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1- Complete the sentences whith this, that, these or those.

Singular This (este,

esta) para objectos que esto perto That (aquele, aquela) para objectos que esto lo
nge Plural These (estes, estas) para objectos que esto perto Those (aqueles, aque
las) para objectos que esto longe
__________ are dogs.
_________ is a zebra

__________ is a pizza.
__________ are books.

__________________ is a pen

______________ is a scissor.

_____________ is a car.

___________ are houses.

______________ are beds. ________________ are cats.

________________ is a eye.

______________ are pens. ___________ are CDs.

____________________ are children
2- Answer the questions. Follow the example. What is this? This is a chair.
What are these? _______________________________
What is that?

What is that? ________________________ What are those? _________________________

What is this? _________________________

Complete a)__________ is a basketball.

b)__________ is a helmet.

c)___________ are buses.

d)_____________ is a watch.

3- HAVE GOT. Write sentences following the example: Shes got a cat
_______________________ (a bike)
_____________________ (a dog)
________________________ (a mouse)

4- Complete the answers: a) Has he got a computer? No, he hasnt. b) Have you got
a pet? Yes, ____________________ c) Ha your Mum got a bike? No, ________________
_ d) Have Dave and Tracy got a dog? No, __________________ e) Has she got a Vale
ntines card? Yes, _____________________ 5- Make the sentences negative: a) Hes got
a new book. ___________________________________ b) Theyve got a black dog. _____
___________________________ c) Susans got a game boy. ___________________________
_____ d) Weve got three cats. ___________________________________ e) Youve got man
y friends. ________________________________ 6- Form complete questions. Then ans
wer them. Exemplo: You / sunglasses Have you got sunglasses? Yes,I have/ No,I ha
vent. a)Your friend / a guitar? _________________________________________________
_______ b)Your parents / a digital camera? _ ___________________________________
_____________________ c)You / gloves? __________________________________________
______________ d)your mother / a handbag? ______________________________________
__________________ e)your friend / a skateboard? _______________________________
_________________________ f)you / a bicycle? ___________________________________

7-Put the words in the correct order: a)got/not/I/blue/eyes/have.

8- Complete the sentences whith my, your, his, her, our or their: Ex: Im Katie. M
y birthday is in May. Singular My (meu, minha, meus, minhas) Your ( teu, tua, te
us, tuas) His / Her/ its (seu, sua, seus, suas) Plural Our (nosso, nossa, nossos
, nossas) Your (vosso,vossa, vossos, vossas) Their (seu, sua, seus,suas)
a) b) c) d) e) f)
Look! Its my brother and ______ friend. Excuse me. Is this ____________ dog? Paul
and Brian are my cousins. _________ dad is my uncle. My sisters name is Anna. __
________ favourite actor is Brad Pitt. Have you got a pen? I havent got ________
pencil today. Anna and I are at school today,but ________ friends are at London.

9-Write sentences following the example: Ex: Friend/James-Thats my friend. His nam
e is James. a)brother/Billy ____________________________________________________
______ b)mother/Anna __________________________________________________________
c)teacher/Ms jones __________________________________________________________ d)
sisters/Mary and Jessica _______________________________________________________
___ e)grandparents/Michael and Jean ____________________________________________
______________ 10-write the short form. a- I have got a camera _________________
___________________ b- He has got a black car.__________________________________
c- It has got four doors.____________________________________ d- They have got
a beautiful house.__________________________ e- We have got a big garden._______
________________________ f- You have got a new grammar._________________________
____ g- She has got a pink schoobag._____________________________
11-write has got or have got. I _____________________ a brother. Carla _________
_________a sister. Maicom and Jane __________________ a daughter. Mr Pye _______
_______________ two children. The cat ____________ a big tail.

12- Write the short form or the long form Ex: I have not got. I havent got You hav
e not got.______________________________ ___________________________. He hasnt go
t. She has not got. ________________________________ ___________________________
. It hasnt got. We have not got. ________________________________ _______________
______________. You havent got. They have not got. ______________________________
_ 13- Write havent got or hasnt got Sue ________________two brothers. I __________
______any brothers or sisters. You ______________ an aunt called Cindy. Paul and
Jenny ______________ a hamster. Bob ________________ a nice uncle. My brother a
nd I _____________ four cousins. Our garden _____________red roses. Mrs Jones __
______________ a baby. 14- Write the sentences in the interrogative: You have go
t a black dog._____________________________________ They have got a big house.__
__________________________________ It has got a garden. ________________________
__________________ Your sister has got a computer. _____________________________
___ Mary and Paul have got a goldfish.______________________________

