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Reagan Physics Lesson Plan

COURSE: General Physics OVERVIEW: LESSON TITLE: Introduction to 2D Kinematics; Projectiles OBJECTIVES: DATE(S): 10/7/13

SWBAT: Describe and give examples of parabolic P.4.C analyze and describe accelerated motion in two motion dimensions using equations, including projectile and circular Identify key parts of projectile motion examples (R) (magnitude and direction) P.2.K communicate valid conclusions supported by the data Relate the angle at which a projectile is through various methods such as lab reports, labeled drawings, launched to the shape of its trajectory. graphic organizers, journals, summaries, oral reports, and That acceleration due to gravity is the ONLY technology-based report (PS) thing that causes the projectile to accelerate. (Assume that here is never air resistance for this course.) Have a picture of an object about to be launched on VOCABULARY: the board. 1. Draw what happens next. Elicit REVIEW 2. Explain why the object moves this way (Warm-Up/Bell Ringer) Vector: a quantity with both 3. What other situations can you think of where this direction and magnitude, type of motion occurs. represented as an arrow. Have groups roll their pens off of their desks , throw Free Fall motion: An object crumpled up paper to each other AND throw the that has motion caused ONLY crumpled paper straight up and then catch it. Engage by gravitation. (No friction, 1. Draw the path of the paper ball (both times) (Introduction) air resistance, etc.) and of the marker. Vertical displacement: the change 2. Compare and contrast the motion of each one. in a projectiles vertical position. y or NEW 1. Projectiles move forward as they travel Projectile: an object launched in upwards and/or fall down. the air where only the acceleration 2. Vertical displacement is called the range or due to gravity caused it to speed up distance (not that it is a scalar, but because it or slow down. only ever travels forward.) Explain Trajectory: the path of the 3. That acceleration due to gravity is the ONLY (Teacher lead discussion or projectile. thing that causes the projectile to accelerate. brief lecture) Range: the horizontal displacement 4. Discuss and describe maximum height, of a projectile. (always positive.) projection angle, initial & final velocity vectors Maximum height: the highest (just resultant, save components for point in a projectiles trajectory. tomorrow.) Students read the projectile motion excerpt from Manga Projection angle: the direction of the projectiles initial velocity with Guide to Physics as a group and begin preparing a 3-5 Elaborate respect to the horizontal. minute presentation based on the reading.
(Guided Practice)

(Independent Practice)

Students imagine, illustrate and label the trajectory, range, initial velocity vector (arrow), maximum height of at least two different cases of projectile motion. Check the students projectile drawings for understanding of the concept.

1. Finish reading projectile motion excerpt from Manga Guide to Physics. Plan group presentation

(Check for Understanding)


J.H. Reagan Physics Lesson Plan


Have student play Angry Birds and draw the trajectories of the red and blue birds.

Preferred seating, extended time on tests and answering, assistance from co-teacher.