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SET 01

Set 1
1. T  he company has a rule ------- entrance to the warehouse without official authorization. (A) prohibited (B) prohibiting (C) prohibit (D) prohibits
2.  Customers can call our hotline to hear about 6.  Part-time staff members will receive -------

salaries. (A) reduction (B) reducing (C) reduced (D) reduce

7.  A company logo has been ------- from

------- of the discounts and special offers available to them. (A) so (B) such (C) ones (D) some
3.  A deposit must ------- to the manager in

the selection submitted by the advertising department. (A) choose (B) chosen (C) to choose (D) choosing
8.  The chairman ------- to the business

order to secure ones reservation. (A) be paid (B) be paying (C) have paid (D) to pay
4.  Of the five applicants for the position, four

convention if his schedule had allowed for it. (A) will go (B) went (C) have gone (D) would have gone
9.  ------- can call our customer service center if

are too inexperienced, while ------- has a bad attitude. (A) other (B) the others (C) others (D) the other
5.  A full health examination is mandatory for

you require more information. (A) You (B) Your (C) Yours (D) Yourself
10.  If you wish to make an appointment with

------- the employees participating in the charity climbing expedition. (A) many (B) how (C) whom (D) all

Professor Coltrane, please contact ------- by email. (A) him (B) his own (C) he (D) his

11.  When Ms. Cassavetes ------- to the

16.  The newly installed robotic arm on the

Set 1

marketing department last month, she received a salary increase of 15%. (A) moves (B) has moved (C) moving (D) moved
12.  The door wont open ------- the password

assembly line will be ------- starting Monday. (A) operational (B) operate (C) operation (D) operations
17.  ------- testing is required before the project

Set 2 Set 3 Set 4

has been entered correctly. (A) when (B) unless (C) in case (D) given
13.  ------- the interviewers were impressed

can enter the production stage. (A) Additional (B) Addition (C) Additionally (D) Additions
18.  Modern cellular phones boast -------

Set 5 Set 6

with him, Ben was not offered the position. (A) Despite (B) Although (C) Because (D) In addition to
14.  All software changes must be dealt with

interactive features and entertainment options. (A) every (B) many (C) a lot (D) little
19.  Mr. Smith found Kevins advice -------

Set 7 Set 8 Set 9

before the ------- version is shown to investors. (A) finalize (B) finalist (C) finals (D) final
15.  The concert organizers insist ------- no

when he began working at the company. (A) helpfully (B) help (C) helpful (D) helps
20.  Many companies ------- success relies
Set 10

recording equipment be brought into the venue. (A) so (B) that (C) while (D) unless

on customer loyalty offer incentives and discounts to long-term customers. (A) that (B) his (C) whose (D) which

21.  The entire staff of Harvard University

26.  ------- the old computer system, our new

consists of around 12,000 people, many of ------- are employed by the Department of Medicine. (A) which (B) whose (C) whom (D) those
22.  Be sure to frequently save your work -------

network features a broadband connection to the internet. (A) Before (B) Instead (C) Unlike (D) Contrary
27.  Some of the workers ------- discontent

toward the proposed changes. (A) express (B) expresses (C) expressing (D) to express
28.  Each ------- must prepare a mock

avoid any loss of information due to system errors. (A) for (B) to (C) so (D) when
23.  Motivating and encouraging workers is a

presentation for his second interview. crucial part of ------- an effective manager. (A) be (B) being (C) been (D) to be
24.  Few businesses doubt the ------- of

(A) application (B) applicant (C) applicants (D) apply

29.  A corporate takeover is a ------- process

that involves many weeks of negotiations. advertising in the commercial market. (A) powerfully (B) powered (C) powerful (D) power
25.  Delivery of your items will be made -------

(A) length (B) lengthen (C) lengthy (D) lengthens

30.  In the event of a large fire, please contact

three days from the date of payment. (A) within (B) toward (C) before (D) among

the emergency services immediately and do not attempt by any means to extinguish the blaze -------. (A) yourself (B) itself (C) himself (D) themselves


SET 02

Set 2
1.  Mr. Howard is knowledgable ------- in 6.  The dramatic rise in crime rates ------- been

business to start his own printing company. (A) enough (B) too much (C) very (D) well
2.  The basement level of the factory will be

linked to the rise in unemployment. (A) has (B) have (C) having (D) to have
7.  Some ------- information about upcoming

closed for ------- during the next three months. (A) renovation (B) renovate (C) renovated (D) renovator
3.  ------- enough time is available, the weekly

local events is listed on the web site. (A) interesting (B) interests (C) interested (D) interest
8.  While ------- a new firewall software, we

meeting will be followed by a presentation. (A) The fact that (B) In view of (C) Providing (D) Nevertheless
4.  Richard Harris was instructed to search

had our web site repeatedly shut down by a series of hacking attacks. (A) installed (B) installing (C) install (D) installment
9.  The board of directors did not accept -------

for the largest convention hall ------Bakersfield, California. (A) of (B) in (C) from (D) to
5.  The recent ------- are likely to benefit anyone

of the changes to the health and safety regulations that were suggested by the inspector. (A) any (B) those (C) them (D) every
10.  ------- companies have signed an

working in the health industry. (A) reformed (B) reformer (C) reforms (D) reform

agreement obligating them to actively promote each others new product line. (A) Each (B) Any (C) Every (D) Both

