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EPN 13 Grade: 6th Book: Go! 2 Title of unit: Unit 6 What a day!

Lesson Objectives: During the lesson students will develop their ability: a) To identify daily habits b) To be able to talk about their own habits Recycle exponent:Numbers/Daily habits such as, get up, have breakfast, go to school, play with friends, have dinner, etc. Present Simple(Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative)

New exponent:weekend activities (have a party, read a book, study, go shopping, play video games, have a nap, play cards, go to the park)

Step Warm up

Tim e 2

Student activity Good morning! September 27th/ Friday27th September (recycled) Cold/ cloudy... (recycled)

Teacher activity Hello children! Good afternoon! What day is today?Today is.... And whats the weather like? Dont copy yet! We will copy at the end of the lesson. T writes on the Bb so thatSts complete the date, month, season and weather later. (There are two posters with the months of the year and the days of the week as support) , . It is It is It is The T starts the lesson showing some pictures of weekend activities such as have a party, read a book, study, go shopping , play videos games, sleep, play cards, and go to the park . As the T shows the pictures and Ss repeat then aloud. Then the T sticks the pictures on a poster with their corresponding name. Ok kids! Look here. What can you see?

Alternative Language Waving Is it Saturday or Wednesday? Body language to express NO with a wag of the finger

Purposes -To place Sts in the context of the class.

Interactions T/WClass

Skills Speaking Listening Reading

AIDS/ Resources Bb Posters on the walls

Linguistic content _Simple Present _ Oclock hour

Link in.

Pointingtothe poster.

To Develop syntactic awareness

Pair work

Listening Reading Speaking

Bb Pictures

que actividad ven

Leer un libro

Yes! Read a book The T goes on with the rest of the weekend activities. Then He sticks the pictures on a poster with the title weekend activities

en la foto?

Meeting new lg in context

The T hands out photocopy with a reading activityin it. Pre reading: Ok! Look at the title it saysAarons weekend so, what is it about? It says at the weekend Very good!! Now underline all the weekend activities that you know. Ok now lets read the text aloud. Sobre que vamos a leer? Is it about what he does on Mondays, Tuesdayor Saturdays and Sundays?

To develop their listening skill


Listening Speaking Reading

Bb Poster

Sobre lo que hace los fines de semana!

To meet new lg in context

Noticing Phase

10 Go shopping Have a party read a book, study, go shopping, play video games, sleep, play cards, go to the park que voy de compras los sabados no duermo ala tarde los domingos PORQUE TIENE EL DONT

Ok now! Que hbitos pudieron reconocer que aparecen? Ok! What else? Yes!! Very good!!! Entonces si diceI go shopping on Saturday qu significa? Y si digo I dont have a nap on Sundays afternoon What do I do? Do I have a nap or not on Sundays afternoon?

Ahora escuchen y marque los acciones que pueden percibir. Pointing to the poster on the Bb With a ruler, T mimes the actions Hay alguna que no hayamos visto antes? que se despierta o no se despierta?

To identify the different times.


Reading Writing


duermo o no duermo ala tarde?

Cmo me doy cuenta que no hago ese habito? Verygood!! Activity 1 To T/St/WClass Listening Photocopie



ting Hay que buscar los habitos.

T gives Sts a photocopy with a word search activity. The activity has pictures of all the activities that Ss do at the weekend and Ss find the phrase on the word search. What do you have to do? Ok, you have to find the habits. (after finishing the activity the T guided the Ss to repeat the vocabulary) Ok kids! Como digo la foto numero 1? Yes! Read abook! Repeat after me!! Read a book! Now picture number two. Yes! Play cards. Repeat! The T continues with the rest of the pictures. Activity 2 T gives Sts another photocopy, with a crossword. Ss look at the pictures of weekend activities and fill in the gaps. Ok what do you have to do here? Yes!Complete with the habits. You can look at the Bb for help.

Look at the title and the example. (holding the photocopy and miming)

encourage mental activity and problem solving

Reading Speaking Writing

Read a book! Read a book!. Play cards! Play cards! Completamos con los hbitos

que era match?

Letscorrect! Activity 3 T hands out a photocopy with a matching activity. Ss match the sentences to the weekend activities pictures. There are some sentences in affirmative Ok now look here. It says match. What do you have to do? Yes! Match these sentences to the correct picture. For example it says I watch............ which is the correct one? Yes! So I watch TV. concualva?


Con Tv.

Activity 4

Que significa la cruz que hace o q no hace el habito? Qu palabrita

T hands out a photocopy with pictures with different actions such as read a book, study, go shopping, play video games, have a nap, play cards, go to the park but some pictures have a cross. Ss look at the pictures and write either a positive or a negative sentence. Ok! Look here. It says look and write. What do you have to do? Yes! write sentences but what about these pictures that have a cross. What do you have to write? Yes!!Very good! Y que uso para decir que yo no hago ese habito. Good!


Hay que escribir oraciones Que no hace El dont

Con que tengo que completar? Body lg., miming and pointing to the date on the Bb.

T writes on the Bb Unit 6: What a day! Now open your folders. Copy the date and the title. Then stick the photocopies. Remember to stick the song first. T walks around the classroom helping Sts to stick the photocopies. Call me if you need glue.


Los habitos que hacemos y los que no hacemos los fines de semana

Ok! What do you remember about this class? Good! So, now we know the habits that you can do at the weekend! You can say I play cards at the weekend or I dont go to the park at the weekend. Ok do this photocopy as homework. Here is a text with some gaps. It has some pictures of the activities you do at the weekend so you look at the pictures and write the different activities. Ok! What do you have to do? Great! Its time to go. See you next class! Bye bye!

Pointing to the blackboard

To consolidate vocabulary


Listening Speaking Writing



Leemos y completamos