is the technology leader in digital and fiber optic solutions. Digital instrument transformers offer a whole series of benefits including: reductions in weight and size, ease of installation, environmental friendliness, superior mechanical resistance and a wide range of measurements including the possibility to accurately measure harmonics in order to monitor and improve power quality. This innovative, patented technology - which enables full IEC 61850 implementation - benchmarks the state-of-the-art in transmission network architectures for todays and tomorrows electricity networks and Smart Grids.

Benefit from our world class expertise and experience In our very specialized field, experience and expertise are critical. Alstom Grid masters all insulation technologies, designs and voltage levels. Our expertise in the latest instrument transformer technologies together with our knowledge of power systems means that we have the resources to understand customer concerns and propose customized solutions. Customers will benefit from unrivalled experience in reinforced security design, linear cores, earthquakeproof solutions and Ultra High Voltage applications. Field experience confirms the soundness of Alstom Grids technical concepts, and clients have expressed their total satisfaction with our products. Our R&D teams are continuously striving to improve the quality, reliability and security of products while taking into consideration customer priorities.

Success story
Ultra High Expertise in Ultra High Voltage
More than 2000 units installed in UHV networks worldwide today. In 2007, 765 kV technologies were implemented for the first time in India. NTPC Limited installed a 3,000 MW power station at Sipat (Chattisgarh). Extra High Voltage Instrument Transformers (765kV Top core Current Transformers and Capacitor Voltage transformers) were installed by Alstom Grid. In addition, 765 kV line traps were developed and successfully KEMA tested. In 2009 Alstom Grid India successfully type-tested its first 1,200 kV capacitor voltage transformer unit prior to its installation at Bina in Madhya Pradesh. The company was the first to comply with the Power Grid Corp of Indias (PGCIL) specifications for Ultra High Voltage (UHV) solutions to feed the new national grid.

Alstom - 13


A wealth of experience from the n 1 in disconnectors

Backed by over 75 years of expertise, Alstom Grid develops disconnectors for most of the biggest, most innovative electrical engineering projects in the world. Meeting complex challenges Alstom Grid designs, manufactures and distributes electro-mechanical switching devices that provide a reliable, visual air insulation gap to ensure the safety of human operators working on high voltage networks during maintenance operations. Disconnectors are an essential element of electrical power transmission systems and Alstom Grid supplies a complete range of both indoor and outdoor switches. We cover ratings from 72.5 kV to 1200kVAC and 800kVDC, for all types of substation layout and for all regions of the world, including those with extreme climates and challenging environmental factors such as seismic activity. Power connectors ALSTOM Grid vast knowledge and expertise is also extended to its range of HV power connectors designed to assure maximum reliability throughout the entire substation lifetime, without the need for maintenance. Our connectors are able to safely couple conductors and tubes of any size, are suitable for 27.5 to 800kV applications, and our wide product range offer guarantees your best choice for any substation layout.

14 - Alstom

Success story
Working at the leading edge Alstom Grid research engineers are working sideby-side with customers to develop new, innovative solutions for high voltage, UHVAC and HVDC networks. The Alstom Grid Disconnector Competence Centre located in Noventa di Piave (Venice), Italy, is fully equipped with a high voltage test laboratory which is able to carry out dielectric tests from 50Hz up to 1000 kV, temperature rise tests up to 16,000 A, mechanical endurance tests, terminal load tests and routine tests. Our highly specialized team of R&D and Test Engineers also work in close collaboration with other world-class, external test laboratories such as STRI, FGH, CESI, KEMA and ZKU. Proven performance Since 1985, Alstom Grid have installed more than 6,500 550 kV disconnectors worldwide and hundreds more 800 kV disconnectors in the United States, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and India. Alstom Grid disconnectors and earthing switches combine low life-cycle costs with optimum availability in continuous operation and short commissioning times. They are reliable, have a long service-life and have been proven in unfavorable climatic conditions such as industrial and coastal areas and regions with extreme variations in temperature and with heavy ice loads. Quality management Alstom Grids objective is to supply high quality and cost competitive products, which are able to satisfy our top priority: the safety of human operators. Selecting only first-class suppliers and quality materials ensures a virtually trouble and maintenance free life-cycle, even under adverse operating conditions. All Alstom Grid disconnectors are designed and tested in accordance with the most stringent international standards: type test certificates are available from internationally recognized testing laboratories for most. After assembly, all products are tested for compliance with the latest IEC, ANSI and/or customer specifications.
Pioneering HVDC Disconnector Technology
The experience gained by Alstom Grid R&D engineers based at the Noventa di Piave Competence Centre near Venice in designing, testing, producing and installing the busbars, pantograph disconnectors and earthing switches for the 1050kV/6,000 A experimental plant at Suvereto in Italy (launched by the Italian National Grid, ENEL, over 20 years ago), has led to Alstom Grid becoming market leaders in the supply of innovative solutions for HVDC up to 800 kV. More recent achievements include the supply of 550kVDC disconnectors for the Three Gorges project in China in 2009.

