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Department of Education Region IV- A CALABARZON District of Padre Garcia QUILO-QUILO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Padre Garcia MONDAY FLAG

RAISING 7:00-7:15 EKAWP 7:15-7:35

I.Layunin Naipamamalas ang pagtitiwala sa sariling kakayahan. IIPaksang Aralin Pagtititwala sa Sariling Kakayahan GMRC/CE IV pl 6.p.5 Pamaraan A. Bahaginan B. Mungkahing Gawain Dula-dulaan Mga Tanong: 1. Ano ang ginawa ni Juan upang malaman niya ang takdang aralin niya? 2. Kanino naman nagpatulong si Pedo upang malaman ang takdang aralin? 3. Sino ang gusto ninyong tularan? C. Mungkahing Gawain Isang Sitwasyon D. Paglalagom Gawing mag-isa ang mga gawain. Humingi lamang ng tulong kung hindi na kaya. . Pagtataya Gumuhit ng mukhang masaya kung tama ang sinasabi ng pangungusap at mukhamng malungkot kung hindi tama. 1. Gumawa ng gawain ng nag-iisa. 2. Magpatulong sa mga nakatatandang kapatid kung hindi alam ang ginagawang takdangaralin. 3. Magsaliksik sa ibat-ibang aklat upang malaman ang gawaing bahay kung hindi alam. 4. Gumawa ng gawain ng nag-iisa hanggang sa abot ng makakaya. 5. Humingi ng tulong sa nakatatandang kapatid kung tinatamad magsaliksik sa aklat.

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V- Takdang Aralin Anu-ano ang mga ginawa m,ong mag-isa.

ENGLISH IV 7:35-8:35 Telling what the Story/Poem is About in Two or Three Statements I. Learning Objectives II. Tell or give two or three sentences about a story/poem

Subject Matter A. Topic: B. References: C. Materials: Telling What the Story/Poem is About Two or Three Sentences PELC IV 6.1 Over the Ocean pp. 90-91 picture of a flower, Luneta Park


Procedure A. Preparatory Activities Motivation Where ca we find it? What can you say about it? What makes Luneta Park beautiful and attractive? B. Developmental Activities Presentation Read the selection. Luneta Park is in Manila. It is an historical place. It is where we find Rizals monument. It is where Dr. Jose P. Rizal was executed. Its a very beautiful place because of its very nice garden. There were many ornamental and flowering plants there. Analysis and Discussion Who is Dr. Jose P. Rizal? Where can you find Rizal Park? Why is Luneta an historical place? What makes it beautiful and attractive? Generalization Remember, we can tell the story/poem in two or three sentences

C. Post Activity Application Read the poem silently. Answer the following questions. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Song of the Flower By: Kahlil Griban I am the lovers gift. I am the wedding wreath; I am the memory of a moment of happiness; I am the best give of the living to the death, I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow But I look up high to see only the light And never look down to see my shadow. This is the wisdom which man must learn. I. 1. The first line makes us think of flowers as sign of a. wealth b. love c. beauty 2. In the third line flowers makes us think of a. welcome b. farewells c. gift-giving 3. What does light (line 5) symbolize in a persons life? a. responsibility b. tears c. triumphs 4. What does shadow (line 6) symbolize in persons life? a. hope b. misfortune c. success 5. What message does the poem tell us? a. One should remember the significance of flowers b. One should use flowers more often in life c. One should look only for the joys of life II. Write a summary in 2 to 3 sentences about the poem. Enrichment Activities Listen to this short story, then make a summary about it in two to three sentences about it. Emy was active in the schools curricular activities. She was the president of the School Government club. She worked as the editor of the School Paper. She also played for the schools volleyball team.

