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The University Of Oklahoma

InterfraternIty CounCIl

2009 RecRUitment manUal

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Welcome to the Contents:
University of Oklahoma! WelCome:

You are now part of the Sooner family and 1 Letter From President David L. Boren

beginning a new adventure at a pacesetter 2 For All Parents

university with an outstanding and diverse Greek 4 IFC Welcome

system. While academics will, of course, be 5 IFC Statement on Hazing

the major focus of your undergraduate years, Expectations of Membership

participation in Greek life can be an integral IfC reCruItment:

part of a complete educational experience 6 Alumni Profile
preparing you for your personal, social and 7 Go Greek!
professional life. Your experiences as a member Fraternity and Sorority Student Life
of one of our fraternity chapters will provide a 8 Fall Recruitment Week 2009
framework for achievement and strong personal 9 How Do You Choose a Fraternity?
value development that may be applied to your 10 Recruitment Guidelines
academic studies. Community service, academic support, campus involvement, 11 Alumni and Student Profiles
multicultural activities and leadership development are just a few of the opportunities
fraternal exCellenCe:
provided by the OU Greek system. The University of Oklahoma is a special place
where special things happen every day. It is enriched by the many contributions of
12 Scholarship

the members of our outstanding fraternities. I hope you will consider sharing in this
13 Recognition and Awards

life-changing experience. Along with your degree, your Greek experience will last long
14 Leadership

beyond your undergraduate years.

15 Community Service
16 Brotherhood

Sincerely, 17 Intramurals
18 Fraternity Living
19 Finances
20 Chapter House Locations

David L. Boren Chapters:

President 21 IFC Chapters
39 MGC And NPHC Chapters
40 IFC Contact Information

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For All Parents Congratulations on becoming a part of the Sooner family. We are excited your son
has chosen the University of Oklahoma and we enthusiastically welcome you. From
academics to many co-curricular activities, I encourage your son to take advantage of
the numerous opportunities OU has to offer.

I invite you and your son to learn more about our outstanding Greek system and to
see first-hand the tradition of leadership and quality our Greek community provides.
Our fraternity chapters promote high standards and strive for all members to seek self-
growth through academics, chapter and community. Becoming a member of a fraternal
organization will be an experience of a lifetime.

I am confident the University of Oklahoma will be a place to provide a challenge

academically and culturally and will provide tools for lifelong success. Choosing to be a
member of a fraternity will enrich the collegiate experience through the dedication and
lifelong devotion this unique membership provides.

We are strongly committed to all of our students. We constantly listen to their needs
parent sessIon:
and make improvements to provide a positive and safe environment within our fraternity
Thursday, Aug. 20 system. We encourage feedback from students and parents to help us make decisions
1 p.m. – Dale Hall
that will impact everyone involved.

This is a first step on a new path that will lead your son in many directions and can
provide a rewarding experience to help prepare for life after college. We also know this
is a family decision and we provide many resources for you as parents to stay informed
and involved during your son’s time at OU. Please do not hesitate to call my office if you
have any questions. I look forward to meeting you. Welcome!


Clarke Stroud
University Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

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PArenT PrOFIle:
Dick and Sharon Rodine

Their sons, Brent and Michael, are both members of Delta Upsilon fraternity.

What is the most valuable benefit you believe your sons have gained from their fraternity
experience at OU? “Two outstanding benefits: 1) exceptional leadership experience through
serving as officers of the fraternity – which has prepared them well for leadership in their careers
after graduation; and 2) a close network of friends that they stay connected with long after
graduation – something that just doesn’t happen outside of the Greek experience.”

What encouraging words/advice would you have for the parents of prospective fraternity members of fall 2009? “Encourage your
son to keep an open mind as he enters recruitment and to look closely at the rapport and camaraderie within an entire chapter. Encourage
him to choose a chapter that feels comfortable to him and one that has an environment and philosophy that will help him mature into a better
man. Encourage your son to meet and get to know the housemom. These can be wonderful people who support them when parents aren’t
able to be there.”

How have you been involved with your sons’ fraternity? “We have served as past president and very active members of the Delta
Upsilon Parents’ Club. Being very active in a fraternity parents’ club is one of the most important things you can do to remain connected
with your son as they continue to mature while in college.”

Parent Session on Move-In Day

All parents, students and guests are invited to attend a Student Affairs Parent
Session and Greek Information Session, beginning at 1 p.m. on Thursday,
Aug. 20. Please come by Dale Hall to enjoy complimentary refreshments and
learn about how Student Affairs contributes to the well-being and involvement
of students at the University of Oklahoma. Immediately following the Student
Affairs Parent Session, fraternity members and OU administrators will host a
Greek Information Session. During this session, the recruitment schedule will
be reviewed and information on OU fraternities will be distributed. Don’t miss
this opportunity to learn what the University of Oklahoma and fraternity life
can offer your son.

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IFC Welcome
Congratulations on your decision to attend the University of Oklahoma. We are excited you
executive Committee:
chose this institution to continue your education and we enthusiastically welcome you.
Brian Ray
The university will provide you with numerous opportunities to develop your potential President
as a person and as a student. Becoming a member of a fraternal organization will
Michael Nash
enhance your undergraduate experience and provide you with opportunities to achieve Vice President of Recruitment
that potential. The Greek community will offer you programs that will help you grow and
Derek Fox
mature academically, physically, socially and spiritually. You will learn much and be Vice President of Public Affairs
exposed to new experiences that will prepare you well for the post-college years.
Colin Crain
Vice President of Programming
We invite you to learn more about our 18 chapters and participate in our fall recruitment
program. Each of our fraternities is unique and offers something different to its members. Yuwei Le
Vice President of Member Education
The fraternity experience is a challenging as well as a rewarding one. Fraternity life allows
you to become an integral, contributing part of both the campus community and a Jentry Baker
Vice President of Administrative Affairs
university tradition started in 1905. We are confident you will find a fraternity that shares
your ideals and values. There is truly a fraternity for everyone here at the University of Cade Campbell
Vice President of Finance
Oklahoma. So make the right choice now! Give the OU Greek system the opportunity to
share with you what it has to offer. We look forward to seeing you in August! Kyle Watson
Chief Justice

t e r n i t y Co

• I nt

cil •
Michael Nash
Vice President of Recruitment

Interfraternity Council


ve l
r s i t y o f Ok
The Interfraternity Council
The Interfraternity Council, or IFC, is the umbrella organization Each of the 18 IFC chapters has one representative on the council
that exists to serve the needs of the 18 fraternities within our and each chapter pays annual membership dues to the IFC, which
council. The IFC is responsible for the coordination of many events fund IFC’s events and activities. The OU IFC has dedicated itself
and activities throughout the year. It also represents fraternity to providing the University of Oklahoma’s fraternity men with an
interests to the campus and surrounding community; facilitates opportunity to be part of one of the nation’s most prestigious and
membership recruitment activities; promotes and coordinates dynamic fraternity and sorority student life communities.
community service and philanthropy projects; organizes intramural
If you decide to experience fraternity life at the University of
sports among fraternities; sponsors educational programs and
Oklahoma, you are encouraged to get involved with the IFC as an
leadership development opportunities for chapters; initiates public
officer, staff member or volunteer. The council is always looking for
relations projects for the entire fraternity community; and manages
good men with initiative, ideas, a positive attitude and a willingness
judicial affairs.
to work. You are invited to become part of this award-winning team!

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IFC Statement on Hazing

Hazing Any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full standing in a group) that humiliates, degrades or
risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate.

Within the Interfraternity Council, hazing is strictly prohibited. We want you to have a positive and comfortable new member period,
and dangerous or negative activities will not be tolerated by our organizations.

Hazing includes but is not limited to:

• Requiring personal servitude

If you have questIons or
• Forcing someone to eat or drink against his or her will
ConCerns about hazIng...
• The presence or use of alcohol in pledge/associate activity
or activities that could constitute hazing,
• Paddling or striking in any manner
please do not hesitate to contact
• Sleep deprivation
the Interfraternity Council adviser at
• Calisthenics
(405) 325-4029, or the Student • Expecting participation in an activity that full members will not do
Affairs Hotline at (405) 325-5000.
• Publicly wearing apparel that is conspicuous and not “normally” in good taste
• Yelling and screaming at pledges/associates
• Not permitting pledges/associates to talk for extended periods of time

Basic expectations of
Fraternity Membership
In an effort to lessen the disparity between fraternity ideals and individual behavior and to personalize these ideals in the daily
undergraduate experience, the following basic expectations of fraternity membership have been established:

1 I will know and understand the ideals expressed in my fraternity 6 I will meet my financial obligations in a timely manner.

ritual and will strive to incorporate them in my daily life.

