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MANAGING KNOWLEDGE DATA Glanlay Gabriel Santoso (131220727) Stefanus Rio Reynaldo (131220713) Pangestu Putera Gunarta (131220848)

A Database For Cell Phone Owners in Mexico

In 2010 mexico experience an massive cellular anonymity especially virtual kidnapping. In this case many victims to claim-falsely-that their spouse or their child has been kidnapped and the culprit demand an ransom. And because of it the government have an policy to protect the citizens from that virtual kidnapping with the cell phones owner to register their personal information such as their names, numbers, addresses. The government think with that program they can stop or decreasing the virtual

kidnapping case. But otherwise the citizens think that the government idea is increasing instead decreasing the virtual kidnapping. Because Mexicans assume that their personal information they give to government will flow into the hands of the very crimanls whom the new law seeks to foil. An as result from that many Mexicans registered their phone number under a fake name or someone else name. But in the end of 2010 there are 68 million cell phones that registered but there are 17 million cell phone that remain unregistered. But that 68 million cell phones who already registered could not be authenticated. 1.What types of problems did the cell phone database experience? Why did it experience these problems ?

The problem that the cell phone database experience is the Mexican dont want to carry

on the government advice to registered their personal information to protect citizens from cellular anonymity especially virtual kidnapping.mexican dont believe that the program is a way for them to protect themselves for virtual kidnapping problem. Mexican think that give their personal information to the government is make an easier for extortionists to find information about their target. So Mexican refusing to cooperate with the government program and instead submitting their true personal information Mexican choose to submitting their mobile number under the names of famous people such a celebrities, prominent politicians, and law

enforcement. And more severe there is more than 5.000 mexican registered their mobile phones under mexico president ffelipe calderon, 2. If you a government official, how would you protect your citizens who registered for the database? If we become a government officials we would protect the citizens who registered for the database. we will make sure to keep that data safely and just certain person that have an authority to access that data and make sure that data will be unreachable from those people or organitation who dont have any business with protecting that data. And we will punish everyone who misuse that data for their own benefit and make a loss to citizen. And if there are any case from virtual kidnapping anymore after this program we will make sure to seek out until the culprit founded and we will make sure to cover for the victim losses.