11.  As a quality control supervisor, ------- must

16.  Once Peter ------- the more advanced

Set 1

never allow defective products to pass the inspection. (A) your (B) yours (C) you (D) yourself
12.  ------- the chairman thinks you are suitable

aspects of computing, the company started giving him more complicated assignments. (A) has mastered (B) masters (C) had mastered (D) is mastering
17.  ------- the seminar was free to attend, not

Set 2 Set 3 Set 4

for the public relations position, he will contact you to schedule a second interview. (A) If (B) Though (C) Whether (D) While
13.  During the flight, we will serve -------

many employees showed up. (A) Instead of (B) Because (C) Although (D) Due to
18.  People like to replace their cars every few

Set 5 Set 6

passengers a hot meal and beverage of their choice. (A) us (B) we (C) our (D) ourselves
14.  Unauthorized personnel do not have access

years ------- when their car is in perfect condition. (A) about (B) even (C) although (D) quite
19.  Each staff member is personally responsible

Set 7 Set 8 Set 9

to ------- of these floors. (A) every (B) either (C) much (D) those
15.  A number of local merchants ------- a variety

for any ------- expenses incurred during the business trip. (A) incidental (B) incidents (C) incidence (D) incidentally
20.  We are considering remodeling the office

Set 10

of products to the charity since it was first established five years ago. (A) donate (B) donating (C) has donated (D) have donated

------- the meeting room can be more spacious. (A) in order to (B) so that (C) because of (D) just as

21.  It is general knowledge that solar power is

26.  Regular working hours is an important -------

more efficient ------- coal or oil-based power. (A) that (B) as (C) than (D) to
22.  The man that I spoke ------- on the phone

that many people don't consider when applying for a job. (A) factoring (B) factored (C) factor (D) to factor
27.  The director does not know ------- should

told me to wait until I get the test results. (A) to (B) him (C) for (D) to him
23.  Readers of News World magazine can now

be done about the new office building. (A) those (B) what (C) whether (D) there
28.  The design team is hoping to complete the

receive daily email updates by registering ------- through the publications homepage. (A) electronic (B) electronically (C) electronics (D) electrical
24.  Your account information is available online

------- for the new company logo by the end of this week. (A) propose (B) proposed (C) proposal (D) proposing
29.  The aim of the district survey is ------- public

so you can access it ------- necessary. (A) whichever (B) whatever (C) whoever (D) whenever
25.  The marketing department supervisor is

opinion on the planned construction of a new shopping center. (A) gather (B) gathered (C) to gather (D) having gathered
30.  Exercise is always necessary but ------- can

unsure where ------- for the annual company trip. (A) to go (B) going (C) to going (D) go to

damage your health. (A) rare (B) extreme (C) excessive (D) too much


SET 03

Set 3
1.  Each of the office computers ------- checked 6.  Because of the stock market fluctuation,

and upgraded on a monthly basis. (A) is (B) are (C) being (D) been
2.  It ------- the department manager who

some of ------- for Ledal corp. are seeking the help of financial experts. (A) investor (B) investors (C) the investors (D) investment
7.  Laboratory researchers at the Crop

recommended you for promotion. (A) was (B) were (C) been (D) being
3.  Passengers are asked to turn off all

Research Institute must take care of plant samples that need ------- at regular intervals. (A) to water (B) be watered (C) to be watered (D) to watering
8.  NeoSys Inc. employs 300 workers, some of

electronic devices ------- takeoff and landing. (A) during (B) to (C) at (D) within
4.  Although all the tables at Sortinos have

------- live in the company dormitory. (A) what (B) where (C) which (D) whom
9.  Mr. Robinson spoke at the debate ------- the

already been reserved, we can call you ------- there is a last-minute cancellation. (A) therefore (B) even if (C) in case (D) despite
5.  Trinity Business Tower is composed -------

audience were allowed to ask questions. (A) which (B) with which (C) during which (D) that
10.  Interns need to learn about the recent

20 office floors, an underground aquarium, and a revolving restaurant on the uppermost floor. (A) by (B) of (C) at (D) on

scientific developments, ------- our technology is based. (A) which (B) what (C) that (D) on which

11.  If everything ------- according to plan, the

16.  Because of the radical restructuring of senior

Set 1

construction of the new electronics factory will be completed by March 25. (A) go (B) goes (C) gone (D) going
12.  During the late 1990s, the stock market

management, very few members of the companys ------- board of directors remain. (A) formal (B) forming (C) formation (D) former
17.  Your vehicle insurance will remain active

Set 2 Set 3 Set 4

------- close to crashing due to the failure of many Internet-based companies. (A) coming (B) come (C) comes (D) came
13.  The online banking system is better

------- you continue to make regular payments each month. (A) as long as (B) in case (C) whereas (D) besides
18.  ------- Zantassi XQ23 color printer comes

Set 5 Set 6 Set 7

than ------- due to upgrades to account management and security. (A) once (B) never (C) not (D) ever
14.  Although the Langford GX Hall is an

with a two-year warranty covering the cost of all repairs and replacement parts. (A) Various (B) Every (C) Several (D) Many
19.  Employees must immediately return to their

Set 8 Set 9

acceptable conference venue, the Richmond Exhibition Center seems -------. (A) better (B) more better (C) at best (D) more best
15.  Investors expect that the restaurant will be

workstations ------- the meeting has been finished. (A) that (B) when (C) since (D) so that
20.  By the time the companys presentation

Set 10

------- in six months. (A) operationally (B) operational (C) operation (D) operate

began, most of the investors ------- from the place. (A) are disappearing (B) will have disappeared (C) disappear (D) had disappeared


