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Application form for hosting JKC

Institute for Electronic Governance B-Block, Corporate Building, IIIT Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad- 500019

Jawahar Knowledge Center

Application form for Hosting Jawahar Knowledge Center(JKC) 2007-08

Phone:040-23000700 Fax:040-23000347 Web:www.ieg.gov.in Email:cpm2008@gmail.com

Name of the College

Year of Establishment College Code (Given by the University) Society Name Affiliated to (Name of the University) College postal address


College contact details Phone Number/s : FAX Number : College E-mail id :

College Website
Name of the Principal Contact Details of the Principal Office : Residence : Mobile : FAX : E-mail id: Chairman Name : Phone Number : Mobile Number : Fax Number : E-mail id :

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Application form for hosting JKC

Secretary/Correspondent Name: Phone Number: Mobile Number: Fax Number:

Course Details: Hostel Details

Course Name Starting Year Capacity of the Hostel/No. of staff quarters Current Monthly Intake Lodging Fee(a) Final Year No. of Monthly Students Hostel Employed No of PCs Monthly Distance Strength through Campus Placements Boarding Fee (a+b) from Allotted in the Last Year Fee(b) Campus

Boys Hostel* Girls Hostel Staff* Guest House

*With in campus hostel is mandatory for JKC

How to reach Name Nearest Railway Station Nearest Bus Station Distance in KM Travel Time

Accessible Timings to various resources & Other Details: Regular Computer Center Timings Regular Library Timings College Canteen Timings Local area Network speed No of Systems in LAN of 9 : : : : : Page 2

No of computer journals subscribed :

Application form for hosting JKC Internet facility with Bandwidth Mana TV Declaration: I certify that the facilities in the Jawahar Knowledge Center will be made available to IEG Mentors and students on 14 hours a day basis. Place : Date : Signature with the college stamp Name of the Principal : :

JKC Facilities to be arranged

Mark 1 if the facilities are available. Mark 2 if the facilities will be arranged by 1st September, 2007 for JKC Mark 3 if the facilities will be arranged by sooner date because it is difficult to address that problem with in short span of time In case of #3 mention the expected date The JKC selection will be based on the aggregate score from above total mentioned options and based on the feed back from other sources (DDMs, previous batch JKC students and mentors)

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Application form for hosting JKC

The college will be awarded JKC based on the commitment & facilities availability shown in the execution of different programs in the college Provisional JKC will be announced by 22nd October, 2007 and the final JKC list will be announced by 14th November 2007 Companies will visit provisional JKC for campus recruitments JKC status will also be measured based on No. of CPM 2008 registered candidates Refer Annexure for 1, 2, 3 and 13.

Select the options according to the present status

1. A dedicated Computer Lab with a capacity of 50 computers1 backed up by a UPS and a generator Option :_________(1/2/3) 2. A classrooms with a computer & LCD projector2 with a capacity of 50+ Option :_________(1/2/3) 3. A server3 to host the content and applications Option :_________(1/2/3) 4. Access to the lab & classroom for extended hours of say 16 hours a day, everyday Option :_________(1/2/3) 5. Access to Internet from the lab Option :_________(1/2/3) 6. Access to other labs/library resources as needed by the curriculum (e.g. Microwave Engineering for ECE candidates). Option :_________(1/2/3) 7. Media facilities TV with cable connection, VCR/VCD, Digital Video Camera Option :_________( 1/2/3) 8. Exclusive Mana-TV(KU-BAND) receiving equipment for JKC Option :_________( 1/2/3) 9. Other Peripherals -- Mandatory 4 Nos. TV-Tuner Cards. LaserJet Printer. Scanner Min 2400dpi. TV (25 inch). DVD Player. Digital Camcorder -- MiniDV. Digital Camera Min 3.2Mega pixels resolution.