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HVDC High Voltage Direct Current

At the forefront of developments Alstom Grid solutions for present and future growth include Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS), High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technologies for tomorrows energy highways. Cost-effective solutions for a rapid Return-on-investment Shunt compensation FACTS solutions, like SVCs and Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOMs) dynamically control the voltage variations on the transmission network through the reactive power balance of the system (measured in VArs). They also dramatically enhance the post-fault recovery performances of the system.

and Ultra High Voltage Alternative Current

Stepping up to the global challenges of HVDC and UHVAC

Alstom Grid offers complete project management from network analysis and design, to commissioning and even operations for any type of UHVAC and HVDC connection. Alstom Grids project management teams handle all customer needs including: feasibility studies and economic evaluations, all equipment procurement, civil works, cables, overhead or submarine lines, site construction, tests, commissioning and project management.

Series compensation (FACTS) solutions can boost the power transfer capability of existing AC transmission circuits by at least 30% to 50%. In addition, they can also efficiently improve the voltage pattern of the line and the system availability and stability. FACTS is a very costeffective solution which can save on the construction costs of new transmission lines and avoid the increasing difficulties of gaining new right-of-ways. Alstom Grid also offers customers solutions to save energy and improve power quality by reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering. Alstom Grid products are used to reduce overall power consumption, to avoid the need for oversized power systems and to eliminate disturbances.

16 - Alstom

Success story
Leveraging power electronics expertise in HVDC By running DC instead of AC current across the same towers and lines, Alstom Grid point-to-point HVDC applications can transmit up to three times as many megawatts along the same right-of-way. Because they are more energy efficient over long distances, they also deliver more electricity with less CO2 emissions. Embedded HVDC links can be dialed up as required, and act as firewalls against cascading faults or blackouts from the AC network. Alstom Grid back-to-back HVDC applications can interconnect asynchronous grids (with different voltages and/or frequencies) for energy trading while maintaining standby power consumption by enabling dynamic reserve sharing. Black-start HVDC applications with VSC (Voltage Source Converter) technology will soon integrate green wind or solar energy into existing regional AC networks and bring reactive power on stream to support long distance AC transmission. Alstom Grid supports these applications with stateof-the-art H400 Thyristor valves. Alstom Grids industry-leading Series V digital control and protection system offers fully redundant operation, including monitoring and alarm capabilities.
Solving the interconnection challenge
In July 2001, the Gulf Cooperation Council International Authority (GCCIA) was formed in order to create an integrated and sustainable energy economy amongst six Gulf States: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Today this is a reality thanks to Alstom Grids HVDC interconnection solutions and Energy Management System. Based on Alstoms state-of-the-art H400 thyristor valves and the Series V Control System, Saudi Arabias 380kV, 60Hz electricity transmission network is able to communicate and share energy with the other state networks that run at 400 kV, 50 Hz. When the three project phases are complete, the six member countries will be able to reduce energy expenditures by sharing their spinning reserves, improve the reliability of each individual network (such as sharing power in emergency situations) and, most important, HVDC acts as a firewall when introduced into any AC network. HVDC interconnections stop brownouts and blackouts.

Alstom - 17

From turnkey delivery to after-sales support

Alstom Grid Services from turnkey delivery to after sales support
From 24/7 help lines for components, to customer user groups, turnkey deliveries and revamps - Alstom Grid offers service solutions every step of the way.

Automation solutions The Alstom Grid Automation Business Unit provides utilities and industries with innovative, customeroriented, mission-critical solutions for substation protection and control systems and for electrical network management systems. Alstom Grid solutions for Network Management include the renowned e-terra software suite and the associated project integration and support services. Elements of the e-terra suite are deployed in more than 200 Network Operation Control Centers around the world. Alstom Grid solutions for Substation Automation include PACiS control systems for electrical installations and the associated project integration and support services, MiCOM protection relays and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs).

18 - Alstom

Success story
Fast reactivity from Alstom Grid Service teams helped minimize outages of electrical equipment in Ethiopia
In Ethiopia, two power transformers of the Socoin substation were damaged during transportation. Because it was mandatory to minimize system outages, Alstom Grid Service quickly solved the issues. Despite difficult conditions, the Alstom Grid Service team was able to repair both power transformers on site, and to reenergize them successfully in a very short time, exceeding `the customers and the Ministry of Energy of Ethiopias expectations. This operation was a good example of Alstom Grids ability to monitor transformer failures and to repair them wherever they are in the world, even under extreme conditions.

Turnkey solutions Alstom Grid systems engineers develop and integrate power transformers, medium and high voltage equipment, protection, control and monitoring systems, telecommunications and services into tailored solutions for electricity transmission, power grids and industry.

Services Alstom Grid is there with support when and where the customer needs us, whether its for routine maintenance work or emergency support on all brands, types and technologies of equipment. Alstom Grid services cover the entire lifecycle of our customers equipment or substation: from turnkey design, development and delivery through to maintenance, repair, training and revamping, as well as global solutions for long-term facility maintenance.

Alstom - 19

Responding to our customers needs

with 40 state-of-the-art factories on four continents

20 - Alstom

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