Values Integration What can you say about Emy? How does she use her time? Engaging in worthwhile activities is one of the many ways boys and girls of your age can do to spend time wisely. -Find time to visit some historical places. What are you going to do while you are there? IV. Evaluation Form 5 groups. Read the short selection among yourselves and. Tell/write summarize in two or three sentences about it. Water provides fluid for our body. It helps in the digestion and absorption of our food. It helps in carrying nutrients to our cells and in eliminating waste materials. It serves as a lubricant in our tears, our saliva and the fluid in our joints. It helps regulate our body temperature. It also helps build our body tissues. V. Assignment Read the poem. Sing the poem to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Write 2 to 3 sentences about the song. Go, Go, Go To School Go, go, go to school Learn to read and write Learn to count, learn to draw, learn to sing, learn to dance Act the way thats right

ENGLISH VI 8:55-9:35

I. OBJECTIVES Distinguish between the active and passive voice of verbs Describe how sentence construction is affected when the verb is changed from active to passive voice and vice versa Use the active and passive voice correctly II. SUBJECT MATTER Topic Active and Passive Voice of Verbs English Skills Listening, speaking, reading and writing References English For All Times 6, TX Language, pp. 164-174 PELC II.8.1 Materials ELSA Audio EE8111: The Use of Active and Passive Voices and visuals

III. LEARNING PROCESS Preliminary Activity Review What are the two parts of a sentence? Where is the subject of the sentence? What is the signigicance of the subject in a sentence?

Give examples of simple sentences. Identify the subject in each sentence Developmental Activities Motivational Activity Question: What is the difference between the two sentences below? Sentence 1. The karate expert cut the oiece of hollow block into two. Sentence 2. The piece of hollow block was cut by the karate expert into two. Presentation Introduce Audio Tell the pupils that they will listen to an audio lesson called The Use of Active and Passive Voices..

Have them listen carefully to the story that will be presented in the audio material. Listening Play the audio lesson for the pupils. Discussion Study the sentences below. Note each pair of sentences. 1. Active : A group of Muslims made the fishnet called Panti. Passive : The fishnet called Panti was made by a group of Muslims. 2. Active : They use a tiny nylon string for making the fishnet. Passive : A tiny nylon string is used by them for making the fishnet. 3. Active : The group uses the fishnet for catching fish. Passive : The fishnet is used by the group for catching fish. In each of the sentences above, where is the subject located? Identify the subjects? What do you notice about the active and passive sentences? In the active voice, the subject is the doer. In the passive voice, the subject is the receiver of the action. What is the verb used in the active voice? The passive voice? When the subject does the action, the verb is in the active voice When the subject is the Receiver of the action, the verb is in the passive voice. What is the verb formed when it is in the passive voice? In the passive voice, the verb is formed by using a form of be together with the past participle of the verb. Examples of the forms of be Sungular Simple Present Simple Past Simple Future Singular Present Tense Past Tense Future Tense Plural Is made was given shall be taken Plural Has been kept Had been broken Simple Tense are made were given will be taken

Perfect Tense Have been kept Had been broken Shall have been planted Only the transitive verbs are used in the passive voice for they are the only verbs that have receivers of action. Wrere is the location of the verb in each of the voice forms? The verb in the active voice is followed by a direct object. The verb in the passive voice may or may not be followed by a by-phrase. Wrere is the doer of the action situated when in the active voice? In the active voice the doer of the action is indicated in the subject. In the passive voice the doer of the action is indicated by by-phrase.

The following chart may help you visualize more clearly the difference between the active and the passive voice.

Voice Active


Verb made (action) was made (action)

Direct Object The Panti (receiver of the action)

