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ECGridOS Spec Sheet

ECGridOS is a 90+ function Web Services API for EDI (electronic data interchange) communications.
Software developers and B2B on-demand operators may use ECGridOS to gain the routing and trading
partner management authority typically associated with the internal operations of a Value Added Network.

Loren Data Corp was founded in 1987 as an EDI developer and service provider. ECGrid®, Loren Data
Corp’s EDI messaging routing service, has been in operation since 2001, servicing well known electronic
commerce networks, www.LD.com has more info on ECGrid.

ECGrid® host to 14,000 native trading partner ID’s, and maintains discrete routes to over 600,000 global
EDI addresses.

The ECGridOS Web Services API marks the first time that Loren Data Corp has granted programmatic
access to the ECGrid network. EDI services can now be consumed internally, and integrated closely with
program logic.

The ECGridOS API was created with Multi-Tenant platform operations in mind. These on-demand
integration platforms have displaced file translation and field order mapping as the primary value added
service, and are now left with the task of efficiently routing EDI documents via a secure and spam-free
channel. ECGridOS is currently the only Web Services API that provides such a pure x12 / EDIFACT /
transit service that can be bound to runtime routines.

The sole remaining options for the cloud ecommerce operator is to manually configure each hosted client
with a per account FTP or AS2 connection - and this construct is patently ridiculous in an era where
practically all network services are provided native to the platform, except EDI transit.

Don’t you think?


SOAP v1.2 RMI via HTTP

WDSL Services Wrapper for quick implementation in most IDE's (Visual Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse)

ECGridOS System Key Parameters:

Interconnected VANs and ECSPs: 44 (needs to be updated by Net Ops)

Direct Connects (Major Hubs): 45

Subscriber QIDs 16,493

System Routes 39,636
Total Registered QID +ULN 600,000

v1 (World-Wide EDI) launched 1997

v2 (ECGrid) launched 2001

Average transit < 15s

Data Channels: FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, AS2, Web Services

Channel Security: IPSec, SSL, SSH

API Calls Grouped by EDI Functions:

Loren Data Corp. (813) 426-3355

PO Box 600, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785 www.LD.com
System Access & User Management
Provides login/logout and other basic system access functionality.

Network/Mailbox Management
Create and maintain Networks and Mailboxes

Trading Partner ID Management

Add, edit, delete and manage all aspects of Trading Partners assigned to a specific Network/Mailbox.

Interconnect Management
Create and manage Interconnects between IDs throughout the ECGrid Network.

Carbon Copy Management

Manage Carbon Copy interchanges for Trading Partner pairs.

Parcel Management
Send and receive mailbags, interchanges and other payloads over the ECGrid Network.


Total Number of API Calls - 90

Typical number of calls to implement an ECGridOS basic function - <10

See ECGridOS API documentation online for simple explanations and code samples

Email Loren Data Developer support to get a free and functional test account