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Time: 120 minutes

Please read the following instructions carefully. Do not open the seal until the Invigilator instructs you to open.
1. Answer OMR Sheet is contained inside the Test Booklet. Make sure that the Answer OMR Sheet is not damaged in any way. 2. 3. 4. Use only a blue/black ball point pen to darken circles in the Answer OMR Sheet. Write your SNAP-Id and darken appropriate circles in the Answer OMR Sheet. The sequence of the section differs in each Booklet series. However the test structure is as follows. Total Marks 40 40 40 60 180 No. of Questions 40 40 40 30 150

Section General English Quantitative & Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency General Awareness Analytical & Logical Reasoning Total 5.

In the Answer OMR Sheet, darken the circles against the question numbers indicating your answers. For example, if your answer is 3 for a question, then darken as follows: 1 2 3 4

Darken only one circle. If you darken more than one circle against any question, you will score zero mark. Use Blue/Black ballpoint pen for filling the OMR Sheet. DO NOT use pencil. 6. 7. For every wrong answer, you will score 25% negative marks. Do not attempt to copy nor allow or help others in copy. Any malpractice will invalidate your candidature. 8. 9. Return Answer OMR Sheet to the Invigilator before you leave the hall Do not leave the hall at any point of time without handing over you Answer OMR Sheet to the invigilator. 10. 11. Once you go out of the hall, re-entry is not permitted. You may retain this Test Booklet with you.


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What is the sum of the digits of the product 23000.53002? 1. 3 2. 8 3. 7 `

4. 2


A shop-keeper purchases 10 bulbs. But 2 of them are defective and hence he has to throw them away. If he sells the remaining at a mark-up of 12.25%. Find his profit or loss percentage. 2. +10% 3. +8% 4. no loss no profit 1. -10% 20 kgs of sugar costing Rs. 10/kg is mixed another variety of sugar costing Rs. 12/kg such that average cost price of the mixture is Rs. 11/kg. Find the quantity in kgs, of the second variety of sugar used. 1. 10 kg 2. 15 kg 3. 20 kg 4. 25 kg What is the remainder when 3333 is divided by 26? 1. 1 2. 2 3. 3



4. 4


Akash start from his home at 10 a.m. and reaches Atuls home at 12 noon. Atul starts from his home at 10 a.m. and reaches Akashs home at 1 p.m. At what time do the two meet? 1. 11 a.m. 2. 11:12 a.m. 3. 11:30 am 4. 12 noon Two friends planned to go for a trip. The place they have chosen is 500 km away from their home. They took their bike and covered 100 km at a speed of 50kmph. Then they took a car and covered remaining distance in 5 hours. Find their approximate average speed during the journey. 1. 61 km/h 2. 71 km/h 3. 61.42 km/h 4. 71.42 km/h n when divided by 12 leaves a remainder of 6. What will be the remainder when n is divided by 6? 1. 0 2. 1 3. 2 4. None of these Two workers A and B are paid a total of Rs.690 per week by their employer. If A is paid 130 percent of the sum paid to B, how much is B paid per week? 1. 400 Rs. 2. 300 Rs. 3. 200 Rs. 4. 100 Rs. How many positive integers exist between 108 and 109, the sum of whose digits is equal to 2? 1. 5 2. 7 3. 9 4. 11 If the average of p and q is 48 and the average of q and s is 74, what is the value of s-p? 1. 52 2. 56 3. 55 4. 54 A goldsmith has two qualities of gold. One of 24 carats and another of 28 carats purity. In what Proportion should he mix both to make an ornament 25 carats purity? 1. 3:1 2. 2:5 3. 4:3 4. 5:4 Three numbers are in the ratio 5:6:9 and sum of their squares is 2272. Find the smallest of these numbers. 1. 24 2. 36 3. 32 4. 20 What percentage of numbers from 1 to 80 has 5 or 7 in the units digit? 1. 30% 2. 20% 3. 10% 4. 5%










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The average age of 9 students is 22; if 3 more students are included to the group average age is increased by 2. What is the average age of 3 new students? 1. 30 2. 24 3. 27 4. 29 In a school there are 640 students. The ratio of the boys to that of the girls is 5:3. How many girls should join the school so that the ratio becomes 5:4? 1. 100 2. 120 3. 130 4. 140 If aba a 11=aaaa, then what is value of a b? 1. 0 2. 121 3. 10