21.  Most airlines ------- allow passengers to

26.  Trains bound for Birmingham depart -------

carry hand luggage that is larger than what is stipulated in their luggage allowance policy. (A) no (B) not (C) not to (D) do not
22.  Harwood Bank insists that we ------- the

thirty minutes from platform four, and hourly from platform five. (A) every (B) each (C) all (D) some
27.  Because of the approaching tropical storm,

outstanding balance of our short-term loan within 60 working days. (A) paid (B) are paying (C) will pay (D) pay
23.  The construction project for the new national

Martins restaurant will be ------- early on Saturday. (A) close (B) closes (C) to close (D) closing
28.  ------- presentations and seminars,

library was a long ------- uncomplicated process. (A) for (B) yet (C) not (D) and
24.  ------- applicants possess the skills and

convention attendees will have the chance to view some of the most advanced technologies available in the market. (A) Include (B) In addition to (C) Because (D) Owing
29.  Smith and Gracie Associates is controlled

qualifications required to successfully fulfill the role of lead designer at Info-tech Services. (A) Almost of (B) Most all (C) Almost all (D) Mostly of
25.  To guarantee the health and safety of factory

by two attorneys, ------- established the firm more than ten years ago. (A) who (B) whom (C) that (D) whose
30.  Anyone interested in attending the seminar

workers, Brownlow Inc. ensure that all machinery is well-maintained and completely -------. (A) relying (B) reliant (C) reliance (D) reliable

has ------- the end of today to register. (A) ahead (B) until (C) during (D) before


SET 04

Set 4
1.  ------- already spent two months in training, 6.  ------- in the department will have an

Mr. Wallace was eager to begin his new job. (A) Having (B) Had (C) To have (D) Have
2.  Your ------- for updating company policies

opportunity to apply for the marketing position. (A) Everyone (B) Whoever (C) Whomever (D) Everywhere
7.  After the surveys had been completed, Mr.

will be reviewed by the board of directors. (A) recommendation (B) recommendable (C) recommending (D) recommend
3.  A performance by the Moscow State Circus

Rogers gathered the forms and submitted ------- to the personnel manager. (A) that (B) them (C) they (D) these
8.  If the company cared about overseas

------- at the London O2 Arena. (A) holds (B) has held (C) is holding (D) is being held
4.  Public computers, along with photocopiers,

expansion, it ------- more money on global marketing. (A) will spend (B) would spend (C) spend (D) spent
9.  Telewest Cables deluxe package -------

------- on the second floor of the library. (A) is locating (B) located (C) locate (D) are located
5.  ------- who wish to be refunded for travel

a variety of channels to cater to a wider number of viewers. (A) offering (B) offers (C) to offer (D) be offering
10.  Help us to maintain our high qua lity of

expenses should fill out the appropriate form at reception. (A) These (B) This (C) That (D) Those

service by filling out a comment card before you ------- the restaurant. (A) to leave (B) had left (C) leaving (D) leave


11.  The new spreadsheet software has been

16.  Depending on what turns out to be more

Set 1

conceived and designed ------- for novice users. (A) expressing (B) expresses (C) expressly (D) expressive
12.  Despite Mr. Fullertons lack of supervisory

economical, the location of our new branch will either be in the Mason Building ------the Sorenton Tower. (A) or (B) yet (C) and (D) also
17.  Commuting by subway is recommendable,

Set 2 Set 3 Set 4

experience, he ------- managed to motivate his employees to work effectively. (A) any (B) still (C) more (D) same
13.  There ------- is a large amount of money

------- it can get uncomfortably crowded during rush hour. (A) except that (B) wide of (C) aside from (D) long since
18.  Due to the rapidly deteriorating state of the

Set 5 Set 6 Set 7

stored in the main vault. (A) normally (B) normality (C) normal (D) normalcy
14.  Some workers have still not been informed

building, we need to repair it ------- than we thought.

Set 8

(A) faster (B) so fast (C) too fast (D) fast

19.  Job seekers can ------- Human Resources

Set 9

------- of the plans to merge departments. (A) adequate (B) adequacy (C) adequately (D) adequateness
15.  You must acquire more experience ------Set 10

to inquire about vacant positions. (A) call (B) call to (C) calling (D) to call
20.  Sales representatives should let clients

you are considered for promotion. (A) but (B) before (C) enough (D) afterward ------- about the terms of the contract. (A) know (B) to know (C) knowing (D) and know


21.  The train leaves Kings Cross at 9 AM, and

26.  The points outlined in the project proposal

------- its final destination at approximately 2 PM. (A) arrives (B) comes (C) reaches (D) gets
22.  The renowned architect Frank Gehry has

failed to meet our clients -------. (A) require (B) requiring (C) required (D) requirements
27.  Insufficient ------- via advertising and

been asked to design a building ------- is both stylish and practical. (A) that (B) what (C) where (D) who
23.  One of our waiters will let you know -------

promotion is a major reason why certain products fail in the market. (A) expose (B) exposing (C) exposure (D) exposed
28.  Over two thousand Zanussi 362AW washing

your table is ready. (A) what (B) who (C) which (D) when
24.  The engineer needed ------- the broken air

machines have been sold ------- the past eight weeks. (A) over (B) between (C) beyond (D) by
29.  Mr. Grayson would like to talk to you -------

conditioning unit. (A) replacing (B) to replace (C) having replaced (D) replaced
25.  Ms. Phillips enjoyed ------- with the

the errors found in your financial report. (A) regard (B) regards (C) regarding (D) regardless
30.  Both the leather chair and the books on the

overseas investors at the annual company stockholders meeting. (A) talk (B) talking (C) talked (D) to talked

shelf ------- to the previous occupant. (A) belong (B) belongs (C) belonging (D) to belong