2 I will strive for academic achievement and practice

I will neither use nor support the use of illegal drugs; I will
neither misuse nor support the misuse of alcohol.

academic integrity.

3 I will respect the dignity of all persons; therefore, I will not

physically, mentally, psychologically or sexually abuse or haze
I acknowledge that a clean and attractive environment is
essential to both physical and mental health; therefore, I
will do all in my power to see that the chapter property is
any human being. properly cleaned and maintained.

4 I will protect the health and safety of all human beings. 9 I will challenge all my fraternity members to abide by these

fraternal expectations and will confront those who violate them.

I will respect my property and the property of others; therefore,

I will neither abuse nor tolerate the abuse of property.

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Lee Allan Smith

Phi Gamma Delta previously served as general manager and vice president of WKY
(FIJI), Class of 1947 Radio and WKY-TV.

Academic Degree: What is the most valuable benefit you gained from your
Bachelor’s of Business fraternity experience at OU? “Fellowship and friendship for life.”
Administration, What part did your fraternity experience play in the success
University of Oklahoma you have achieved after college? “As rush chairman, social
Lee Allan’s wife, DeAnn, and three daughters are all OU graduates chairman and intramural chairman I learned how to plan, prepare,

and members of the OU Greek community. promote and create ideas using salesmanship, persistence,
excitement and commitment.”
Professional Experience:
Lee Allan Smith is vice chairman of Ackerman McQueen. He also What encouraging words would you have for the prospective
serves as president of Oklahoma Events Inc., a full service event fraternity members of fall 2009 or their parents? “Enjoy
production and marketing firm. He recently served as chairman of college life to the fullest. The true value of your experience will be

Centennial Projects and Events for the Oklahoma Centennial. He extremely rewarding after college.”

Joe Harroz Jr.

Alpha Tau Omega, Class of 1985 What part did your

fraternity experience play
Academic Degrees: B.A. in Economics, University of
in the success you have
achieved after college?
Juris Doctorate, Georgetown University “The experiences and
education I enjoyed from my
Joe’s wife, Samia, is an OU graduate. They have a 2-year-old
time in the fraternity have
daughter, Zara; a 5-year-old son, Joseph; and a son who is due this
influenced almost every
aspect of my professional career. When you live and work with
Professional Experience: so many brothers in a single house over several years, you learn
2008 to Present: President and COO, Graymark Healthcare (a values and principles that serve you for a lifetime.”
NASDAQ traded company); 1997 to Present: adjunct professor
Do you still maintain contact with some of your fraternity
of law, OU College of Law; 1994-2008: university vice president
brothers? “Some of my closest friendships were those that were
and general counsel to the University of Oklahoma; 1993-1994:
forged in the fraternity. Just this spring our pledge class had
Associate at the Oklahoma City office of the law firm of Crowe and
its 24th year reunion. Over 75 percent of the pledge class
Dunlevy; 1990-1993: legislative director and legal counsel to U.S.
attended the reunion.”
Sen. David L. Boren
What encouraging words would you have for the prospective
fraternity members of fall 2009 or their parents? “It is one of the
6 truly great and most influential experiences you will have in your life.”

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GO Greek!

IFC Fall Recruitment: Saturday, Aug. 22-Wednesday, Aug. 26

Fall Recruitment is the major recruitment period for all IFC fraternities.
Each IFC fraternity at OU looks for individuals who can contribute
to their chapter in a variety of ways. Grades, activities, talents and
interests are all considered individually and together in the selection
of new members. Likewise, fraternities consider whether their group
has something to offer you as a new member. As you go through
recruitment, you will find certain fraternities that you like. After a few
visits, and if the chapter wishes to extend an offer of membership, you
will be offered a chapter bid. This is an invitation to join the fraternity
and should be considered seriously. You may be offered several chapter
bids, so take your time and choose carefully.

Fraternity and Sorority

Student life
The Greek system at the University of Oklahoma began in 1905 when the first
fraternity chapter was established. Many years and thousands of members later,
the Greek community is thriving and now offers numerous national and local
fraternities and sororities. Fraternity and Sorority Student Life consists of the
Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council
and Panhellenic Association. These four groups are the umbrella organizations
that coordinate and oversee all national fraternities and sororities in Fraternity and
Sorority Student Life at OU.

Fraternity and Sorority Student Life, a part of Student Life, is one of the many opportunities for involvement and growth available
for students at the University of Oklahoma. Greek organizations enhance the education of the whole person — intellectually,
socially and spiritually. OU chapters strive to achieve the greatest potential from each member and reach common goals together.
In choosing OU and its Greek community, you are choosing an outstanding school and one of the best Greek communities in the
nation. Fraternity and Sorority Student Life offers opportunities for community service, academic success, leadership, campus
involvement, personal growth and lifelong friendships.

49449-IFC_2009.indd 7 7/16/09 3:11:13 PM

Fall recruitment Week Schedule
Thursday, Aug. 20
mandatory meetIng: • Residence Halls Open
Saturday, Aug. 22 • Sooner Orientation Weekend Begins
9-10 a.m. – Catlett Music Center • 1 p.m. – Parent session on Student Affairs and Fraternity Life at
Dale Hall.
• 5-10 p.m. – Individual chapter welcome dinners. Participating
Times, dates and locations are subject to change. Men chapters will extend invitations to recruits and/or parents.
participating in IFC Recruitment should check e-mail and the IFC
Web site (ifc.ou.edu) for updates or changes to the schedule. Friday, Aug. 21
• 5:30-7 p.m. – IFC Barbecue on north side of Couch Restaurants (the
cafeteria). Join members of the OU fraternity community for food and
important recruitment information. This is a great opportunity to learn
about fraternity life at OU and to meet current members of all 18 IFC
fraternities. Interested students also may register for Fall Recruitment.

Saturday, Aug. 22
• 9-10 a.m. – A mandatory meeting for all men interested in
participating in Fall Recruitment – meet at Catlett Music Center.
Receive recruitment schedules and learn Recruitment Week
procedures, guidelines and tips for having a successful recruitment.
• 10 a.m.-1 p.m. – Recruitment Week activities begin. Recruits will be
divided into 18 groups and see nine fraternities for 15 minutes each.

Sunday, Aug. 23
• 11:30 a.m. – All recruits meet on the basketball court between
Walker Tower and Adams Tower.
• Noon-3 p.m. – Recruitment Week continues. Recruits will be
divided into 18 groups and see nine fraternities for 15 minutes each.

Monday, Aug. 24
• 6:30 p.m. – All recruits meet on the basketball courts between Walker
Tower and Adams Tower. Recruits will receive a list of invitations to
interested fraternities.
• 7-10 p.m. – Recruitment Week activities continue. Recruits are
encouraged to visit any or all of the fraternities on their list of

Tuesday, Aug. 25
• 6:30 p.m. – All recruits meet on the basketball courts between
Walker Tower and Adams Tower. Recruits will receive an updated list
of invitations to interested fraternities.
• 7-10 p.m. – Recruitment Week activities continue. Recruits are
encouraged to visit any or all of the fraternities on their list of
invitations. First day to sign unbinding chapter bid cards with a
IFC BarBeCue
FrIday, aug. 21 Wednesday, Aug. 26
5:30-7 p.m. – north side • 7 p.m. – IFC Bid Day! Recruits will sign the “IFC Official Bid
Acceptance” form – location TBA.
of Couch restaurants
(the cafeteria).

49449-IFC_2009.indd 8 7/16/09 3:11:18 PM

How Do You Choose an IFC Fraternity?

Here are some pointers to guide you through the recruitment process as you choose the chapter that best fits your personality,
values and lifestyle.

1 Register for recruitment during the summer. Register

with the Interfraternity Council as soon as possible by
visiting our Web site (http://ifc.ou.edu). This will permit
7 Dry Recruitment. Alcohol is not allowed at any
recruitment event or activity. National fraternity,
university and IFC policies stipulate that all events
IFC fraternities to contact you during the summer. and activities associated with fraternity recruitment
Registration is free and must be done prior to Aug. 22. must be alcohol-free. Violation of this rule is a
serious infraction and the guilty chapter is subject to

2 Attend fraternity summer recruitment events. Begin to

learn what IFC fraternities can offer you.
severe disciplinary action.

3 Contact the recruitment chairmen listed on the chapter

information pages of this manual so that you can get
8 Beware! Look out for fraternities that belittle or make
derogatory remarks about other fraternities.

your name out early to the chapters.

