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Moral Values/ Lessons 1. Intro a) Introduce short story and author


c) You can insert any idiom / proverb here p/s i) one paragraph one point ii) Values should start with We should / we should not / we must / we must not

b) What is/are the moral value (s)/ lesson (s) c) Why is it important? d) Thesis statement - the values in the novel 2. Body (each paragraph) a) Topic sentence (intro the value) b) Define the value in your own words c) Explain the result of practicing / not practicing the value d) Evidence from the novel e) Does the character show it or fail to show it? f) What is the result of the character for practicing / not practicing it

Person you look up to / admire the most 1. Intro a) Which novel b) Who is the character c) Thesis statement (adjectives of qualities) 2. Body a) State the characteristic (s) / quality (adjectives) b) Define it / them

g) How does it affect them? h) Opinion

3. Conclusion a) Restate the values b) Your opinion on the values

c) How does the character portray it? d) Evidences from the novel? e) Opinion / reflection

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(e.g. why you admire ppl with that characteristic or how the characters behavior affect you in a positive way?) 3. Conclusion Maybe insert some moral value how this character teaches you these moral values =D

3. Conclusion Can connect it to moral value and how important it is in life Happy / sad ending 1. Intro

How is determination shown in a character?

a) Explain that novels always end sadly or happily. b) Explain which type of ending you like. Happy or sad?

1. Intro a) Which short story? b) Define determination and explain why is it important? c) Which character shows it (read the question carefully one character or characters?) d) Why do you think he/she shows it? e) Thesis statement (how does the character show determination at least four points) 2. Body a) Topic sentence (mention your point) b) Evidences from the novel c) Result of being determined? How does it affect the character? Or result of not being determined? (magic sentence) d) Opinion in real life

c) Explain why you like happy / sad. d) Which novel? e) Briefly summarize the ending in few sentences. f) Is the ending happy or sad?

g) Thesis statement (why do you think it is happy / sad) 2. Body a) Topic sentence (point) b) Evidence from the novel c) If it is happy, explain how you feel towards the point. d) If it is sad, explain how you feel and then tell us how can we turn it into a happy ending) e) Opinion by relating it to real life situation 3. Conclusion

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b) If it is not, why do you think so? c) What decision should the character make? d) How can you avoid from making this type of decision/mistake in life? 3. Conclusion

How does the ending affect you and how can you apply it in real life?

A difficult decision / Why is it right? (Theme)

1. Intro a) Define decision and why is it important in life. b) Which novel c) Explain how decisions affect the lives of the characters in the novel. d) Choose one difficult decision made by one character e) Thesis statement (why do you think it is difficult) 2. Body a) Topic sentence (point) b) Evidence A c) Do you think it is the right decision? d) If it is, why do you think so? e) How can you apply this in our daily lives or B a) Do you think it is not the right decision? VII. V. VI.

Opinion - what lessons/values you learned from the characters decision making and how he made the decision. IMPORTANT TIPS: I. II. III. IV. Thesis statement is important. Always start your body paragraph with topic sentence (point) One point one paragraph Provide more than one evidences (the more you put, the more convincing you essay is. You must impress the examiner and tell him/her that you know the novel) Conclusion is important! Use all the space given in the answer sheet (write super long answer) Do not tell the story but connect the evidence with the points. Always provide your own opinion because literature is all about life and how we can connect it with real life situation. ALL THE BEST! AND DO NOT PANIC!


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