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Self-made Lesson 1: My Girl

Name: Cho, Eun Hee Date: July 14th

Teaching time: 45 min

Action Points
1. I will give Ss clear instructions by using demonstration and modeling.
2. I will chunk my instructions in order for Ss to follow easily.
3. I will provide VAKT activities for different learning style learners.

Target Language:
Vocabulary Expressions
fortune fame

Language Skills:
Speaking: Ss will answer the Qs.
Listening: Ss will listen to the song several times.
Reading: Ss will find wrong lyrics and put the strips in the right order.
Writing: Ss will write the answers and write about their future girlfriend.

Student Learning Objectives (SLO):

By the end of the lesson SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of the song “My
Girl” through TL by putting the strips in the correct order in groups.

Procedural Portion of the Lesson Plan

Step Stage Time Procedure/Steps Purpose of Activities
1 Intro 2 min Warm up
T & Ss greet and T asks Qs.
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- What do you look for in girls? Ss are introduced to the topic
naturally by answering the questions.
Activate schema
Assess Ss’ level
2 Pre 11 min Teach Vocabulary – FMU (9 target vocabs)
Ss go over the FMU of vocabulary necessary to understand the song.
(sunshine, guess, May, envy, sweeter, fortune, fame, riches, claim)
T reads the new words written on the B and Ss repeat.
T checks whether or not Ss know the meaning of the words by using CCQ.
- Can you guess what it is? Which month comes after April? Son DamBi is very
sexy, but I’m not sexy. I envy her.
T sticks 9 sheets of paper with a sentence written on it on the B and let Ss
write the correct word in the blank. Inductive learning of vocabularies.
Inductive teaching makes Ss activate their schema.
Increases STT.
Final check with T gives Ss clarification and correction about the answers.
4 During 5 min First Listening – General and Easy Qs
T shows Ss two Qs on the PPT and let Ss read aloud before they listen to the
Q1: What is he talking about in the song?
Q2: Is he happy or sad?
Ss listen to the song.
Ss share the answers in pairs and T checks the answers in class. Ss
know the reason of listening 1.
First Listening with general and easy Qs
Peer checking – Safe learning environment
5 5 min Second Listening – Stand Up
T demos with a word card. T stands up whenever she hears the word.
T gives one word card to each student and then practice with Ss.
Ss listen to the song.
Kinesthetic activity is provided to give Ss fun and motivate them.
6 During 6 min Third Listening – Find Wrong Lyrics
T demos with an example lyrics.
Superjunior - Sorry, sorry, thank you, sorry
T gives out a worksheet to each student.
Ss listen to song.
If Ss are low T asks Ss whether they want to listen to one more time after
first listening.
T checks the answers in class.
The student who finds the most answers will be rewarded. Intensive
listening by finding out the wrong lyrics.
Peer checking builds safe learning environment.
T assesses Ss understanding of the specific details.

7 During 8 min Fourth Listening – Strip Activity

T demonstrates with four example sentences.
- I took a shower. I went to school. I had lunch. I took a test.
T gives Ss sentence strips that summarize the song.
In groups, Ss put strips into the correct sequence while listening.
T checks Ss answers in O/C. Last listening with more difficult task
T can observe the process of SLO achievement.
8 Post 8 min Beyond the text: Drawing Their Future Girlfriend
T shows an example of her future boyfriend.
Ss draw their future girlfriend picture and write her profile.
If time allows, Ss present their future girlfriend and choose the best one.
The best person will be rewarded. To have a chance to express their
opinions for increasing Ss’ autonomy.
To have a chance to personalize beyond the text with their own creative
ideas by making a comic strip.