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Scheme E

Sample Question Paper

Course Name : Electronics Engineering Group Course Code : IE/IS/IC/IU Semester Subject Marks Instructions: 1. All questions are compulsory. 2. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary. 3. Figures to the right indicate full marks. 4. Assume suitable data if necessary. 5. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order. Q.1 A) Attempt any THREE of the following: 12 Marks : Sixth for IE/IS /IC & Seventh for IU : Industrial Automation : 100

Time: 3 Hrs.

a) List different automation tools used in process. State its need in process. b) Describe the role of PLC in automation. c) Draw the block diagram of PLC and label it. d) Draw the waveforms for an ON delay timer. Q.1 B) Attempt any ONE of the following: a) Describe the PLC operation with operating cycles. b) State the classification of PLC based on type & size. Q.2 Attempt any TWO of the following: 16 Marks 06 Marks

a) Draw the diagram of TTL output module and explain how field devices are isolated from CPU. b) i) For the given Boolean expression prepare the ladder diagram (I1.I2) + I3+I4+ (I5.I6) =Q1 ii) Write the ladder program for motor ON/OFF control using following detail a) Start push Button wired as NO contact to start the motor b) Stop push Button wired as NC contact to stop the motor. c) Describe with diagram sinking input and output module.

Q.3 Attempt any FOUR of the following: a) List the any four applications of automation in the field of aerospace b) Give any four benefits of automation. c) Explain the function of following components of PLC i) CPU ii) memory

16 Marks

d) Draw the wiring diagram for input device that sense the pressure & gives discrete output. c) Explain the term redundancy in PLC. Q.4 a) Attempt any THREE of the following: a) State the need of HMI. b) Draw the functional block diagram of SCADA with neat label c) Explain the types of local HMI operator panels. d) List the different applications of SCADA Q.4 B) Attempt any ONE of the following a) Give the specification for the PLC based on following: i. Name of PLC (manufacture) ii. Type of PLC 06 marks 12 Marks

iii. Number of Input and Outputs iv. Types of I/O v. Speed of execution vi. Memory

b) Explain how application specific modules enhance a PLCs functionality. Q.5 Attempt any TWO of the following: 16 Marks

a) Draw a ladder diagram for a three motor system having the following conditions : Motor 1 (M1) starts as soon as the start switch is ON, after 10 seconds M1 goes OFF and motor 2 (M2) starts. After 5 seconds M2 goes OFF and Motor 3 (M3) starts. After 10 seconds M3 goes OFF and M1 starts and cycle is repeated. b) Describe the interfacing between PLC and SCADA with diagram. List two types of communication. c) Define SCADA. Describe with diagram any one application of SCADA. Q.6 Attempt any FOUR of the following: 16 Marks

a) Explain the use of Retentive Timer Instruction with format and waveforms. b) Explain different techniques for testing inputs and outputs at terminal. c) Give the configuration of PLC hardware. d) Explain Rack & how it helps in communication between CPU and I/O module e) Explain the block diagram of power supply