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Friday November 18, 2005

TRANSFORMATION CG gives his perspective on changes that took effect, Wednesday

“Really, [E-Date] is just a technical term that is a
Staff Sgt. Manuel Torres-Cortes
mark on the calendar. Transformation is a process
Staff Writer
that is ongoing, and it won’t happen overnight,” he
According to the definition of transformation, said. “We’re getting our Soldiers trained up on new
it’s a complete change or something with an equipment, and getting them used to being a mod-
improved appearance or usefulness. ular, self-contained, deployable team.”
That definition sums up what the 25th Infantry Not only does transformation allow Soldiers to
Division is doing today. The division will be a more become better fighters, but it also provides them
capable and agile force with the predictabilities they deserve, he added.
that is capable of “This early announce-
working and inte- ment is a good example of
grating itself with that, and this gives Sol-
joint and diers and families time to
plan for this deployment,
and will set them up for
success,” Mixon said.
“Now, knowing for sure
that you’re going down-
range, you can get your
mind right, get your fami-
lies’ minds right, and pre-
Mixon pare for a yearlong deploy-
The division and Soldiers will tailor their reor-
ganization and training around timeframes to
become a more ready force. Some of the division’s
units are scheduled to train in the National Train-
ing Center, in Fort Irwin, Calif., along with train-
ing sites on Schofield Barracks and the Pohakuloa
Training Area on the Island of Hawaii.
“I talk to Soldiers everyday around Schofield
Barracks, and from what I’m hearing, Soldiers
are busy. They’re getting the required train-
ing, and they’re adjusting well to the new
unit formations that they are a part of.
“The division’s transformation
schedule has been busy, and we all
can see that on a day-to-day basis,”
said the commanding general. “Our
commanders and sergeants major
are ensuring that the training is com-
pleted to standard, and that our Sol-
diers will be ready to deploy next year.”
Training is only one of the
many important aspects of transfor-
mation. One of the commanding
general’s top priorities is family readi-
ness groups. Family readiness groups
have been around for many years,
getting better and more capable of
supporting troops and their families
while they are deployed, Mixon
multinational forces. “I can’t stress enough how important our fami-