4. Cannot be determined


A phone is sold at a profit of 20%. Had it been sold Rs. 60 less, there would have been a loss of 20%. What was the cost price? 1. 300 2. 200 3. 150 4. None of these The age of a lady is 4 times that of her daughter. 10 years ago, the lady was 7 times as old as her daughter. What will be the age of the lady after 10 years? 1. 90 2. 80 3. 70 4. None of these Ram and Sham can run 500 m in 40 and 50 seconds respectively. How far is Sham from the finishing line when Ram reaches in: 1. 350 m 2. 250 m 3. 450 m 4. None of these Of the three numbers, the first is half of the second and second is half the third. The average of these numbers is 28. Find the smallest number out of these: 1. 10 2. 12 3. 48 4. 24 1919+26, when divided by 9, would have a remainder of: 1. 0 2. 1 3. 2 4. 3 Ankit, Varun and Raja started from toward y at intervals of 20 minutes in the order given i.e. Ankit started first and Raja the last. If ratio of time taken by them is 5:4:3 and if Raja reached y 20 minutes before Varun. How many minutes before Ankit did Varun reach y? 1. 20 minutes 2. 30 minutes 3. 40 minutes 4. None of these Fresh oranges consist of 80% water whereas dry oranges consist of 30% water. Find the amount of dry oranges that can be obtained from 70 kgs of fresh oranges? 1. 10 kg 2. 15 kg 3. 20 kg 4. 25 kg 1-2+3-4+5-6+. +49= 1. 0 2. -25 3. -24








4. 25


At a certain rate of simple interest, a principal become 4 times in 12 years. In how many years will the principal amount becomes 16 times? 1. 48 years 2. 24 years 3. 60 years 4. 64 years


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Directions for questions 26 to 35: Each question is followed by 2 statements Mark (a) if statement I alone is sufficient but statement II alone is not sufficient Mark (b) if statement II alone is sufficient but statement I alone is not sufficient Mark (c) if both statements I & II together are sufficient but neither statements alone is sufficient Mark (d) if statement I &II together are not sufficient. 26. A, B and C are integers. Is B an even number? I. (A+B) is an odd number. II. (B+C) is an odd number. Is a<b? I. a2-4a+4=0 II. b2-6b+9=16 100 people were invited for the function. How many attended. I. Not more than 40 failed to respond to the invitation II. Not less than 60 attended. Which is the worst of the 3 bad movies a, b, c I. b is worse than c II. c is better than a Is XY positive? I. (X+Y)2>(X-Y)2 II. X>Y When X is divided by 2, is the remainder 1? I. (-1)x+2=-1 II. X is prime A set contains the following elements :{ 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, Y}. What is the value of Y? I. Elements are in arithmetic progression II. Y is a prime By what percentage the price of a watch is reduced? I. The original price of a watch is Rs. 675 II. The reduced price is 125 less than original price. What is the value of x2y? I. Y=x-5 II. Y=x2-5 What is the width of rectangular playground? I. The ratio of its length to its width is 5:2 II. Perimeter of playground is 280 cm











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Directions (36-39) Study the following graph carefully to answer these questions. Following is the graph of production of commodities P and Q in different years.


200 P Q 100



0 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993


For which of the following pairs of years, the total production of two commodities together is equal? 1. 1987 & 1990 2. 1992 & 1993 3. 1991 & 1993 4. 1988 & 1989 What is the ratio between the total production of commodities P and Q for all the seven years together? 1. 26:27 2. 13:14 3. 27:26 4. 14:13 During which year the percentage decrease/increase in production of commodity Q from the previous year was the maximum? 1. 1988 2. 1990 3. 1993 4. 1992 Approximately, what was the average production of commodity Q? 1. 225 2. 216 3. 195 4. 185 20, 80, 30, 60, 40,, 50, 20 1. 40 2. 51