9 Attend the IFC Barbecue on Friday, Aug. 21 North side
of Couch Restaurants (the cafeteria).

4 Be yourself and have fun! There is nothing more

important than to be yourself during recruitment. You’ll
end up with the right fraternity for you, and you’ll be
happy with your decision. Be positive, smile and enjoy
all of the time spent with each chapter.
10 Attend the mandatory recruitment information meeting
at 9 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 22. Learn about the IFC
recruitment schedule at this meeting. All prospective
recruits are required to attend.

5 Evaluate each fraternity carefully. It is important to

make an individual decision about which fraternities to
focus on during recruitment. Go to the IFC Barbecue
11 Take your time and visit as many chapters as you can
during Recruitment Week. Joining a fraternity is an
on Aug. 21 so that you can have an opportunity to important decision. Be sure that the fraternity that has
meet members from every IFC fraternity on campus. given you a bid is the one you will be happy with. You
do not have to accept a bid right away. This is a time to

Ask questions. Make sure all of your questions are evaluate each fraternity carefully and to determine what
sufficiently answered. Some useful questions you might they can offer you. Remember to be yourself, ask lots
want to ask during recruitment are: of questions, take your time, and most important of all
• What are your chapter’s values? have fun!
• How much emphasis does your chapter place on
• What types of scholarship programs are offered by
your chapter?
12 The Spring Recruitment option. If you choose not
to join a fraternity in the fall, perhaps you might be
interested in the spring. Spring Recruitment is generally
• What kind of social activities do you have each year? the third week of spring classes.
• How involved is your chapter with campus
organizations, intramural sports and service to the
• What kind of time commitment does joining your
fraternity require?
• How much will joining your fraternity cost?
• What is your new member education program like?
What is its purpose?
• How will your fraternity help prepare me for
graduation and life after college?
• What makes your fraternity unique?

49449-IFC_2009.indd 9 7/16/09 3:11:49 PM

recruitment Guidelines
a. Chapters Any member-fraternity of the University of Oklahoma d. Members – Any undergraduate associates, members, new
Interfraternity Council (hereafter, IFC). members or pledges of a Chapter.
b. Chapter Bid Any invitation to join a member-fraternity of the e. Recruits – Any male, non-affiliated student enrolled or planning
University of Oklahoma extended by any member-fraternity (and on enrolling at the University of Oklahoma.
not the IFC); this includes verbal and non-verbal invitations, f. Recruitment Event – Any event held for the purposes of affiliation
including, but not limited to: written bid cards, phone calls, into a Chapter and/or considered an activity by the Chapter’s
e-mails, text messages and any other forms as determined by the insurance at which five or more Recruits are present.
IFJB. Chapter Bids are non-binding; signing or acceptance of a
Chapter Bid does not constitute a commitment to join the member-
fraternity extending the bid.
c. IFC Bid – An official bid from the University of Oklahoma IFC,
signed by a Recruit to signify his intent to pledge a member-
fraternity of the University of Oklahoma IFC. IFC Bids are
considered binding; signing an IFC Bid constitutes a commitment
to join the member-fraternity indicated on the IFC Bid. A Recruit
who signs an IFC Bid will not be eligible to sign another IFC Bid
for any other member-fraternity for one semester.

Guidelines / rules
a. All OU undergraduate men are eligible to join an OU fraternity. j. All contact with Recruits by recruitment chairmen, Members or
Membership is restricted to OU students ONLY. alumni of any OU Chapter is limited to times prescribed by the
b. All prospective recruits must register online (ifc.ou.edu) no later IFC. Prescribed visitation or Recruitment Event times shall be
than Saturday, Aug. 22. If the prospective recruit is not registered defined by the Vice President of Recruitment at least two weeks
by that time, he will not be permitted to participate in formal prior to the beginning of summer, fall and spring recruitment.
recruitment k. No Chapter shall be allowed to escort Recruits to other Chapter
c. Alcohol consumption and/or alcohol possession is prohibited houses.
during ANY Recruitment event and all interactions, at any time, l. Chapter Bids may be given out at any time except the following:
with a Recruit. i. From the end of the spring semester until the first
d. The proliferation of rumors, accusations, derogatory statements day Chapter Bids are allowed to be offered during Fall
or falsehoods directed against another Chapter by any Chapter’s Recruitment, as determined by the IFC Vice President of
Members or alumni is prohibited. Recruitment.
e. Only OU undergraduate members, pledges/associates, members/ ii. For a period of one week following the end of Fall
new members, alumni of the fraternity, parents of current OU Recruitment.
undergraduate members and house directors may participate in m. No gifts may be given to Recruits. Gifts include cups, shirts, party
recruitment activities. favors and any other item deemed a gift by the IFJB.
f. Women, excluding housemothers, university officials, parents of n. In-home visitations are allowed; however, there must be one
Members, and parents of Recruits, are prohibited from being in designated recruitment chairman present. Up to three other
the Chapter’s fraternity house during all recruitment times. Members may be present as well. Each Recruit may be visited
g. Recruits of sophomore status or higher, as determined by length as many times as mutually agreeable to the Recruit and the
of enrollment at a university, who intend to pledge a member- visiting Members. In-home visits are unlimited between May 15
fraternity and who qualify for exemption from the University of and Aug. 22.
Oklahoma Regents’ freshman housing policy may be allowed to o. Chapters will be able to offer bids to prospective recruits during Fall
live in the member-fraternity’s house, provided that an “Upper- Formal Recruitment only from 7 to 10 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 25, and
classman Early Bid Form” is signed and turned in prior to Aug. 1. from 6:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26.
h. Open Door Policy: No Recruit may be taken behind closed doors p. IFC Bids will be signed – Location TBA, from 7 to 10 p.m.
during Formal Recruitment. Also, all doors must be open and Wednesday, Aug. 26.
unlocked during Formal Recruitment. q. Continuous Open Bidding (C.O.B.) will begin one week after the end
i. Every Member and Recruit must be an enrolled student and of Formal Recruitment. No recruits will be able to sign during the
registered with IFC. one-week period immediately following Formal Recruitment.


49449-IFC_2009.indd 10 7/16/09 3:11:51 PM

Tray Black

Delta Tau Delta, What is the most valuable benefit you gained from
Class of 1994 your fraternity experience at OU? “Long-term benefit: the
relationships that I developed as a student and continue to this
Academic Degrees:
day. Short-term benefit: a support system, structure and discipline
B.S. in Petroleum
that was critically important as I transitioned from living at home to
Engineering, University
the freedom of a college campus.”
of Oklahoma
What part did your fraternity experience play in the success
M.B.A., University of Texas at Austin
you have achieved after college? “The skills I learned from
What is your current occupation? “Most recently I served being part of the fraternity are directly transferable to the
as the CFO for an oil and gas private equity company. During workplace. Particularly important were developing and practicing
my career I have held various positions within the oil and gas leadership skills and managing other people.”
industry, including reservoir engineer, financial analyst, business
What encouraging words would you have for the prospective
development associate and director for a private capital provider.”
fraternity members of fall 2009 or their parents? “The most
Other Activities: important thing to remember when selecting a fraternity is that
OU Club of Houston – current president, previously served as you want to find the place where you fit in the best. All of the
scholarship chairman fraternities have great things to offer, but they are all unique. Find
a place that you can thrive and grow. That is best way to ensure
Member of 1994 College World Series Championship team
that you will have a great experience”
Life Member and donor to Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Active in local Methodist church

Bartlesville, Okla.,
Courtlyn Shoate
Junior, Political Science
Campus Activities Campus Activities Council (CAC) best interests. The genuine
Homecoming Vice Chair; CAC High School Leadership Conference support from these members
Counselor, Orientation Leader will be a great asset to your
How has joining a fraternity benefitted you during your time time here at the University of
here at OU? “Academically I was challenged to do my best and was Oklahoma, and to the rest of
offered help when I needed it. My fraternity also encouraged me to your life.”
get involved on campus and helped me to achieve this. There were What encouraging words/
multiple older members who wanted to do whatever they could to advice would you offer to the prospective fraternity
direct me toward quality leadership experiences.” members of fall 2009? “Don’t believe all the stereotypes you
hear about Greek life. Going Greek is about the great opportunities
Why should incoming students join a fraternity? “When you
to serve the university, the great opportunities to get involved, and
are selected by a fraternity to join, it is because they want to have
most importantly the lifelong friendships that are made being a
you be a part of their brotherhood. They want to do whatever they
can to help you succeed and are always looking out for your
part of a brotherhood.” 11