By Phrase


The Panti (the one acted upon)

by the group of the Muslim

Concept Formation/Generalization What is the difference between the active and the passive voice of a verb? Voice is the quality of a verb which shows whether the subject is the doer or the receiver of the action. In the active voice the subject is the doer of the action. The active voice is used when you want to focus on who is doing the activity. The passive voice is used when: a. The receiver of the action is more important than the doer. b. You want to point out the receiver of an action when the performer is not important or not easily identified. Application Practice Exercises. A. Copy the verb in each sentence. Write A if the verb is in the active voice. P if it is in the passive voice. _____ 1. Muslims are regarded as a hard working people. _____ 2. They make the fishnet called Panti. _____ 3. The fishnets can be moved from one place to another. _____ 4. They are called movable fishnets. _____ 5. The Muslim group accomplishes the big task of producing a Panti fishnet. _____ 6. The buyer orders these unique fishnets from the group. _____ 7. These Muslim groups are cited during the fishing month. _____ 8. Their works are exhibited during market day in Dalican. _____ 9. Today, these Muslim groups are seen everywhere in Maguindanao. _____ 10. Many Muslim fishnet makers contribute to the development of their barangays. B. Use the following verbs to form active or passive sentences. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. see plan carry out manifest show 6. experiment 7. observe 8. continue 9. challenge 10. Prove

C. Change the following sentences to the passive voice. Do this on a piece of paper. 1. People build nations. 2. Inventors contribute much to nation building. 3. Another Filipino invented the fluorescent lamp. 4. Someone devised a reading system for the blind. 5. Gutenberg started the first printing. 6. Great men change the course of history. 7. Every nation needs a strong leader. 8. Science and technology improve the quality of life. 9. Many inventions change our lifestyle. 10. We need these inventions. D. Change the voice of the sentence from passive to active. Do this on a piece of paper. a. Many home gadgets were invented by Filipinos. b. Almedas works were exhibited by science enthusiasts. c. The worlds first real thermometer was invented by Galileo. d. The thermometer was called thermo scope 400 years ago. e. The first airplane was invented by the Wright Brothers. f. Most of our tasks are done by machines. g. Office work is made easier by the computer. h. Our success is determined by the amount of effort we put in. i. The poem was written by a famous writer. j. The book sale was sponsored by the company. IV. ASSESSMENT Write P if the sentence is in the passive voice and A if it is in the active voice. 1. Wood can be carved more easily than stone. 2. However, insects can destroy wood. 3. Many wood carvers like plain wood. 4. Beautifully carved pieces are liked by others. 5. In Laguna, people have carved figures and furnitures from wood. V. ASSIGNMENT Write a paragraph about the people in your community. Describe how they earned their living using active and passive voice.


Writing a Science Report

I. Learning Objective II. Identify the parts of a science report.

Subject Matter A. Topic: B. References: Writing a Science Report PELC Writing 15.1 A Complete Course on Freshmen English, pp. 260265 The World Book Encyclopedia Vol. 22, pp. 1214 English for Lifelong Learners (Language) 6, p. 103, 148-149 English for all Times 5 Language, p. 7879 C. Materials: sample of a science report; charts Value Focus: Truthfulness and Integrity


Procedure A. Preparatory Activities Review Ask: What are the things to remember when you write sentences? Start the sentences with capital letter. Observe agreement of subject and verb. The sentence should end with a punctuation mark. How about when writing a paragraph? Indent the first sentence in a paragraph. All sentences should begin with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark. The whole paragraph must deal with only one topic. Motivation

1. Ask: Before giving an oral report in science what do you prepare? written report 2. Where do you get the ideas you write on a given topic?

books like encyclopedia and other reference materials 3. How do you make your report eye-catching? We make sketches and diagrams. Unlocking of Difficulties

1. There are sounds that we are not aware of because they are ultrasonic. a. Very soft and sweet b. Above the range of normal human hearing c. Sounds produced above the lower atmosphere 2. Children love toys that are electronic. a. Very colorful b. Driven by electricity c. Manually operated B. Developmental Activities Presentation Say: In a meeting of the Science Club, a member prepared a brief science report. The report is written on the chart. Let us read the report.