Stryker capabilities abound The Department of Defense released informa-

tion that the ‘Tropic Lightning Division’ will be
deployed next year along with the 3rd Infantry
ly readiness groups are to the division. They pro-
vide continuity and stability while our Soldiers
are downrange, and they
Brigade Combat Team. help families cope with the issues they face when
include three infantry battalions; a Even before this, the division has been focused their loved one is deployed,” said Mixon.
Bradley Rhen
Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Tar- on training leaders and Soldiers, employing new “I just want to say that the FRGs are a combat
Contributing Writer
get Acquisition (RSTA) squadron; an equipment, structuring units to become a more multiplier that doesn’t receive enough recognition.
The 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat artillery battalion; a support battal- lethal force and preparing for deployment at the It’s a network of family members, spouses, hus-
Team began its transformation into a ion; a military intelligence company; same time since returning from Iraq and bands and wives who form a strong bond that
more lethal fighting force, capable of an engineer company; a signal compa- Afghanistan earlier this year. strengthens the bond of the unit as well.”
deploying anywhere in the world in 96 ny; and an anti-tank company. “This announcement was not surprising to us,” Ultimately, it’s the commander’s responsibility
hours, after it returned from Opera- Traditional infantry brigades are said Maj. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, 25th Infantry to ensure success of family readiness groups and
tion Iraqi Freedom deployment. only organized with these capabili- Division commanding general. “We have been training of rear detachment commanders, accord-
Based around the 20-ton, eight- ties for large training exercis- preparing to return to Iraq to participate ing to Mixon. Without FRGs and volunteers, he
wheeled Stryker vehicle, all SBCTs es or for war. In the SBCT, in the global war on terrorism, and believes, units could not accomplish their mission.
are designed to bridge the gap these units train we will continue the training Through time and effort, the division will com-
between the Army’s heavy and light together year-round. throughout the coming year, to plete its transformation, but until then, Soldiers
forces. The Stryker vehi- include the training of the divi- and their family members will need to stay
Eventually, the Army will outfit cle has 10 variants sion staff.” informed through various avenues through their
seven SBCTs: three at Fort Lewis, that include the Division leaders recently change of command and also throughout commu-
Wash., and one each in Alaska, Infantry Carrier received an opportunity to nities.
Hawaii, Pennsylvania and Germany. vehicle, Mobile learn more about the transfor- “Soldiers need to be involved in the change,”
Three are currently operational, Gun System, Anti- mation in a two-day class explained Mixon. “Soldiers need to stay informed
two at Fort Lewis and one in Alaska. Tank Missile designed to incorporate under- by reading the Hawaii Army Weekly, the 25th ID’s
The 172nd SBCT from Alaska is cur- Guided Vehicle, standing and cohesion. Web page and participating in unit activities such
rently deployed in support of Opera- Reconnaissance “One of the important parts as FRG meetings.”
tion Iraqi Freedom. The two SBCTs at Vehicle, Fire Support of transformation is training our Soldiers participating in transformation are
Fort Lewis have previously deployed Vehicle, Engineer leaders,” said Mixon. “For two days, especially encouraged to take a look at their
to OIF. Squad Vehicle, Mortar leaders were taught by an expert organizations, and the way they are structured,
The speed and quietness of Stryk- Carrier Vehicle, Comman- about transformation. They attended and think about ways to make transformation
ers, compared to armored track vehi- der’s Vehicle, Medical Evacua- classes, briefings and exercises all designed innovative and more effective for all organiza-
cles, prompted many Iraqis, when the tion Vehicle, and a Nuclear to allow the leaders to think about how transfor- tions.
second SBCT was deployed around Biological and Chemical Reconnais- mation applies to their organizational units.” “Our Soldiers have the right mindset; they
Samarra, to give the brigade Soldiers sance Vehicle. While these classes were tailored to enhance are prepared for anything that will come
the nickname “Ghost Riders.” The The Stryker can be deployed by C- understanding, leaders were dressed in civilian their way.
Stryker vehicles arrive and deploy 130, C-17, or C-5 aircraft, and it can be clothes to relax the atmosphere and create a “Our training here on Schofield
their infantrymen with little noise or combat-capable upon arrival in any forum that had no rank. Barracks is tough, realistic ... and it will prepare
warning. contingency area. “This allowed them to see the transformation in them for what they will face in Iraq,” emphasized
“They just don’t know we’re com- Stryker vehicles have robust armor a different light,” said Mixon. “They got good Mixon.
ing,” one Soldier said when his Stryk- protection, can sustain speeds of 60 ideas to do inside their organization to help them “The Tropic Lightning Division is proud to have
er traveled down a city street in miles-per-hour. They have commonali- improve this change process.” been selected for this challenging mission. The
Mosul, barely making more noise than ty of parts and self-recovery abilities, Leaders and Soldiers knew what to expect Soldiers of America’s Pacific Division are proud,
the diesel generators that power many and they also have a central tire infla- when the redesignation took effect Wednesday, ready and eager to show our Army and our nation
houses in a country chronically short tion system. In other words, the tires Nov. 16. However, this date was only one of many that we are true to our motto.
of electricity. can be shot out, and the vehicle can dates the division was focusing on, according to “ ‘Ready to strike! Anywhere, anytime,’” the
SBCTs have 3,900 personnel and still run on them. Mixon. commanding general said.

Soldiers, families, communities will see impacts of transformation

Division is transforming the 2nd new ranges will offer a tough, real- areas. Drum Road, a military cies by the State Civil Defense.
Mike Egami
Brigade; 3rd Brigade; Headquar- istic environment to hone the skills road traversing from Helemano Currently, 28 construction proj-
USAG-HI Transformation
ters, Aviation; and Sustainment of our warriors. Military Reservation and Kahuku ects on Oahu and the Island of
Community Liaison Specialist Brigades. Additionally, a new facility, the Training Area, will be redesigned Hawaii amount to an estimated
The Army is undergoing the With transformation, the 25th Battle Command Training Center and constructed as a two-way spending of $693 million. Out of
most comprehensive transforma- ID is constructing new training will provide realistic training paved road. this amount, approximately $234
tion of its forces since World War II. facilities to tailor training to face through information technology. However, although Drum Road million is destined for the Island of
It is increasing the number of the threat of insurgents on the bat- New vehicle roads will be con- is being upgraded for military Hawaii.
active component modular brigade tlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. structed to keep military vehicles traffic, the road could be also used The labor force for many pri-
combat teams from 33 to 43. Troops will be training with state- off of public highways when it is as an emergency vehicle route mary and subcontractors is local
In Hawaii, the 25th Infantry of-the-art equipment, and these necessary to convoy to training during times of declared emergen- construction firms.
C-2 Hawaii Army Weekly TRANSFORMATION November 18, 2005

