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to Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney September 1st, 2013 Dear Ms.

Maloney, "Belarusians in Exile" is a non-profit organization uniting Belarusians and their families who were forced to leave the Republic of Belarus because of systematic violations of human rights, violations of democratic principals and the risk of persecution for our political views. Many of us live in New York Citys 12th district. As you probably know, situation with human rights in the Republic of Belarus is not improving and even getting worse. The last presidential and parliamentary elections in the country were considered invalid by the European Union; the Lukashenko regime is putting its political opponents in prison and puts pressure on those who are still free. Political prisoners often become subjects to torture and other forms of inhuman treatment. On 31st of August at 2PM Belarusians in Exile will be staging a peaceful rally near your Manhattan Office at 1651 3rd Avenue in order to attract the public and government attention to the fact that the trade between Republic Belarus and the United States of America continues to provide financial basis to the oppressive regime of Alexander Lukashenko, despite numerous sanctions currently in force. The Lukashenko Regime derives significant revenues from exporting to the US. Many companies exporting to the US are owned 50% or more by the state of Belarus but are not currently designated as SDNs (Specially Designated Nationals). Failure to designate these companies as SDNs means that they are allowed to export to the US and their profits are used freely by the Government of Belarus to finance repression. Existing regulations allow OFAC to impose sanctions against people and companies that have "materially assisted" "...actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Belarus." However, OFAC has failed to add many of the companies financing the Lukashenko regime to the SDN list, even though they meet the criteria for addition under the existing laws. In fact there are only eleven companies on its list! 1
https://www.change.org/petitions/the-office-of-foreign-assets-control-ofac-of-the-us-treasury-expand-sanctions-against- belarusian-companies-supporting-lukashenko-regime

For sanctions to be effective the US must cut off the flow of money to the Belarusian Government. It must not allow Belarusian State owned companies to sell into our market. American purchases should not be funding repression. Belarusians living in USA urged Congress to initiate a resolution on increasing targeted sanctions against companies that are owned or controlled by the State of Belarus and generate substantial profits that could be directed to oppressive causes. To the best of our knowledge, you showed support for Belarusian civil society before by cosponsoring Belarusian Democracy Reauthorization Act of 2006 and it is a great honor for us to invite you to this event. We would greatly appreciate if you or one of your assistants take part in the rally and/or issue a commentary. More than 200,000 Belarusians live in the US, and tens of thousands live in New York City. Belarusians in Exile hopes for your support in the fight for human rights and political freedom in Belarus. Sincerely, Belarusians in Exile Dmitry Shehigelsky