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Board of Supervisors


County of Rice, State of Minnesota

June 23, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Chair Leif Knecht. Present were
supervisors Glen Castore and Kathleen Doran-Norton, Treasurer Brad
Pfahning, and clerk, Pam Petersen.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.

There was no formal agenda. It follows as:

Stream Inventory, CRWP

Possible annexation request from Gill-Prawer

Right-of-Way resolution with City of Northfield

Dundas Annexation update

Road updates

The agenda was approved with a motion by G Castore, second by K Doran-

Norton, the motion passed.

Stream Inventory: Ross Hoffman and Beth Kallestad spoke of what has been
completed so far, what is left and the results so far. They figure we would
need to spend about $1500.00 more to complete the inventory. This is over
the $5200.00 contracted to date. They will provide the township with a
summary of what can be improved and will also highlight the positive steps
some of the residents have already undertaken. All this is being handled by
the CRWP. If we would like the inventory finished it best is left to fall, with
leaves and grasses ‘gone’ for the best visibility of the shore line.

Gill-Prawer Annexation? The Township has not received any information or a

formal request at this time.

Some of the Edgebrook Drive residents spoke of wanting the current

annexation agreement to stand as is, concerns of any possible conflict of
interest between supervisors and the landowners making the possible

Great concern over how any forthcoming information will be shared.

The city determines the land use, not the township. The zoning for this area
has gone from industrial, to future residential, now back to
industrial/business use.

Roads: The Township has increased the dust control on the roads, question
of will this help keep the gravel on the roads, which will lessen loss of
material and help to maintain a better road system.

Note: A reminder to Jeff Docken that the township has put aside some funds
to look into alternative energy uses at the landfill.

The board approved the Right-of-Way Resolution, 2009-11 with the City of
Northfield. It was approved with a motion made by K Doran-Norton, second
by G Castore, the motion passed.

Dundas Annexation Reserve District ordinances: G Castore reported that is

to be a standalone ordinance. The township should have a copy within the
next week. To adopt this ordinance there would have to be a formal public
hearing notice 10 days before the hearing.

The board of supervisors also adopted Resolution 2009-13, the resolution to

take over Fawn Court as a township road. This was a private road owned and
maintained by the Leonard Hubers estate. All of the necessary updates were
made to allow this to happen. The resolution was signed by Chair, Leif
Knecht and clerk, Pam Petersen. A copy was sent to Will Borsz, the executor
of the Hubers Estate. The approval for this was taken at a previous meeting.

The board of supervisors also adopted Resolution 2009-12, the Hazard

Mitigation Plan with the County of Rice. Motion to approve was made by G
Castore, second by K Doran-Norton, the motion carried.

A motion to adjourn was made by G Castore, second by K Doran-Norton, the

motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Petersen, clerk

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