Ultrasonic Power Ultrasonic power is an electronic device that drives away annoying animals from an area. This new discovery uses high frequency sound. It forces the unwanted animals to leave the area. While the sound is irritating to animals, it is not to people. It does not cause any damage to the environment, too. Our household pets are also safe because this is designed for outdoors. Birds will not be affected. They are not affected by high frequency sound waves. Most importantly, this device is environmentfriendly. It eliminates the need for repellents, dangerous chemicals, or physical attacks. Ultrasonic power is the answer to the problem caused by stray dogs, cats, and even rats. Source: Popular Science Magazine October 1995

Analysis and Discussion 1. What is the report all about?

2. Which is the topic sentence? Ultrasonic power is an electronic device that drives away annoying animals from the area. 3. What does the topic sentence express? the main idea of the report. 4. Do all the middle sentences give details and support the main topic? Yes 5. What do we call these sentences? body of the report 6. What is the ending of the report? the last sentence 7. Did you find the report interesting? Yes 8. What is found at the end of the written report? the source or reference 9. How do you think the reporter was able to make a brief but comprehensive report? By preparing an outline 10. How can we make a report more appealing or interesting? By using diagrams, pictures or tables if they are needed 11. Here are some reminders to be followed when writing science report or any report.

Writing a Report 1. Read the selection carefully 2. Prepare an outline that will guide you in writing the report. 3. Use your own words. Present your own analysis and statement of the main thought of the material being presented. 4. Limit the number of words to be used. It must neither be too short nor too long. 5. Follow the plan of the original author. Preserve the original mood, content and order. 6. Use effective English. The report should be clear and effective for the reader/listener who has not seen the original selection. 7. The report must have the following parts: beginning or introduction, body and the conclusion or ending. Values Integration When conveying messages or making reports, what should we always put in mind? Why should we always be truthful in conveying message or sharing information to other people?

Generalization What is a report? It is a summary or an account of a topic What are the parts of a report? beginning or introduction, the body and the conclusion or ending What is a science report? What is its purpose? C. Post Activities Application Allow the children to read the selection entitled Small Is Useful.

Small Is Useful It is said that an invention can lead to a new industry. Consequently, it can create employment to many. If this were so, one can just imagine how many industries and how many thousands of people have been employed with more than 60 inventions of 79-year-old Benjamin G. Almeda, Sr. The young Almeda, who repaired shoes for a living, thought of stripping and recycling rubber tires into flower pots, sandals, and doormats. His rubber striforator answered his need for another livelihood. That first creation inspired him to invent more small but useful gadgets. Among his better known and widely used inventions are the coconut grater, ice crusher, improved waffle cooker, ice cream cone machine, rice and corn grinder, bibingka oven, and barbecue grill. The Almeda coconut grater cuts grating time from 15 minutes to a matter of seconds. This explains why wives can now buy grated coconut in the market. His bibingkahan which bakes bibingka in just three minutes, won an award during the Texas World Fair in 1968. His automatic water cooler uses compressed air and several pieces of ice. It is very inexpensive, and is now popularly used in many restaurants and refreshment centers. This gadget, together with the rubber striforator won Almeda his first diploma of merit in 1955. A recent invention is a multi purpose machine. On the left side one can chop vegetables and tubers, grate coconut, and shred papaya and kundol. On the right side, one can chop meat, and grind coffee, rice, and corn. Almedas simple and inexpensive inventions answer the needs of housewives, chefs, corner store operators, sidewalk stand vendors, and small entrepreneurs. For his outstanding creations, Almeda has been acclaimed inventor of the year in 1982 by the World Intellectual Property Organization based in Geneva. He is also recipient of two Presidential Awards during the past years.