2nd Brigade gets Strykers Many units
Pfc. Kyndal Brewer
Staff Writer
Brigade has received five new
activated units, which include
556th Signal Company; 5th
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — With Squadron, 14 Cavalry Regi-
a history full of accomplishments, 2nd ment; 52nd Anti-tank Co.;
Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division, 185th Military Intelligence
is in the process of transforming into Co.; and 66th Engineer Co. Master Sgt. Terry Anderson
2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team Each unit will bring new 25th ID Public Affairs Office
(SBCT), to continue building upon its capabilities to the brigade
such as enhancing intelli- SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — As the
gence, surveillance and recon- 25th Infantry Division works its way
“The SBCT is setting the stage for
naissance integration; organ- through its biggest structural changes
the future of Army forces,” said Maj.
ic support and sustainment since World War II, Tropic Lightning
Dewey A. Mosley, the brigade deputy
capabilities; and modular has welcomed some new faces and has
effects coordinator. “Concurrently,
employment of the SBCT, and bid Aloha to many of its traditional
Stryker brigades are engaged in com-
most importantly, Stryker units that have played an important
bat operations while newly forming
vehicles. role in the division’s history.
1st Stryker Brigade Stryker brigades are preparing to
“The Stryker itself really Units that have already inactivated
deploy in their place,” he continued. “It
Combat Team is essential that these brigades are brings forth major capabili- include the 125th Military Intelligence
(Fort Lewis, Wa.) ties,” Mosley explained. Battalion; 65th Engineer Bn.; the 1st
provided with the best resources and
A Stryker vehicle can Bn., 62nd Air Defense Artillery; 25th
training possible to accomplish their
deploy in a C-130, combat Military Police Company; Battery F, 7th
loaded. It can be on the Field Artillery; and the 125th Signal
Second Brigade was originally con-
ground and ready to go in Bn.
stituted on Aug. 5, 1917. Since that
about 12 minutes. It also The 125th Sig. Bn. held its inactiva-
time, the brigade has taken part in
provides greater mobility, tion ceremony Oct. 28, marking 64
World War II, the Korean War, the
survivability and lethality. years of rich history in the 25th
Vietnam War, and conflicts in Haiti
“The greatest advantage Infantry Division.
and Boznia.
that the SBCT brings to the “There are so many people to thank
“Everywhere they went, they made
fight is not just the new equip- for the support of this battalion,” said
a name for themselves,” said Mosley.
ment,” Mosley said. “True Lt. Col. Anthony Farris, 125th Sig. Bn.
In January of 2004, the unit
transformation is building Commander. “Voice of Lightning, Tropic
deployed to Iraq, right outside the
adaptable, agile leaders Lightning, hooah!”
city of Kirkuk. During its deployment,
that embody the warrior Units that will soon inactivate as
Soldiers engaged in peacekeeping
ethos.” part of the transformation process
operations and humanitarian projects.
include 1st Bn., 25th Aviation Regi-
“The culmination of their deploy-
ment; the 68th Medical Co. (Air Ambu-
ment occurred just before they were
Soldiers of 1st Battal- lance); 2nd Bn., 5th Inf. Regt.; and the
relieved when they helped support
ion, 21st Infantry Regi- 725th Main Support Bn.
the first free elections in Iraq in over
2nd Stryker Brigade ment, search for Some Soldiers from the inactivated
50 years,” said Mosley.
Combat Team weapon caches in units are reassigned to other units
So far in the transformation Sgt. Sean Kimmons across the division that need their mili-
process to a Stryker brigade, 2nd Kirkuk, Iraq. tary occupational specialty.
“Since the Division recently rede-
ployed from OIF [Operation Iraqi Free-

