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Who scored fastest-ever debut century of 85 balls in Test cricket for India?

Shikhar Dhawan What role did H.S.Goindi handle before quitting TVS Motors? Head of marketing Who took charge as the first head of Tagore studies at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland? Professor Indra Nath Choudhuri Which country revealed 1-child policy has boosted its economic growth by preventing overpopulation? China Which is the guest country and focus country at the 9th edition of India-Africa Project partnership conclave? Cameroon and Ethiopia Who is appointed as MD and CEO to replace Shinzo Nakanishi at Maruti Suzuki India with effect from 1st April 2013? Kenichi Ayukawa Whom did China re-appoint as governor of its central Bank? Zhou Xiaochuan Which company bought email app Mailbox within a month it hit markets? Dropbox Which international fashion brand sales has gone past Rs.1,000 crore in India during the year 2012? Benetton Expand NETA. (Hint: Tea) North Eastern Tea Association Who was elected as chairman of Andhra Pradesh councils Confederation of Indian Industry for 2013-14? B.Ashok Reddy Who won his 3rd Indian Wells ATP Masters title? Rafael Nadal Who won her 2nd Indian Wells WTA title? Maria Sharapova Who became the 3rd Thai national with a two-stroke win at the Thailand Open? Prayad Marksaeng Who won the Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 world championships 2013? Kimi Raikkonen

How many schools have Gems Education planned to start in India over next 5 years? 50 Which insurance company launched eShield, an online term plan? SBI Life As part of Social Corporate Responsibility which Public Sector Bank will recruit graduate unemployed youth of Jammu and Kashmir under UDAAN? Canara Bank Name the device developed to prevent driver from sending text messages while driving the car. ORIGOSafe List the 6 fundamental rights mentioned in Part 3 of Constitution of India. Right to Equality Right to Freedom Right against Exploitation Right to Freedom of Religion Cultural and Educational Rights Right to constitutional remedies How many fundamental duties are set in the Constitution of India? 11 after 86th Amendment in 2002 How many schedules does Indian Constitution contain? 12 Who has the right to declare National Emergency in India? President What are the three types of emergency that can be declared in India? National Emergency, State Emergency and Financial Emergency

List of renamed or re-spelt names of Indian states


Uttaranchal Uttarakhand Mysore Karnataka West Bengal Paschim Banga Madhya Bharat Madhya Pradesh

United Provinces Uttar Pradesh Tranvancore Cochin Kerala Madras State Tamil Nadu