15- Look at the picture and answer: Has Anne got a large family? _______________
______ Have her parents got a pet? _______________________ Has the cat got a big
tail? _________________________ Has the house got a chimney? __________________
___ Have they got trees in the garden? __________________ 16- Complete the sente
nces with have got affirmative or negative: I ____________ a new bike. She _____
________ a watch. He ______________ an apple in his schoolbag. You _____________
_____ a nice cap. Pedro ______________ a mobile phone in his bag, We ___________
______ a TV in our bedroom. They ________________ coloured pencils. My brother a
nd I _________________ a games console.

17- Put the words in order to make correct sentences. Ex: small / got / Ive /famil
y / a/ Ive got a small family. hasnt/ My father/ got/ brother/ a/ ________________
______________ mother/ got/ My/ has/ sister/ a/ ________________________________
_ children/ got/ My aunt/ has/ two/________________________________ got/ cousins
/ Ive/ two/ ________________________________________ 18- Write the questions and
answers. Ex:he /a dog/ Has he a dog? Jenny / a cat/ _____________________________
__________________ Julie and Dick/ a goldfish/ _________________________________
____ Your cousin / a pet mouse/ ____________________________________ Mr and Mrs
Cooper / a parrot/ __________________________________

19- Write the sentences with short forms. Ex: I have got a red pen. Ive got a red
pen. He is my cousin. ____________________________________________ We have got t
wo pets________________________________________ They are my grandparents. ______
______________________________ It is a beautiful flower.________________________
________________ You are my best friend. _______________________________________
You have got a new football. ___________________________________ 20- Write the
sentences with the present simple of TO BE and HAVE GOT. Ex: My name is Bob. I am
ten years old. I have got a brother and a sister. They are students like me. 1My mother ____________forty years old. She _____________ a dentist. 2- My father
____________ very tall. He ____________ a new car. 4567Our new car ____________
blue. It ______________ in the garage. George _____________ my best friend. He
lives in my street. George _____________ a baby brother. He __________ ten month
s. His parents ______________ a white house. It _____________very modern. 8- His
grandparents____________ from Ireland. They _________ Irish. 9- Nick and I ____
____________ very good friends. 10- I ____________ a new schoolbag. It _________
___ green and blue. 11- My school friends ____________ calculators. 12- We _____
___________ in the classroom now. 13- They ____________ my teachers. They ______
____ very nice. 21He can run Verb CAN He cant run Can he run?
Put the words in the right order: a)play/I/football/can: _______________________
_____________________ b)she/jump/cant: __________________________________________

c)run/they/cant: _______________________________________________ d)speak/can/you/

English: ________________________________________ e)you/can/play/golf/?: _______
____________________________________ f)dance/they/cant/well: ____________________
______________________ g)you/cook/can/?: _______________________________________
_______ 22-write sentences in the affirmative or negative as in the example:
Gil Sue and Paul
a-Gil can swim but he cant jump. b- He __________________________________________
____________ c-__________________________________________________________ d- ___
______________________________________________________ 23- Look at the pictures.
Write can or cant.

We They I She He
sing. dance. write. read. swin.
Write the questions or answers about the pictures: abcdeCan you sing? Yes, we ca
n. Can they dance? No, they cant. _________________________? Yes, I _____________
_______ _________________________? No, she ___________________ _________________
________? No, he ____________________
THERE TO BE Afirmativa There is theres There are Negativa There is not There isnt
There are not There arent Interrogativa Is there.? Are there ..? Yes, there is / No
, there isnt Yes, there are / No, there arent
Singular Plural Yes/No answers
24- Look at the picture. Write there is or there are: 1-________________________
_ six windows in the house. 2- ____________________ two doors, the front door an
d the garage door. 3- _________________________a red roof. 4- __________________
_____ a garden. 5- _______________________ a gate (porto). 6- ___________________
_____tree trees outside the house.