3. 50

4. 41


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Directions for Questions from 41 to 46: Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them. Passage - 1 400M people speak English as their first language; another 1.4 billion as a second tongue. Born 1,600 years ago among the Germanic tribes of northern Europe, English became global as a result of trade, conquest, migration, the media and the rise of the economic power of America. A new exhibition at the British Library just down the road from two of Londons main immigrant entry points, Kings Cross and Euston railway stations, traces for the first time the incredible journey launched by the Frisians, Saxons, Angles and Jutes who sailed to south-east England and whose descendants created the Vespasian Psalter in the eighth century. Alongside an image of King David playing the harp are the words, Dominus inluminatio mea and underneath Dryhten inlihtnis mine (The Lord is my light). Difficult to understand for todays English speaker, the roots of the language are nonetheless discernibly there. From the Vespasian Psalter the journey moves on through Englands early literary heroes, Beowulf, Sir Gawayne and the Grene Knight, and on to Jonathan Swift, who wrote that the English Language, as it is spoken by the politest part of the nation, and as it stands in the writings of our most approved authors, often offends against every part of Grammar. Henry Alford was among the earliest grammar policemen to write a Plea for the Queens Style Guide as was Robert Lowth, bishop of London and professor of poetry at Oxford University, whose anonymous grammar was reprinted 45 times between 1762 and 1800. Lowth had a lifelong fascination for the preposition, but could never make up his mind whether it was indeed a sin of taste to end a sentence with one. Others who came later were made of sterner stuff, prompting the famous comment perhaps apocryphally attributed to Winston Churchill: this was regulated English up with which we will not put. The curators of Evolving English have been clever to focus not just on English at school and English at work, but English at play. From spoonerisms to malapropisms, puns and palindromes and the 1,800 words invented by William Shakespeareamong them "green-eyed", "go-between", "well-read" and "zany". Strange then that the exhibition fails to explore the one thing that, above all, gives English its witty flexibility, its gift for pun and double meaning, and that is the absence of accents and grammatical gender. No masculine, feminine, neuter, acute, grave or cedilla for your free-spirited Anglophone. Not only was Shakespeare the greatest English writer, he could have been no other kind. 41. Which of the following has been referred to in passage, in context to the English language? 1. The influence of Shakespeare on the development of English language 2. The cultural influence that English language has experienced in the due course of its development 3. The flexibility, with which English language can be used to create double meanings 4. All of the above


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Why did the author quote Winston Churchill in the passage? 1. To highlight the fact that Winston Churchill was notorious for using a preposition towards the end of a sentence 2. To highlight the discomfort of the self-called grammar policemen, who did not even spare Winston Churchills misuse of a preposition towards the end of a sentence 3. To highlight the evolution in attitude and leniency towards the misuse of preposition by grammar policemen from Mr. Lowth to the later period Grammarians 4. Winston Churchill was blessed with the power of rhetoric, though he often misused the usage of prepositions What is the tone of the author in the passage? 1. Descriptive & Suggestive 2. Descriptive & Critical 3. Critical & Awed 4. Descriptive & Neutral


Passage 2 I met an oriental man in an authentic-looking dark costume, with a Fu Manchu mustache, dark orange skin, a black oriental skullcap, who I knew brought with him certain essences of oriental wisdom. I wanted to ask him questions, to get answers, but I didnt know what to ask. I asked him why oriental wisdom stressed passivity and passive reaction. And he didnt exactly answer. Then somehow I found myself doing a task, as if he directed me to do it, as if he was my master guide, sort of like the oriental teacher from the old television show, Kung Fu. The task was not very physical, I could do it sitting down somewhere; but it was a frustrating task and made me tense and somewhat hostile to my teacher. But then I realized I was approaching a sort of recognition about how trust and frustration and discouragement relate and about how you arrive at a moment of tension and hostility where you dont know how to do something, or you dont want to do it anymore. I realized that there is a certain kind of understanding to be learned from this type of experience of being suspicious but going on anyway. But I sensed that for me there is a central link, not related to logic, between that experience of being at the edge of your patience, feeling frustrated and yet involved in the experience. It is also important to me that I met such a distinctly and thoroughly traditional oriental, even an historic stereotype oriental. This tells me something about my respect for oriental wisdom and gives me some issues I might think more about in my life these days. Nearly everyone agrees that it takes imagination for a person to produce the liveliest and effective writing possible. English teachers can certainly be counted among those in academia who have long paid at least lip service to the value of the imagination. But it is only recently as more and more fields of study have focused on the imagination and its importance to us that we seem to have become actively concerned with teaching the imagination. As a profession we are novices at organizing and describing the ingredients of pedagogy of the imagination, although some English teachers have no doubt had great individual successes in working with the creative possibilities of the mind. In this essay I claim no such history of personal success, however. I simply wish to report on an experiment I have engaged in during the last year or so to attempt to teach my students to use their imaginations more effectively. The above vision of the oriental man was the mental experience I had the first time. I tried to lead my students in probing their imagination in a writing class.


