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MORE MONEY Manifesto for the monetary revolution

- Do you want to cancel taxes? - Do you want to have a higher salary? - Do you want a fixed income even when you are not working? We all can: - Cancel VAT on all products - Eliminate the deductions from pay-checks - Establish a Citizenship Income for all citizens ... and we tell you how we can do it!

1. Read and understand all points of this manifesto. 2. Stop and think:
- More and more families are struggling to reach the end of the month; - The increase in unemployment forces young people to accept inhumane working conditions and underpaid jobs; - Not even university graduates manage to get a decent job; - The instability prevents workers to plan their future; - Hectic schedules and overtime become an obligation for parents and prevent them from educating their children peacefully; - Personal relationships are also strained by the economic problems that cause friction within families; - The current pensions do not guarantee the tranquillity that contributions should have been ensured; - The future pensioners will envy todays retirees. You do not have to be brave to rebel against this system; you have to be brave to accept these conditions of life.

3. Understanding the cause:

I was bankrupt, the government was bankrupt, the world was bankrupt. Who the hell had the fucking money? asked H. C. Bukowski just a few years ago. Today we can give an answer to the question of the American poet, a response understandable to the non-experts because, as J. K. Galbraith said, the study of the monetary system is within the reach of any curious and moderately intelligent person. According to the Canadian economist, in fact, the science of economics would use the apparent complexity of the subject to keep people away from the truth. A truth that could jeopardize the status quo because, and this time I quote Henry Ford: It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. The statement of one of the greatest American entrepreneurs is not exaggerated at all if we consider that those who had understood the system had come to sue, in 1993, Ciampi and subsequently Fazio - then Governors of the Bank of Italy - for fraud, usury, conspiracy, false accounting and incitement to suicide. We are talking about Giacinto Auriti, Professor of Law, University of Teramo, who passed away in 2006. Professor Auriti had discovered something amazing and had tried to spread the news with every means at his disposal. Unfortunately, the mass media have managed to boycott his studies that today can only be found in the net of the providential web. The Italian jurist had realized that the money in our pockets is not our property because the central banks, upon issuance, lend it to us. Lending is the prerogative of the owner; hence, central banks are the owners of all the currency in circulation.

Money is different from any other commodity as it has a production cost of practically zero (if I have to print one million //$ I can print a thousand //$ more and pay the costs of the workers and raw materials). Auriti then wondered: what is it that increases the value of a banknote from 0 to 100 //$ (in the case of a banknote of 100 //$)? He thus discovered the induced value of money: the //$ are nothing more than just pieces of paper that banks print without any gold backing (abolition of the Bretton Woods System, 1971) that acquire value because the community, by convention, decides to give them value. In short, it is the people who give value to money, but it is the banks that, issuing and lending, unlawfully appropriate this value; and they charge an interest as well. Every year, unsuspecting citizens are obliged to pay taxes to pay interests on a debt that should not even exist, and every year thousands of businesses go broke, while we tighten our belts and the international bankers dilate their own. Do you understand now why we are all bankrupt and where the fucking money ends up?

4. Understanding the solution:

The currency is the unit of measure of value as the meter is the unit of measure of length. Each unit possesses in itself the properties of the quality that they are to measure; as the meter has the quality of length, so the currency has value. Thus, there are two types of wealth: the real wealth (objects, artefacts, consumer goods) and the monetary wealth (the amount of money required to measure the real wealth). Let us take an example: if in the world today there are real assets amounting to one billion //$, in the world it must also exist a billion //$ in currency. (NB: not a billion and one hundred million because, otherwise the currency depreciates, and not even nine hundred million, otherwise we would lack the money to buy the goods that inevitably remain unsold). To create the real wealth we need to work, while creating the monetary wealth does not need any form of work. In order to create monetary wealth it is only needed that every single citizen accepts, by convention, to give value to pieces of coloured paper. These considerations point to an obvious paradox: while the real wealth is owned by those who create it by working, monetary wealth is owned by all who create it by accepting it. Returning to our example, if a billion //$ of real goods is proportionally distributed among the workers, one billion //$ has to be distributed similarly to each individual. Currently, one billion //$ is distributed only to the owners of the central banks, who lend it to the citizens, indebting them of what should be theirs. We only want what is rightfully ours! We want the bankers no longer owners of the wealth we all create! We want that wealth no longer be indebted to us! We want that wealth equally distributed to every citizen in the form of Citizenship Income without distinction of any kind such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status!

5. Recap:
Any State, by constitution, is sovereign in its territory. Currently all States have ceded monetary sovereignty to the Central Banks. Reclaiming monetary sovereignty would mean zeroing the illicit public debt and seizing the income arising from the issue of currency. Zeroing the public debt would eliminate most of the taxes that we pay today to repay the interest on the debt.

Seizing the income arising from the issue of currency would mean establishing a monthly Citizenship Income for every single human being. Warning, not an income that enables to do the good life but an income that allows to survive because every civilized country can and must guarantee the right to life to their citizens (to live we need to drink, eat and shelter from the cold and to do so we need money). From the Citizenship Income it could be also possible to deduct income taxes required by the State to ensure the public services, services that are now increasingly neglected (and privatized), given the suffocating pressure of debt.

6. Take it to the streets:

Every Saturday and Sunday, we will meet in the main squares of the city to protest. We invite you to participate: - so that the mass media will no longer be able to ignore us; - so that the judiciary and the proper authorities will decide, finally, to deal with the biggest scam on the planet; - so that institutions begin, for the first time, to worry about the welfare of its citizens and stop defending the criminals who hide in international central banks. Our protest will be completely NON-PARTISAN and PEACEFUL. We REJECT the current politicians and VIOLENCE in all its forms. Our protest will continue indefinitely until we get what we want. We do not ask much, we just demand that we be returned what is rightfully ours, we claim only that we be given the opportunity to live a dignified life, we claim only to be treated like human beings. TO AVOID ANY KIND OF PROBLEM WE CALL PARTICIPANTS TO ASK, EVERY MONDAY, FOR THE NEEDED PERMISSION TO POLICE FOR THE NEXT WEEKEND.

APPEAL TO THE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY: We have no intention to cause security or public order issues. We do not love to spend our only days off protesting in the streets, we would prefer to spend Saturdays and Sundays with our family. But just for the sake of our loved ones, we feel the need to try to improve the situation. We want to give a decent future to ours but also to your children and peacefully we will try. Uniforms and labels serve to divide us but the reality is that we are all equal and in this moment, all slaves of the international bankers. This awareness, more than anything else, should unite us. Therefore please understand and collaborate, we thank you.

WE ARE FOR THE PEOPLES OWNERSHIP OF MONEY. Today money is born owned by the bank that issues it by lending to citizens. We want it to be born as property of citizens and that it be credited to each as a CITIZENSHIP INCOME.