49449-IFC_2009.indd 11 7/16/09 3:11:58 PM

Scholarship Fraternity Scholastic Standing
Spring 2009 Chapter Grade-Point Averages
1 Beta Theta Pi 3.256
over 430
IfC men earned
a GPA of 3.5
or hIgher In
Delta Upsilon
Sigma Phi Epsilon
the fall of 2008!
4 Lambda Chi Alpha 3.125
5 Phi Delta Theta 3.068

The IFC grade-point average is consistently 6 Delta Tau Delta 3.049

higher than the all campus male GPA! Academic 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3.031
8 Alpha Tau Omega 2.972
achievement is the foundation for our future success, and the IFC
9 Delta Chi 2.920
community is committed to creating an environment conducive to learning
10 Kappa Alpha 2.878
and to attaining academic goals. In fact, the all-fraternity grade-point
11 Phi Gamma Delta 2.851
average has consistently been higher than the all-undergraduate male
12 Sigma Chi 2.810
average. The fraternity experience will assist you in making the academic
13 Pi Kappa Alpha 2.793
transition from high school to college by providing the following:
14 Triangle 2.620
• academic enhancement seminars and workshops 15 Sigma Nu 2.537
• time-management seminars 16 Phi Kappa Sigma 2.474
• tutoring networks 17 Phi Kappa Psi 2.184
• tutoring reimbursement All IFC Average 3.030
• proctored study halls
• in-house test files

Chapter members also are available to share experiences and to offer advice Fall 2008 Chapter Grade-Point Averages

to fellow brothers. Scholarships, low-interest loans and research grants are RANK CHAPTER

a few ways Fraternity Headquarters and local chapters reward outstanding 1 Beta Theta Pi 3.216

academic achievement. Furthermore, last year the Interfraternity Council 2 Sigma Phi Epsilon 3.146

awarded nearly $3,000 in scholarships to men within IFC. 3 Lambda Chi Alpha 3.121
4 Phi Delta Theta 3.0441
5 Delta Upsilon 3.0436
6 Delta Tau Delta 2.971
7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2.961

Fall 2008 TOP 5 New Member GPA 8

Alpha Tau Omega
Phi Gamma Delta
10 Kappa Sigma 2.815
11 Kappa Alpha 2.759
1 Beta Theta Pi 3.182
12 Sigma Nu 2.741
2 Sigma Phi Epsilon 3.085
13 Delta Chi 2.694
3 Phi Delta Theta 3.013
14 Sigma Chi 2.661
4 Lambda Chi Alpha 2.987
15 Pi Kappa Alpha 2.576
5 Triangle Fraternity 2.986
16 Triangle 2.514
17 Phi Kappa Sigma 2.477
18 Phi Kappa Psi 2.160
All IFC Average: 2.975

49449-IFC_2009.indd 12 7/16/09 3:12:08 PM

recognition and Awards

Our IFC chapters have demonstrated excellence in many areas of chapter operations
and programming. In addition to chapter programming awards, individuals are
recognized for attaining high levels of achievement in various areas. The following
awards/scholarships are presented:
8 Individual Awards
John S. Gawey Buzz Becker
Koby Harrington (Silver Medalist) Matthew Deimund
Michael Nash
President’s Trophy
2008-2009 Benjamin R. West First Place: Lambda Chi Alpha
1 Runner Up: Sigma Phi Epsilon
Matthew Kemp Brown
3 2009-2010 OUTSTANDING FRESHMEN President’s Trophy
M. Tyler Coker Brett C. Bone recognition Awards
Jacob Bryant Elliott Michael Paul Massad
H. Tyler Nunley Darwin Roman
Beta Theta Pi
Delta Upsilon
4 Phi Delta Theta
Benjamin James Bigbie Matthew Kemp Brown
0 Lambda Chi Alpha
M. Tyler Coker
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Category Winner
Michael Linville MANAGEMENT
Beta Theta Pi
Tyler Jennings
Beta Theta Pi
M. Tyler Coker Michael Massad
6 Delta Upsilon
Jacob Bryant Elliott Stephen Pittman
6 Lambda Chi Alpha
Darwin Roman
Pi Kappa Alpha
Phi Delta Theta
41 Sigma Nu
36 Sigma Phi Epsilon
Category Winner
Delta Upsilon
Beta Theta Pi
Delta Tau Delta
5 Delta Upsilon
9 Lambda Chi Alpha
Phi Gamma Delta
Pi Kappa Alpha
4 The IFC community contributes in many positive ways Phi Delta Theta
1 to the OU community and the city of Norman, and to Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Nu
6 the development of members of each chapter. We
Sigma Phi Epsilon
4 are proud of our individuals and chapters who have Category Winner (not IFC fraternity)
7 dedicated themselves to promoting excellence within
0 the campus community. Delta Upsilon
5 Lambda Chi Alpha
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Category Winner (not IFC fraternity)

49449-IFC_2009.indd 13 7/16/09 3:12:20 PM

The IFC community at the University of Oklahoma is made of leaders. One
of the greatest opportunities in college is the development and application
of leadership skills. Developing and preparing student leaders for life after
college is one of the many goals of OU fraternities. Whether at the chapter
level or beyond, a fraternity will teach, encourage and assist you in the
development and refinement of your leadership skills and the attainment of
your goals.

Every member has an active role in leading the chapter. By learning to

work in a group situation, you will learn such valuable skills as setting goals,
delegating responsibilities, planning activities, solving problems and making
decisions. These skills will set you apart in the future and help you lead a
fulfilling and rewarding life.

If you wish to be involved on campus and desire real-life opportunities to test

your leadership skills, there is no better way than becoming affiliated with a
fraternity at the University of Oklahoma. Fraternity and sorority members are
involved in nearly all of the more than 300 registered student organizations
at OU and can be found on many committees that shape campus life.
Fraternity men and sorority women excel in all aspects of university life.
At OU, to be Greek means to lead.

Some Involvement Opportunities

• OU Cousins • Crimson Club
• Dance Marathon • Student Government
• Sooner Scandals • Union Programming Board
• Student Alumni Board • Campus Activities Council
• University Sing • Interfraternity Council
• Homecoming Executive Council

IfC members hold nearly
executive leadership
positions on Campus


49449-IFC_2009.indd 14 7/16/09 3:12:29 PM

Community Service

One of the most gratifying aspects of fraternity life is the sense of satisfaction and pride that comes with involvement in
community service. Fraternity men recognize the need throughout the year to raise money and donate time for their special
philanthropies and community service projects. The ideals of most fraternities are exemplified through their service efforts.

Fraternity members donate thousands of hours and dollars to local and national philanthropic organizations each year.
Fund-raising events and service projects help fraternity members learn about their responsibility to the community. In
taking advantage of these opportunities, you will learn the joy that comes from giving of yourself to help others.

• J. d. mCCarty Center

• marCh of dImes

• unIted Way

• ChIldren’s medICal

• bIg brothers/bIg
sIsters of Cleveland

• adopt-a-sChool

• habItat for humanIty

• amerICan red Cross

• JImmy v. foundatIon

• boys and gIrls Club

• musCular dystrophy

• north amerICan
Canned food drIve

• amyotrophIC
lateral sClerosIs

• ChIldren’s mIraCle

• huntsman CanCer

• amerICan CanCer


49449-IFC_2009.indd 15 7/16/09 3:12:54 PM

Joining a fraternity is the beginning of a new experience with new friends
and a new home away from home. One of the most enjoyable parts of
joining a fraternity involves making new friends and forming bonds that
will last long after college. You will not only learn to live with others, but
through sharing the same experiences, environment and interests, you will
develop a very special closeness to those around you. Brotherhood means
more than wearing Greek letters, attending meetings and going to parties;
it is about developing friendships and a sense of camaraderie that you will
carry throughout the rest of your life.

Fraternities were founded as social organizations.
The ability to function comfortably in a social
environment will prove almost as important as the
ability to do so in a work environment. Becoming
a member of a group with common interests
provides the opportunity to forge friendships that
will last a lifetime.

Each year, fraternities participate in a wide

variety of social events, including homecoming,
after-game parties, date parties, theme parties
and special spring formals.


49449-IFC_2009.indd 16 7/16/09 3:13:13 PM


The intramural program is perhaps one of the most visible and enjoyable
aspects of fraternity life at OU. Even though the intramural program is
open to all students, fraternity and sorority participation and competition
is always the strongest on campus. The fraternities compete against each
other in friendly but intense rivalries. Intramural events are usually well
attended by the Fraternity and Sorority Student Life community, and many
fraternities develop followings of loyal fans. Enthusiasm and excitement
dominate intramural events when Greeks participate! Each sporting event
is an opportunity to gain points toward the coveted All Sports Trophy.


