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Communication: 1. Which of the following connectors has the lowest attenuation at UHF? Ans. Type N Connector 2.

. Types of superheterodyne responsible for bandpass of the receiver? Ans. IF Amplifier 3. What is the disadvantage of slope detection of FM? Ans. No noise discrimination 4. FM detectors not used on mobiles Ans. Balance Modulator 5. Tunes the receiver to different stations? Ans. Local Oscillator 6. Advantage of using High IF? Ans. Better image rejection 7. In FM receiver, which circuit removes amplitude variations? Ans. Limiter 8. Another name for popcorn noise? Ans. Burst Noise 9. Type of devices noise whose intensity decreases with frequency? Ans. Flicker 10. Reference frequency of CCITT psophometric noise measurement? Ans. 800 Hz 11. In TV color phasor has what phase for the 1 signal? Ans. 57 degrees 12. Frequency for the pilot subcarrier for commercial stereo FM? Ans. 19KHz 13. In Video system, what determines the number of vertical picture elements? Ans. Number of lines on the screen 14. How many oscillators does a black and white TV contain? Ans. 2 15. Which of the following is not a major components of a color TV receiver? Ans. Sync analyzer 16. Portion of TV signal used to synchronize the video information on recording tape? Ans. Vertical tape 17. Frequency of VCR control signal Ans. 30Hz 18. In a single gun color CRT what a electron beam travels straight through the tube? Ans. Green 19. In TV picture, what is the purpose of large picture tube voltage? Ans. Attracts electron towards the face of the tube 20. How many horizontal lines are used to develop a TV raster in NTSC standard? Ans. 525 21. In TV, time allocated per horizontal retrace. Ans. 10.2 us

22. Percentage of primary color used in color TV are needed to produced the brightest white? Ans. 30% red, 59% green, 11% blue 23. Which band channel 14 of TV channels belong? Ans. UHF 24. What do you call the combining circuit used in TV? Ans. Matrix 25. A type of microphone which has a permanent magnet. Ans. Ribbon 26. What determines the purity received colors? Ans. Q and I Amplitude (Chrominace) 27. Microphone which has a 2 output? Ans. Crystal 28. Normally for how long must broadcast stations legs be kept for the NTC? Ans. 1 year 29. Typical output voltage from a magnetic microphone? Ans. 1mV 30. Modulation index of AM wave is change 0 to 1, the transmitter power is? Ans. Increase by 50% 31. Method generating SSB signal that utilizes one balanced modulator circuit? Ans. Filter method 32. What is the lowest number of sections required by communication receiver? Ans. 4 33. Connecting the headset directly across the tuner is a simple AM radio receiver Ans. Will not produce sound in the headset 34. An AM signal displayed on an oscilloscope has maximum span of 5 volts and minimum 1V. what is the modulation index? Ans. 67% 35. A system has 150Khz of BW for a 10Khz modulating signal. What is approximate deviation? Ans. 65KHz 36. Which of the ff. is not a continuous wave modulation? Ans. PCM 37. Determine the power save in % when the carrier is suppressed in an AM signal modulation to 80%? Ans. 75.8% 38. What is the major disadvantage of a superheterodyne receiver? Ans. Excellent selectivity and sensitivity 39. How many mixers are in an SSB receiver? Ans. 2 40. What is the purpose of AFC in an FM receiver? Ans. To help maintain a steady low freq.