SET 05

Set 5
1.  Once -------, the three departments will be 6.  Mrs. Halliday and I might struggle to agree

under the supervision of only one manager. (A) merging (B) merged (C) merge (D) to merge
2.  The rental price varies, ------- on the car

on the issue of budget restrictions as her views are completely opposite to -------. (A) my (B) me (C) mine (D) myself
7.  The conference can only be led by -------

model. (A) depended (B) depending (C) depends (D) depend

3.  Security guards ------- to report any unusual

with the appropriate credentials. (A) anyone (B) someone (C) a one (D) one of
8.  ------- of the project proposals is likely to

activities to the control center. (A) asking (B) asks (C) are asked (D) asked for
4.  Belenux Aeronautics researchers ------- to

attract the interest of foreign investors. (A) Much (B) Neither (C) Both (D) Some
9.  Had Mr. Osborne ------- the 7 AM train,

unveil their latest aircraft engine at the 2011 Geneva Aerospace Convention. (A) plan (B) are planned (C) planning (D) have plan
5.  ------- is a complex electronic security

he might have been on time for the weekly department meeting. (A) catch (B) been caught (C) caught (D) being caught
10.  Please make sure that the items you buy

system which can only be locked by using the appropriate key and password. (A) Those (B) Them (C) This (D) They

from the supermarket ------- not past their expiration date. (A) are (B) is (C) been (D) being


11.  Customers ------- online banking reported a

16.  ------- those with appropriate ID cards are

Set 1

number of faults in the new system. (A) use (B) using (C) used (D) will use
12.  Many of the car models that they -------

authorized to enter the building at night. (A) Almost (B) Only (C) Enough (D) Neither
17.  Remember to pack appropriate clothing for

Set 2 Set 3

in the past decade will be shown at the forthcoming automobile convention. (A) produce (B) will produce (C) produced (D) produces
13.  As of next week, Sarah ------- as a health

the research trip to Brazil as it will probably be raining ------- for the duration of your stay. (A) heaviness (B) heavies (C) heavy (D) heavily
18.  Mr. Devor has ------- competent personnel

Set 4 Set 5 Set 6

care official in Africa for approximately 18 months. (A) to work (B) worked (C) had worked (D) will have worked
14.  Access to the building C has been restricted

Set 7

that he seldom has to supervise them at work. (A) so (B) such (C) too (D) much
19.  An ------- will be present to assist us in

Set 8 Set 9

------- it was declared unsafe by health inspectors. (A) if (B) until (C) about (D) since
15.  Employees cant leave early ------- the

discussions with the Japanese CEO. (A) interpret (B) interpreting (C) interpretation (D) interpreter
20.  ------- seats are available but I can place you

Set 10

formal authorization of their department manager. (A) into (B) until (C) among (D) without

on the waiting list. (A) Any (B) Not (C) None (D) No


21.  Complaints from diners at La Baton Rouge

26.  ------- is planning to attend the training

are becoming less -------. (A) frequented (B) frequent (C) frequently (D) frequency
22.  The project manager views Mr. Walters

workshop this weekend should notify the personnel office by this afternoon. (A) Who (B) That (C) Whoever (D) Anyone
27.  Cell phone service is available ------- you

------- an integral member of the development team. (A) upon (B) to (C) as (D) with
23.  Please ensure that you do thorough

travel in South Korea. (A) whoever (B) wherever (C) whatever (D) whichever
28.  All workers entering the construction site are

research on the issue beforehand so that you can ------- effectively in the debate. (A) participated (B) participant (C) participate (D) participating
24.  Although Matleys Inc. has had to close

required to ------- hardhats and protective goggles. (A) wore (B) wearing (C) worn (D) wear
29.  Mr. Williams told the receptionist ------- the

several of its overseas offices, ------- still remain three branches in the U.S. (A) it (B) he (C) they (D) there
25.  The bank loan, ------- is interest free, must

conference schedule to the Chicago office. (A) fax (B) will fax (C) was faxing (D) to fax
30.  Mr. Gibson began ------- a new economy

be repaid in regular installments. (A) what (B) which (C) who (D) when

related book as soon as he retired from the company last month. (A) writing (B) written (C) write (D) writes



SET 06

Set 6
1.  ------- assigned to the car insurance team, 6.  It is essential that a consumer returning

Ms. Fields hasnt won any contracts. (A) Since (B) If (C) When (D) While
2.  ------- between high pay and quality of life,

damaged or faulty items ------- refunded in full. (A) be (B) are (C) have (D) has
7.  Laura Reid has been studying economics for

Jack sought advice from his friends. (A) Undeciding (B) Undecided (C) Undecide (D) To undecide
3.  As project leader, Phil Royle must ensure

four years so that she can start ------- own business after graduation. (A) she (B) her (C) herself (D) hers
8.  The engineer ------- to repair the elevator

that ------- of the team members performs their tasks to the best of his or her ability. (A) every (B) all (C) each (D) much
4.  Every year, the Jewell Corporation -------

since early this morning and is expected to be finished by 5 PM. (A) having tried (B) had tried (C) has been trying (D) having been trying
9.  ------- of our senior sales representatives

a percentage of its annual profits to community projects and childrens charities. (A) donate (B) to donate (C) donates (D) donating
5.  ------- of the trade union officials were

have been temporarily transferred to Canada to assist with the training of new employees. (A) Some (B) Any (C) Every (D) Each
10.  ------- the proposal is due to be submitted in

satisfied with the outcome of the meeting with the board of directors. (A) Anyone (B) Nobody (C) None (D) Almost

two hours, the project leader insisted that a large portion be rewritten and improved. (A) Even though (B) In summary (C) As if (D) Accordingly