Source: Bato-Balani for Science & Technology Freshman, Vol. 3 No. 1, Diwa Educational Systems, Inc. 1983 p. 14

Present this outline of the article I. What an invention can do A. Lead to the birth of new industry and create employment for many 1. Benjamin G. Almeda Sr. made more than 60 inventions. II. Some of Almedas inventions A. First invention rubber striforator 1. made of scrap iron 2. used for cutting rubber tires into strips which are made into flower pots, rubber mats, and sandals B. Other inventions 1. coconut gratersteel used in markets, makes grating time faster 2. bibingka ovenmakes bibingka in just three minutes 3. multi purpose machine chops vegetables, papaya, and kundol on the left side and chops meat, and grind coffee, corn, and rice on the right side 4. automatic water cooleruses compressed air and several pieces of ice. 5. ice crusher 6. ice cream cone machine 7. barbecue grill 8. improved waffle cooker III. Awards Almeda Sr. received A. Diploma of Merit in 1995 for his automatic water cooler and rubber striforator B. An award at Texas World Fair in 1968 for bibingkahan (bibingka oven) C. Inventor of the year Award in 1982 by World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland D. Recipient of two presidential awards Guide the children in writing a report with the help of the model and outline. Remind them of the rules to be followed. Enrichment Present to the children another selection. Then let them make an outline. Bionics is a term used to describe the scientific study of living things as functional models for technical devices useful to humans, especially when applied to systems engineering. As an example of applied bionics, the body of the dolphin has helped shipbuilders to design better bodies of the ship. Biosonics, a field of bionics, attempts to adapt the ultrasonic sound waves observed in the acoustical patterns of animals, such as the communication

system used among whales and the sonar system of bats and moths to human benefit. IV. Evaluation Divide the class into several groups. Each group will write a science report on any of the following topics: V. Global Warming Ecological Waste Management Filipino Scientist Typhoons The Internet Mobile Communication Gadgets

Assignment Make a research about some recent inventions in the field of science and technology. Be ready to report it to the class.

10:50-11:30 GUIDANCE WORK

PE 12;30-1:10
ILayunin Naisasagawa nang wasto ang mga kilos lokomotor nang may ibat-ibang bilis at direksiyon. IIPaksa Mabilis Mabagal/Katamtamang Bilis na: Pag-igpaw Pag- iskape Pagluksu-lukso

Sanggunian: PELC II A. 2.3 IIIPamaraan A. Pampasiglang Gawain 1. Balik-aral Awit na may.kilos. Anu-anong kilos lokomotor ang naisagawa ninyo? B. Panlinang na Gawain 1. Pagganyak Pag-awit na may ibat-ibang kilos.. 2. Paglalahad Isasagawa ninyo ngayon ang mga kilos lokomotor nang may ibat-ibang bilis. May inihanda akong 3 istasyon sa palaruan na may sususnding direksiyon o paanuto. C. Pagsasagawa 1. Magtakda ng pamantayan upang maging maayos ang gawai at di- masasaktan o makakasakit sa kapwa bata. 2. Pangkatang Gawain D. Pangwakas na Gawain: 1. IVQuieting Activity-Pag-awit

Pangwakas na Gawain Nasunod ba ang pamantayang inihanda? Nakapaglaro ba kayo nang maayos?

HEKASI 1:10-1:50
INailalarawan ang mga katangiang pangheograpiya ng Rehiyon V Natutukoy ang likas na yaman at yamang tao ng rehiyon Naitututro sa mapa ng Pilipinas ang Rehiyon V at mga lalawigang bumubuo rito. Naiuugnay ang panging industriya o hanapbuhay at pangunahing produkto sa pagunlad ng pamumuhay ng mga mamamayan sa Rehiyon V. IIPaksang Aralin Rehiyon V-rehiyon ng Bicol Sanggunian: BEC PELC II A 2.1 II A 3 II A 5 II A 6 Batayang Aklat Kagamitan: mapang political,pisikal at pangkabuhayan Pagpapahalaga: Pagpapakita ng kahalagahan ng pagkakaisa ng mga mamamayan. IIIPamaraan A. Panimulang Gawain 1. Balitaan Pagpapalitan ng mga balitang nakalapbuhat sa Rehiyon V 2. Pagsasanay LARO: Pagbuo ng Puzzle 3. Balik- aral a. Magpakita ng mapa sa pisara. b. Ipatukoy ang rehiyon. c. Ipagawa ang mga sumusunod: Idikit ang mga sakop na lalawigan Idikit ang pananada ng katangiang pisikal. Idikit ang pananda ng produktong matatagpuan dito.