1 Lambda Chi Alpha

2 Delta Tau Delta

3 Sigma Phi Epsilon

4 Phi Delta Theta

5 Beta Theta Pi

6 Delta Upsilon

7 Phi Gamma Delta

8 Sigma Chi

9 Sigma Alpha Epsilon

10 Pi Kappa Alpha

11 Kappa Alpha

12 Phi Kappa Psi

`13-18 Alpha Epsilon Pi

Alpha Tau Omega

Delta Chi

Phi Kappa Sigma

Sigma Nu



49449-IFC_2009.indd 17 7/16/09 3:13:24 PM

Fraternity living
Chapter houses are university-approved housing for upperclassmen*, but are
privately owned and maintained by local or national fraternity alumni house
corporations. Upper-class men may have an obligation to live in the fraternity
house; however, each fraternity establishes its own regulations regarding
members living in or out of the chapter house. Potential members should ask
each fraternity about individual requirements for living in or out of the chapter
house. Each fraternity employs a full-time, live-in house director, sometimes
referred to as a “house mother.” The house director oversees the daily operations
of the chapter house. Each house is inspected annually by the City of Norman
Revitalization Division, Norman Fire Department, University of Oklahoma Fire
Marshal and Cleveland County Health Department to ensure they meet all health
and safety standards. The possession and/or consumption of alcohol on fraternity
property is prohibited. Study halls, dining facilities and workout facilities are a few
of the features you will find in each fraternity house.

Alumni and House Corporations

The structure and organization of chapter alumni varies with each chapter. A
single chapter may have its alumni organized into an “association” that meets
at the chapter house at such times as Homecoming and Commencement.
Other alumni associations meet more regularly and advise the chapter officers
in the day-to-day operations of the chapter. Another type of “association” is
the house corporation — a legal entity that owns and manages the property
of the chapter. These associations make the mortgage payments, pay the
insurance, oversee maintenance and repairs, and pay the employees.

*OU regents’ Housing Policy For

All single freshman students who are not 20 years of age, who do not have
at least 24 hours of college credit from an accredited institution (advance
placement or CLEP hours do not apply to this 24-hour requirement), or who
have not lived in the University residence halls for at least two semesters must
live in a University residence hall for the first two semesters. Exception from
this policy is by special permission only, granted in writing by the university vice
president for Student Affairs and dean of students or his/her delegate(s). Special
permissions are granted for a period of one semester only and are subject to
review prior to renewal.


49449-IFC_2009.indd 18 7/16/09 3:13:36 PM


Financial requirements are an important consideration for men participating in fraternity recruitment. If you accept an invitation
to become a pledge or an associate, you will enter into a financial agreement and contract for housing and dues during your
college years.

Dues and fees vary for each chapter and from year to year. It is important to note that fraternity costs may be more expensive
the first year due to additional pledge and initiation fees. It also is important to be aware that some additional costs may arise
throughout the year, such as T-shirts, party favors and pictures. If you have any questions about finances, please do not hesitate to
ask fraternity members or contact the Fraternity and Sorority Student Life Office at (405) 325-4029.

It is important also to note that chapters may or may not assess additional fees during the year to cover costs for special events
or projects. This may be an important topic for you to consider when visiting chapters during recruitment.

Fraternity and Sorority

Student life Office
(405) 325-4029



1 To pay certain fixed charges for room, board and dues

according to each fraternity’s schedule.

2008-2009 2 To pay the pledging and initiation fees. These fees are
paid only once.
3 To pay for additional services such as social, intramural
and recruitment-related activities.
AVERAGE: $1,288
RANGE: $500 - $2,232
4 To pay for optional services such as party pictures and
guest meals.
5 To live in the chapter house during the sophomore, junior
AvERAGE: $6,186 and senior years if required by the fraternity.
RANGE: $3,528 - $6,827
6 To pay for meals whether they are eaten or not.
7 To pay out-of-house fees if not living in the fraternity house.
AVERAGE: $1,219
RANGE: $420 - $2,528
8 To discuss fully with parents or guardians the financial
situation and arrive at a mutual understanding of financial
requirements before pledging.

9 To ask the fraternity about financial information and know

what your obligations will be.

49449-IFC_2009.indd 19 7/16/09 3:13:46 PM

Chapter House locations
1. Triangle 720 S. Lahoma
2. Beta Theta Pi 800 Chautauqua

Cruce Street Walker-Adams

3. Sigma Alpha epsilon 730 College
1 Mall
4. Sigma Phi epsilon 701 College

Lahoma Ave.
Brooks Street
5. Phi kappa Psi 720 Elm
2 4 5
6. Phi kappa Sigma 736 Elm 6
Parsons Street
7. lambda Chi Alpha 904 College

8. Alpha Tau Omega 1100 College Dale Hall

Lindsey Street
9. Pi kappa Alpha 500 Elmwood
College Ave
Chautauqua Ave

Elm Ave
Cate Center
10. Phi Gamma Delta 1200 College
(chapter house under construction)
N Hoover Street
11. Delta Upsilon 505 Emerald Way
Adams Walker
Tower Tower
12. Sigma nu 1300 College

Elmwood Drive
13. Delta Tau Delta 1320 College 9 Couch
10 Tower
14. Phi Delta Theta 1400 College 11 Cafeteria

Emerald Way

15. kappa Alpha 1501 Elm 12 16

16. Sigma Chi 1405 Elm
Delta Street
Alpha epsilon Pi 14
(no current chapter house)

Delta Chi
(no current chapter house)


49449-IFC_2009.indd 20 7/16/09 3:13:51 PM

Alpha epsilon Pi

Chapter: Omega Upsilon
nickname(s): AEPi
location (Address): N/A
Founding (Original location and Date):
New York University, 1913
local Founding (Date): April 16, 2005
Motto: “Brotherhood, Tradition, Excellence”
Approximate Chapter Size: 0-50
In-House Member Dues (per year): N/A
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year):$420
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $520
Philanthropy: Latkes for Love; Shaare Zedek Children’s Hospital
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: Seven Spring: 0
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: Best Delegation, 2007
Regional Conclave; National Philanthropy Award (2007, 2008);
Lion Club (One of the Highest National Philanthropy Awards), 2009
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Mark Zuckerberg, Wolf Blitzer, Gene Wilder,
Jerry Reinsdorf
Date Party names: Day at the Races; AEPirates; Casino Royal;
Broomball; Office Party
Web site: www.ouaepi.org
number of Men living in House: N/A
length of Pledge Program: Five Weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
David Goldsmith
(918) 619-2513

Ian Fullington
President of Alpha Epsilon Pi

“Being a brother of Alpha epsilon

Pi has shown me what it takes to be a
good leader, a great student, and an even
better man.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 21 7/16/09 3:14:07 PM

Alpha Tau Omega

Chapter: Delta Kappa

nickname(s): ATOs, Taus
location (Address): 1100 College Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date):
virginia Military Institute, 1865
local Founding (Date): 2007
Motto: “America’s Leadership Development Fraternity”
Approximate Chapter Size: 50-100
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,100
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $2,000
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,500
Philanthropy: Splash Bash (benefitting the March of Dimes)
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 20 Spring: Four
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: Third Place U-Sing 2008,
Third-Place Homecoming 2008
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
Lee Corso, Jim Tressel, Jack Ingram, Steve Spurrier, Joe Girardi,
James Stockdale, Jack Kemp
Date Party names: Alpha Taulloween, White Tea Rose Formal
Web site: www.ato.org
number of Men living in House: 30
length of Pledge Program: 12 weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
John Esche
(918) 607-8116

James Benson
President of Alpha Tau Omega

“ATOs are dedicated to performing at the highest

level academically, philanthropically and in all aspects
of our brotherhood. When becoming an ATO every man
understands the importance of leading the way.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 22 7/16/09 3:14:21 PM

Beta Theta Pi

Chapter: Gamma Phi
nickname(s): Beta
location (Address): 800 Chautauqua Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date): Miami (Ohio), 1839
local Founding (Date): 1907
Motto: “Know Friendship”
Approximate Chapter Size: 150+
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,800
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $1,300
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,500
Philanthropy: Frensley 5K
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 48 Spring: 0
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: Five Sissou Awards;
Two Knox Awards (Outstanding Beta Chapter); President’s Trophy 2004; Award for
Outstanding Academics 2003, 2008, 2009
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
Ralph G. Thompson (OU—Federal Judge), Rich Taylor (OU, Former VP—Disney),
Sam Walton, John Wooden
Date Party names: Barn Dance, Beta Lei, Loving Cup
Web site: oubeta.org/index2.htm
number of Men living in House: 66
length of Pledge Program: One semester
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Ricky Farbro
(918) 607-3824

