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Steroids and HGH HGH Supplements Are Not Steroids

Injected Human Growth Hormones Are Considered Steroids!
T he entire sports world has been under f ire over the use and abuse of anabolic steroids [1] and human growth hormone occupies center stage. What the public does not realize is that the f orm of human growth hormone that is being bantered about in the news are not HGH supplements.

What We Hear About In The News Is Injected HGH.

To help understand why injected hgh [3] is dangerous it helps to f irst understand the bodys normal HGH production cycle. Human physiology has a hormonal thermostat that regulates and maintains hormone levels and keeps them in the low-medium to high-medium range. View top rated products. T he important question is: What happens when athletes [4] or anyone else f or that matter violates that hormonal thermostat by supplying hormones in (pharmacological) amounts which exceed the bodys natural production? In other words, how does the human body interpret the excess hormone f loating around in the blood stream? At the very least it creates a very unhealthy situation. [5] When you upset your entire endocrine system, you expose yourself to many potentially serious consequences. Several side effects associated with injected steroid use may include: Carpel tunnel syndrome Fluid retention High blood pressure Joint pain Hyperglycemia Pancreatitis

Then why do athletes use injected human growth hormone?

Research shows that HGH can boost muscle strength up to 27%, increase bone strength, reduces recovery time, and help to oxygenate the blood. [6] As an example: Serostim, a human growth hormone prescription drug used to treat HIV patients, has become a very hot commodity on the athletic black market.

Bottom line on steroids:

T he most challenging problem with steroids including prescription human growth hormone stem f rom the f act that your body cannot control them. When you externally supply the raw hormone your body responds by f irst shutting down its own production of the hormone and the moment you stop injecting, your benef its quickly disappear. [7]

What if you want to enhance normal HGH production? Saf ely

Its common knowledge that as we age there is a decline in hormone levels. Its also common knowledge that if we enhance those hormone levels we can enjoy many of the health benef its we did in our youth. Enhancing natural HGH production is a terrif ic idea with f ar-reaching benef its. T he key is to naturally provide the right raw materials your body needs to begin ramping up growth hormone production. Important When you initiate natural HGH production you dont violate the natural hormonal thermostat and theref ore, keeps your body in control. Your body is designed f or self -regulatory processes and it makes more sense to f ocus on healthy HGH production within the conf ines of your own self -regulatory processes (maintaining your hormonal thermostat). It is possible to bring declining HGH levels gently and steadily back to normal. With age there is a progressive loss of the ability to regulate cell signaling within the endocrine system. [2] It is more logical and saf er to strengthen the natural processes by supplementing with a proven HGH product that has been specif ically designed to do so. Heres my list of Top HGH Supplement Recommendations References: [1] Endler, P.C., Schulte, J. Ultra High Dilution: Physiology and Physics. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994, p. ix. [2] Semsei, I. On the nature of aging. Mech. Ageing Dev. 2000 117(1-3):93-108 [3] US National Library of Medicine. Anabolic steroids and growth hormone. Available f rom: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8346765 [4] U.S. Department of Justice. Human Growth Hormone/Steroids Statutory Overview. Available f rom: http://www.justice.gov/usao/eousa/f oia_reading_room/usam/title4/civ00019.htm [5] John Hopkins Medicine. Double Play. Available f rom: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/dome/0803/headliners7.cf m [6] New Jersey State Department of Medical Examiners. Prescribing, Administering, and Dispensing Anabolic Steroids and Human Growth Hormone. Available f rom: http://www.njconsumeraf f airs.gov/proposal/bmepro_101512.htm [7] University of Calif ornia. Would taking steroids or human growth hormone f or a brief time, to aid recovery f rom an injury, be worth it? As a 50-plus athlete I dont care about improved perf ormance, I care about decreasing injury recovery time.. Available f rom: http://www.universityof calif ornia.edu/news/article/17345 About the author: Michael Reed f ounded HGHMagazine.com over 8 years ago, and has remained the chief editor ever since. Originally, he f ounded the site to help research various HGH supplements on the market. Today, HGHMagazine.com has grown to one of the most visited HGH sites. Michael currently lives in the Santa Cruz, CA with his wif e of 12 years.