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Data Network Systems Critical Infrastructure

GIAC is the only certication that proves you have hands-on technical skills.

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In the IT Security Industry, GIAC Certication Matters

Global Information Assurance Certication (GIAC) is the leading provider and developer of Information Security Certications. GIAC tests and validates the ability of practitioners in information security, forensics, and software security. GIAC certication holders are recognized as experts in the IT industry and are sought globally by government, military and industry to protect the cyber environment. Risk management is a top priority. The security of an organizations assets depends on the skills and knowledge of the security team. Dont take chances with a one-size ts all security certication. Get GIAC certied! GIAC offers over 20 specialized certications in security, forensics, penetration testing, web application security, audit, and management.

Top Four Reasons to Get GIAC Certi ed

1. Promotes hands-on technical skills and improves knowledge retention 2. Provides proof that you possess hands-on technical skills 3. Positions you to be promoted and earn respect among your peers 4. Proves to hiring managers that you are technically qualified for the job

The GIAC Di erence

Over 20 specialized, hands-on information security certifications Tests on pragmatics rather than theory Certifications are valid for four years A renewal process that keeps you up-to-date on the latest industry trends

Two ways to further your skills with advanced certification options - Gold and GSE

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Get GIAC Certied!

There are no prerequisites or specific order for achieving a GIAC certification. However, due to the hands-on technical nature of GIAC exams, we strongly recommend you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the subject matter to be successful on a GIAC exam.

Certi cation Packages

With SANS Training Challenge
1 Certification Exam 1 Certification Exam 2 Practice Exams 2 Practice Exams Courseware for studying and exam reference

How to Get Certi ed

1. Register for the exam at www.giac.org or with training at www.sans.org 2. Study for the exam 3. Take the practice tests to evaluate areas for further study 4. Schedule your exam 5. Attempt your certification exam

About GIAC Exams

All GIAC exams are taken in an online proctored environment through our global exam partner, Pearson VUE. There are over 3500 Pearson VUE testing locations, please visit www.pearsonvue.com/programs for a complete listing. Open Book - Printed reference materials, including courseware, are allowed at the testing center You have 120 days (4 months) once you have registered to complete your certification

Recerti cation
GIAC credentials are maintained by using Certification Maintenance Units (CMUs). GIACs recertification program demonstrates ongoing competency in the information security field. Quick Facts:
Each GIAC certification is valid for four years See detailed renewal information at www.giac.org/certi cations/renewal A total of 36 CMUs must be acquired to renew a GIAC certification Recertification materials include up-to-date courseware

Department of Defense (DoD) 8570

(in 2013 will be revised to 8140) Department of Defense Directive 8570 (DoDD 8570) provides guidance and procedures for the training, certification, and management of all government employees who conduct Information Assurance functions in assigned duty positions. These individuals are required to carry an approved certification for their particular job classification. GIAC has more certifications that meet the requirements for Technical, Management, CND, and IASAE classifications than any other certification body in the industry. Learn more at www.giac.org/certi cations/dodd-8570

National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Initiatives

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) has evolved from the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, and extends its scope beyond the federal workplace to include civilians and students in kindergarten through post-graduate school. The goal of NICE is to establish an operational, sustainable and continually improving cybersecurity education program for the nation to use sound cyber practices that will enhance the nations security. GIAC is proud to be part of this initiative helping to shape the future of cybersecurity. Learn more at http://csrc.nist.gov/nice/framework/documents/national_cybersecurity_workforce_framework_interactive.pdf
Get GIAC Certified | w w w. g i a c . o r g | info@giac.org | 301-654-7267

GIAC Certications
Security Administration
GIAC Security Essentials GIAC Certi ed Incident Handler GIAC Certi ed Intrusion Analyst GIAC Penetration Tester GIAC Certi ed Firewall Analyst GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester GIAC Certi ed Windows Security Administrator GIAC Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks GIAC Certi ed UNIX Security Administrator GIAC Information Security Fundamentals GIAC Certi ed Enterprise Defender GIAC Exploit Researcher & Advanced Pen Tester GIAC Security Expert

GIAC Certi ed Forensic Examiner GIAC Certi ed Forensic Analyst GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware

Software Security
GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java GIAC Secure Software Programmer-.NET GIAC Certi ed Web Application Defender

GIAC Security Leadership GIAC Information Security Professional GIAC Certi ed ISO-27000 Specialist GIAC Certi ed Project Manager

GIAC Systems and Network Auditor

GIAC Legal Issues in Information Technology & Security

Learn more about GIAC and how to Get Certied at www.giac.org