B. Panlinang na Gawain 1. Paghahanda a. Pag- awit Sarungbanggi b. Paghahanapng Rehiyon V sa mapa. 2. Pagbubuo ng Suliranin a. Anu- ano ang mga lalawigang sakop ng Rehiyon V? b. Anu-ano ang mga produkto at industriya dito? c. . Anu- ano ang mga katangiang pisikal ng rehiyon? 3. Pananaliksik 4. Pangkatang Gawain

5. Pag-uulat sa Paksa Nasaan ang rehiyon V? Saang bahagi ng Pilipinas nakalatag ito? Anu-anong lalawigan ang sakop nito?kabisera?lungsod? Ilarawan ang topograpiya nito? Bakit tinawag itong tangway? 6. Paglalagom Pagsusuri sa retrieval chart. Lalawigan Kabisera/Lungsod Topograpiya Produkto/Industriya

Albay Camarines Norte Camarines Sur Sorsogon Masbate Catanduanes

Legaspi Daet Iriga Naga Sorsogon Masbate Virac

Bulkan Tangway Kapatagan Pulo Lawa

Pagsasaka Paggawa ng lubid Abaka Pangingisda Niyog

Paano nakatutulong sa kabuhayan ang topograpiya at lokasyon ng Rehiyon V? Bakit tinaguriang Rehiyong Abakan g Pilipinas? Bakit pagsasaka at pangingisda ang dalawa ng dalawa sa pangunahying hanapbuhay rito. C. Pangwakas na Gawain 1. Paglalahat Ano ang taguri sa Rehiyon V? Anu- ano ang mga pangunahing hanapbuhay rito? 2. Paglalapat Iguhit ang Bulkang Mayon. IVPagtataya Pag-ugnayin ang hanay A at Hanay B.

________1. Nagpoapataba ng lupa ________2. Pangunahing produkto ________3. Balita sa minang ginto ________4. Maraming bakahan ________5. Pinakamalaking lalawigan sa Bicol
VTakdang Aralin Iguhit ang mapa ng Rehiyon V.

a. Camarines Sur b. Camarines Norte c. Paracale d. Masbate e. abaka at niyog

FILIPINO 1:50-2:50
I. Layunin Natutukoy ang lohikal na pagkakasunud-sunod ng mga ideya sa balita o kwento Nakabubuo ng isang maikling komposisyon kaugnay ng alinmang paksa, paboritong laro, kaibigan, pinakaiibang gawain Naiuugnay sa sariling karanasan ang ideya o kaisipan sa paksang napakinggan Nakapagbibigay ng ideya at kaisipan tungkol sa pakasang narinig. Naipakikita o naisasagawa ang pangangalaga sas kalikasan o kapaligiran Napahahalagahan ang biyayang kaloob ng Panginoon. IPagtukoy ng Lohikal na Pagkakasunud-sunod ng mga Ideya sa Balita o Kuwento Pagbuo ng Maikling Komposisyon Pagbibigay ng Ideya at Kaisipan Tungkol sa Paksang Narinig

Balyus: Pagpapahalaga sa Biyaya ng Panginoon. Sanggunian: PELC Filipino Yaman ng Lahing Kayumanggi p. 108 Kagamitan: Laptop, tsart, mga larawan ng ibat-ibang paraan ng pangangalaga sa kapaligiran
III. Mga Gawain sa Pagkatuto A. Panimulang Gawain

Talasalitaan Pagyamanin Mo Ibigay ang kahulugan ng salita o lipon ng mga salitang may salungguhit sa bawat pangungusap. ______________1. Walang malasakit ang mga mangangaso at nangangaingin sa mga likas na yaman. ______________2. Pawang natakot ang magkaibigan. Nakiramdam sila sa paligid. ______________3. Mabilis kumilos ang dalawa. Walang sinayang na sandal. ______________4. Nahuli ng mga alagad ng batas ang tatlong lalaki. ______________5. Ang mga lalaki ay napiit sa bilangguan. 2. Pagganyak Sa paraang Concept Mapping itanong sa mga bata ang mga bawal o di- dapat gawin sa kalikasan at kapaligiran.