41. The signal in a channel measured to be 23dB while noise is 9 dB. What is signal to noise ratio? Ans. 14 dB 42. Which of the ff. is not an application of PLL? Ans. AM discriminator 43. When the loop in the PLL is locked, what is the diff. in frequency detected by the phase detector? Ans. 0 degree 44. What circuit accompanies a mixer? Ans. Local oscillator 45. Not a class of laser radiation? Ans. Class X 46. optical fiber w/ smallest bandwidth? Ans. Glass fiber core 47. Einstein Ans. First documented production that laser light was possible. 48. First person to produced laser light? Ans. Maiman 49. Number the fiber optic receiver, the light detector Ans. Has a still signal as an output 50. Fiber optic cable operates near Ans. 800 THz 51. Layer Ans. Maybe used as an optical fiber transmitter 52. responsitivity Ans. Receiver parameter 53. laser Ans. Optical Transmitter w/o cladding and rectifier 54. SONET Ans. Optical network ensured standard that has a connectivity 55. ILS system Ans. Cockpit w/c provides 2 separate items of information in relation to the run way. 56. DME Ans. Time interval below interrogatory pulse and the reply from a radar beacon 57. Plane wave Ans. Wave far from the source 58. 422-4342 Ans. 59. VHF-ship station transmitter Ans. 1W 60. EM wave transport Ans. Energy 61. pitch in sound Ans. Color in light 62. less than 3kW(ERP) Ans. Operational maintenance of an FMBC stations exempted from D.O. 88 63. not changes frequency Ans. Fiber optic 64. reference index of glass Ans. 1.5

65. n1>n2 Ans. TIR(total internal reflection) 66. critical angle Ans. Reference angle equal to 90deg 67. photophone Ans. First device voice using light 68. determine stray/refracted w/in the medium Ans. Critical angle 69. not commonly used in fiber optic Ans. Fiber optic cable 70. not a major sections required by laser Ans. monitor 71. part of the body more to laser Ans. Eyes and skin 72. most widely used in fiber optics Ans. Step index single mode 73. infrared absorption Ans. Photons of light absorbed 74. responsitivity unit Ans. A/W 75. infrared range Ans. 700-1200nm 76. step index multimode optical fiber diameter Ans. 0.02mm 77. visible light LCDs not used Ans. High losses 78. optical fiber for telecommunication Ans. 5 miles 79. PMT Ans. High sensitivity and BW(optical detectors) 80. average loss of fiber splice Ans. 0.15 81. mechanical splice attenuation Ans. 0.1dB or less 82. commonly used electron-optical crystal polarization Ans. Lithium niobate 83. modulation information Ans. Intensity and polarization 84. amount of voltage induced in a wave by an EM wave Ans. Field strength 85. volume Ans. Speech 86. high loss in the opposite direction Ans. Echo suppression 87. connector arrangement, customer move to one location to connecting same telephone number ans. TPS 88. same facility not same time Ans. TDM 89. common light session in medium fax Ans. CCD 90. Frequency for black and white Ans. 1500 and 2300 Hz 91. QAM Ans. 63 Fax 92. 3 allowable tone frequency

Ans. Touch and tone telephone 93. cell CDMA bandwidth Ans. 1.23MHz 94. sensitivity of cell receiver Ans. 50dB 95. Volume Ans. Speech 96. Quadrature detector Ans. Differential Amp. 97. TDMA Ans. DECT 98. BPSK Ans. Cell CDMA 99. tiny particle Ans. Quantum theory 100. aspect ratio Ans. 2:1 101. fusion splice Ans. 0.09dB 102. 200,000 hrs Ans. LEO Life 103. connector type of splice Ans. 0.38dB 104. 50,000 hrs Ans. ILO life 105. use varactor Ans. PARAMP 106. negligible conductivity Ans. Telephone Relay 107. Velocity modulation Ans. Klystron 108. LEO satellites distances Ans. 22, 300 miles 109. T1 DS1 Ans. 1.544 Mbps 110. 2 out of 7 codes Ans. Touch tone 111. solution to the degradation SNR Ans. Companding 112. circular polarization Ans. Navigational Sat. 113. Sat. altitude Ans. Orientation 114. Standard test tone Ans. 1mW 115. K-factor Ans. 4/3 116. FDMA Ans. concept 100% 117. polar orbit Ans. Footprint 118. Flag bits Ans. ESS co-status 119. single booster antenna dish Ans. Low noise amp. 120. 1 hop space diversity Ans. 2 receiver 121. VLF Ans. Omega 122. range vs. azimuth Ans. pp1 123. ILS horizontal deviation

