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I. Tools needed:

Nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, vitriol acid (the concentration of the three acids is not

required. However, to reduce recovery cost, high concentration ones are recommended);

zinc powder (package type: > 100g), a pair of Anti-acid gloves, two beakers (one 5000ml,

the other 2000ml), Asbestos net, Dense gauze (for the sake of filtering, you can use your

dense old silk shirt instead), glass stick.

Some items’ pictures:

Beaker Asbestos net Glass stick

Dense gauze Anti-acid gloves Zinc powder

EBayer: goldrusher2008 :PreciousMetalRecovery_online biz
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Melting pot Fire gun

Regarding the Glass stick, you can use a wood stick instead as long as it doesn’t have

chemical action with acids.

All the above items, you can easily find them in your local chemical shop and hardware


II. Recovering steps: (taking CPU scrap for example)

Group 1. CPU Group 2.CPU

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Instructions: In gold refining industry, all the CPU can be divided into two categories according to its material type (check
the two pictures above!):

Group 1. ceramic ones.

Contains a much more amount of gold.

Group 2. resinic ones.

Contains very little gold. What’s more, they contain iron, which makes the refining much much more difficult. That’s why
almost nobody buy these kinds of CPU in the market.

1. Move the gold plated surface.

Hit them one time with a hammer to break the CPU a little bit, since it contains gold in the
heart of it.

First, Use water to clean the CPU scrap and put the clean CPU into the 5000 ml beaker.

Then, put some "diluted nitric acid,"(see description) into the beaker with a lid. Then, wait

until the gold surface and the pins fall down to the bottom of the beaker. (This could take

one day or two, depending on the Thickness of the gold. If you want to speed up, you can

heat it by heating the beaker through the Asbestos net or heat it in a coffee pot, it will take

about one hour).

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Pic I Pic II


2. Clean the gold surface by water.

Pour out the water in the beaker through the Dense Gauze easy and slowly. You must

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leave the Sediments in the bottom of the beaker.

Add water to the beaker and wait patiently till all the gold surface and pins fall to the bottom

(usually takes about 15 minutes). Then, repeat the above process until the solution

became colorless (▲objective: clean the gold surface).


Diluted nitric acid: The mixture of acid and water, the proper proportion is checking by if there is henna
smog coming out. You can start at half and half by volume at first. If there is lots of henna smog coming
out, just add water to it.

If you have used lots of gold scrap, the gold surface finished can be like this following picture:

Pic IV

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3. Dissolve the gold surface by using the aqua regia.

Add some hydrochloric acid to the beaker first. Then, drip the Nitric acid very slowly till the

gold surface is starting to resolve. Stop dripping immediately and wait until all the gold

surface resolve to the solution. (The more gold surface you have, the more deep yellow

color the solution will be). Add three times volume water to dilute the acid. After that, pour

the solution to another beaker② through a cloth. The cloth must be dense enough to filter

all the organic dirty things, leaving only the yellow Solvent.

4. Metal Replacement.
Add excessive Zinc powder to ② gradually, at the meantime, use your anti-acid stick to

churn up the solution. very soon, the solution will turn to grey and some dark deposition will

accumulated in the bottom of the beaker. Then, stop adding zinc power and wait about 5

minutes to let all the deposition fall down. Pour out the solution. And use the same method

as described at the end of Step 1 to clean the deposition. (The deposition contains gold

and zinc)

(The above step with yellow back ground is very very important. The objective of which is

to drive away all the Nitric acid left in the deposition. If not, the Nitric acid and the

hydrochloric acid can become aqua regia, which can dissolve the gold you will get in the

following step.)

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5. Remove the zinc from the mixture.

Add the vitriol to the beaker with the mixture inside of it. Then, heat and boil the solution,

you can find that all the zinc was dissolved, leaving all the dark deposition at the bottom,

which is gold.

(When using the vitriol acid, always be careful as it gives out lots of heat when mixed with

water. So you must do pour it very slowly to the beaker through the beaker wall.)

The following picture is the dark powder which is gold:

6. Calcine the dark powder.

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I suggest that you do this in your local Jewelry processing shop. Some specialist can help

you melt the dark deposition and get the yellow precious gold.


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7. After Sale service:

After you bought this item, you have one month service time. Please feel free to contact

when you met difficulties or doubts regarding this technique.

Statement: If you met some problem in the process of refining. Please, do stop right away

and contact me for help!

9. Warning:Some chemicals are dangerous, such as acids. You must deal it with

great care, patience and treat it properly; otherwise, it may hurt you badly. I just

provide the refining process; no other responsibilities.

Before you learn this skill, make sure you are above 18 years old, do the refining in

the outdoor place. Keep kids away, always put a pocket of water near you. Never

spill the acid over your body or eyes, it can be very damaging!!!! Additionally, keep

your chemical things in a secret place where nobody can touch it.


After finished reading, I have a several questions following.

1. What is the proper density (%) of the Acids that good for the process? (Nitric

Acid and HCI Acid) I do have Nitric 65% and HCI 35% is this ok?

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The two acids you bought are correct;

2. As you mentioned, In the Step 4. Metal Replacement in the Yelow Background. What

exactly is the "same method in the end of step1" do you mean?

After you get the black deposition at the bottom of your beaker, you need to clean

it for it contains acid inside the powder. So, you can use the clean procedure

mentioned in step 1. "Pour the solution easily and slowly, leaving only the black

powder at the bottom of the beaker. Then, fill water to the beaker again, wait 15

minutes till all the powder dropped down to the beaker again. Repeat this procedure

until the powder is clean by judging from the water's colorless."

Finally, thank you for purchasing and hoping that you can buy other precious
metal recovery techniques from us again in the near future, we also have
eBook of “Platinum recovery from catalytic converter and PC disc scraps
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If you have lots of gold scrap, you can also sell it to us!

EBayer: goldrusher2008 :PreciousMetalRecovery_online biz
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Best regards and have a nice day!


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