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The primary purpose of the author of the passage is: 1. To highlight the importance of creative thinking and show how oriental thinking is required for creative writing. 2. To showcase the needs of the process of writing and how oriental wisdom can be used for the same. 3. To highlight the shortcomings of the existing English teachers and show how they can undergo self improvement. 4. To show the need for creative thinking in writing as well as teaching English and how one should probe ones imagination. The tone adopted by the author of the passage can be said to be: 1. Predatory 2. Effusive 3. Probing 4. Expounding The authors experience with the oriental man served which out of the following purposes: I. He found that such exercises really served no tangible utility, one that could be clearly labeled and named. II. He became aware of his respect for oriental wisdom. III. He developed a certain understanding of experience wherein one is suspicious but still goes on with the task at hand. 1. II only 2. I and II 3. II and III 4. I and III.




Let 1. 1b, 2a, 3c, 4d 2. 1d, 2a, 3c, 4b 3. 1c, 2a, 3d, 4b 4. 1a, 2d, 3b, 4c

Directions for Questions 48 to 53: Choose the correct meaning of the following idioms. 48. What does it mean when someone has to face the music? 1. To listen to absurd music 2. To accept the unpleasant results of one's actions 3. To face something without fear 4. To be very bold in ones actions What happens when someone casts a spell on his audience? 1. When someone confuses his audience 2. When the audience doesnt understand their performer 3. When the audience is not given a chance to interact 4. When someone intrigues and delights his audience



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What is the meaning of a slim chance? 1. A chance which is likely to happen 2. A chance which is unlikely to happen 3. A chance which has more losses than profit. 4. A chance which is offered by a loss-making party. When someone has a score to settle with his colleague, it means? 1. He needs his colleagues help 2. His colleague has asked him for help 3. He has a problem to clear up with his colleague 4. He doesnt understand his colleague When someone does his work, without further ado, it means? 1. He does his work without any delay 2. He does his work promptly 3. He does his work without errors 4. He does his work all by himself What happens when one scrounges around for something? 1. One is trying hard to understand a complex problem 2. One is trying to look around all over for someone or something 3. One is trying to solve a crime 4. One is trying to save money




Directions for questions 54 and 55: Each of the sentences given below, contain a phrasal verb which has been listed incompletely, and is underlined. Your task is to select the most appropriate preposition from the options given below, so as to complete the phrasal verb in the best possible manner, which is grammatically and semantically correct. 54. I veered away ------------- the clichd tourist vacation spots. 1. From 2. Along 3. By 4. Behind It didn't occur ------------ us that we had left the iron on. 1. In 2. By 3. To 4. For Find the odd one out from amongst the words given below: 1. Coddle 2. Mollycoddle 3. Insinuate 4. Caress




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Which two sentences in the following convey the same idea? Choose from the combinations listed below: 1. Sania looked a bit worn out in last Fridays match, but shes certainly on song today. 2. Sania is taking it easy today. 3. Sania is in a carefree mood today. 4. Sania is performing well today. Choose the correct meaning for the word praxis from the options given below: 1. A set of theoretical propositions 2. A prescribed norm 3. Coddle 4. None of the above If Walk: Prowl, then, 1. Cheat: Pretend 2. Smile: Grin 3. Applaud: Disapprove 4. Listen: Eavesdrop If Discussion: Altercation, then, 1. Planning: Action 2. Speech: Tirade 3. Dialogue: Conversation 4. Group: Convention Find the maximum number of times any one of the given words fits the sets of sentences AWAKE AWOKE AWOKEN AWAKENED 1. We all ------------ to the sound of the rustling leaves and whispering wind. 2. They have finally ------------ to the challenge of protecting their nation against the onslaught of evils like xenophobia. 3. He stayed ----------- the whole night, shivering in fear. 4. The students interest was ---------- by the lecture. 1. In all four sentences 2. In 3 sentences 3. In 2 sentences 4. In 1 sentence





Directions for question 62: Choose the word that completes the first and begins the second word. 62. Back ---------- and ------------- book. Bite Log Pack Waters


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Directions for questions 63 & 64: Choose the word that cannot be coupled with the given word to form a new word. 63. Hand 1. Out 2. Shake 3. Writing 4. Fold Key 1. Note 2. Board 3. Tune 4. Hole


