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Fill in each blank with the Present perfect tense or the Present Perfect Continuous Tense of the verb

in brackets. 1. Sidney (not be) to school since September last year and I often wonder what (become) of her. 2. My Mother (knit) a sweater for my brother for the past week and he (urge) her to finish it as soon as she can. 3. I (read) this book already but Ruby only (completed) ten pages. 4. Ismail (consider) leaving his job for some time and only (come) to a decision an hour ago. 5. I just (see) my aunt off at the airport. She (take) a flight to Jeddah. 6. Yunhui (contemplate) migrating to New Zealand, but to this day, she (not make) any definite plans yet. 7. The Chens (live) in that mansion for the past ten years and recently (renovate) the west wing. 8. They (place) so much emphasis on training for the competition that they (neglect) their studies. 9. I (study) at the library all day and (not have) a decent meal yet. 10. The government (ban) the use of fire arms as the crime rate (rise) drastically. 11. Willis (know) Andrea for ten years already and confesses that he never (meet) a more honest individual. 12. The community centre (organize) a camp for youths this September and the staff (receive) an overwhelming response from the public.

Fill the blank with the Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous Tense of the verb in brackets. 1. For the past three hours, the guards (search) for the prisoner who (escape) from Shawshank Penitentiary. 2. I (try) to explain to him that Michelle (suffer) from depression since last year, but he refused to listen. 3. We (enjoy) a drink of soda while chatting when Tom suddenly stopped in mid-sentence and stiffened as thought he (see) a ghost. 4. We (expect) him to apologise for the way that (treat) Diana, but he did not. 5. I saw then that her cheek (turn) red and swollen , as though a bee (sting) it. 6. He (live) in the village as a youth but (choose) to leave when his parents died. 7. Alfie (wait) for me for more than two hours and (leave) for home by the time I turned up. 8. Moushumi (roam) aimlessly in the streets when the news that her mother (die) reached her. 9. The soup (boil) for some time on the stove, but I (not realize) it when I went out. 10. Kevin (not sleep) well and we (guess) this when we saw the dark rings under his eyes. 11. The police (apprehended) the burglar while he (attempt) to scale the wall. 12. Lisa (go) through a lot of trouble to persuade the clerk, who (resign) two months ago to return to her firm.