Pagbasa Gawain Bago Bumasa


Sa tubig, dagat ilog

Sa kabundukan

Sa kabundukan

Mga hindi dapat gawin

Mga hindi dapat gawin

Mga hindi dapat gawin

3. Pagbuo ng Layunin Pagbasa ng pangungusap. Si Abegail at Lea ay kaibigan ng kalikasan. Ipahula kung bakit sinasabing sila nga ay kaibigan ng kalikasan. 4.Pamantayan sa Pagbasa 5.Pagbasa ng Kuwento 6. Pangkatang Gawain I-Pagsulat ng liham II-Pagguhit ng larawan II-Pagsasadula 7.Pagtalakay Sino sina Lea at Abegail? Paano nila natiyak na ang putok ay likha ng mangangaso? Paano natuklasan ng mga may kapangyarihan na pumuputol ng puno ang mga nagkakaingin? Kung kasamna ka ng magkaibigan gagawin mo rin ba ang ginawa nila? B. Ugnayang Pangwika 1. Paglalahad Pagbasa ng komposisyon. 2. Pagtalakay Ano ang tawag sa unang pangungusap? Ito ba ay nagsasaad ng paksang kaisipon? Anu-ano ang mga pangungusap na nakapaloob dito? Ito ba ay sumusuporta sa paksa o pangunahing kaisipan? 3. Paglalahat Paano nabubuo ang isang komposisyon o talata? 4. Pagsasanay Basahing mabuti ang mga pangungusap sa ibaba. Ayusin ang mga ito ayon sa pagkakasunud-sunod. Nagkaisa ang mga tao sa Malabon at Navotas upang maiwasan na anga mga pagbaha tuwing tag-ulan.

Di makatawid ang mga batang munti sa kabilang kalsada dahil lamapas tuhod pa ito. Bihirang- bihira ang mga sasakyan sa kalsada kapag may baha. Lagi nang binabaha ang Malabon at Navotas sa tuwing darating ang tag-ulan.

C. Antas ng Paglilipat 1. Paglalahad Basahin ang mga talata.Pagsunud-sunurin ang mga ito. 2. Pagtalakay Paano mapagsusunod ang mga pangyayari? Anong mga salita ang nararapat na ngamitin? Ano ang masasabi mo sa talata? 3. Paglalahat Paano mapagsusunud-sunod ang mga pangyayari at ideya sa isang kuwento o pangyayari? 4. Pagsasanay Ayusin ang talata ayon sa pagkakasunud-sunod ng mga pangyayari.Lagyan ng wastong salita. ______ Hindi nagsayang ng sandali ang magkakaibigan. Agad silang pumunta spamhalaang bayan at isinumbong ang nasaksihan. ______ Walan anu-ano ay nakarinig sila ng isang malakas na putok. Sinundan pa ito ng isang mas malakas na putok.Sinundan pa ito ng mas malakas na putok. ______ Nagkayayaan ang magkaibigan na magpiknik sa ilog, malapit sa tumana ni Lolo Ben. ______ Agad na kumilos ang may kapangyarihan. Dinakip ang tatlong lalaki at ipiniit sa bilangguan. ______Tumanggap ang punongguro ng paaralan ng isang liham buhat sa alkalde ng bayan. IV-Pagtataya Pag-aralan ang mga larawan at bumuo ng pangungusap ukol dito. V. Kasunduan Gumawa ng isang liham na nagsasaad ng pasasalamat sakalikasan.

2:50-310 GROUND IMPROVEMENT 3:10-3:30