Directions for Questions 65 to 68: Fill in the blanks and choose the correct definition for the grammatical question. 65. ------------- is a word that indicates the relationship of a noun (or noun phrase) to another word. 1. Adjective 2. Conjunction 3. Preposition 4. Adverb ------------- is a sentence which gives a command. 1. Interrogative 2. Imperative 3. Run-on 4. None of the above Verbs that modify other verbs are called -------------. 1. Modals 2. Conjugative 3. Preposition 4. None of the above A verb acting like a noun in a sentence is called --------------. 1. Gerund 2. Interjection 3. Infinitive 4. None of the above




Directions for questions from 69 to 72: Choose the correct alternative from amongst the answer options given with each sentence, and fill in the blank in such a way that the sentence makes complete semantic sense. 69. Employees were lured with the ------------ of annual bonuses and other seemingly attractive schemes, which nothing other than carrot-and-stick techniques. 1. Bait MOCK SNAP-1 2. Bate To see answers and explanations, please visit www.educorp.in Page 11


The ------------- of academia are still very rigid and admit only the historically accepted and normative authors. 1. Cannon 2. Canon The committee ------------- abruptly from its parent union, without any prior notice, following a nasty altercation. 1. Seceded 2. Ceded The demagogue committed a -------------when he mispronounced the motto of his party agenda. 1. Gaff 2. Gaffe Choose the sentence/s where the underlined word is used in-correctly, and then select the option which states the incorrect sentence/s, if any. a. The students saw through the superficial charm of their teacher. b. She is busy seeing to the household chores these days. c. She asked the babysitter to see after her children while she was gone. d. She saw the guests off at the door. 1. Only b 2. b & c 3. Only d 4. None of these




Directions for questions from 74 to 80: Complete the sentences by choosing the correct words from the given alternatives. 74. She put a note of Do Not Disturb --------- the door for privacy. 1. At 2. On 3. In 4. Above A baby swan is called ------------. 1. Swanlet 2. Swan 3. Cygnet 4. Squab Some people may not like their identity being flashed in TV advertisements without their ------------, even if they are the only ones to see it. 1. Admission 2. Permit 3. Allowance 4. Permission




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One can change ones attitude towards life --------------- to psychologists. 1. Following 2. According 3. Concerning 4. Imitating Usually it is not very complicated to perform a laser operation ------------- the doctors are qualified and the equipment is right. 1. Unless 2. Only if 3. If 4. In case By the time children -------------- their teens, most of them start expecting a rise in their weekly allowance. 1. Arrive 2. Reach 3. Get 4. Attain Anita was full of ------------- for the doctors for saving her life. 1. Gratitude 2. dedication 3. Admiration 4. Reverence





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Which among the following states have topped India Human Development Report 2011? 1. Kerala 2. Tamil Nadu 3. Himachal Pradesh 4. Punjab Which among the following is Indias Permanent Representative to the United Nations? 1. Arundhati Ghose 2. Hardeep Singh Puri 3. B N Rau 4. Nirupam Sen Name the e-mail prioritizer bought by Facebook? 1. MailRank 2. MailRanger 3. MailMerge 4. MailNic Name the director appointed by Apple recently? 1. Darian Adler 2. Marc Benioff 3. Eagle Berns 4. Robert A Iger Who is set to make debut appearance in 2012 Abu Dhabi's Golf Championship? 1. Saurabh Sangvekar 2. Tiger Woods 3. Om Prakash 4. John Pluthero Which country is set to donate used laptop for charity? 1. Dubai 2. Singapore 3. Malaysia 4. Russia What is the total sms limit per day raised by TRAI as on 1st November 2011? 1. 150 smses a day 2. 200 smses a day 3. 250 smses a day 4. 300 smses a day Who won the 38th women's National Premier Chess championship? 1. Tania Sachdev 2. Nisha Mohota 3. Chandika Divyasree 4. Eesha Karavade