11.  Bandi Books will notify you when the item

16.  The doctor concluded that stress was most

Set 1

becomes available ------- delivery. (A) of (B) for (C) on (D) with
12.  The Association of Chartered Surveyors

------- the cause of Mr. Bradys insomnia. (A) probable (B) probability (C) probably (D) probabilities
17.  Mr. Hargreaves was forced to leave the

Set 2 Set 3

is an extensive organization with ------members throughout Europe. (A) thousand (B) thousands (C) thousand of (D) thousands of
13.  There are ------- miscalculations in your

medical conference earlier than expected because he was feeling -------. (A) sick (B) sicked (C) sicking (D) sickening
18.  The pharmaceutical laboratory ------- we

Set 4 Set 5 Set 6

financial report, so it will need to be amended and resubmitted. (A) much (B) little (C) a few (D) less
14.  Extensive work experience has ------- merit

work is a modern facility equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment. (A) at which (B) inside (C) where at (D) within
19.  Due to a ten percent increase in monthly

Set 7 Set 8 Set 9

as academic qualifications. (A) as much (B) a lot (C) as (D) so many

15.  Before starting their work, new ------- should

rent, residents of the Regent Tower apartment block opted not ------- the revised lease agreement. (A) sign (B) to signing (C) signing to (D) to sign
20.  The management will consider the

Set 10

fully understand the nature of the job. (A) employee (B) employment (C) employs (D) employees implementation of an employee incentive program, ------- this high standard of work continues. (A) so as (B) provided that (C) depending on (D) rather than

21.  The board of directors have requested

26.  The furniture in the reception area -------

changes be made to the project so that it costs -------. (A) less (B) lesser (C) the least (D) little
22.  Because the entire Japanese ------- will stay

old and worn, giving our company a very unprofessional appearance. (A) is (B) are (C) being (D) been
27.  The public survey revealed that -------

for a week, extra buses have been rented for their use. (A) delegated (B) delegate (C) delegation (D) delegatory
23.  Mr. Bennett will resign from the company

people tend to ignore advertising and stay loyal to their favorite brands. (A) the most (B) almost (C) most (D) most of
28.  A regular health check is ------- for workers

------- February 18, so his replacement must be chosen before then. (A) in (B) at (C) on (D) for
24.  After a series of successful interviews,

at Eklate Paint due to their continuous exposure to harmful chemicals. (A) necessarily (B) necessity (C) necessary (D) necessitate
29.  Mr. King informed the committee that the

Mr. Fincher will be hired ------- personnel manager of Asda Superstores. (A) for (B) to (C) as (D) in
25.  One of the reports you submitted -------

representatives of Gate Enterprises had just ------- at OHare International Airport. (A) reached (B) arrived (C) got (D) come
30.  The project team consisted of four

incomplete and requires your signature. (A) is (B) are (C) being (D) been

members, all of ------- were presented with an award for their outstanding contributions to science. (A) whom (B) whose (C) who (D) whoever



SET 07

Set 7
1.  ------- with the possibility of forced retirement, 6.  Unfortunately, many of the employees

he must pass todays interview with the management. (A) Facing (C) Face (B) Faced (D) Faces

at Windham Gregg ------- the company directors expectations. (A) have not met (B) have not been met (C) having been met (D) had been met
7.  The companys logo has been the same

2.  Although the storm went through the region,

it did not cause as much damage as originally -------. (A) predicting (B) predicted (C) predict (D) prediction
3.  Regardless of ------- short Mr. Fords

------- almost 15 years, but it will be radically redesigned next month. (A) since (C) by (B) for (D) about

8.  At todays product presentation, Mr.

presentation was, it contained many interesting points. (A) what (C) which (B) how (D) where

Lundgren will talk about the development process ------- Mr. Seagal demonstrates the products functions. (A) whoever (B) while (C) meantime (D) during
9.  The machinery was considered hazardous

4.  Please let Mr. Gilford know that his theater

tickets have been reserved and he can pick ------- up at the box office before the performance. (A) us (B) them (C) him (D) you
5.  If safety guidelines had been implemented to

------- it failed to meet industry safety standards. (A) only if (B) even though (C) in that (D) just
10.  Situated on the fortieth floor of the Kyushu

ensure the proper use of factory machinery, any possibility of employee injuries would probably -------. (A) eliminate (B) be eliminating (C) have been eliminated (D) had been eliminated

Trade Center, Mr. Okawas office has a rather ------- view of the city. (A) impress (B) impressing (C) impressed (D) impressive

11.  The Havisham Dam project proposal

16.  At a recent press conference, a spokesman

Set 1

requires ------- amendments before it can be submitted to the board. (A) much (B) a large (C) several (D) a little
12.  ------- Sylar Corporation will unveil their new

for Axis Industries stated that the company will not ------- accountants their monthly sales figures. (A) sign (B) enter (C) give (D) want
17.  Mr. Davis would like to know ------- the report