President’s Trophy awards

academic Category Winner
Campus activities recognition
Community service recognition
TJ Hutchings
greek awards
President of Beta Theta Pi
Campus Involvement
Community service
Cultural programming “Beta is an association of men who strive for
Top Five grades excellence in many different facets of life, be it
spring 2009
professionally, academically or the building of
fall 2008 life-long friendships.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 23 7/16/09 3:14:38 PM

Delta Chi

Chapter: Oklahoma Chapter

nickname(s): D-Chi
location (Address): N/A
Founding (Original location and Date):
Cornell University, 1890
local Founding (Date): Oct. 13, 2003
Motto: “Brothers, scholars and family are always welcome. Hazing is dead,
Sooner Pride is forever.”
Approximate Chapter Size: 0-50
In-House Member Dues (per year): N/A
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $525
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $625
Philanthropy: Jimmy V Foundation
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: Five Spring: 11
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: N/A
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national): Ashton Kutcher,
Kevin Costner, Bobby Valentine
Date Party names: Delta Chi-ribbean
Web site: www.oudeltachi.org
number of Men living in House: N/A
length of Pledge Program: Eight weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Joe Cullinan
(678) 485-8880,

Andrew Hoang
President of Delta Chi

“Delta Chi is a brotherhood of a lifetime.”


49449-IFC_2009.indd 24 7/16/09 3:14:48 PM

Delta Tau Delta

Chapter: Delta Alpha
nickname(s): Delts
location (Address): 1320 College Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date):
Bethany College, 1858
local Founding (Date): Feb. 22, 1922
Motto: “Committed to lives of excellence”
Approximate Chapter Size: 100-150
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,600
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $1,800
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,195
Philanthropy: Delt Dive, Tropical Thunder, Adopt-a-School
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 40 Spring: Two
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: Adopt-an-Area Winner 2004,
2007, 2008; Most Improved GPA 2006, 2007
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry, John W. Nichols, John Elway, Will Ferrell,
Matthew McConaughey, Drew Carey, Mike Mussina
Date Party names:
Bid Day, Founder’s Day Formal
Web site: oudelts.org
umber of Men living in House: 45
ength of Pledge Program: Eight weeks
ecruitment Chair Contact Info:
Forrest Klein
(405) 905-9111

Chad Gregory
President of Delta Tau Delta
President’s Trophy awards
Community service recognition “The fraternity experience has played an
greek awards integral part in my life. It is an honor to be
alumni programming involved in something greater than any one
Community service individual. Congratulations on making the
decision to go Greek.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 25 7/16/09 3:15:09 PM

Delta Upsilon

Chapter: Oklahoma
nickname(s): DU
location (Address): 505 Emerald Way
Founding (Original location and Date): Williams College, 1834
local Founding (Date): 1927
Motto: “Justice, Our Foundation”
Approximate Chapter Size: 150+
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,200
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $1,100
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,100
Philanthropy: Boys and Girls Club of America
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 65 Spring: 0
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: DU Sweepstakes Finalist
2004, 2005, 2007; DU Award for Outstanding Recruitment 2008; DU
Award for Outstanding Academics 2006, 2007
Famous Accomplished Alumni: James Garfield, Joseph Kennedy,
Kurt Vonnegut, Lou Holtz
Date Party names: Feudal, Coast Guard
Web site: soonerdu.com
number of Men living in House: 64
length of Pledge Program: 12 weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Derek Case
(405) 229-1077

Braton Danielson
President of Delta Upsilon
President’s Trophy awards

“Since signing Delta Upsilon, I have learned and

academic Category Winner
Campus activities Category Winner
accomplished more than I could ever have imagined. Community service recognition
multicultural recognition
Lifelong friendships have been formed, and by striving
greek awards
to exemplify our Four Defining Principals — the
promotion of friendship, the diffusion of liberal culture, alumni programming
Community service
the development of character, and the advancement of
Top Five grades
justice — I have learned infinitely more than what could
spring 2009
be taught to me in the classroom.” fall 2008

49449-IFC_2009.indd 26 7/16/09 3:15:23 PM

kappa Alpha Order

Chapter: Beta Eta Chapter
nickname(s): KA, The Order
location (Address): 1501 Elm Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date):
Washington & Lee University, Dec. 21, 1865
local Founding (Date): Nov. 17, 1905
Motto: “Dieu Et Les Dames” – “God and the Ladies”
Approximate Chapter Size: 50-100
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,080
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $1,400
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,400
Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Association
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 25 Spring: Six
Chapter Awards in the last 5 Years:
First Place Homecoming 2008, 2nd Place Homecoming 2007;
First Place Homecoming Pep Rally 2007
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
J. Edgar Hoover, Carl Albert, Gen. George S. Patton,
Gen. George S. Marshall, Bill Engvall, Pat Boone
Date Party names: Old South, Prohibition, Victory Party
Web site: kaou.org
iving in House: 30
number of Men living
ength of Pledge Program: Eight weeks
ecruitment Chair Contact Info:
Adam Engel
(405) 808-6813

Matt Carpenter
President of Kappa Alpha Order
greek awards
Campus Involvement “Brotherhood does not end when you
Chapter programming
graduate from college. Brotherhood in
kappa Alpha lasts a lifetime.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 27 7/16/09 3:15:38 PM

lambda Chi Alpha President’s Trophy awards
first place overall: president’s trophy Winner
academic recognition
Campus activities recognition
Chapter: Community service recognition
multicultural recognition
Gamma Rho
Top Five grades
Lambda Chi, Chops spring 2009
fall 2008
location (Address):
904 College Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date): Boston University, Nov. 2, 1909
local Founding (Date): Oct. 9, 1926
Motto: “Vir Quisque Vir” – “Every Man a Man”
Approximate Chapter Size: 150+
In-House Member Dues (per year): $5,600
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $500
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,600
Philanthropy: White Rose Miss OU Pageant, North American Canned Food Drive,
Lambda Chi Alpha/Kappa Alpha Theta Pumpkin Carve (Lambda Theta Carve)
Benefitting Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Watermelon Bust, Lambda Chi Omega Swishes
for Wishes
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 48 Spring: Three
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: 1st Place President’s Trophy 2009;
Second Place President’s Trophy 2008; Intramural Champions 2004, 2006, 2007,
2008, 2009; First Place in Grades for 2007 Academic Year; Third Place Grades Fall
2008; First Place Campus Involvement 2007, 2008; Third Place Sooner Scandals 2008;
Second Place Homecoming 2008; Back-to-Back Homecoming Kings, 2007, 2008; First
Place University Sing 2004
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national): Harry S. Truman, Larry Brown,
Mark Brunell, James R. Jones (OU—USA Ambassador to Mexico), Fred Biletnikoff, Larry
Brown, Henry Iba, Jim Mora Jr., Woody Paige, Rick Pitino
Date Party names: Destination Unknown, Tradewinds, Glowga, Mom’s Christmas Party
Web site: www.oulxa.org, www.ou.edu/lxaalum
number of Men living in House: 65
length of Pledge Program: One semester
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Daniel Jones
(214) 454-7473

Christiaan Bester
President of Lambda Chi Alpha

“The objectives of lambda Chi Alpha are to establish a sincere brotherhood that will
last a lifetime and to encourage its membership to strive for excellence in everything they do.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 28 7/16/09 3:15:50 PM

Phi Delta Theta

Chapter: Oklahoma Alpha
nickname(s): Phi Delt
location (Address): 1400 College Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date): Miami (Ohio), 1848
local Founding (Date): April 1918
Motto: “We enjoy life by the help and society of others”
Approximate Chapter Size: 100-150
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,000
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $1,250
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,650
Philanthropy: Pre-Dally Rally
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 49 Spring: 0
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: Harvard Trophy 2006;
General Headquarters Award; Gold Star Award; President’s Trophy
Winner 2005
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local /national): Doak Walker,
Jack Mildren, Neil Armstrong, Lou Gehrig, Burt Reynolds, Wes Welker,
Benjamin Harrison
Date Party names: Phi-Esta, Strike Oil, Bid Day, Phi Slamma Jamma
Web site: ou.phideltatheta.org
iving in House: 64
number of Men living
ength of Pledge Program: One semester
ecruitment Chair Contact Info:
Stewart Whitney
(903) 245-9428