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Name the British CEO whom Olympus sacked recently. 1. Spencer Hyman 2. Michael WoodFord 3. Richard Moross 4. Ian Hogarth Which technology major acquired Skype for $8.5 billion? 1. HCL 2. Microsoft 3. Wipro 4. TCS What is the name of the weather satellite launched in India on Oct 12,2011? 1. PSLV-C19 carrying Megha-Trophiques 2. PSLV-C18 carrying Megha-Trophiques 3. PSLV-C17 carrying Megha-Trophiques 4. PSLV-C14 carrying Megha-Trophiques Which two Indian sportspersons is given the Lieutenant Colonel rank by the Army? 1. Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid 2. M S Dhoni and Abhinav Bindra 3. Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag 4. M S Dhoni and Viswanathan Anand Who became Formula one's youngest double world champion after finishing third at Japanese Grand Prix? 1. Sebastian Vettel 2. Jenson Button 3. Fernando Alonso 4. Mark Webber Which MotoGP giant pulled out of Motor sports until 2014? 1. Volkswagon 2. Suzuki 3. Maruti 4. None of these Which one of the following is the tallest tower in the world? 1. Canadian National Tower 2. Ostankino Tower 3. Oriental Pearl Tower 4. Milad Tower Noctiphobia is the excessive fear from 1. Night 2. Day 3. Evening 4. Morning









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NESCO World Heritage Sites, in India are 1. Ajanta Caves 2. Ellora Caves 3. Taj Mahal 4. All of the above Everything is funny as long as it happens to somebody else, was said by 1. Shakespeare 2. Will Rogers 3. Sophocles 4. William Cowper A great indian astronomer and mathematician, who adorned the court of Chandragupta Vikramaditya, after whom the first satellite has been named was? 1. Aristotle 2. Aryabhatta 3. Patanjali 4. Panini



100. Which North African country has been readmitted as member of the UN Human Rights Council? 1. Algeria 2. Libya 3. Morocco 4. Sudan 101. Every year in January, India and Pakistan exchange their list of nuclear installations through their diplomatic missions under an agreement on prohibition of attacks against nuclear installation and facility. In which year, such agreement was signed? 1. 1986 2. 1987 3. 1988 4. 1989 102. Femina, the famous womens magazine of India is published by which among the following publishers? 1. Times Group 2. Hindu Group 3. HT Group 4. Indian Express Group 103. Which among the following is the NASA telescope, that tries to search for life in corner of galaxy? 1. Chandra 2. Hubble 3. Kepler 4. Euclid


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104. Carol Bartz was recently fired from which of the following internet firms/brands, after she was unable to increase market share? 1. Bing 2. Yahoo 3. Facebook 4. Google 105. Which among the following is the most polluted city of India as per recent World Health Organization estimates? 1. Kanpur 2. Ludhiana 3. Chennai 4. Jamshedpur 106. What is the name of the worlds cheapest tablet PC, priced at around Rs.1,200, recently released by Government of India? 1. Sakshat 2. Aakash 3. Sagar 4. Avatar 107. Indias Jwala Gutta and Aswini Ponnappa play which among the following sports? 1. Badminton 2. Table Tennis 3. Lawn Tennis 4. Hockey 108. Daps one immunotherapy is related to which among the following diseases? 1. AIDS 2. Tuberculosis 3. Leprosy 4. Malaria 109. The Indian Sugar ethanol program sets a target of what fraction of bio ethanol incorporation into transport fuel? 1. 5% 2. 10% 3. 15% 4. 20% 110. The Vallarpadam Terminal, which is a container transshipment facility, launched in February 2011, is the only trans-shipment port in India. It is a part of which among the following ports? 1. Chennai Port 2. Vizag Port 3. Port Cochin 4. None of them


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111. Which of the following is the name of the brand under which Orient fans is all set to enter domestic home appliances market. 1. Orient Foray 2. Orient Actus 3. Orient Extra 4. Orient Advanced 112. Which Bollywood movie have been watched by over 1.3 lakh Chinese since its Mandarin version release? 1. Taare Zameen Par 2. Lagaan 3. Guzaarish 4. 3 Idiots 113. Name the education technology solution launched by Texas Instruments in association with CORE Education and Technologies to facilitate a better learning experience for students in classrooms across India. 1. EdTech 2. Promethean 3. Both A and B 4. STEM power 114. Who has been selected to create the theme music for the London Olympics 2012? 1. Scottish Marmaduke Duke 2. Scottish Del Amitri 3. Scottish rocker Mark Ronson 4. Scottish Pearlfishers 115. Which of the following is the Worlds cheapest laptop launched in India? 1. Samsung RV 510 2. Aakash 3. Toshiba C660 4. None of these 116. Who has shot a film in 47 days titled Facebook 1. RP Patnaik 2. Aryan Rajesh 3. Baladitya 4. Gopichand 117. What is the World health Organization (WHO) criteria for leprosy elimination? 1. 1 case in 1000 individuals 2. 1 case in 10,000 individuals 3. 1 case in 100,000 individuals 4. 1 case in 10,00,000 individuals