3rd Brigade revs up training

dom] and OEF [Operation Enduring
Freedom], many of our Soldiers [depart-
ed] to new duty assignments elsewhere
in the Army,” said Maj. Dominic Spara-
cio, G-7 transformation deputy.
Sgt. Maurice Smith “This normal post-deployment
3rd Brigade PAO turnover alleviated much of the
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS issue of moving Soldiers from inactivat-
— It echoes constantly ing units to the remaining or trans-
throughout the hallways of forming units. However, many Soldiers
office buildings, barracks who were not due to PCS, and [who]
rooms and maybe even were still needed in the remaining
throughout the housing here at units, have been reassigned to other
Schofield. For the Soldiers on units in the Division,” Sparacio contin-
this particular post, they are ued. “Any new positions not filled by
3rd Infantry Brigade living it every day. Soldiers from inactivating units are
“Transformation” is all being filled from elsewhere in the
Combat Team
around this area. From unit Army.”
conversion ceremonies to acti- Newly activated units include 2nd
vation and inactivation cere- Stryker Brigade Combat Team’s 556th
monies, brigades such as the Signal Co.; 66th Engineer Co.; 5th
3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regt.; and the
Team are living transformation 185th Military Intelligence Co.
every day to be better prepared Company B, 52nd Artillery, activated
when called upon for combat. Wednesday.
“While Transformation is Units within the 2nd SBCT that
about change, it’s more about Spc. Claudia K. Bullard have reorganized include the 225th
the future,” said Maj. Sam Above — Capt. Brendan Raymond (right), 3rd Bn., 7th Field Artillery Brigade Support Bn.; 2nd Bn., 11th
Whitehurst, executive officer, Rgt., leads members of his team on a foot patrol down a main thor- Field Artillery; and Headquarters and
3rd IBCT. oughfare in Kandahar City, Afghanistan. Headquarters Co., 2nd Bde. Reorgani-
“Transformation is about zation of the three infantry battalions
making us more expeditionary Left — A Soldier within the 2nd SBCT began Wednesday
and better prepared to deal and will conclude Dec. 16.
with 2nd Battal-
with current threats as well as Within the 3rd Infantry Brigade
ion, 27th Combat Team, the Special Troops Bat-
future, emerging threats,” he
said. Infantry Regi- talion will also activate Wednesday.
4th Airborne Brigade Even as 3rd Brigade trans- ment, dis- Units reorganizing include 3rd Bn., 7th
forms to an Infantry Brigade charges a round FA; 3rd Squadron, 4th Cav. Regt.; HHC,
Combat Team 3rd Brigade; 2nd Bn., 27th Inf. Reg.;
Combat Team, they have been during "reflex-
(Alaska) a fixture here in the Pacific for ive fire" training 2nd Bn., 35th Inf. Regt.; and the 325th
the last 40-plus years. Known at the KR4 Support Bn.
as the Broncos, 3rd Brigade The Division Headquarters has also
Range on
was organized under the 25th reorganized the HHC, and it has acti-
Schofield Bar- vated Tactical Command Posts and a
Infantry Division at Schofield
Barracks on August 12, 1963. racks, Oct. 12. Special Troops Bn.
At that time, the Broncos were The 25th Combat Aviation Brigade
made up of three battalions, will activate two units by Jan. 2006, the
the 1st Battalion, 14th Spc. Leslie Alberts 209th Aviation Support Bn. and 3rd
Infantry; the 1st Bn., 35th Inf. Bn., 25th Avn. Rgt.
and the 2nd Bn., 35th Inf.. well. I think we have identified the key tasks we need The brigade will reorganize 2nd Bn.,
Over the years, the Bronco Brigade has deployed in to be proficient in to successfully complete that task. I 25th Avn. Regt. and HHC, Avn. Bde.
support of numerous strategic training exercises, think we’ve got time to do it. So I’m very confident The 1st Bn., 25th Avn. Rgt., will reor-
humanitarian assistance missions, and combat mis- that we will be trained and ready to go,” said Stack- ganize into 2nd Bn., 6th Cavalry Regt.,
sions throughout the Pacific Rim as well as other pole. next summer.
parts of the world. The Broncos’ command sergeant major also agrees The 45th Corps Support Group will
Most recently, 3rd Bde. deployed in support of Oper- on the unit readiness being increased for this mission reorganize its headquarters, activate
ation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. As part of due to the transformation. the 82nd Eng. Support Co. and become
ongoing combat operations against the Taliban in “The brigade will be ready to deploy. They will be the 8th Theater Support Command.
25th Combat Southern Afghanistan, they brought stability and ready to handle any mission given to them, just as This transformation process may
security to one of the most war-torn areas in the they were given to them in Afghanistan,” said Com- seem very confusing on the surface, but
Aviation Brigade region. mand Sgt Maj. Frank Leota, Broncos’ command ser- Sparacio says when you dig below the
Now as 3rd Bde. transforms to an infantry brigade geant major. surface it all makes sense.
combat team consisting of two infantry battalions, a “We got the right people in the right places, great “Many of our units inactivated as
recon squadron, and a field artillery, special troops, leadership, leadership development programs, and a separate organizations that are now
and brigade support battalion they have just been good thing about is we have a lot of experience still left incorporated into the brigade combat
alerted for deployment to Iraq sometime next year. from Soldiers who have been to Afghanistan,” said team [BCT] structure that the Army is
Col. Patrick T. Stackpole, the brigade commander, Leota. embracing,” he said. “Previously, we had
believes that transformation will give his unit the “We also picked up experience from folks who have separate infantry brigades who
right forces in order to be successful in Iraq. been in Iraq. It is a well-rounded organization with received support from separate func-
“We brought all of the combat support into the this new restructure of the IBCT, said Leota who has tional supporting units such as engi-
brigade . . . (and our) separate companies . . . are now also experienced similar developments at a prior duty neer, signal, military police, military
part of the brigade every day vice in the past when we station. intelligence, quartermaster, ordnance,
would only get them prior to deployment,” said Stack- “I’ve also done that (restructuring) with a Stryker etc.
pole. brigade in Fort Lewis, so I’m no stranger to transfor- “Many of the separate units inacti-
“This is the way that we fight. It should be the way mation,” he said. vated, but the personnel and much of
we train. It should be the way that we work everyday,” With all of this going on, two things remain the the equipment is being reallocated to
he said. same within 3rd IBCT since being activated and may the now larger brigade combat team.
Even as the Broncos transform, they will be ready never change – the Soldiers fighting everyday to That way the units can train together
for combat next year. ensure freedom for our country, and the Broncos and deploy together as a cohesive
45th Sustainment Brigade “We have analyzed the problem –combat in Iraq- motto, which has always been “None Better.” team.”
November 18, 2005 TRANSFORMATION Hawaii Army Weekly C-3


