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Marketing Director ABHI !!

Your uniqueness is your greatest strength, not how well you emulate others. - Simon S.Tam

Hello everyone, my name is Abhinav Dadarkar and I want to represent the DeGroote MBA student body as the MBAAs marketing director. Ive had an absolutely amazing two months here at DeGroote and have completely immersed myself in what is a truly remarkable MBA experience. Every major brand is built by its own unique vision and is driven by individual initiatives. As the marketing director I want to work with all of you on the vertical expansion of DeGrootes unique brand, further building on its solid foundation. With a BBA degree in marketing from Temple University, Philadelphia and extensive work experience in marketing and sales, I have the required core competencies to represent our DeGroote brand. My platform is built on 3 pillars of accountability

1) The MBAA website- I see a great opportunity to further increase the visibility and reach of our DeGroote brand through the MBAA website. I feel the current website is still underexposed and in need of a dynamic optimization. I bring to the table 2 years of E marketing experience, which would definitely aid in my endeavor to better integrate our website with effective SEO and social networking platforms. 2) Marketing events and workshops- As the marketing director of the MBAA I will work very closely with the MBAMA in organizing various on campus marketing seminars and workshops to better equip students specializing in marketing. Inviting various senior level marketing executives for informative industry specific sessions is high on my agenda. In addition to this, I would also like to initiate an annual marketing roundtable debate/case competition. I will also work towards inviting more marketing executives from our vast alumni network for exclusive mock interviews to further prepare students specializing in marketing. 3) MBA yearbook- 5-10 years down the road when the feeling of nostalgia hits us and we remember our DeGroote days, the MBA yearbook becomes our best friend. Let us reminisce our fun filled days at DeGroote with a more interactive digital yearbook with a special section only for pictures, much like a collage. This is our brand. Therefore I welcome any new ideas from you during the course of these 28 months. I bleed maroon and will leave no stone unturned in representing our brand to the best of my ability. Together lets strive to make DeGroote the biggest MBA brand in Canada. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at Dadarkar@mcmaster.ca

Our university, our brand, our MBAA Vote for Abhinav as your MBAA marketing director The future is bright !!!!