25- Write There isnt or There arent: 12345____________________a car outside the ho
use. ____________________trees next to the front door. ____________________pink
flowers in the garden. ____________________an attic in the house. ______________
_____kids in the garden.
26- Ask and answer about the house as in the examples: 123456Is there a chimney?
No, there isnt ______________ six windows? No, ________________________ ________
______ a garden? Yes, __________________________ ______________ a dog in the gar
den? No, __________________ ______________ two doors? Yes,______________________
____ ______________two garages? No, _________________________
27- Look at the picture and complete the sentences: abcdef________________ a arm
chair in the living room. ________________ a puppy in the armchair? No,_________
_____. ________________two pictures on the wall? No, _______________ ___________
_____ two small tables? Yes, _____________________ ________________a flower vase
? Yes, _______________________ ________________ a telephone in the table? Yes, _

28- Complete with a possessive determiner (my,your,his,her,its,our,your,their) a

bcdefgIm nine years old. _______name is Susan. Youre ten. _________ name is George
. Youre eleven. _________ names are Jill and Jack. Were fourteen. _________ names
are Thelma and Selma. Im Chris. _________ family name is Anderson. You arent Spani
sh. _________name isnt a Spanish name. Were Becky and Ben. ________ family names a
re Johnson and McCarthy. h- Shes from Liverpool. _________parents are from Liverp
ool too. i- Hes eight. Today is _________birthday. j- Theyre at school. __________
school is in Funchal. k- The bird is in the cage. _________ cage is over there.
l- You are Tim and Brian. _________ address is 56 King Street. m- He is Peter,
this is ___________dog. n- You are a pupil, that is _________school. o- She is M
aggi,_________ surname is Smith. p- We are English, __________parents are Englis
h too. q- They are my cousins, ____________ names are Roger and Simon. r- Its my
cat, ________ name is Pussy. s- Im Portuguese, ___________ country is lovely. tWe are Paul and Peter, ___________ surnames are Smith and Collins. 29- Complete
with a possessive determiner: Im Mary. _________ family name is Wells. __________
mother is Jane and __________ father is Brad. __________ sister is seven years
old. ________names Anna. __________ sister is a baby. _______ name is Sue. ______
_parents are cool. Were from Bristol. _________ address is 132 Park Street. We li
ve in a modern house. My best friends are nice. _________ names are Theo and Jil

What (qual) Who (quem) Where (onde) When (quando) How (como)
What is your name? Who are you? Where are you from? When is your birthday? How a
re you?
My name is Paula I am Paula I am from Portugal It is on 13 December I am fine, t
hank you. I am ten
How old(quantos anos) How odl are you?
30-Complete the questions: a- Who are you? Im Kim. b- _______s your name? my names
Kim Roberts. c- ________are you? Im ten. d- _________ are you from? Im from Portug
al. e- __________s your address? Its 23 Green Street. f- __________s your telephone
number? Its 23876554 g- ______s your birthday? Its on 11th July. h- _______ your o
ccupation? Im a student. i- _________s your best friend? Its Carol. j- _________are
you? Im fine, thank you. 31-Right the questions: Name Nationality Address Phone
number Occupation Favourite colour Favourite TV show Favourite food Ray Lee Iris
h 30 Dublin 239447753 Student Blue Hannah Montana pizza
1- ____________________________________ His name s Ray Lee 2- ___________________
_________________ Hes Irish. 3- ____________________________________ Its 30 Dublin
4- ____________________________________ Its 239447753

5- ____________________________________ Hes a student. 6- _______________________

_____________ Its blue. 7- ____________________________________ Its Hannah Montana
8- ____________________________________________ Its pizza. 32-Ask the questions:
a- ____________________________________________ They are Joanne and Joe. b- ___
_________________________________________ Theyre from France. c- ________________
____________________________ Theyre nine years old d- ___________________________
_________________ Its on 12th October. e- _______________________________________
_____ Its 23955786 f- ____________________________________________ Theyre students
. ADJECTIVES: Adjective + noum Verb TO BE + Adjective Adjectivo no varia no singu
lar e no plural Adjectivo no varia no feminino e masculino Fat Gordo Young - jove
m Pretty - bonita Large - grande Strong - forte Rich- rico Thin - magro Old - ve
lho Ugly - feio Small -pequeno Weak - fraco Poor - pobre Long hair Bob is short
Shes a nice girl Theyre nice girls The boy is blonde The girl is blonde Tall - alt
o Long - comprido Short - baixo Short - curto

