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From William the Golden

Midway thro this way of life, I woke to find myself lost in a dark wood It is you, and you alone who can determine your own worth. Let your watchwords be SERENITY and STEADFASTNESS. To die in battle for an honourable cause that you believe in, is infinitely better than dishonour, poverty or suicide. In life, winning is a matter of WILL. We are all living in the future! Be ONE with yourself. Radiate a cheerful optimism, Be LOVE, Be JOYFUL, Be POSITIVE. Death is not an event in Life! Iron will and a lions courage Tranquil abiding Wheel of emptiness Shining Silence, (feel that cool feel) Love, Peace, Joy. Give yourself up to the moment, the time is NOW. Dont crack the whip..just take the trip. Try to live each day to within an inch of its life. Live joyously..need no-one, no-thing. Within silence is all we have ever been.or will be. A dry finger licks no salt.

You cannot prevent the birds of unhappiness from flying over your head.. but you can stop them nesting in your hair. A good deed is Gods Golden Boomerang. Everything is Now! How do you get from the squidgy grey matter of the cerebral cortex to the technicolour phenomenon of consciousness? What is the actual felt experience? Music is the most profound and abstract part of the human condition. All the arts seek to reach the condition of music. Life . Why its just a cruel proletarian trick to raise your hopes. I will strike down upon thee my enemy with great anger and righteous vengeance! Take a chill-pill Will. Oh God..I feel so average. What you need is a green thought under a green shade. Focus so strongly on the moment that it becomes a vivid and euphoric experience. Grasp this moment, which is the only moment, with youthful joy and freshness. ..got to be happy from withinnot money dependent. Beware .. the Vampire of Awareness! ..I think you will find that in my world it makes a kind of sense. Its probably going to be like everything else in life . A bit of a disappointment and if not . well, thats a right result init me old china. In the face of anxiety . Take command of your life!!! Dont live your life according to the expectations of others!!! Across the battlefield of ugliness . We dance with angels. All experience is good experience .. its ALL good. You have to live to live, dont live to die!

Are the ghosts in your head, or just under your bed.(message to Joey). HEAVENS GATE AWAITS. Become a relaxed person, a man true to himself. Concentrate down to a single shining point. Look forward to this day, and to the next day, and the next, until you arrive at the last day, the Glorious Day. Wait .. for the .. Rapture. Suffer with patience, the just man is often unjustly treated, suffer with patience. God has a tremendous sense of humour! Those who serve God will ascend to Heaven. God watches in the darkness of our deeds! God is the deepest interiority of ones self. God is in Everything. Let the spirit of God pray within you. Nothing masks the face of God so much as religion. Q. What happens when you pray? A. I look at Him and He looks at me. TO KNOW LOVE .. GIVE LOVE. Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and ALL your mind and ALL your strength. Without Love, . Life has NO purpose. (Youre the answer to my prayers, you lift up my spirits, come on and rescue me) Are We There Yet?