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Me Bay resents Js Seprit WA anouche A Comprehensive Study of Gypsy Jazz Guitar TFRemane & TWerek Sebastian English translation by Vincent Michael CD Contents (10) Dans te Regard De Laura [11] Arc-en-Ciel (Rainbow) [12] Gypsy Fire [4] Jo's [13] Valse & Django [5] Jo's Remake [13] Manége [6] Valse é Patrimonio {15] Manége [7] Monticetto [16] Ombre {[) Destinge 1] Ombre [97] Dans le Regard de Laura a Chessés Croisés See page 319 for a complete list of M.1.D1I files. LIESPRIT MANOUCHE intends to take you through an adventure in aypsy jazz guitar. It is actually more of a complete guide, that took a lot of work to accomplish. Such a book has never been published for Gypsy jazz music, up to this day, WNe sincerely believe we have created a major pedagogic and cultural work. The CD, which is included with this book, has an abundance of audio excerpts as well as MIDI files. The dic includes all the examples, exercises and complete scores, and you can change speeds so that you can practice along with the rhythm track. It took us a long time to finish this work and we would like to thank in particular the Cariech/Musicom Publishers and alzo Jo Behar and Regie Brauchli for the excellent reception and attention they have given us, as well as for their impeccable professionalism. We also thank all of those people who were close- ly, or remotely involved with this project, and those who have contributed to its result, Editor's Note: L'Esprit, Manouche was originally written in French. While this book has been translated into English, care was taken not to take away its original feel and style. The chord indicators have not been changed. The European standard is to write a “sharp 9" as (98). with the accidental following the number. Please read the glossary if there are any unrecognized terms and enjoy your joumey in Gypey Jazz. The companion CD for Espirit Manouche is unique in that it provides 96 play-along MIDI files that exactly parallel the order of the exercises, examples and pieces in the book as well as audio tracke of excerpts from eighteen Romane favorites from the Gypsy jazz repertoire. The MIDI tracks, which can be accessed via most audio playere on PC or Macintosh computere, allow the tudent to play along with both short: phrases and extensive rhythm tracks at any desired tempo (depending on the audio player), Note that if you open the CD in Windows Explorer you will see onily the MIDI files: the audio tracks can be accessed by using a computer audio player or simply inserting the disc in any CD player. LESPRIT MANOUCHE A Comprehensive Study of Gypsy Jazz Guitar INTRODUCTION LEsprit Manouche consists of 36 chapters, containing 6 to & pages each. The degree of difficulty increases progressively. You can expect to finish each chapter in about one to two weeks, depending on your speed of study Each chapter is divided into three sections. PART A In section A you will develop your guitar technique with the aid of exerciees, epecific chord progres sions/diagrams and illustrations of fingerboard positions. Practice these exercises and the melodies for about 30 minutes. Then, while going through each chap: ‘ter, put them together with the other exercises given in this book. This way, rather than doing the same thing 200 times, you get into the habit to put all your exercises and melodies together, thus ending up with one single melody that can last as long as you want. G PARTB 1) Section BI should, reasonably, take approximately 45 minutes. Here we will study the theory of vari- 08 chord progressions and how to use these most of the time, such as the Il - V ~| major and minor progressions, the anatole, etc. In other worde, we will study harmony. While doing this, you should never forget to learn these chord progressions well, 60 that you can develop your own improvisations and compositions. For instance, you can learn many ways how to use various triads, arpeggios and scales with the V7-Im progression. With this in mind, | strongly suggest that you first record the rhythm guitar track (while using a metronome!) 60 that you can practice with it. This way you will, ideally, learn to keep good time. 2) Section 62 should take about 15 to 45 minutes to finish. Here we will include the proper leads, in the style of Manouche, and look at its harmony, This is done with the use of chord diagrams. This section lets you automatically master the indispensable style of Manouche.