Ans. localizer 124. difference of entry Ans. CCITT mode 125. splitting of white light Ans. dispersion 126. circular opening thru the 4 structure Ans. sleeve 127. do not exhibit by longitudinal waves Ans. polarization 128. 720 erlang Ans. 25920 ccs 129. reduce crosstalks Ans. frequency frogging 130. beamwidth is inversely proportional to Ans. wavelength / distance (radar out) 131. transmitter receiver switch Ans. duplexer 132. time difference measurement hyperbolic Ans. LORAN 133. master beacon Ans. distance info 134. TACAN Ans. bearing and distance 135. localizer Ans. 108 112Mhz 136. airplane pitch Ans. elevator 137. affect bandwith Ans. material dispersion 138. (blank) Ans. spiral path/ do not pay core axis 139. not a kind of optical dispersion Ans. luminance dispersion 140. highest modal dispersion Ans. step index multimode 141. multiple signal over Ans. TDM 142. optical fiber Ans. 250 500 Hz 143. maximum voice Ans. energy 144. electrolytic recording Ans. fax 145. DECT Ans. 1.88 1.90 Ghz 146. triple conversion Ans. normal 147. TACS Ans. 1000 channel 148. discrete particle Ans. shot noise 149. picture carrier Ans. UHF 150. MPEG 2 Ans. cosine 151. 32.28Mbps Ans. actual data rate PTV 152. red electrode of steel or iron shall be at least______ in diameter. Ans. 16mm 153. the modulation index of an AM is change from 0 -1 the transmitted power is:

Ans. increased by 50% 154. one of the advantage of base modulation over collector modulation of a transistor class C amplifier Ans. the lower the modulating power required 155. the carrier is simultaneously modulated by two sine wave with the modulation indices of 0.3 and 0.4, total modulation index is : Ans. 0.5 156. amplitude modulation is used for broadcasting because: Ans. it use avoid receiver complexity 157. indicate the false statement regarding the advantages of SSB over double sideband full carrier Ans. transmitter circuits must be more stable, giving better reception 158. when the modulation index of an AM is doubled, the antenna current is also doubled, the AM system being used is ______ Ans. single sideband suppressed carrier (JC3) 159. what happen to spectrum of repetitive pulse in the pulse width decrease? Ans. more harmonic of the same phase 160. keyed AGC is AGC that______ Ans. is used in TV receiver 161. main disadvantage single tube transmitter Ans. frequency stability 162. Gain by operating oscillator on some sub-harmonic of frequency Ans. frequency stability 163. hamming bits added to a data block containing 128 bits. Ans. 8 164. type of field that faraday shield stops Ans. electrostatic 165. device used to make modulated visible. Ans. oscilloscope 166. filter attenuates signal passes below and above that band Ans. Band stop 167. Method of expressing the amplitude of complex non periodic signal. Ans. volume 168. to provide two or more voice circuits with the same carrier Ans. ISM emission 169. small amount of signal applied to the input port that link to the output port Ans. 170. Multiplexing oldest and simpliest _______ Ans. space division multiplexing 171. what is the frequency of the standard test tone conducted on audio equipment? Ans. 1 Khz