33-Complete the sentences with the adjectives: 1- Mr Watt is an old man. Hes got
98 years old. 2- Harry is seven years old. Hes _________. 3- Paul is 120 kilos. H
es very ___________. 4- Cindy is forty kilos. Shes _____________. 5- Julie is very
____________. All the boys like her. 6- The elephant is a ___________ animal, b
ut the mouse is __________. 7- Benji is an athlete. Hes very ____________. 8- Hes
a ___________man. Hes got a Ferrari. 34-Write the adjective in the correct place:
1- Pluto has got ______eyes________(big) 2- It has got __________ears(orelhas)
________(black). 3- It has got a ________tail(cauda)_______ (thin) (magro). 4- I
t has got a_________legs ________ (long) 5- It has got a__________mouth________(
big). 6- It has got a__________body ________(yellow). 7- It has got a__________
collar ________(green). 35- Write the sentences in the negative form and interro
gative form: 1- My name is Paul. _______________________________________ _______
________________________________ 2- She is Mary. _______________________________
________ _______________________________________ 3- You are John. ______________
_________________________ _______________________________________ 4- They are Po
rtuguese. _______________________________________ ______________________________
_________ 5- I am English. _______________________________________ _____________

6- It is my dog. _______________________________________ _______________________

________________ 7- That is my friend Joan. ____________________________________
___ _______________________________________ 8- We are journalists. _____________
________________________ _____________________________________ 9- He is a singer
. _____________________________________ _____________________________________ 36
-YES/NO answers. Ex: Are you a teacher? Yes I am. No Im not. Is John an actor? Yes
_________________. No_________________ Are you Portuguese? Yes_______________. N
o ________________ Is Susan married? Yes _________________. No ________________
Are they American? Yes ________________. No ________________ Is it a school? Yes
____________________. No _________________ Ar we students? Yes ________________
_. No __________________ Are Peter and Jonh Portugueses? Yes _______________, No
____________________. 37-Complete the answers. Whats your name? ________________
_______________ Ian. Whats your surname? _____________________________Watson. Wha
ts his name? _________________________________Bruce. Whats her name? _____________
___________________Julie. What are their names? ___________________________ John
ny and Mike 38-Ask the questions: __________________________________? My name is

___________________________________? My surname is Prata. ______________________

_____________? Their names are Jim and Tom. ___________________________________?
His name is Ryder. ___________________________________? Her name is Anna. 39-Fo
llow the model: Is her name Kate? No, it isnt Kate Is her name Mary? Yes, it is M
Is his name Bob? No__________________________________ Are their names Mirian and
Mike? No ______________________________ Is your surname Wilson? No_____________
______________ Is her name Kelly? No _______________________________ Is his name
Jim? Yes ________________________________ Are their names Jack and Tim? Yes ___
__________________ Is her surname Davies? Yes___________________________ Is your
name David? Yes _____________________________ Who is she? Joan Michael ________
__________________ __________________________ Mrs Green ________________________
__ __________________________ Judy and Diana __________________________ ________
__________________ She is Joan Richard ____________________________ ____________
________________ Susan and Peter ____________________________ __________________
__________ Charles ____________________________ ____________________________

40-Write the sentences in the negative form and interrogative form: I have got a
big house ______________________________________________ ______________________
________________________ Mary has got a new bike _______________________________
_______________ ______________________________________________ Jason has got a d
og _____________________________________________ _______________________________
______________ He has got a piano ______________________________________________
______________________________________________ They have got a magazine _______
_______________________________________ ________________________________________
______ My dog Blacky has got a broken leg ______________________________________
________ ______________________________________________ 41Julie Roy Age 11 16 He
ight (altura) Medium-height tall Weight(estrutura) thin slim Eyes Big, brown Sma
ll, green Hair short short Answer the questions about Julie: How old is Julie? _
________________________________________ Is she short? _________________________
___________________ Is she thin? _____________________________________________ W
hat are her eyes like? ___________________________________ Has she got long hair
? ____________________________________ Ask questions about Roy: ________________
_____________. No, he isnt 15. He is 16.

_____________________________. Yes, he is tall and slim. _______________________

______. He has got small, green eyes. _____________________________. Yes, he has
got short hair. 42-Use can or cant. Ex: Mary: cook a pizza/ bake a cake. Mary can
cook a pizza. She cant bake a cake. Peter: speak English /speak Japonese. ______
_____________________________ ___________________________________ Paul: play the
drums/ play the piano. ___________________________________ ____________________
_______________ James: read / write. ___________________________________ _______
____________________________ Roy: ride a bike/ ride a horse. ___________________
________________ ___________________________________