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One day, I received an anonymous letter from a person who was asking me to give my opinion about a new European country or, even more, to move to that country. As its citizens we were supposed to build it from scratch. At first, I thought it was a mistake, I didnt know what to believe or what to do. I just decided to say nothing about it and to continue my life without thinking of that letter. But the days were passing by and I couldnt stop thinking of the letter and I started reading it again and again. Finally I decided to answer it, so I sent a letter to the address the person had given me. I was anxious to receive a response, to know if that letter had been addressed to me or not. The answer was very prompt. I was amazed to find out that the letter had been for me and it was from the European Union. Now I had to make a plan for the new country, which would need a lot of things and time. First I had to convince my friends and family to join me to that new country and become its new citizens. Together we would build the new land but without any leaders. We would been like the Knights of the Round Table, taking decisions together and, especially, working together, investing our time and intelligence to build the country of our dreams. So, in a short time, we began the hard work. There were a lot of things to do and organize. We had chosen the name of the country, Arcadia, and its colours: red, yellow and blue: the Romanian flag where red stands for the shed blood by soldiers, yellow represents the fields and justice and blue -the sky and freedom. The anthem of the new country would be Sunshine by Black Star Band because we want our country to be sunny and bright. We decided that Arcadia would be a small country but a wonderful land. It would have in it is capital a tower even higher than the Eiffel Tower. I would live in Windsor Castle which would be situated in a small town near the capital and from my bedroom window I would be able to admire the black and white swans on the lake from the castle garden. The country would have something from each European Union country: from Spain it would have the Almudena Cathedral because I dream to get married here, from Italy the Coliseum, from Greece the Acropolis of Athens, the Black Sea Shore from Romania where, on the large beaches, with the finest sand children fly kites as blue as the water and so on. Arcadia would be a land of happiness with pure and gentle people. Here you would be able to offer your children a good education. In this country you would say: Et in Arcadia ego!, because Arcadia means happiness and this is the reason why we chose this name.