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118. What is the average density of earth in g/cm3? 1. 5.515 2. 4.415 3. 4.515 4. 6.515 119. The 9th SAARC Conference in Police Matters was held on 5 & 6 April 2011 in which of the following cities of the world? 1. Colombo 2. New Delhi 3. Dhaka 4. Thimpu 120. Hawk Eye technology was invented by 1. Malaya Peninsola 2. Paul Hawkins 3. Allan Plaskit 4. Ernst Heinrich


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Directions of question number 121 and 122: Long ago, Maharaja Ranjit Singh organized a sword fight. The entry fee for a participant was 1 silver coin and total number of coins collected would be distributed among 4 finalists. All the four finalists were awarded with a different number of coins, however winner in the first position got the maximum coins and so on, so, the winner in the fourth position got the least number of coins. Ram, Sham, Atul and Arpit were the first four winners in the competition (not necessarily in the same order) such that; I. Ram did not come first, Sham did not come second, Atul did not come third and Arpit did not come fourth. II. Sham won more coins than Atul. III. Arpit won more coins than Sham. 121. Atul, one of the four winners ended the competition in position number? 1. 4 2. 2 3. 1 4. Cannot be determined 122. If 11 participants took part in competition, then how many coins did Sham win? 1. 4 2. 2 3. 3 4. Cannot be determined Directions of question number 123 to 125: Read the following information to answer question 125 to 127. Six boys Vijay, Aman, Sanju, Rajat, Rajiv and Deepak play one out of football, cricket and tennis and indoor games carom, chess and ludo. Each boy plays one indoor and one outdoor game; and each game is played by two boys. Study the statements given below and answer the questions that follow: (1) Vijay and Deepak do not play football. (2) Sanju and Rajat do not play cricket or chess. (3) Vijay and Aman do not play cricket. (4) Aman does not play tennis and ludo and Sanju does not play football and ludo. (5) Cricket players play chess. 123. Which two games does Rajiv play? 1. Cricket and Carom 2. Football and carom 3. Cricket and ludo 4. None of these 124. Which two boys play tennis? 1. Vijay and Deepak 2. Vijay and Sanju 3. Sanju and Deepak 4. None of these 125. Who plays tennis and chess both? 1. Aman 2. Sanju

3. Deepak

4. None of these


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Directions of question number 126 and 127: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: Twenty one children are standing in a row to play a game. The rules of the game are the following. 1. All odd numbered children must be facing east and all even numbered children must face west. 2. At any given time during the game, if someone shifts to another position, the children will recount there position and align themselves towards east or west as per the rule 1. 126. Anju who is eighth from the right end is shifted by five places towards left end of the row. Which direction is she facing now? 1. East 2. West 3. North-East 4. Data inadequate 127. Anju who is eighth from the right end is shifted by five places towards left end of the row. How many children changed directions After Anju shifted? 1. 7 2. 14 3. 16 4. 5 128. There are 100 students in a class. They decided to play a tournament. All the students came forward to play in a game. Every time a student loses a game he is out of tournament. There are no ties. How many games must be played in order to determine the champion? 1. 100 2. 101 3. 99 4. 50 Directions 129-130: Study the following information to answer these questions: One credit card, two identity cards, three Atm cards and four Debit cards are to be arranged in a triangular display with one card in 1st row, two cards in 2nd row, three cards in 3rd row and 4 cards in 4th row. The arrangement is subject to the following conditions: (i) There is to be no Debit card in 4th row. (ii) There are to be no more than two cards of any type in any of the rows. (iii) No Debit card is to be next to and in the same row as Atm card. 129. An acceptable arrangement can include which of the following? 1. A debit card in every row 2. Atm card in 1st, 2nd and 3rd rows. 3. All the Debit cards in 2nd and 3rd rows. 4. Two Atm cards in the 3rd row. 130. Which of the following can make up 3rd row? 1. One Atm card and two Debit cards. 2. One identity card and two Debit cards. 3. One identity card and two Atm cards. 4. A credit card, a Debit card and an identity card. 131. In a fresher party of my college my friend Shweta won the title of miss fresher. A boy went to her and asked her age. But smart Shweta puzzled him by saying, my age after four years mul tiplied by 5 and from that subtracted 6 times my age four years ago will give you my exact age. Can you find her age? 1. 20 2. 22 3. 24 4. None of these


