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Title Introduction

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Storytelling is an effective teaching and learning activity to help improve the standard of English Language among pupils of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sentosa. This Storytelling Activity is one of the annual program that that are planned by Education of Tawau District.The Storytelling Activity will be carried out at school,district/division , state and national level. On this year, our English For SK.Sentosa level, our English Panel would organized this Storytelling Activity on March..On this year , The Story Telling Competition will be held together with the English Week Program.


1.To choose the student to be participant the school. 2. To enhance pupils confidence in using English. 3. To give pupils the opportunity to use English in an interesting, authentic and a creative manner. 4. To enhance and improve the listening and speaking skills. 5. To instill pupils interest in reading and writing in English.

Rules and Regulations : 1.The competition is open to all of students level 2. 2. The competition is devided into two section : a. Section 1 : Prepared any stories b. Section 2 : Impromptu A. For section 1, contestant are to observe the following rules : a) 3.1 Stories presented can be authentic ,adapted or originally written. b) 3.2 Stories presented must not touch on sensitive issues such as races , religion, politics, c) colour , personalities, etc. d) 3.3 Stories must be educational with moral values. e) 3.4 Props, backdrops and sound effects are not allowed. Aids used during the

presentation are

f) Considered part of the costume. If the aids deliberately detached from the story teller, they g) will be considered as props and is an infringement. h) 3.5 Time allocated to present the story is 7 10 minutes. The bell will rung at the 10th minutes. No marks will be awarded thereafter. B. For section 2 , contestants are to observe the following rules : a) Contestant choose a card. b) After 30 seconds, contestants will begin their story based on the word written on the chosen card. c) Stories told should not be the same as the prepared story presented. d) Time allocated to present the impromptu story is 2 3 minutes. The bell will rung at the 3rd minutes. No marks will be awarded thereafter.

Infringement: 1. A maximum of marks will be deducted if a contestant : Touches in sensitive issues such as race, religion, politics, colour,personalities, etc. Present a story below the minimum stipulated time. Use props ,backdrops and electricity-aided sound effects.

A contestant will be disqualified if : He/ she reads or refers to notes/ reading materials. He/ she is prompted by another person.

Adjudication : 1. The competition should be judge by odd numbered panel at least 3 judges. 2. The contestant with the majority of votes will be declared the winner. 3. The decision of the judges is final.

Conclusion : 1. It is our fervent hope that pupils be trained and encouraged to participate in the school and the district level competition. 2. The cooperation of school, District Education offices and State Education offices Department are needed to ensure the smooth running and success of the competitions.