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Republic of the Philippines OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT


2/F Waterside Living Complex, J. Pacana St.,Licoan, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City


January 22, 2013 _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________


Final Reminder on Mandatory Submission of Reportorial Requirements and other Deadlines

Dear _____________________________:

Our warm cooperative greeting! Please be reminded of the deadline on the submission of the mandatory reports as stated under Article 53 of RA 9520 which state among others Every Cooperative shall draw up regulatory reports of its program of activities, including those in pursuance of their sociocivic undertakings, showing their progress and achievements at the end of every fiscal year. x x x These reports shall be filed with CDA within One Hundred Twenty (120) days from the end of the Calendar Year (April 30). The form and contents of the reports shall be as prescribed by the rules of CDA. Failure to file required reports shall subject the accountable officers to fines and penalties, and shall be ground for the revocation of the cooperatives authority to operate as a cooperative. The mandatory reports to be submitted by your cooperative are as follows: REPORTS REQUIRED 1. 2. 3. 4. Cooperative Annual Performance Report (CAPR); Social Audit Report; Performance Report; Audited Financial Statement duly stamped received by the BIR; 5. List of Officers and Trainings undertaken or completed; 6. Report of the MediationConciliation committee PERIOD OF COMPLIANCE Not later than April 30, 2013 Not later than April 30, 2013 Not later than April 30, 2013 Not later than April 30, 2013 Not later than April 30, 2013 Semiannually (June & December 2013

In addition, we again would like to stress the deadlines for compliance on the following activities:



A. Approval and Registration of Amendments of Deadline already elapsed last June 15, 2012. the Articles of Cooperation and Bylaws to Continued noncompliance shall be considered Conform with the provisions of R.A. 9520 an aggravating circumstance in imposing appropriate sanctions/penalties B. Compliance and Submission of Requirements Deadline elapsed last February 2012. Continued to secure Certificate of Authority for all noncompliance shall be considered an Cooperatives with Existing Branch/es aggravating circumstance in imposing appropriate sanctions/penalties C. Compliance and Submission of Requirements Deadline of compliance on July 23, 2013. to secure Letter of Authority for all Cooperatives with Existing Satellite Office/s D. Compliance of the Mandatory Training Per MC No. 201127, First Year of Requirements for All Officers of Implementation of the Prioritization of Courses is Cooperatives on 2012. Second Phase shall be on December 2013. E. For Cooperatives with Informal Insurance Deadline already elapsed last December 31, Activities, to comply with the Joint CDAIC 2011. Continued noncompliance shall be SEC Circular considered an aggravating circumstance in imposing appropriate sanctions/penalties F. Certificate of Tax Exemption ASAP, preferably before filing of ITRs. G. Certificate of Good Standing (Regular) Deadline on April 30, 2013 H. Compliance of the policy guidelines requiring ASAP and not later than July 23, 2013. minimum information in the Membership Registry of Cooperatives I. Compliance of Section 7 of MC no. 201215 ASAP and not later than July 23, 2013. relative to the putting up, specification and minimum information to be contained in the SIGNAGE of the Cooperative. The pertinent Law, Memorandum Circulars and Issuances relative to the abovementioned matters were already published through the Cooperative Development Authority official website. We earnestly remind you and your cooperative to adhere and strictly observe the deadlines set for each of the foregoing activities, otherwise, the appropriate administrative and related sanctions shall be implemented. Thank you. Very sincerely,