Set 2 Set 3 Set 4

high definition flat-screen monitor at the London Electronics Convention next week. (A) Presumptive (B) Presumably (C) Presumptuous (D) Presuming
13.  Any employee seeking reimbursement of

was not submitted by the 5 PM deadline. (A) why (B) what (C) where (D) which
18.  Goodlife Supermarkets only sell ------- fruit
Set 7 Set 5 Set 6

corporate travel expenses must submit their receipts no ------- than on the 26th of each month. (A) later (B) less (C) after (D) more
14.  Ms. Givens types ------- of all the

is being cultivated or grown naturally in the region. (A) all (B) which (C) something (D) whatever
19.  The aim of the Mexico-US Technological

Set 8 Set 9

receptionists at Edwards & Grieves Associates. (A) fastest (B) the fastest (C) faster than (D) ever fast
15.  Despite their hard work, the advertising

Alliance is ------- collaborative research and development relationships between the two countries. (A) foster (B) fosters (C) to foster (D) fostered
20.  Despite his flight delay, Mr. Carmichael hoped

Set 10

department had expected the board of directors to ------- their new promotional campaign. (A) object (B) object to (C) objecting (D) objective

------- on time for the awards presentation. (A) that (B) to be (C) being (D) to being


21.  To the chairmans dismay, ------- customer

26.  What we require in order to boost sales of

feedback indicated a high level of dissatisfaction with the companys services. (A) a (B) the (C) when (D) if
22.  Tetrosyl Ltd. is ------- manufacturer of car

the product ------- extensive advertising and promotion. (A) are (B) is (C) were (D) be
27.  The software design manager, Julien Temple,

accessories in Europe, and aims to capitalize on its success by expanding into Canada. (A) a larger (B) the largest (C) larger (D) a largest
23.  Due to the recent delays, some of ------- are

was delighted to hear his name ------- at the annual awards ceremony. (A) calling (B) called (C) calls (D) to call
28.  Forbes Electric Inc. is unlikely to -------

growing frustrated with the projects slow progress. (A) investor (B) investors (C) the investors (D) investment
24.  To get to the conference center from the

business with Benelux Systems again after the recent breaches of contract. (A) do (B) doing (C) does (D) done
29.  All applicants should ------- sure to include all

hotel, take the South River Expressway ------- Haversham Junction, turn left, and continue for 2 kilometers. (A) within (B) since (C) during (D) to
25.  ------- the new education policy, students

required documents with their employment application. (A) make (B) making (C) made (D) makes
30.  Skyweb Systems is developing a robot which

from low-income families will receive government funding. (A) Aside (B) Behind (C) Against (D) Under

responds to voice commands, and that can ------- perform simple household tasks. (A) ever (B) either (C) even (D) quite


SET 08

Set 8
1.  By referring to your home improvement manual, 6.  ------- of the employees in the design

you can repair your pipe leaks on -------. (A) your own (B) yourself (C) you (D) yours
2.  Due to the poor reviews of our last three

team were given a day off since Cress Inc. decided to advance the deadline to Monday. (A) None (B) Anybody (C) Whoever (D) Something
7.  Unlike -------- employees, Mr. Grant is

products, our research department expects profits ------- reduced by 50% by this time next year. (A) have (B) have been (C) will have been (D) will have to be
3.  Quardtechs new fast-charging batteries are

comfortable and productive even when working unsupervised. (A) much (B) many (C) more (D) the most
8.  Children under the age of 10 must be -------

able to fully recharge in only five minutes, while other batteries must be left in the charger for a ------- half-hour. (A) well (C) better (B) good (D) fine

by an adult to be allowed into the swimming pool area. (A) will accompany (B) accompanying (C) to accompany (D) accompanied
9.  This information session is intended for

4.  Even though Denham Industries has had a

poor year, its newest product is one of the ------- to have seen an increase in sales since its release. (A) any (C) most (B) few (D) little

those ------- wish to learn more about their health benefits packages. (A) who (C) what (B) whose (D) their

5.  Techtime Broadband provides a digital video

10.  ------- copy of the authors new book

recorder to all digital cable customers, ------subscribers to skip commercials and pause television shows. (A) allows (C) allow (B) allowing (D) will allow

includes a CD of the author reading the story. (A) Every (B) Few (C) Whole (D) Many


11.  Enzo Couture is a Belgian fashion design

16.  Those who want to apply should ------- a

Set 1

company which specializes in clothes made ------- entirely from recycled materials. (A) more (B) almost (C) near (D) over
12.  Translation services are available ------- you

masters degree in business administration and at least 2 years of experience in a managerial position. (A) possess (B) possessed (C) possessing (D) have possessed
17.  ------- youre worried about limited capacity,

Set 2 Set 3 Set 4

see the yellow TS sticker. (A) whoever (B) wherever (C) whatever (D) whichever
13.  All employees must attend the training

you should book well in advance to participate in the workshop. (A) If (C) As (B) While (D) Before

Set 5 Set 6

18.  ------- conducting aggressive marketing on

session to learn ------- to fill out the new expense reports. (A) during (B) about (C) how (D) whom
14.  Employees working with machinery in the

the streets, the employees also received a lot of positive feedback on their new product. (A) However (B) While (C) If (D) Because
19.  The monthly performance-based review

Set 7 Set 8 Set 9

plant need to take ------- recommended precautions to prevent injuries to themselves and others. (A) most of (B) all (C) much (D) almost
15.  ------- driver runs the risk of getting fined if

------- to criticize our employees, but to assist them in improving their job efficiency and effectiveness. (A) is designing (B) is not designed (C) is design (D) is not designing
20.  A spokesman for McDowell Industries

Set 10

found driving without wearing a safety belt. (A) All (B) Every (C) Some (D) Most

announced that Pete OToole ------- from his position as vice president at the beginning of next month. (A) retire (B) retiring (C) be retired (D) will retire

