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Analysis of a Stock Market Crash and Predictions for 2012 - Galactic Center with Joni Pa...

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Analysis of a Stock Market Crash and Predictions for 2012

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"It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology." Donald Regan, formerly Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff The world is in a fearful place economically and the stock market surly reflects the chaotic uncertainty of the financial world. So the stock market is tempered by the emotions collectively. When the masses become polarized by fear, the stock market becomes a reflection of the mass consciousness. This is where astrology plays a major role in predicting the trends of the stock market. Astrological cycles have been used to predict the stock market trends for many years. With the uncertainty of the economy we are constantly reminded of the trillion dollar debts of the United States and the European Euro is at a crisis point. Greece has fallen into financial ruin, and Spain is on the edge of the same precipice. The U.S. is in massive debt to China, and China itself is facing its own economic abyss. Oil prices are on the rise and we can’t pay our debts. No wonder there is so much fear about the economic predicament. Something has to happen within this framework of impending doom. Astrology is the Study of Cycles Astrology is the study of planetary cycles. It involves mathematical patterns and how they relate to us. There is an organization in numbers mathematically in the same way that nature organizes itself. Astrology is astronomy applied to our lives in a symbolic language of the universe as it has been handled down from the beginning of time. It weaves the mysteries of the universe and our part and connection to everything, as above so below. Vedic Astrology The ancient Vedic astrologers have handed down a very concise and intricate system of astrology. It uses the sidereal calculation in accordance with precession of the equinoxes and the more specific portions of the zodiac called the 27 nakshatras. Outer Planets Affects Trends in Humanity

• Retrogrades • Nakshatras For the Planetary Aspects, see my new book, Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond.

When studying the planetary cycles in terms of world events I look to the planet’s aspects and the sidereal placements. Precession causes the constellations to slowly move backward through the signs. This is why we are looking at a different placement by sign than western astrology. I use the same aspects which are the geometrical patterns used both in western and Vedic astrology, and the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) not normally used in Vedic astrology. I believe the outer planets have an effect on the big trends that affect humanity. Rahu and Ketu The nodes of the moon are not actually planets but points in space that are connected to the cycles of the sun and moon. They are the points in space where the moon and sun cross paths. When the moon hits this path traveling upward it is the north node, and when traveling downward it is called the south node. In Vedic astrology, the north node is called Rahu and the south node is called Ketu. These points are imperative in understanding the cycles of the planets. The ancients have many myths concerning the predictive value of these points. Jupiter and Saturn Economic Trends Jupiter and Saturn are called the social planets. They form a conjunction every 20 years. The aspects they form to each other within this 20-year cycle imparts a major part of the economic trends. Faster moving Planets Mercury, Venus and Mars

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http://www.galacticcenter.org/world-predictions/world-predictions/analysis-of-a-stock-mark... 9/8/2012

galacticcenter. They form a conjunction every 20 years. 1929 was called Black Tuesday for it was the most devastating stock market crash of all time.. It represents an event that destroys the powers that control the world. So much was clarified. and Mars. Laura W. 1987 and 2008. power and life and is debilitated in Libra. The sign they retrograde in becomes significant. Uranus and Pluto are forming a square now. There is a global and generational effect when two outer planets aspect each other. The quincunx occurs before http://www. Since the faster moving planets transit through the entire zodiac each year. From October 13th to November 13th. They determine the timing and nature of the event. and began the Great Depression.org October 29. and it was so much fun! . Page 2 of 5 Thank you for the wonderful and very helpful readings for myself and my son. Following the conjunction they form an opposition 10 years later. The powers that rule the world from an old paradigm that no longer supports the changing times are being destroyed and must clear the way for a new transformation. the sun is in Libra each year. Venus. 9/8/2012 .. They are a trigger when they aspect the slower moving planets forming an aspect. Galactic Center 4333 Willow Grove Road Dallas. Venus and Mars) determine specific timing of an event. the most important part of their transit is their retrograde cycle. For example. 150 and 210 degrees.org/world-predictions/world-predictions/analysis-of-a-stock-mark. Pluto square Uranus brought the Great Depression and the stock market crash of 1929. Pluto represents power and control.. Certain signs are more powerful or weaker for the planets. stocks and banks is transforming. The major aspects are conjunction. Uranus is the planet of sudden change and awakenings.. One commonality of these dates is they all occurred in the month of October. it balances extremes in the markets. The signs the planets occupy determine the effects of the planets. The old dictatorships are breaking down for a new generation. This aspect occurs before and after too much expansion. 2012 continuing through 2014. business. The years of these stock market crashes are 1929. meaning it is at its weakest point in the zodiac during this time of year. as they form eclipses and aspects to any planet 3) Saturn/Jupiter aspect to each other 4) Faster moving planets as triggers Mercury. Saturn and Jupiter’s most unharmonious aspect is the quincunx. As these two planets form a hard aspect there is a sudden collapse of power that rules the world. Neptune and Pluto) 2) Rahu/Ketu. This involves a new paradigm financially. Pluto was square Uranus during this time.. The similarities and understanding of these previous cycles can help predict the future trends. This can be seen as cycles within cycles. The sun represents leadership. Uranus and Pluto are forming a square on and off for two years but to predict the month within the two-year span that an event will occur a faster moving planet will aspect both the slower moving planets.Analysis of a Stock Market Crash and Predictions for 2012 . The faster moving planets (Mercury. opposition and square. Three Stock Market Crashes Analyzed The cycles to be analyzed are three previous stock market crashes. Cycles and Aspects of the Planets for Analysis 1) Outer planet’s aspects to each other to determine major trends in humanity (Uranus. Texas 75220 Phone: 214-352-2488 Email: joni@galacticcenter. If world leaders do not adapt to the changing times the people rebel.. The old ways of dealing with money.Galactic Center with Joni Pa.