How has the 25th reorganized?

25th ID(L)

2nd Infanty 3rd Infantry Division Aviation Division 125th Military 65th 1-62 Air 556th
Brigade Brigade Support Brigade Artillery Intelligence 125th Signal Engineer Defense Personnel
Command Artillery Support

25th ID(L)
Special Troops
2nd Stryker Brigade 3rd Infantry 45th Sustainment 25thCombat Aviation Major Tenant
Combat Team Brigade Combat Team Brigade Brigade Organizations
45th Corps Support Group
• 30th SIG BN
2 2-11 3 SUST 25 • 599th Trans Group
• 25th ASOS
Brigade Brigade
• 9th RSC
1-14 225 Support 2-27 Troop 3-25 • HIARNG
Battalion Battalion GSAB
• TAMC, Schofield
1-21 B/52 2-35 17 Support 2-6 • 125th Finance
Battalion Battalion
• 556th Personnel
1-27 66 3/4 524 Support 2-25 Support Battalion
Battalion • 84th Engineer
Combat Battalion
Military Aviation
5/14 185 Intelligence 3-7 209 Support • 29th Engineer
Battalion Battalion
• Military Police
556 325 Support 6-17 Brigade - Hawaii
Battalion Division Artillery and
Division Support Command
Troop Legend
Styker Engineers General
Headquarters Aviation Battalion
Corp Support Signal
Calvary Battalion Battalion Attack Aviation
Field Artillary Battalion Infantry Assault Battalion

