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PROJECTED CASH FLOW STATEMENT YEARS (A) Cash Flow From Operating Activities:Net Profit Add-: Interest on T/Loan

Interest on CC limit Depreciation Changes in Working Capital:Less-Increase in Stock Increase in Debtors Increase in Other Assets 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year

Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities(A) (B) Cash Flow From Investing Activities:Purchase of Fixed Assets Net Cash Flow from Invesing Activities(B) ( C).Cash Flow From Financing Activities( C) Bank T/Loan CC Limit Repayment of Loan Interest on CC limit Interest on T/Loan Capital Drawing Net Cash Flow from Financing Activities(C) Net Cash & Cash Equivalents(A-B-C) Cash at the Begganing Cash at the end

Statement of Cash Flows



Cash flows from operating activities Cash receipts from customers Cash paid to suppliers and employees Cash generated from operations Interest paid Income taxes paid Dividends paid
Net cash from operating activities

Cash flows from investing activities Business acquisitions, net of cash acquired Purchase of property, plant and equipment Proceeds from sale of equipment Acquisition of portfolio investments Investment income
Net cash used in investing activities

Cash flows from financing activities Proceeds from issue of share capital Proceeds from long-term borrowings Payment of long-term borrowings
Net cash used in financing activities

Net increase in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period Cash and cash equivalents at end of period
Cash Balance Control Total -

Notes to the Statement of Cash Flows Cash flows from operating activities Profit before taxation
Adjustments for:


Depreciation Investment income Interest expense Profit / (Loss) on the sale of property, plant & equipment
Working capital changes:

(Increase) / Decrease in trade and other receivables (Increase) / (Decrease) in inventories Increase / (Decrease) in trade payables Cash generated from operations



Sr. No.


Existing As On 31-03-11

Expansion/New Proposed Already Proposed To Be Incurred Total Incurred

Grand Total

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8 9

Land & Site Development Factory Building Office Buiilding Plant & Machinery - Imported - Indigenous Electric Installation Furniture & Fixtures Computers Vehicles Contingencies Capital Cost Of Project Peliminary & Preoperative Exp. Deferred Tax Assets Investments Working Capital Required (Including Margin Money) Cash & Bank Balance Total Cost Of Project

10 11 12 13


Inventories Raw Materials (Indi.) - Imported - Indigenous Stores & Spares - Imported - Indigenous Goods In Process Finished Goods Total Inventories Book Debts

Cash & Bank Loan & Ad. & Other Cur. Assets Creditors For Goods Other Cur. Lia. & Provisions


Period Margin Margin Amount In Days % Amount


Raw Materials - Imported - Indigenous Stores & Spares - Imported - Indigenous Goods In Process Finished Goods Sundry Debtors - Export Sales - Local Sales Working Expenses Other Current Assets Gross Current Assets Less: Current Liabilities - Creditors For Goods - Imported - Indigenous - Creditors For Expenses - Other Current Liabilities Total Current Liabilities Net Current Assets

initial investments

working capital

working capital