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Directions for Q. No. 132: Study the following information carefully to answer the questions given below it: Question is followed by 2 statements Mark (a) if statement I alone is sufficient but statement II alone is not sufficient Mark (b) if statement II alone is sufficient but statement I alone is not sufficient Mark (c) if both statements I & II together are sufficient but neither statements alone is sufficient Mark (d) if statement I &II together are not sufficient. 132. Is Tina the tallest in the class? I. Tina is the tallest girl II. Tina is taller than all boys. 133. Anita went to her friends birthday party. Before going she wanted to buy a gift for her so she went to a gift shop. She had approximately between Rs. 150 and Rs. 170 in 2 rupee notes and 5 rupee notes. After buying the gift she had as many 5 rupee notes as she originally had 2 rupee notes and as many as 2 rupee notes as she had 5 rupee notes. She came out of the shop with half the money she had. How much did she spend on purchasing the gift? 2. 88 Rs. 3. 86 Rs. 4. 84 Rs. 1. 90 Rs. 134. I was attending a party of my friend. There I saw a man who was eating burger continuously one after other. When he met me he said it is my 5th party in this month and on each party I ate 5 burgers more than on previous party and last one I ate today was my 90th burger. Can you tell how many he will eat on his next party. 1. 32 2. 33 3. 34 4. 35 135. I went to an electronic shop to buy a clock, a calculator and a T.V remote and I had Rs. 250 with me, when I came back I spent all money on buying same. Remote cost Rs. 130/- more than the calculator and the remote and calculator cost together Rs. 150 more than clock. How much did I pay for Clock? 1. 60 Rs. 2. 35 Rs. 3. 165 Rs. 4. 50 Rs. 136. In my class, we have to choose a president from boys and vice-president from girls. There are 20 girls and 25 boys in our class. In how many ways can the selection be made? 1. 45 2. 500 3. 480 4. 75 137. What is the least of the following Log(3 + 7), (log3 + log7), log(8 4) and (log8 log4) 1. Log(3 + 7) 2. (log3 + log7) 3. log(8 4)

4. (log8 log4)

138. The fruit seller sells half his apples and half an apple to his first customer. To the second customer he sells half of what he had left and half an apple, and to the third customer he sells half of what he had then left and half an apple. By the way he did not cut any apples. In the end three apples were remaining. How many did start out with? 1. 29 2. 35 3. 31 4. 39 139. If 5 men can pack 5 packets of chocolate in 5 minutes. How many men are required to pack 50 packets in 50 minutes? 1. 5 men 2. 6 men 3. 7 men 4. 8 men


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Direction for questions 140-141: Given below is a statistical record of usage of 4 shampoos in terms of number of persons over 5 years in a locality. Products 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 P 600 500 700 500 450 Q 500 550 400 470 520 R 640 700 800 420 500 S 200 250 300 350 370 140. The only product which is showing an increasing trend is 2. Q 3. R 4. S 1. P 141. The biggest fall in usage came in 1. case of R in 1987 3. case of P in 1988

2. case of Q in 1986 4. none of these

142. In a class of 150 students, 60% of the students have taken Mathematics and 70% of the students have taken History. How many students have taken both the subjects? 1. 40 2. 45 3. 35 4. None of these 143. There are 8 students on the tennis team and 12 students on the badminton team. What is the total number of students on the two teams if three students are on both teams? 1. 15 2. 12 3. 17 4. 18 144. Which number is missing from the bottom grid?

1. 56

2. 52

3. 54

4. 60


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145. Which letter goes at the bottom of the following figure?

1. U

2. W

3. T

4. V

146. Jeevan is extremely fussy about numbers. He likes 441 but not 420; he loves 841 but hates 840 and he also prefers 961 over 960. Which of the following numbers is he likely to prefer over others? 1. 1444 2. 360 3. 1061 4. 145 147. Which two numbers complete the following sequence?

1. 12, 7

2. 11, 7

3. 10, 5

4. 11, 5

148. Out of the four figures given below, one completes the sequence. Identify that figure.






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149. If the bottommost cog is turned in the anticlockwise direction, then which of the following options would be true?

1. The flag will move upwards 2. The flag will move downwards 3. The flag will not move 4. Cannot be determined 150. Only if Seema does not return from Agra, then Balbir will not go to Agra. A. Seema returns from Agra B. Balbir goes to Agra C. Seema does not return from Agra D. Balbir does not go to Agra 1. AB 2. DC 3. AB & DC 4. BA


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