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FAN dek ANdek

HumiCool Division

FANdek Evaporative Cooling System

Engineered for the Petroleum, Natural Gas and Geothermal Industries, FANdek features: High Cooling Efficiency Low Pressure Drop Rapid Return on Investment Proven Technology Easy to Retrofit No additional space required Use most types of water Sound Attenuation ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certified With the capability to cool ambient air temperatures up to 40, FANdek increases the performance of air-cooled heat exchangers providing the following benefits: Increase production capacity Eliminate summer time bottlenecks Improve production energy efficiency

FANdek increases capacity of air cooled heat exchangers during hot summer months by lowering the ambient air temperature through the natural process of evaporative cooling.

The Problem
The temperature of the air used to dissipate heat from aircooled heat exchangers greatly impacts the performance of the underlying system. As the temperature of this air rises so do head pressures, resulting in higher energy input and lower capacity output.

How F ANdek W orks FANdek Works

The FANdek system consists of preassembled evaporative coolers attached immediately upstream of the heatexchanger. In operation, a controlled water flow is passed across a specially designed media. As air is drawn through the media, the water absorbs heat and evaporates. This in turn lowers the temperature of the inlet air before it enters the heat exchanger. Due to the fact that the evaporated moisture is in a vapor stage, it will not collect or leave deposits on the surface of the heat exchanger, thereby eliminating the need for chemical treatment.

The Solution
Munters FANdek is a proven, cost-effective evaporative cooling system specifically engineered to maximize the efficiency of air-cooled heat exchangers during periods of high ambient temperatures. By pre-cooling the air before it reaches the heat exchanger, the heat exchanger is able to reject more heat, thereby increasing overall system capacity and efficiency.

The Humidity Expert

Engineering Excellence
Munters engineering group has the expertise to design each FANdek system specifically towards your unique project in order to maximize efficiency and make installation fast and easy. Contact Munters today and speak with one of our Sales Engineers who are ready to help evaluate your specific application and determine if FANdek is the right choice for your plant.

Maximize Return on Investment

Commitment to Quality

A long time supplier to the energy industry, Munters supplies FANdek In todays energy environment of with long life and low maintenance high demand and tight supply, the in mind. Munters evaporative laws of nature conspire to reduce cooling media feature self cleaning production capacity of petroleum, design, long life and low resistance natural gas and electricity just when to air flow. that capacity is needed most. Standard CELdek media has For energy companies, summer been the workhorse of the months pose a series of challenges ranging from replenishing natural gas evaporative cooling community for over 30 years. reserves depleted from the previous GLASdek media is fire rated winter heating season, to increased UL900 class II. demand for fuel, to heightened demand for electricity due to higher TURBOdek is used when media face velocities exceed 700 fpm. air-conditioning loads. FANdek also features: FANdek has been proven to Stainless Steel Construction. increase production by 10-30% Flushable headers which relates to very short payback External water level control periods. Professional installation and startup services available. Experience Quality Program certified to ISO Munters has been a pioneer and 9001:2000 standard. leader in the field of evaporative cooling for over 40 years. Having designed and engineered evaporative Superior Solution Compared with the option of cooling solutions for a wide array of adding additional heat exchangers to industries and applications, Munters increase capacity, FANdek offers: is uniquely qualified to ensure the Lower capital and installation costs success of your project. Less real estate required Higher energy efficiency Easier permitting process
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This table illustrates the effectiveness of evaporative cooling throughout North America by showing maximum* cooling potential for the cities listed.
United States Max. Cooling (F.)

Phoenix, AZ Sacramento, CA Hartford, CT Wilmington, DE Daytona Beach, FL Chicago, IL New Orleans, LA Tulsa, OK Corpus Christi, TX El Paso, TX Seattle, WA

40 31 23 21 24 23 21 25 23 37 27 23 17 20 27 31

Edmonton, Alb. Toronto, Ont. Winnipeg, Man.


Mexico City, DF Monterrey, NL

*Max. Cooling figures based on TMY2 weather data and assume 90% evaporative cooler efficiency.

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