President’s Trophy awards

academic recognition
Campus activities recognition
Community service recognition Dan McCarthy
Top Five grades President of Phi Delta Theta

spring 2009
fall 2008 “The men of Phi Delta Theta are
dedicated to friendship, sound learning and
moral rectitude. We are a house with great
ambitions and dedication to one another.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 29 7/16/09 3:16:02 PM

Phi Gamma Delta

Chapter: Nu Omega
nickname(s): Phi Gam, FIJI
location (Address): 1200 S. College Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date):
Jefferson College, May 1, 1848
local Founding (Date): Dec. 29, 1916
Motto: “Friendship, the sweetest influence”
“Not for College Days Alone”
Approximate Chapter Size: 100-150
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,800
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $2,000
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,750
Philanthropy: American Red Cross—FIJI Olympics, Phi Gam Slam
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 38 Spring: Two
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: Second Place U-Sing 2008;
John Templeton McCarty Chapter Proficiency Award 2008; Theta 5K
2007—Most Participation; Gamma Phi Beta Chili Cook-off—Spiciest Chili;
President’s Trophy Community Service Recognition 2008
Famous Accomplished Alumni : Lee Allan Smith (OU, Oklahoma’s Man
of the Century), Howard Kauffmann (OU, President—Exxon Corp.), Clay
Bennett (OU, Owner—OKC Thunder), William Paul (OU—Former President
of American Bar Association), J. Howard Edmondson (OU—former
Oklahoma Governor)
Date Party names: Bid Day, OU-Texas, Tech Weekend, Nite Club, Fiesta,
Island, River Jam
Web site: www.fijiou.com
number of Men living in House: We have moved off campus for one
year, while construction on our new fraternity house is under way.
length of Pledge Program: One semester
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Thomas Luce
(214) 405-0174

Will Bowersox
President of Phi Gamma Delta
President’s Trophy awards
“Here you will find the utmost college fraternity Community service recognition
experience. The tradition of Phi Gamma
greek awards
Delta runs deep on campus.” alumni programming
30 Community service

49449-IFC_2009.indd 30 7/16/09 3:16:13 PM

Phi kappa Psi

Chapter: Oklahoma Alpha
nickname(s): Phi Psi
location (Address): 720 Elm Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date):
Jefferson College, Feb. 19, 1852
local Founding (Date): 1920
Motto: “The Great Joy of Serving Others”
Approximate Chapter Size: 0-50
In-House Member Dues (per year): $5,000
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $1,080
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,200
Philanthropy: Boys and Girls Club
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: Seven Spring: Three
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years:
Adopt-an-Area Winner 2006-2008;
Award for Scholastic Improvement 2005, 2008
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local /national):
Michael Bloomberg, John F. Kennedy Jr., President Woodrow Wilson,
Zach Braff, Owen Garriott
Date Party names: N/A
Web site: www.phikappapsi.com; www.phipsiok.org
number of Men living in House: 15
length of Pledge Program: Six weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Brandon Nofire
(252) 622-1990

Gabe Bolender
President of Phi Kappa Psi

“At Phi Psi we strive earnestly to

live by our motto every day, that of the
great joy of serving others. We build
balanced men through leadership,
scholarship, community service and
brotherhood activities.

49449-IFC_2009.indd 31 7/16/09 3:16:25 PM

Phi kappa Sigma

Chapter: Omicron
nickname (s): Phi Kaps
location (Addresses): 736 Elm Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date):
University of Pennsylvania- Oct. 19, 1850
local Founding (Date): 1929
Motto: “Once a Phi Kap, Always a Phi Kap”
Approximate Chapter Size: 0-50
In-House Member Dues (per year): N/A
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $500
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $500
Philanthropy: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: Four Spring: One
Date Party names: Tijuana Christmas, Black & Gold
number of Men living in House: Nine
length of Pledge Program: Six weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Jordan Hillin
(817) 781-6514

Jordan Hillin
President of Phi Kappa Sigma

“Make it your own.”


49449-IFC_2009.indd 32 7/16/09 3:16:35 PM

Pi kappa Alpha

Chapter: Beta Omicron
nickname(s): PIKE
location (Address): 500 Elmwood Dr
Founding (Original location and Date):
University of virginia, 1868
local Founding (Date): 1920
Motto: “Once a Pike, Always a Pike”
Approximate Chapter Size: 50-100
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,400
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $1,000
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,280
Philanthropy: International Banquet, Pikes and Puppies
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 33 Spring: Seven
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: President’s Trophy
Multicultural Recognition 2006, President’s Trophy Runner-up 2005,
Adopt-an-Area Winner 2002-2006, Third Place Homecoming 2006,
Second Place Homecoming 2007
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
Andy Coats (Dean of University of Oklahoma School of Law),
Jon Stewart, Tim McGraw
Date Party names: Dream Girl, Pike Fright
Web site: Oklahomapikes.com
number of Men living in House: 37
length of Pledge Program: Eight weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Wes Addison
(682) 225-6343

President’s Trophy awards Joe Gerba

President of Pi Kappa Alpha
Campus activities recognition
Community service recognition

greek awards “Pi kappa Alpha is dedicated to

developing Scholars, Leaders, Athletes,
Community service
and Gentlemen.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 33 7/16/09 3:16:59 PM

Sigma Alpha epsilon

Chapter: Oklahoma Kappa

nickname(s): SAE, Sig Alphs
location (Address): 730 College Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date): March 9, 1856
local Founding (Date): Oct. 23, 1909
Motto: “The True Gentlemen”
Approximate Chapter Size: 150+
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,827
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $2,528
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $2,232
Philanthropy: Boxing Tournament, Capture the Flag Against Addiction, Fallapalooza
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 52 Spring: 0
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years:
Zeal Award (Sigma Alpha Epsilon Most Prestigious National Award)
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
Fred Savage, David Spade, Barry Switzer, Mack Brown, Pete Carroll, Bobby Jones,
Aubrey McClendon, T. Boone Pickens
Date Party names: Jungle, Founders Day, Paddy Murphy,
Christmas Formal, $10 Prom
Web site: www.ousae.org
number of Men living in House: 80
length of Pledge Program: One semester
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Towns Holmboe
(405) 834-3388

Collins Peck
President of Sigma Alpha Esilon

President’s Trophy awards

“SAe means to join something Community service recognition
bigger than yourself; it turns young
greek awards
men into ‘True Gentlemen.’”
alumni programming
34 Community service

49449-IFC_2009.indd 34 7/16/09 3:17:12 PM

Sigma Chi

Chapter: Beta Kappa
nickname(s): Sigs
location (Address): 1405 Elm Ave
Founding (Original location and Date):
Miami (Ohio), June 28, 1855
local Founding (Date): April 20, 1912
Motto: “In Hoc Signo Vinces”
Approximate Chapter Size: 50-100
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,400
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $2,200
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $2,000
Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network, Huntsman Cancer Institute
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 31 Spring: Seven
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: N/A
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
Brad Pitt, David Letterman, Mike Ditka, John Wayne, Sean Payton,
Drew Brees, Grover Cleveland
Date Party names: Lonestar, Sweetheart, In Hocus Pocus
Web site: www.ousigs.com
number of Men living in House: 34
length of Pledge Program: Eight weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Justin Ezell
(580) 799-3288

Sean McLaughlin
President of Sigma Chi

“Sigma Chi Fraternity is a fraternity beyond

brotherhood. We value friendship, justice and
learning, along with taking pride in our everyday
actions. Sigma Chi is more than a four-year college
experience; it is a lifelong commitment.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 35 7/16/09 3:17:28 PM

Sigma nu

Chapter: Delta Epsilon

nickname(s): Snakes
location (Address): 1300 College Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date): Lexington, va., 1869
local Founding (Date): Feb. 20, 1909
Motto: “Love, Honor, Truth”
Approximate Chapter Size: 0-50
In-House Member Dues (per year): $5,800
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $900
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $900
Philanthropy: Sigma Nu’s Concert for Kids, Burgers at the Beach
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 15 Spring: Five
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: President’s Achievement Award in Community
Service 2008; First Place IFC Bowling League 2007, 2008; Alpha Affiliate 2008; Top 10 Senior
2008; LEAD Awards; Third Place Homecoming 2006; Homecoming 2008 Float—Second
Place; Sigma Nu Manpower Increase Award 2007; Sigma Nu scholarship Award 2008
Famous Accomplished Alumni: Paul Rudd, Bob Barker, Harrison Ford,
Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Archie Manning, Billy Vessels, Tommy McDonald, Bennie
Owen, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Gene Rainbolt, Charles Schwab, Joe Buck, Robin Williams
Date Party names: White Rose, White Star, High Stakes, Border Dance
Web site: www.ousigmanu.org
number of Men living in House: 17
length of Pledge Program: 10 weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Brandon Williamson
(806) 576-6730