172. the reference standard test tone normally used is indicated as zero ____ Ans. dBm 173. to raise the power level of AM signal, the class of amplitude used is._____ Ans. class A 174. the characteristic impedance of coax cable commonly available are 75 ohms and ____ Ans. 50 ohms 175. the scope of radar system displays Ans. target range but not position 176. 1 Angstrom is equal to ho many microns Ans. 10 177. 100 Angstroms is equal to how many microns? Ans. 0.01 178. 10 microns is equal to ____ angstroms Ans. 100,000 179. A light wave is 8,000 Angstroms long, what is the wavelength in nanometer? Ans. 800 180. low contrast picture in which white screen flat and locking details suggest_____ Ans. low beam current 181. camera tube that has a min. log Ans. Plumbicon 182. Part or visible spectrum whose converts pick up that ______ the greatest output Ans. Yellow Green 183. Heater voltage of TV receiver picture tube Ans. 6.3 Vac 184. Typical anode capacitance of TV picture glass develop Ans. 2000pf 185. Radiator of light from the screen of TV picture tube as it is excited Ans. luminescence 186. in frequency synthesizer, smallest amount which output frequency can be changed Ans. resolution 187. the internal capacitance causes feedback produces same effects Ans. Miller effect 188. Movement of signal from frequency to another using mixer oscillator combination. Ans. frequency translation 189. Suppressed carrier frequency of channel 4 of a group using FDM telephony ______ Ans. 96Khz 190. what determines as the bandwidth of the transmitted signal? Ans. highest frequency component of modulating signal 191. what happens to the standard AM transmission, no modulating signal is being transmitted? Ans. there are no sideband 192. B83 form of modulation is also known as

Ans. independent sideband emission 193. if a 500Hz modulation of 1Mhz carrier has 3rd harmonic distortion, what is the emission bandwidth? Ans. 3kHZ 194. Shape trapezoidal pattern at 100% modulation Ans. Triangle 195. What will normal AM receiver detect from an unmodulated RF AC wave? Ans. nothing 196. Splatter Ans. overmodulation 197. Value of maximum instantaneous peak power if PEP is 6W Ans. 12W 198. Scheme is the transmission of two separate info signal using 2 AM carrier at the same frequency differ in phase by 50 degrees An. QAM 199. one line scanning Ans. exact interlacing 200. pulses is be blanking corresponds to 323 Ans. V-synchronous 201. the interfering bit frequency of 920 KHz is between 3.58MHZ color subcarrier and _____ Ans. 4.5 Mhz sub-intercarrier 202. not tune to 3.58Mhz Ans. Video pre-amplifier 203. 1.3Mhz bandwidth Ans. I 204. false statement Ans. the fully saturated color is mostly.. 205. color with most luminance Ans. Yellow 206. average voltage of 350Mhz modulated chrominance signal in TV Ans. brightest of color 207. Second IF value for color in TV receiver in any station Ans. 3.58Mhz 208. if 3.58 MhZ class C Amplifier Ans. no color 209. reference 4 noise temp. in degrees Celsius Ans. 17 210. 3 major types of demodulator Ans. foster sceley, quadrature, PLL 211. What determines the resolution of picture in the TV receiver? Ans. frequency response of the video signal 212. Standard output level of composite video signal Ans. 1 Vp-p 213. Luminance signal Ans. 30% Red 214. Making aperture of a camera lens smaller by stopping down (the iris to diameter of reduces light by _____

Ans. half 215. Camera tube that uses lead oxide(PbO) Ans. Plumbicon 216. the recommended legth of 120 radials of AM broadcast tower used to improve ground conductivity should be equal to _____ Ans. antenna height 217. Binding radio waves from high density to lower density Ans. fraction 218. antenna whose technical equivalent is 2/4 lines which is open circuited Ans. dipole 219. Marconi Antenna is grounded______ Vertical antenna. Ans. /4 220.antenna used in mobile communication is mounted on vehicle Ans. Marconi 221. Table of all possible combinations of variable Ans. Truth Table 222. Another name of bandwidth efficiency Ans. information density 223. contrast control Ans. Y video amplifier 224. Sawtooth generator ect. Produce Ans. Timing 225. statement not true Ans. klystron effect 226. 4 TV baseband fly back is 10%, the time equals ____. Ans. 6.4us 227. in data communication employing FSK, band rate is _____ to bit rate. Ans. equal 228.type of synchronization in data coomm. Where in the beginning and end of a character code is identified. Ans. character synchronization 229. for error connection this method is used when there is a human being at received terminal to analyze the receive data and make decision on its integrity Ans. symbol substitution 230. the time when the FET is on is called Ans. acquisition 231. SPL started in terms of peak values of pressure variations, stated in ubars or____ Ans. N/m2 232. In an intelligibility test, group of listeners is ahead to record syllables