45th Corps Support gets new name, mission

its role in USARPAC.
Spc. Amanda Flemett
At the time, the 45th CSG (F)
Staff Writer
is authorized 123 personnel in HHC.
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — In 2006, after the transformation to
Rumor has it that the 45th Corps the 8th TSC has taken place, Soldier
Support Group (Forward) is inacti- strength will double. By 2007, it 1st Battalion, 62nd Air
vating. The truth is, it will adjust to should triple that amount. Defense Artillery
the needs of the Army’S transforma- The 8th TSC will be comprised of
tion plan. multiple components of the Army,
The history of the 45th began in including active duty, National
1936 as the 45th Quartermaster Reg- Guard and Reserve personnel who
iment (Truck). After multiple will focus on operations in the Pacific.
changes, the 45th, activated at Fort The unit will continue to use
Shafter in 1972 as the 45th active duty personnel who have time
Support Group. Twenty-one years left on the island.
later, the 45th re-designated to the “TSC is set up to
45th Corps Support Group (For- be worldwide deploy-
ward). able, but focused on a
“It’s not really going away, but it certain theater,” said
will change a little,” explained Novak, explaining
Capt. Jared Novak of the 45th CSG the main mission for
(F). the 8th TSC.
Courtesy Photos
The unit designation will change The 45th will lose
from the 45th CSG (F) to the 8th The- its two corps support Above — The 536th Maintenance Com-
ater Support Command, and its battalions, the 17th pany practices marksmanship in differ-
assignment as a subordinate unit in CSB and the 524th ent scenarios to stay sharp for combat.
U.S. Army, Pacific, will be among CSB to Division Sup-
some of the changes. port Command; how- 65th Engineer Battalion
Left — An ammunition casing is eject-
The headquarters unit is the ever, DISCOM ed from a M-16 rifle during marksman-
section that will oversee all logistics became the 45th Sus-
tainment Brigade
ship training in Iraq.
operations within the theater,
while the 8th TSC will eventually Wednesday. also spent time supporting Opera- CSB just returned from OIF.
increase the Army’s capability in All of 45th CSG’s history will tions Enduring Freedom and Iraqi The 84th Engineer Combat Bat-
USARPAC. transfer to the 45th Sustainment Freedom. talion, another battalion subordinate
For the next year, 8th TSC Brigade. The 524th CSB deployed in to 45th CSG, will deploy in support of
will be an interim unit, fine-tuning Since Sept. 11, 2001, the 45th has support of OEF, and the 17th OIF next month.

Division Support Command takes on new roles

sified as a brigade support battalion to garrison and on deployments. Combined Joint Task Force–76 in
Pfc. Durwood Blackmon
2nd Brigade, and the 325th FSB to 3rd In Jan. 2007, the 45th Sust. Bde Operation Enduring Freedom.
Staff Writer
Bde., said Capt. Benjamin J. Wunder- will become brigade headquarters for The 325th FSB also deployed to
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — lich, Division Bde. S-1 for the 45th the 17th Corps Support Battalion, Afghanistan to support 3rd Bde. in
Change is apparent throughout the Sust. Bde. as well as the 524th CSB and all February and April 2004.
25th Infantry Division as the Army Additionally, several primary units their subordinate units. At that time, The 225th FSB deployed in Janu- 125th Military Intelligence
continues to reorganize and restruc- that are not transforming at this time it will become a three-battalion ary and February 2004 with 2nd Bde.
ture its fighting force. were also re-situated. brigade, including its new brigade to Iraq for more than 12 months.
Every Soldier, from the highest The 71st Chemical Company and troops battalion. DISCOM becomes the 45th Sust.
ranked to junior enlisted, is experienc- the 8th Forward Surgical Team were The 17th and 524th will have very Bde. as it gears up for future deploy-
ing some form of the positive conver- both moved to the 45th Corp Support few modifications and will keep their ment scheduled during the summer of
sions that are taking place. Group, Wunderlich said. supporting companies intact, said 2006.
The 25th ID Division Support Com- “Sections have also moved,” Wun- Wunderlich. “Our Headquarters is scheduled
mand (DISCOM) is no exception. It derlich added. “For instance, the Divi- As the 45th label is reassigned to and planning to deploy. We are start-
has welcomed these innovative sion Medical Operation Center, which the Sustainment Brigade, those who ing to get ready,” said Wunderlich.
changes by overhauling its configura- was in DISCOM … under the new are currently in the 45th Corps As the Army continues to restruc-
tion to become a newly designed modular unit of action design … is Support Group will become the ture, Wunderlich appreciates the new
strength within the Army. now part of the Division staff.” foundation for the 8th Theater changes that are taking place.
DISCOM shifted gears Wednesday Depending on requirements, Sol- Support Command. “It is exciting times; it’s been a
from a support command to the 45th diers and G-1 personnel have also As units combine, they each bring challenge and has been a learning
Sustainment Brigade. These changes been cross-leveled to the 3rd Infantry with them valuable experience from experience,” Wunderlich explained.
have repositioned and assembled Bde. Combat Team, the Stryker Bde., varied deployments. “And we are still learning everyday.
units from within the division to cre- the Combat Aviation Bde., and the DISCOM Headquarters and newly “It has been a lot of fun to see
ate a more diversified organization. Division Headquarters. inactivated 725th Main Support Bat- these major changes that don’t hap-
In June of this year, DISCOM The new focus of the 45th talion Headquarters deployed during pen too often in one’s career … to hap-
released both the 225th Forward Sup- Sust. Bde. will be management of February and April 2004 for 12 pen right in front of you. It’s been a
port Battalion, which has been reclas- materials and assets both in months in Afghanistan to support good experience.” 125th Signal Battalion
C-4 Hawaii Army Weekly TRANSFORMATION November 18, 2005