This was the beginning of a revolution that changed the world in 1989. Mars was aligned by declination with Rahu and Ketu as well. The world has become a global economy. 2009 and is in effect now in 2012. This can be catastrophic devastating change. because Venus rules Taurus. Mars was at the midpoint (square) of Rahu and Ketu.Analysis of a Stock Market Crash and Predictions for 2012 . whereas again Venus and Mars are the dispositors of the nodes. As faster moving http://www. This is a critical time because Venus will be in Virgo.. But October 19. Jupiter is the planet that produces wealth and money. The elections will have a devastating effect. In 1929. This involves extreme events that are upsetting. Jupiter was retrograde at 22 degrees of Taurus and had just stationed. Planets aligned in declination on October 29. 1929 Venus was in the debilitation sign Virgo. This is the awakening of 2012. It has been compared to the time of the great depression. the break down of the Berlin Wall and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Ketu is in Taurus and Rahu in Scorpio. And now in October of 2012. The hard aspects are conjunction. which is the earth’s equator extended out into space. 9/8/2012 . Currently. Mars and Ketu were in Libra. Towards the end of October 2012. 1987 Neptune was at the midpoint (square) of Rahu and Ketu indicating something is brewing beneath the surface. Page 3 of 5 and after the opposition. Planets that are conjunct and parallel or contra-parallel have much more powerful effects. and when they are aligned one north and the other south they are contra-parallel. The planet that becomes a fulcrum of Jupiter’s energy while in Taurus is Venus.org/world-predictions/world-predictions/analysis-of-a-stock-mark. Mars will be conjunct Rahu. the most significant aspect was Neptune conjunct Uranus. When we consider the placements of a planet in degrees in the zodiac we are looking at it from longitude. 1987.galacticcenter. This means we must learn to work together. Together these two planets cause confusion and sudden upsets.. This October 2012. There was a quincunx occurring in 1929. In 1929 Saturn was square Uranus. In October 1929. Pluto was aligned by declination with Rahu and Ketu in October of 1987 and again now October 2012 indicating an explosive year with events that will create massive change. but it pertains to the banking industry and money. and Rahu in Aries. Jupiter is not very strong in the sign of Taurus. which makes Venus and Mars the dispositor of nodes. I believe it is significant that Jupiter is currently retrograde at the same precise degree of the zodiac. This involved panic in the stock market and the world economy. When planets are aligned by declination both north or both south they are parallel.. square and opposition. Jupiter will station at 22 degrees this October 2012. This was a very turbulent time in American history for it was the eve of the presidential elections and the stock market crashed.Galactic Center with Joni Pa. This is called the dispositor.. Uranus causes a sudden awakening and Neptune pertains to denial and confusion. and when they clash the old must dissolve to make way for new innovations that change the world. It will be exact in December 2012. Pluto brings transformation and endings to anything nonproductive. Many walls that have separated the world must dissolve. Another variable in the calculation of cycles rarely considered by most astrologers is the declination of a planet. Saturn and Uranus were in opposition in 2008. Saturn represents the old and Uranus the new. Another significant aspect occurring currently is Jupiter transiting with Ketu. 2012 Neptune has been at the midpoint of Rahu and Ketu causing upsets around the financial markets with confusion and uncertainty. The world is transforming just as before when the Berlin Wall came down. right after the Presidential elections in the United States. While Jupiter represents wealth Venus is mega wealth. Currently. When a planet is retrograde its effects become more noticeable as it is closer to the earth. Saturn forms a hard aspect with Uranus every 45 years. In October 2008. which is the aspect of imbalance in the economy. As both Saturn and Jupiter determine the social climate of the world both aligned by declination to Pluto represents world crisis. 1929 were Saturn contra-parallel Pluto. while Jupiter is in Taurus. It breaks down old patterns for new beginnings. But together they can cause a spiritual awakening. This means the dispositor of Jupiter (Venus) is in a destructive sign for the economy. this further depletes Jupiter’s ability to expand and help the worldwide financial problems. On October 29. The world has been in a very difficult place since that time. Declination is the distance of a planet either north or south of the celestial equator. Another significant correlation is that Mars was conjunct Ketu in October 1929 and 1987. In October 1987. This always indicates a volatile time globally. and Jupiter was parallel Pluto. unknown to the public. and we are all connected now. There are social uprisings around the world when outer planets aspect Saturn. October 1929. Venus is the moderator of the events occurring. Jupiter and Ketu are in Taurus and Saturn is in Libra all ruled by Venus. but a planet’s placement should be viewed from latitude as well. Therefore. Venus is the most important planet in billionaire’s charts. Venus will be in Virgo.