Pat Cullinan
President of Sigma Nu

“After 100 years on the University of President’s Trophy awards

Oklahoma campus, Sigma nu is Campus activities recognition
Community service recognition
proud to continue a legacy of honor,
brotherhood and integrity.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 36 7/16/09 3:17:42 PM

Sigma Phi epsilon

Chapter: Oklahoma Beta
nickname(s): Sig Ep
location (Address): 701 College Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date):
University of Richmond, Nov. 1, 1901
local Founding (Date): June 1, 1946
Motto: “The Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood”
Approximate Chapter Size: 150+
In-House Member Dues (per year): $6,000
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $625
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $1,000
Philanthropy: Sig Ep Dodgeball, Sig Ep Coffeehouse
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: 62 Spring: Eight
Chapter Awards in the last 5 Years: First Place U-Sing 2008;
President’s Trophy Winners 2007-2008, 2006-2007; Chapter House
of the Year 2006; Manpower Award 2005-2008; First Place Grades
Spring/Fall 2007; Greek Challenge 2009; National Outstanding Sig Ep
Chapter Award 2009
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
Davey O’Brien, Rich Gannon, Theodor S. “Dr. Seuss” Geisel,
Dave Thomas
Date Party names: Five O’clock Somewhere, Sam’s Place,
Boo Ball, Captain’s Crush
Web site: www.ousigeps.com
number of Men living in House: 80
length of Pledge Program: One semester
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Ryan Fightmaster
President’s Trophy awards
(405) 694-1630
2nd place overall: president’s fightmaster10@ou.edu
trophy runner-up
academic recognition
Campus activities recognition
Community service recognition
multicultural recognition
Steven Lee
greek awards President of Sigma Phi Epsilon
academic programming
alumni programming “Sig ep develops leaders through the ideals
Community service of virtue, diligence and brotherly love toward
Cultural programming
greek Involvement our goal of building balanced leaders for the
Top Five grades world’s communities.”
spring 2009 37
fall 2008

49449-IFC_2009.indd 37 7/16/09 3:17:57 PM


nickname(s): N/A
location (Address): 702 S. Lahoma Ave.
Founding (Original location and Date):
University of Illinois, April 15, 1907
local Founding (Date): Nov. 18, 1979
Motto: “Veritas Omnia Vincit”
Approximate Chapter Size: 0-50
In-House Member Dues (per year):
$4,653 (Single) $3,528 (Double)
Out-of-House Member Dues (per year): $1,008
First-Year Member Dues (per year): $744
Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity
last Year’s Pledge Class Size: Fall: Seven Spring: Three
Chapter Awards in the Past Five Years: 2008 IFC Recognition
for Academic Programming; National Organization’s Award for Most
Improved GPA, Chapter GPA Over 3.0, and Increase of .2 or more in
Chapter GPA
Famous Accomplished Alumni (local / national):
George Griffin, Stephen Mercer, Frederick R. Kappel, Ellison Onizuke,
Michael Morhaime
Date Party names: N/A
Web site: www.outriangle.org
number of Men living in House: Six
length of Pledge Program: 10-12 weeks
recruitment Chair Contact Info:
Preston Hall
(405) 371-8398

Jeff Boles
President of Triangle

“The purpose of Triangle is to develop

balanced men in the fields of Engineering,
Architecture and Science by providing an
environment which fosters personal growth
and professional success.”

49449-IFC_2009.indd 38 7/16/09 3:18:15 PM

MGC and nPHC Chapters

national Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (nPHC)
The National Pan-Hellenic Council Inc. was organized in 1930 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Headquartered in Indiana,
the organization promotes interaction, encourages cooperation and provides support for each member fraternity and sorority. There
are five fraternities and four sororities under the NPHC umbrella. All nine NPHC organizations are chartered at OU.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Kappa Alpha Psi Phi Beta Sigma
Chapter Name: Zeta Zeta Chapter Name: Zeta Omega Chapter Name: Xi Delta
Nickname: Alphas Nickname: Kappas Nickname: Sigmas
Colors: Black and Old Gold Colors: Crimson and Cream Colors: White and Blue
Motto: First of all servants of all, we shall Founded Nationally: Jan. 5, 1911, Motto: Culture for Service and
transcend all. Indiana University Service for Humanity.
Founded Nationally: Dec. 4, 1906, Founded at OU: April 15, 1993 Founded Nationally: Jan. 9, 1914,
Cornell University Howard University
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.
Founded at OU: Oct. 23, 1967 Founded at OU: March 27, 1982
Chapter Name: Pi Delta
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. Nickname: Omegas or Ques
Chapter Name: Gamma Kappa Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold
Nickname: Iotas Motto: Friendship is essential to the soul.
Colors: Charcoal Brown and Gilded Gold Founded Nationally: Nov. 17, 1911,
Motto: Building a tradition, not resting on one. Howard University
Founded Nationally: 1963, Founded at OU: 1972
Morgan State College
Founded at OU: 1997

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

The MGC joined Fraternity and Sorority Student Life in the fall of 2006 and is currently composed of five fraternities and three sororities.

Beta Chi Theta Delta Epsilon Psi Tau Kappa Omega

Chapter Name: Delta Chapter Chapter Name: Epsilon Chapter Chapter: Alpha
Color: Black, Silver and White Colors: Blue and Silver Colors: Black, Red, White
Founded Nationally: 1999, Founded Nationally: 1998, Founded at OU: March 2002
University of California at Los Angeles University of Texas Web site: www.taukappaomega.com
Founded at OU: 2002 Founded at OU: Spring 2004
Local Contact: Haaris Nizami, (405) 412-0495 Web site: www.depsiepsilon.org
Web site: www.betachitheta.com
Sigma Lambda Beta
Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Chapter Name: Eta Gamma
Chapter Name: Xi Colors: Purple and White
Nickname: Knights Founded Nationally: 1986,
Colors: Scarlet and Silver University of Iowa
Founded Nationally: 1987, Founded at OU: 2003
Texas Tech University Local Contact: vRonnie Hutson,
Founded at OU: Fall 1996 (918) 231-8255
Web site: www.ou.edu/student/odphixi Web site: www.ou.edu/betas

49449-IFC_2009.indd 39 7/16/09 3:18:26 PM

Interfraternity Council Contact
Kevin Estep
Interfraternity Council Adviser
Phone: (405) 325-4029
E-mail: kestep@ou.edu

Michael Nash
Interfraternity Council Vice President of Recruitment
Phone: (405) 325-6751
E-mail: michael.t.nash-1@ou.edu

Brian Ray
Interfraternity Council President
Phone: (405) 325-6751
E-mail: Brian.S.Ray-1@ou.edu

Address: 900 Asp Ave., Suite 370, Norman, OK 73019-4058
Web site: ifc.ou.edu E-mail: ifc@ou.edu

IFC Vice President of Recruitment: Michael Nash

Designed by: Haley Fulco, University of Oklahoma Printing Services
Printed by: University Printing Services

Created by the Oklahoma Territorial Legislature in 1890, the University of Oklahoma is a doctoral degree-granting research
university serving the educational, cultural, economic and health care needs of the state, region and nation. The Norman campus
serves as home to all of the university’s academic programs except health-related fields. Both the Norman and Health Sciences
Center colleges offer programs at the Schusterman Center, the site of OU-Tulsa. The OU Health Sciences Center, which is located
in Oklahoma City, is one of only four comprehensive academic health centers in the nation with seven professional colleges. OU
enrolls more than 30,000 students, has more than 2,400 full-time faculty members, and has 20 colleges offering 158 majors at
the baccalaureate level, 167 majors at the master’s level, 81 majors at the doctoral level, 26 majors at the first professional level,
and 24 graduate certificates. The university’s annual operating budget is $1.48 billion. The University of Oklahoma is an equal
opportunity institution.

The 2009 Recruitment Manual is printed by the Interfraternity Council, with 1,500 copies prepared at no cost to the taxpayers of
the State of Oklahoma. Accommodations on the basis of disability are available by calling (405) 325-4029. (#49449, 07/09)


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49449-IFC_2009.indd 41 7/16/09 3:18:34 PM
49449-IFC_2009.indd 42 7/16/09 3:18:36 PM
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