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7SD610_SalesRelease 8.1.01

Sales Release
Please forward your employees !!!

Universal Two line terminal Differential protection 87L SIPROTEC 7SD610

Sales release
The multifunctional differential relay 7SD610 under the trade name SIPROTEC is released for general sale.


Ordering Code (MLFB) / Pricing

Odering code and prices are available in FDB / INTRANET since 1.1.2001.

First shipment
The 7SD610 relay can be ordered from immediately. The first shipments start in February 2001.

Replacement of existing products

The 7SD610 V4 is planned essentially as a replacement of the previous device 7SD511 V3. It offers vis--vis 7SD511 advantages and additional functions and is suitable ideally for the use in digital communication networks (synchronous networks) and together with fibre optic cables. With 7SD510/511, SIEMENS was the first manufacturer who offered a device for fibre optic connections(1989) and for communication network connections (1994). The long-time experience with this technology are consistently considered in the design of the new 7SD610. The advanced differential measurement technology is identical with that of the two-/multiterminal diff.relay 7SD522/523, which is optimized for the use in HV and EHV-systems with slight requests to current transformers. Following table shows the essential features and differences of the devices 7SD511 and 7SD610.

7SD610_SalesRelease.doc, 8.1.2001

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Existing device 7SD511 Tripping time typ. 30-35 ms (typical for competitor products) OC in emergency mode by loss of data connection No transformers and compensation coils in the protection zone are allowed (typ. for competitor products) - Not available Only available in 7SD512 Not available 1 remote trip/signal - Not available No differential and restraint values - Not available - max. 64 devices (no permanent supervision) Not adaptive. Deviation of 3,5 ms from setpoint allowed. Switch over effects are recognized in approx. 10s. Data refections are not recognized - Restrictions for very long lines and cables (reduced sensitivity) - Restricted modularity. Partial reconstructions in the factory necessarily - Not available

New device 7SD610 Tripping time typ. 16-18 ms (World-Best) OC in backup or emergency mode (selectible) Transformers and compensation coils in the protection zone are allowed (inrush restraint and vector group adaption is included (odering option)) Addition functions vis--vis 7SD511 - Breaker failure protection (2 stages) - Autoreclosure function ( single-/3 pole) Fast bus wire supervision (immediate blocks diff.prot.) - 4 remote trip/signals, 4 intertrip signals - Browser based commissioning support Local- and remote measurements (value and phasor) Differential- and restraint currents (also in fault record) Exact time tagging in each relay fr for event- and fault log buffer and fault - Unambiguous addressing of up to 65534 devices - Adaptive time delay compensation from 0-30 ms. Warning and blocking level selectable - Immediate recognition of switch over and data reflection in the communication network - Adaptive differential measurement technic (3 settings requires for diff.protection). Universal use. - Modular system design for fibre optic modules /converters (changeable by the user) Switch onto fault logic / function

Competitor products
A competition comparison is acquired and published on the INTRANET. Essential competition products are REL551 (ABB), LFCB102 (Alstom(GEC)), PQ741 (Alstom (AEG)) and CSP1-DL (SEG). In the market segment middle- and high voltage in the 7SD610 is positioned, no competitior offers presently a technically comparable device.

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Product information
Following product information are available until sales release / shipping. Please consult the INTRANET for this and also for future further product informations. http://idms.ev.siemens.de/llev/idms?func=doc.browse&nodeid=4262511&lang=english MLFB / Ordering code Powerpoint presenration GE /EN SIPROTEC 4 - 7SD610 Universal Differential Protection Relay for Two Line Ends Catalogue EN (PDF-File) Katalog EN (printed) SIPROTEC 4 7SD610 Universeller ZweiendenDifferentialschutz Catalogue GE (PDF-File) Catalogue Ge (printed) SIPROTEC Differentialschutz 7SD610 V4 Manual GE as PDF File Manual GE (printed) SIPROTEC Differential Protection 7SD610 V4 Manual EN as PDF File Manual EN (printed) 7SD610 Typtestprotocol Dynamic Test Report (Network simulator) pdf-file in Intranet / Fachakte NbgH (available) ppt-file in Intranet / Fachakte (GE / EN) E50001-K4405-A141-A1-7600

Priliminary version as of 01/01 in INTRANET / Fachakte As of 02/01 with shipping as PDF-File As of M02/01 in printed version E50001-K4405-A131-A1-7600

As of M12/00 As of 02/01 in printed version C53000-G1100-C145-1

As of M01/01 As of 02/01 C53000-G1176-C145-1

As of 01/01 (priliminary version) As of 02/01 as PDF-File and in printed version As of M02/01 As of 02/01 in the INTRANET as PDF-File

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Signed by N. Schuster EV S 13 Product manager Differential relays