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The nurse is caring for a client with an internal radiation implant. When caring for the client, the nurse should observe which principle? 1. Limit the time with the client to 1 hour per shift. 2. Do not allow pregnant women into the clients room. 3. Remove the dosimeter film badge when entering the clients room. 4. Individuals younger than 16 years old may be allowed to go in the room as long as they are 6 feet away from the client. Correct Answer: 2


The home health care nurse is caring for a client with cancer and the client is complaining of acute pain. The most appropriate nursing assessment of the clients pain would include which of the following? 1. The clients pain rating 2. Nonverbal cues from the client 3. The nurses impression of the clients pain 4. Pain relief after appropriate nursing intervention Correct Answer: 1 A client who is receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer develops myelosuppression. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the clients discharge teaching plan? Select all that apply. 1. Avoid people who have received live attenuated vaccines. 2. Avoid contact sports. 3. Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. 4. Wash hands frequently. 5. Avoid crowded places such as shopping malls. 6. Treat a sore throat with over-the-counter products. Correct Answer: 1,2,4,5



A client with bladder cancer has undergone surgical removal of the bladder with construction of an ileal conduit. Which of the following assessments by the nurse would indicate that the client is developing complications? Select all that apply. 1. Urine output greater than 30 mL/hr 2. Dusky appearance of the stoma 3. Stoma protrusion from the skin 4. Mucus shreds in the urine collection bag 5. Sharp abdominal pain with rigidity Correct Answer: 2,3,5 A nurse is caring for a client undergoing external radiation. The client has developed a dry desquamation of the skin in the treatment area and the nurse is teaching the client about management of the skin reaction. Which comment made by the client suggests understanding of the instructions? 1. I dont need to stay out of the sun or put on sunscreen. 2. I can use ice packs to relieve itching in the treatment area. 3. When bathing I will use lukewarm water on the affected area. 4. I can lubricate the irritated area with an ointment like bacitracin. Correct Answer: 3



The nurse is reviewing the history of a client with bladder cancer. The nurse expects to note documentation of which most common symptom of this type of cancer? 1. Dysuria 2. Hematuria 3. Urgency on urination 4. Frequency of urination Answer: 2


The nurse is caring for a client following a mastectomy. Which nursing intervention would assist in preventing lymphedema of the affected arm? Placing cool compress on the affected arm. Elevating the affected arm on a pillow above the heart level. Avoiding arm exercises in the immediate postoperative period Maintaining an intravenous site below the antecubital area on the affected side. Answer: 3


For a client with stomatitis resulting from chemotherapy for leukemia, the care plan should include which intervention? 1. 2. 3. 4. Inspect the mouth every weeks for fungus Encourage foods with neutral or cool temperatures Give the client spicy foods to stimulate the sense of taste Perform frequent oral hygiene using a commercial alcohol based mouthwash.


A nurse is monitoring a client for signs and symptoms related to superior vena cava syndrome.Which of the following is an early sign of this oncological emergency? 1. 2. 3. 4. Cyanosis Arm edema Periorbital edema Mental Status Changes

Answer : 3

10. As part of chemotherapy education, the nurse teaches a female client about the risk for bleeding and self care during the period of the greatest bone marrow suppression. The nurse understands that further teaching is needed when the client states: 1. 2. 3. 4. I should avoid blowing my nose. I may need a platelet transfusion if my platelet count is too low. I m going to take aspirin for my headache as soon as I get home. I will continue the number of pads and tampons I use when menstruating.

Answer : 3

An older adult develops severe bone marrow depression from chemotherapy for cancer of the prostate. The nurse should: 1. Monitor for signs of alopecia 2. Increase daily intake of fluids 3. Monitor intake and output of fluids 4. Use a soft toothbrush for oral hygiene Answer: 4


When assessing the laboratory results of the client with bladder cancer and bone metastasis, the nurse recognizes that this is consistent with which oncological emergency? 1. Hyperkalemia 2. Hypercalcemia 3. Spinal Cord Compression 4. Superior vena cava syndrome Correct Answer: 2


A nurse manger is teaching the nursing staff about signs and symptoms related to hypercalcemia in a client with metastatic prostate cancer and tell the staff that which of the following is a serious late sign of this oncological emergency. 1. Headachea 2. Dysphagia

3. Constipation 4. Electrocardiographic changes Answer: 4


The client is diagnosed as having a bowel tumor and several diagnostic tests are prescribed. The nurse understands that which test will confirm the diagnosis of malignancy? 1. Biopsy of the tumor 2. Abdominal Ultrasound 3. MRI Scan 4. CT scan Answer: 1


A nurse has admitted a client to the clinical nursing unit after a modified right radical mastectomy for the treatment of breast cancer. The nurse plans to place the right arm in which of the following positions? 1. Elevated above shoulder level 2. Elevated on a pillow 3. Level with the right atrium 4. Dependent to the right atrium. Answer: 2

16. A client has been hospitalized with a diagnosis of laryngeal cancer. Which factor is most significant in the
development of laryngeal cancer? 1. A family history of laryngeal cancer

Chronic inhalation of noxious fumes

C. Frequent straining of the vocal cords

D. A history of alcohol and tobacco use