21.  Hotel guests who would like to -------

26.  We are looking into more affluent areas in

advantage of our trial membership offer should contact Mr. Hobbs at reception. (A) do (C) take (B) get (D) make

------- we can open our next coffee shop branch. (A) what (B) which (C) where (D) whose
27.  The Houston Scientific Research Center

22.  ------- this years annual profits were lower

than expected, the chairman is unlikely to approve the proposed increase of employees basic wages. (A) As if (B) Given that (C) Provided that (D) Except that
23.  ------- has a product evoked such

will ------- be concluding its research into alternative fuels and renewable energy sources. (A) soon (B) frequently (C) sparingly (D) sometimes
28.  The stock market crash of 2008 was the

excitement and anticipation in the computer game industry. (A) Nearly (B) So (C) Seldom (D) Ever
24.  Readers of Global Economist receive a

------- worst global financial crisis since the crash of 1929. (A) single (B) first (C) only (D) whole
29.  At the Millenium Hotel, we believe -------

complimentary 2GB USB flash drive when they subscribe to the magazine for ------$50 a year. (A) just (B) little (C) mere (D) low
25.  Although his appointment as team leader

is more valuable than the comfort and satisfaction of our guests. (A) none (B) nobody (C) nothing (D) no one
30.  The international biotechnology conference

surprised some of his colleagues, Mr. Manos is ------- experienced in project management. (A) too (B) very (C) such (D) far

------- next month. (A) is taken place (B) take place (C) will be taken place (D) will take place


SET 09

Set 9
1.  Mick McCarthy, who ------- the Global 6.  ------- the time Erling Industries was

Friend Foundation, will travel to Ethiopia next month to meet with the charitys African representatives. (A) founded (B) foundation (C) founding (D) founds
2.  The layout of the building can often be

established, it operated as a paper company from a small office in the countryside. (A) Of (C) At (B) Up (D) On

7.  When the clients arrive at Grant Airport,

they will be promptly escorted ------- the company limousine parked outside. (A) to (C) on (B) in (D) from

------- to new employees and visitors. (A) confusing (B) confusion (C) confuse (D) confused
3.  Monthly Economist has hired two additional

8.  ------- how to use the new file-sharing

software, Mr. Hume consulted the electronic user manual. (A) Not to know (B) Not knowing (C) Didnt know (D) Dont knowing
9.  ------- that Romulan Inc.s latest DVD

proofreaders to ------- for errors in each article prior to publication. (A) find (C) care (B) look (D) pick up

4.  Telesouth Broadband ------- subscribers

with a variety of services including high-speed connections and unlimited downloads. (A) offers (B) contributes (C) provides (D) extends
5.  The study indicates that the downturn in

player has only been on the market for two months, it has already sold an impressive amount of units. (A) Considered (B) Considering (C) Consider (D) Considerate
10.  To establish a ------- bond with their main

sales is linked ------- an increase in the number of similar products on the market. (A) to (C) at (B) on (D) out

suppliers, Java Blend Co. agreed to repair and maintain all equipment used by the coffee farmers. (A) last (C) lasted (B) lasting (D) lasts


11.  After the recent car thefts in the area, we

16.  Mr. Castles qualifications are superior

Set 1

remind all employees to keep their car doors and windows -------. (A) locking (B) locked (C) locks (D) locker
12.  The battery life of the Orion S750 digital

to those of the other candidates and his experience in advertising is ------- as extensive. (A) just (C) while (B) as well (D) very

Set 2 Set 3

17.  All the seminars on negotiation strategies

camera is far inferior to ------- of any other comparably priced model currently on the market. (A) those (C) these (B) that (D) this

will be held this weekend, so we encourage employees to register for ------- sessions are of interest to them. (A) these (B) some (C) whichever (D) whose
18.  The assembly instructions for our dinning

Set 4 Set 5 Set 6

13.  After disappointing early sales figures, the

new product surprised everyone by proving to be ------- of a success. (A) anything (B) everything (C) nothing (D) something
14.  The director admitted that the construction

Set 7

set are ------- too complicated for most consumers. (A) far (B) well (C) quite (D) pretty
19.  The information technology workshop is

Set 8 Set 9

plan for Byron Bridge was financially sound, but there were still a number of ------factors to consider. (A) the others (B) other (C) another (D) others
15.  Construction of the bridge would have

open to ------- wishes to improve their computer skills. (A) people (B) who (C) those (D) whoever
20.  The client ------- you prepared the income

Set 10

proceeded more quickly and efficiently ------- having to endure the poor weather conditions. (A) so as (C) in that (B) without (D) as to

tax returns is scheduled to arrive at 4:30PM. (A) whose (B) which (C) for whom (D) who


21.  The rate of violent crime in Great Britain

26.  Despite some minor complications in the

------- to be on the decline as major cities enforce stricter policing measures. (A) seems (B) chances (C) occurs (D) emerges
22.  Paul Rothko has hopes of ------- an

research process, the development of the new toothpaste formula is progressing -------. (A) nice (B) nicely (C) nicer (D) nicest
27.  Blackwell Book Services specializes in

internationally recognized expert in high performance computing and hardware analysis. (A) becoming (B) to become (C) in becoming (D) becomes
23.  ------- funds appropriately is an integral part

finding books that are rare or out of ------and publishing them in attractive new editions. (A) prints (B) printing (C) print (D) printed
28.  Recent economic reports argue that -------

of good project management. (A) Spends (B) Spend (C) Spending (D) Spendable
24.  Centurion Real Estate currently has a variety

competition in the business market may be the result of a decrease in the number of competitors. (A) fewer (C) a few (B) least (D) less

of properties near Eden Lake and some deluxe cottages ------- the actual waterfront. (A) among (B) along (C) into (D) under
25.  The statistics taken from the recent