Jupiter was 22 degrees of Taurus and Mars 23 degrees of Libra. It is all in the stars! Recommend this article. In 2008. In 2008. Powered by !JoomlaComment 3.20 http://www. But it needs to start here in America. Otherwise we may destroy ourselves as the political parties sabotage each other just to discredit the opposition instead of compromising for the welfare of the world. the crash in October was before a very emotional election where America became polarized by many issues aside from the economy. Mars is a very significant timing tool. There was a sudden rise in oil prices right before the elections..galacticcenter. 1987 and 2008. 2008 Saturn was 22 degrees of Leo and Rahu was 22 degrees of Capricorn and Ketu was 22 degrees Cancer. Jupiter is 22 degrees Taurus. Certain points and degrees that were activated at these critical financial extremes were the specific degrees of 22 and 23. And now in 2012. My analysis of the ending of 2012 is a combination of all three years 1929. The powers that control the financial markets are the cause of the resulting financial fall..org/world-predictions/world-predictions/analysis-of-a-stock-mark. Comments Write comment Name: Email: Website: Title: Add New Search RSS Send Please input the anti-spam code that you can read in the image. We have the opportunity to make or break our world. Now in October 2012.. October 19.. we have the opportunity to heal our political and economic differences. if we choose. October 10. The surrender of power will give way to the new generation and a new world will be born out of the destruction. Page 4 of 5 planets hit slower moving planets or Rahu and Ketu they trigger the timing of an event.. The dissolving of the walls that separate us as a world economy will come down as we learn we must work together to solve our problems as in 1987. as in 1929 these radical extremes destroyed the economy. our political fight to be right only harms our nation. The laws of nature are to bring balance. 1987 Saturn was 23 degrees of Scorpio. There seems to be a similar scenario happening this year of 2012. There are similarities astrologically to all these years. Mars is the planet of action. In October 1929. The political war and the healing of our economic difficulties are now a global concern. 9/8/2012 .Galactic Center with Joni Pa.Analysis of a Stock Market Crash and Predictions for 2012 . and the next few years’ nature will run it course. energy and fire. and the crash of the stock market occurred in the midst of a political uproar. The only way to solve the economic crises occurring now is through Unity of all world nations to cooperate and support one another..

is invigorating and frees the spirit" -. Reproduction of any content appearing on this site.... without the express written consent of Joni Patry.galacticcenter. It is like being a child in an abusive home. Page 5 of 5 Next > [ Back ] "Nothing feels worse than the feeling of no control. from her book. is strictly prohibited by copyright law. Eastern Astrology for Western Minds Terms of Use Privacy Policy Site Map Contact Support FAQs ©2008-2011 Galactic Center All rights reserved. no choice or freedom. no way out. http://www. there is no hope. the freedom to choose our life and destiny.org/world-predictions/world-predictions/analysis-of-a-stock-mark.Analysis of a Stock Market Crash and Predictions for 2012 ..Joni Patry.Galactic Center with Joni Pa. But the suggestion that we have free will. 9/8/2012 .

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