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Current Problems of HR? How to enforce human rights law and how to punish violators. Violators of HR?

Dictators and other authoritarian leaders and state authorities notably the police and military. Worst forms of HR violations? Genocides, crimes against humanity and crimes against children and other civilians during internal conflicts. What does the international bill of human rights consist of? It consists of the a. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, b Economic Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights c. Civil and Political Rights 2 Basic Instruments of Human Rights International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights When for the first time the term HR were expressed? 1987 Philippine Constitution Human Rights Defined It is generally defined as those rights, which are inherent in our nature, without which, we cannot live as human beings. Human Rights defined by Human Rights commission are supreme, inherent and inalienable rights to life, dignity and self development. It is the essence of these rights that makes man human. Who started the development of western civilization that legalized the institution of slavery? Ancient Greeks and Romans Who Abolish Slavery? Abraham Lincoln How did Jesus Christ become victim of Human Rights? Jesus Christ was unjustly tried, sentenced to death and crucified in the most inhuman manner. This was the first account of denial of due process. What do you call the God-given right? Natural Rights, examples are rights to life, dignity and self development How human rights classified in Historical Developments 1st Generation of Human Rights covers civil and political rights, which derives primarily from 17th and 18th centuries reformist theories. 2nd Generation of Human Rights covers economic, social and cultural rights 3rd Generation of Human Rights covers collective rights Who is SOCRATES? Socrates is the father of philosophy. His honest and energetic stand upon political questions brought him to disfavour with the state authorities and was accused of corrupting the youth of Athens by teaching things not in accord with the popular methodology.

(2) How did he become a victim of Human Rights Violations? Socrates became a victim of human rights violations by being accused of corrupting the youth of Athens by teaching things not in accord with the popular methodology. He was condemned to die to drink the deadly hemlock in the year 399 B.C (3) Who is THOMAS AQUINAS? He is a medieval philosopher, considered natural law as law of right reason in accordance with the law of God, commonly known as the scholastic natural law. (4) Who is HUGO GROTIUS? He is the father of International law; he espoused the modern theory of natural law wherein this theory detached natural law from religion. (5) What was his (Hugo Grotius) Advocacy? His advocacy was to detached natural law from religion. Whatever conformed to the nature of men as natural human beings was right and just. Whatever is disturbing to social harmony is wrong. (6) What is legal positivism? Legal positivism also known as The Positivist Theory, states that all rights and authority come from the state and what the officials have promulgated. Under this theory, the only law is what it is commanded by the sovereign and that natural law and natural rights can be valid only if they can be enforced by the state. The source of rights can be found only in the promulgated law and enforced by the state. It is the will of the sovereign. (7) Who was the first & foremost victim of Human Rights Violation in the Philippines? Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, was the first and foremost victim of human rights violation in the country. For his written works denouncing the abuses of the Spanish authorities and church friars committed on Filipinos, he was arbitrarily arrested and tried by his own persecutors and was executed at Bagumbayan on December 30, 1896.