29.  The fee to use the underground parking lot

at Bellingham Trade Center is $10 ------hour. (A) for (C) by (B) per (D) with

30.  The city council is seeking donations to

consumer poll will be analysed and compared with last years -------. (A) founded (B) finds (C) found (D) findings

ensure that the citys famous Wallace Monument is kept in good ------- for years to come. (A) condition (B) conditions (C) conditioning (D) conditional



SET 10

Set 10
1.  After receiving estimates from all of 6.  Pair Cosmetics began an innovative

the companies, we will ------- which construction company to use for the building of the shopping complex. (A) determine (B) determines (C) determining (D) determination
2.  Radley & Associates regards online

advertising ------- on their Web site which helped increase their market share. (A) campaigns (B) campaigning (C) to campaign (D) campaign
7.  ------- had Ms. Trent turned on the

advertising as the key to ------- its sales. (A) expansively (B) expand (C) expanse (D) expanding
3.  Herschel Overton, who ------- Overton

computer on her desk than the electricity went out. (A) Sooner (C) Any sooner (B) The sooner (D) No sooner

8.  ------- the process of getting a passport,

you have to pay an additional fee to have your application regarded as a priority. (A) To be expedited (B) To expedite (C) Will expedite (D) Expedite
9.  Mr. Glen requested to be released from the

Industries sixty-five years ago, will be giving the keynote speech at the Chemical Innovation Seminar. (A) founded (B) foundation (C) founding (D) founds
4.  While Im out of the office, Id like you -------

contract negotiations because he felt that it had become too ------- to deal with the clients lawyers. (A) frustrating (C) frustrate (B) frustration (D) frustrated

any calls to my mobile phone (A) forward (C) forwarding (B) forwards (D) to forward

10.  Blue Cloud Airlines ------- a new payment 5.  In recognition of his ground-breaking work

as a member of the World Climate Program, a Goldman Environmental Prize ------- to Prof. Svensson. (A) awarded (C) was awarded (B) award (D) awarding

system which allows customers to pay for flight tickets directly from their bank accounts. (A) introduce (B) was introduced (C) introducing (D) has introduced


11.  Most of our employees make use of the

16.  The computer literacy seminar will be

Set 1

basic benefit package; however, we ------offer specialized plans to employees with families or special conditions. (A) as well (C) also (B) not only (D) either

organized by ------- professionals in the education department. (A) dedicate (B) dedication (C) dedicating (D) dedicated
17.  Once you ------- the employee training

Set 2 Set 3

12.  Raiden Audio Systemss profits dropped for

three ------- years, significantly reducing its market share. (A) next (B) consecutive (C) following (D) constant
13.  The construction supervisor asked that all

Set 4

course, you will be assigned to one of the supervisors who oversee the sales team. (A) will complete (B) are completing (C) having completed (D) have completed
18.  All employees have been ------- that they

Set 5 Set 6

company tools and equipment ------- at the end of each day. (A) be returned (B) to return (C) returns (D) returning
14.  One of the advantages of Hyde Mobiles

Set 7

make sure all files are backed up in case of a system failure. (A) advice (B) advised (C) advisedly (D) advisable
19.  The Museum of Scientific History will be

Set 8 Set 9

newest mobile phone is that ------- it takes no longer than 10 minutes with its newly developed battery. (A) recharge (B) recharger (C) recharged (D) recharging
15.  Some economic analysts are saying that

expanded ------- additional rest areas. (A) for inclusion (B) with included (C) to include (D) in including
20.  ------- us of equipment malfunctions gave us

Set 10

investors should sell most of their stocks before the ------- recession occurs. (A) predict (B) predicting (C) predicted (D) prediction

time to ensure that all machinery in the plant was running properly. (A) You warned (B) You warn (C) Your warning (D) You are warning


21.  ------- the rise in demand, Pilton

26.  This coupon can be used at any Watkins

Manufacturing may have to increase the number of staff in at its plant. (A) Considering (B) Meanwhile (C) Thus (D) Against
22.  Below is a list of the authors who ------- for

Drug store location before it ------- at the end of the month. (A) expired (B) expires (C) expiring (D) expiration
27.  Mr. Gosford accessed the company

the Nobel Prize in literature this year. (A) have nominated (B) nominated (C) will be nominating (D) have been nominated
23.  Videos that are rented from Hitz Movies

computer system to ------- for Mr. Smiths contract details in the personnel database. (A) looking (B) look (C) had looked (D) be looking
28.  It is essential for all maintenance employees

should be returned to the store ------- to avoid any late fees. (A) prompt (B) promptly (C) prompted (D) prompting
24.  When Greg didnt come to work the day

to carefully ------- all of the machines components when doing repairs. (A) checks (B) check (C) checking (D) checked
29.  How far ------- businesses are located from

after getting into an argument with the managing director, everyone figured that he -------. (A) fired (B) had fired (C) had been fired (D) will have been fired
25.  All English instructors at Halls Language

one another can determine how intense their competition is. (A) above (B) between (C) among (D) apart
30.  ------- remains a final draft to be edited

Institute have to go through one month of comprehensive ------- training before they start teaching. (A) formal (B) formation (C) formed (D) forming

before the manuscript is published. (A) It (B) He (C) They (D) There