Maj. Gen.
Benjamin R.
Sept. 9:
Troop, 3rd
MILESTONES May 25: 1st
Bn., 62nd Air
Mixon assumes
command of the
4th Cav. Nov. 2: 225th
Changes abound in the 25th Defense Division inactivates Brigade Sup-
Infantry Division since Artillery Regt. Aug. 16: 25th MP port Battalion
redeployment from Afghanistan. inactivates Co. inactivates reorganizes

March 15: June 15: DIVARTY July 14: Oct. 14: 5th Sqdn., 14th Cav.
Tropic Light- inactivates 4th Air- Regt., activates; 82nd Eng.
ning Division borne Co., offloads equipment in
begin to rede- June 23: Co. F, 2nd Brigade Hawaii from South Korea;
ploy Bn., 25 Avn. Regt., Combat and 94th AAMDC activates
inactivates Team
(Alaska) Oct. 28: 125th Signal Bn.
joins 25th inactivates

Combat Aviation Brigade continues to transform What does it mean?

brings with it new
Staff Sgt. Manuel Torres-Cortes Army lingo, which
17th Public Affairs Detachment Soldiers and
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, civilians on Army
Hawaii – Since the 25th Aviation installations will
was constituted in 1957, many hear in the days
changes have occurred because of ahead mixed
the improvement in technology betwixt “old-timer”
and equipment, none more
acronyms and
important than the work Soldiers
and leaders are doing now to abbreviations.
“Transform” the brigade.
By restructuring the units to ACR – Armored Cavalry Regiment
tailor the needs of today’s Army ADA – Air Defense Artillery
in combat, it allows units to ASB – Aviation Support Battalion
become a self-sustained fighting ASA (ALT) – Assistant Secretary of
force. the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and
“The brigade will change from
three organic battalions, which
includes one Attack, one Cavalry AT – Annual Training
and one Assault and five separate ATM – Air Training Manual or
companies to five Battalions, Asynchronous Transfer Mode
which will contain two Cavalry, (dependent on context)
one Assault, one General Support CAB – Combat Aviation Brigade
Avn. and one Avn. Support Bat- CDR – Commander
talion with two separate compa- CIC – Command Information Center
nies,” said Maj. Gregory A. Baker,
COMSEC – Communications Security
executive officer, Combat Avn
Bde, 25th ID. CSA – Chief of Staff, Army
About a 1,000 combat C2 – Command and Control
Soldiers will be added to the DIV – Division, Divisional
brigade to sustain these units DoD – Department of Defense
and man the additional equip- E-Date – Effective Date
ment that the brigade will FORSCOM – Forces Command
Lt. Col. Michael Lundy
receive. FRAGO – Fragmented Article
“The Combat Avn Bde will An OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter from 1st Battalion (Attack), 25th Aviation Regiment
FTX – Field Training Exercise
receive an additional eight UH- patrols the skies over Baghdad, Iraq. “Lightning Attack” conducted aerial reconnaissance,
60s Blackhawk helicopters, six
GPS – Global Positioning System
close combat attacks and security missions for the 1st Armored Division and 1st Cavalry
CH-47s Heavy Lift Helicopters GS – General Support
Division during its Operation Iraqi Freedom deployment.
and 36 OH-58D Kiowa Warriors GSAB – General Support Aviation
before deployment,” said Battalion
Baker. “Additionally the brigade HQDA – Headquarters, Department
will gain over 635 wheeled of the Army
vehicles.” IA – Information Assurance
Not only will they receive new IBCT – Infantry Brigade Combat
equipment, but they will also
reset all of their old aircraft and
equipment to be fixed to support IOC – Initial Operational Capability
the brigades. ISO – In Support Of
“We will be taking aircraft JTF – Joint Task Force
from the combat theaters and MRX – Mission Readiness Exercise
restoring them to post deploy- NET – New Equipment Training
ment condition, inspect and PDSS – Pre Deployment Site Survey
repair to standards, eliminate QRF – Quick Reaction Force
desert induced damage and
SBCT – Stryker Brigade Combat Team
repair crash/battle debagged air-
craft,” he added. TACSOP— Tactical Standing
This move saves the Army Operating Procedures
millions of dollars instead of pur- TMSS— Trailer Mounted Support
chasing new aircraft and parts. It Courtesy Photos System
will also speed up the process to Above — A CH-47D Chinook helicopter gets prepped for C-17 air- TRADOC— Training and Doctrine
help units become closer to com- craft transportation before its deployment to Pakistan. Command
pletion. TUAV – Tactical Unmanned Aerial
“As transformation continues,
Right — A water bucket, used to fight local brush fires, is lifted Vehicle
the Combat Aviation Brigade will
have significantly enhanced by a Chinook helicopter. UE – Unit of Execution
capabilities that were not resi- By coupling these new capa- Transformation hasn’t stop “The brigade is conducting its UIC — Unit Identity Code
dent in our legacy force at bilities, with the addition of the accomplishment and success transformation while simultane- USMTF— United States Message
the Divisional level,” according enhanced sustainment capabili- of the brigade. The Avn. Bde. ously having units deployed in Text Format
to Baker. “The brigade will ties, the division will have a unit began supporting the Global War Operation Enduring Freedom, V — Version
have organic Heavy Lift Heli- capable of supporting multiple on Terrorism in January 2004 providing Humanitarian mis- VMC — Vehicle Mounted
copters (CH-47s), MEDEVAC Infantry Brigade Combat Teams with the deployment to Iraq in sions in Pakistan,” said Baker. Configuration
(HH-60s) and almost double the at a same time maintaining the support of Operation Iraqi Free- The brigade is also fulfilling WAN— Wide Area Network
amount of attack Kiowa Warriors capability to tailor specific force dom. The remainder of the Avn. its global commitment to the
(OH-58Ds) and enhanced
WSO— Workstation Operator
packages to meet other contin- Bde. began deploying in March Army with elements deployed to
capabilities compared to that of gency operations, according to 2004 to Afghanistan in support of central Asia and the Florida XML— Extensible Markup Language
our legacy force.” Baker. Operation Enduring Freedom. Coast.