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Application form for hosting JKC

LCD Projector (>= 1400 lumens with XGA resolution). Option :_________( 1/2/3) 10. Local Area Network (LAN) Mandatory Switches 4 Nos. each one having at least 2 Nos. of 1Gbps ports and 16 Nos. 10/100 Mbps ports connecting all the 50 computers and servers. 1000 Mbps connectivity to Server 100Mbps Connectivity to every desktop with networking standards. Connectivity between JKC class and JKC Lab. Connectivity to all computer labs in the campus with JKC Lab. Option :_________( 1/2/3)

11. Internet Connectivity Mandatory (Data One proffered)

256 Kbps unlimited reliable Internet Connectivity for 24 Hours exclusively for JKC Lab mandatory. 512 Kbps is preferred. Option :_________( 1/2/3) 12. Power Mandatory Generator with sufficient capacity for lab and classrooms (30 KVA). UPS for Computer lab and Classroom systems with 1 Hour Backup. Sufficient number of Emergency lamps (6 Nos). Option :_________( 1/2/3)

13. Additional/Optional Requirements

512 Kbps Internet Connectivity. Gigabit Backbone Connectivity (Campus LAN). Wireless Hotspot in campus. LAN connectivity for the labs, departments, offices, and library in the campus Option :_________( 1/2/3)

14. Accommodation Facilities4 with in campus or in a Kilometer Range -- Mandatory

Hostel facility to JKC students [40 Capacity] Accommodation & other facilities to IEG mentors [Max of 8]

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Application form for hosting JKC

With in campus hostel facility/ Hostel facility with in radius of 1 KM from campus for JKC students & mentors Option :_________(1/2/3) 15. Amount of JKC Registration fee* paid:______________ Rs. 50,000/DD No: Bank :

Declaration: I_____________________________, Principal Of____________________________________ College state that the above mentioned facts are accurate and the additional requirements can be arranged shortly. By the time the assessment team visits our college we shall arrange the entire infrastructure as mentioned. The character and discipline of the students will be well maintained especially when the companies visit for the campus placement. We are committed to continue our support for the success of JKC activities. Place:


Signature with the college stamp.

Name of the Principal: Place: Date:

Signature of Chairman/Correspondent with seal


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Application form for hosting JKC

1. Personal Computer Configuration Personal Computers with the following configuration -- Mandatory Processor Memory Hard Disk Optical Drive Multimedia Display Network Keyboard and Mouse Others (Optional) Celeron or Pentium 4 with min 1.5 GHz 512 MB 40 GB DVD + CDRW Combo Stereo Head Set with Microphone 17 Color Monitor preferred 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Standard Keyboard and Scroll Mouse Web camera

2. LCD Projector (>= 1400 lumens with XGA resolution). 3. Server System Configuration Xeon or P4 - Hyper Threaded 3 GHz or above. 2 x 200 GB SATA HDD. 1 GB DDR RAM. DVD Writer. Stereo Head set with Micro phone. 1.44 FDD 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Card 17 Color Monitor Keyboard + Scroll Mouse

4. Accommodation Facilities Accommodation for Maximum number of 50 JKC Students and IEG mentors need to be provided at reasonable rates.

Expected Cost Estimation:

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Application form for hosting JKC

For the sake of Information here we are providing you the expected costs of various components which are required to establish a well organized JKC. These costs are according to the market value as on August 1st 2005. These costs may vary in the due course of time. 1) Personal Computer with the specified configurations Approx. cost Rs. 30,000 2) Server system with the specified configurations Approx. cost Rs. 70,000 3) TV-Tuner card Approx. cost Rs. 3,500 Each. 4) LaserJet printer Approx. cost Rs. 20,000 5) Scanner Approx. cost Rs. 4,000 6) TV (25 inch) Approx. cost Rs. 20,000 7) VCR Approx. cost Rs. 14,000 8) DVD Player Approx. cost Rs. 4,000 9) Digital Cam coder - Approx. cost Rs. 35,000 10) Digital Camera Approx. cost Rs. 15,000 11) LCD Projector Approx. cost Rs. 75,000 12) Local Area Network Establishment Approx. cost Rs. 1,00,000 13) Internet Connectivity Approx. cost Rs. 2,00,000

If you need any further assistance regarding technical support or in procurement of the infrastructure mentioned you can contact IEG at ieg.JKC@gmail.com , visit us at www.ieg.gov.in/JKCs. Correspondence Address (Submit the filled applications at the following address) Deputy Director (HRD) Institute for Electronic Governance, B-Block, Corporate Building, IIIT Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500 019. Phone: 040-23000700, Fax: 040-23000347, Mobile: 09849908654

Annexure-II Branding as Jawahar Knowledge Centre

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Application form for hosting JKC

Companies will visit only JKC colleges for JKC campus placements JKC Library is available for all CPM Registered students Company selected JKC students will train the students on Campus Placement skills 300 students of JKC college will get trained by Mentors who got trained by various companies under Academic initiatives at a subsidized rates.

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