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1. Name 2. Registration No. 3. Course 4. Institution 5. Study Center 6. Address (for correspondence & Telephone No. Telephone No. 9897511592 7. Name and Designation of Project Guide 8. Title of the Project 9. Name of the organisaton And place where project is to be conducted : Reliance Money, Gorakhpur Place: Date: (Signature of the Student) : : Ritesh Kumar Rai, Center Manager Study of Marketing Policy of Reliance Money : : : : : : Ashish Kumar Sharma 15077821413 MBA, EFT Amity School of Distance Learning (ASoDL) Meerut H. No. 112, Uncha Mohalla Kaseru Khera, Meerut

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Synopsis Study of Marketing Policy of Reliance Money

Statement of the Problem
The Milwaukee Land Company purchased land from C.C. and Anna Herron for a town site in 1905 and the town was named Herron, but changed to Reliance when it was decided that the name Herron sounded too much like Huron. To the southwest stood a town site named Dirkstown and all of the buildings from there were moved into

Reliance once it was learned the railroad would not be going through Dirkstown. Town sites were set up by the railroad company at about 10-mile intervals. In 1910 the west side of Reliance's Main Street was almost completely wiped out by fire. Businesses were rebuilt and along with the railroad came two lumberyards, a creamery, livery, blacksmith, taverns, hotels, restaurants, meat market, two banks, etc. Reliance reached its population peak in the 1920s when it was at 317 and according to the census, continued to decline until it was at 183 in 1945. The construction of Big Bend Dam at Fort Thompson in the 1960s caused the population in Reliance, Chamberlain and Oacoma to increase. In 1960, Reliance had 72 homes housing 201 people. Today (1999) Reliance is feeling a small growth as the communities of Chamberlain, Oacoma and Lower Brule fill up and the overflow moves to Reliance, and also to Pukwana in Brule County.

Why is the Topic Chosen

I have been an employee of the Reliance Money as a sales manager in the sales department in 2008 and been observing this growing in performance and the turnover. I am deeply concerned with the well being of my old organization and would therefore, like to scientifically analyses the reasons and suggest remedial measures to the management.

What contribution would the project make and to whom

Results of my survey and analysis would provide a very useful input to the management of Reliance Money who are already ceased to the same. They have welcomed my effort and the looking forward to collecting all available data in this respect for examining the report in totality.

Objective and scope

The main objectives of the study are: To identify the interest of Broker to sell the product of Reliance Money. To study the marketing strategy of Reliance Money to stay in competitive market. How to make more customers by providing product at best and cheaper way. To create awareness of the brand among the customers who are not aware of the brand & its product by Building a good relation with the customers. Understanding the customers to enable pitching the right set of products. Providing uncomplicated easy-to-understand brokerage / trading cost Structure. Educating the customers about the Health wise Policy (most selling policy of General Insurance) for them as well as for their family. By doing advertising and canopy activity to make awareness.


Primary Data Primary data directly refers to the information collected from market place. It has the advantages of not being biased, incompatible or obsolete. Main types of primary data used was Sample and that too was Random Sample thats Primary Data was collected by cold calls. And the tools used to get the information wereQuestionnaire and Conversation. RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS Research instruments help in data collection and assists researchers to get their job done. Mainly it is used to obtain primary data. Main research instruments were:

Questionnaire: It is set of questions presented to respond. A set of questions was prepared for reliance satisfaction survey.

Personal conversations

It was a tool which helps me to find out the desired information from the respondents. The things which were uncleared required personal conversation as an instrument. Sampling techniques

Random sampling was the best method to proceed as it gives the best results and often reliable. Random sampling is the method where every member of population has equal chance of selection.

Sample size 100 customers Secondary Data Secondary data this refers to information that has being collected earlier by someone else. This includes news items, trade statistics, invoices reports etc. Sources which were used to collect secondary data are:

Reliance Reckoner Pamphlets Sales reports Information downloaded from website Data collected by the information provided by Reliance Officials.

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History of company Company Profile Vision, Mission Reliance Money Structure About Reliance Capital Ltd. & its Division Market Strategy Objective of the Study Reliance Money Products Overview: i. Demat a/cs ( Core Product ) ii. Credit Cards iii. Mutual Funds iv. Life Insurance v. General Insurance vi. I POs vii. Gold Coins 8. Business Model 9. Research Methodology 10. Data Collection 11. Sample profile a) Sample Profile b) SWOT Analysis of Reliance Money 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Data Analysis Finding Recommendations Limitations Conclusion Bibliography Annexure Questionnaire