25th Special Troops Battalion is Division’s main support element

The battalion will provide worldwide, “Essentially, this battalion was
headquartered around the old MI
Soldiers of Company A, 25th
STB, will be responsible to provide
command posts as they operate
independently over a large battle
deployable battle command capabilities battalion,” said Maj. Edward
O’Neill, S3 for 25th STB.
C4ISR (command, control, commu-
nications, computers, intelligence,
This will not be the first time the
two tactical command posts with its As Lt. Col. Patricia A. Frost, surveillance and reconnaissance) battalion has supported the Divi-
Sgt. Sean Kimmons
signal and logistical capabilities, Command Sgt. Maj. Michael R. capabilities to the Division’s com- sion in combat though.
Assistant Editor
among others. Gertin and the rest of the command mand posts. “It’s a new organization with
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — The battalion officially activated group from 125th MI Bn. propped Headquarters and Headquarters roots from World War II,” O’Neill
The command group from the Tuesday and currently stands at 70 up the support outfit from almost Company, 25th STB, will be the said.
recently inactivated 125th Military percent of its projected personnel. nothing, two military intelligence main logistical support element. The unit’s lineage dates back to
Intelligence Battalion is in the When transformation is complete, companies separated off to 2nd and And also transitioning into the 1943, and it has seen combat
process of building up a support more than 880 personnel will fall 3rd Brigades. battalion is the Division headquar- in three different wars. In the
battalion for the 25th Infantry under the battalion. “It’s a great opportunity to see a ters, Tropic Lightning Band near future, the unit will see a
Division. Transformation for the battalion unit grow from the very beginning,” and 17th Public Affairs Detach- fourth.
Focus of the new 25th Special began in August at about the same O’Neill said about the support bat- ment. “We’re all excited about our next
Troops Battalion is to sustain the time when 125th MI Bn. deactivat- talion. “We have unique capabilities Each of these assets will play a mission, which will be in Iraq next
Division’s main command post and ed. to support the Division.” role in assisting the Division’s summer,” O’Neill said.