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ATHENEUM Noveleta, Cavite HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Name: Yr. and Section: Subject Teacher: Mr.

Timothy Paul A. Guinto

SCIENCE 7 First Mid-Quarter Examination

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Encircle the letter of the best answer. 7.

1. It is an organized and large body of knowledge based on facts and truths known by actual experience and observation. a. Biology b. Technology c. Science d. Ecology 2. How is technology related to science? a. Technology studies nature b. Technology is an applied science c. Technology is knowledge d. Technology is harmful 3. Which of the following statement is not true? a. Technology is both harmful and helpful b. Technology requires electricity to work c. Technology makes our life easy d. Technology is a product of science 4. Which among the following is considered a superstition? a. Always talk to plants so that it can produce flowers easily. b. Dont go to a wake when you have open wound because it will delay its healing process. c. Put your book/notes under your pillow so that you can memorize its contents. d. Plugging an electric device while your hand is wet might electrocute you. 5. Which general area of science studies living things? a. Biology b. Chemistry c. Physics d. Earth Science For items 8-10. A group of students was asked to investigate how fast sugar dissolves in cold and in hot water. 6. If this is going to be a fair test, what variables should they control? a. Amount of water and sugar in each cup, method of stirring, time when the solid is added to water, how long each solution is stirred. b. Amount of water and sugar in each cup, method of stirring, how long each solution is stirred. c. Amount of sugar in each cup; method of stirring, time when the solid is added to water, how long each solution is stirred.






d. Amount of water in each cup, method of stirring, time when the solid is added to water; how long each solution is stirred. What is the dependent variable (what is being measured)? I. The temperature of water. II. The amount of sugar. III. The length of time that sugar completely dissolves in hot water. IV. The length of time that sugar completely dissolves in cold water. a. I only b. II and III c. II only d. III and IV Which of the following shows a properly constructed hypothesis? a. If you put sugar in hot/cold water and stir it, then the sugar will dissolve faster/slower. b. If you put sugar in hot water and stir it, then the sugar will dissolve faster. c. The higher the temperature, the faster the sugar will dissolve d. I therefore conclude that sugar will dissolve in water with higher temperature What is the characteristic of an experiment that shows fair testing? a. Changing one variable at a time while keeping others the same b. Changing two or more variables at a time while keeping the others the same c. Having one independent variable and two dependent variables. d. Having two dependent variables and one independent variable What process of scientific method is also called an educated guess? a. Observation b. Experimentation c. Hypothesis d. Conclusion What are you going to do if your hypothesis is rejected? a. Stop the experimentation b. Make another hypothesis c. Change your experiment d. Copy your classmates result What unit is best used in measuring the size of bacteria? a. Micrometer (m) b. Millimeter (mm) c. Centimeter (cm) d. Meter (m)

13. How many cubic centimeters (cm ) are there in 356 milliliters (mL)? 3 a. 3.45 cm 3 b. 34.5 cm 3 c. 345 cm 3 d. 3,450 cm 14. What is the proper viewing in measuring volume of liquid? a. b.


MEASUREMENT. Complete the table of the appropriate basic SI unit and tool that is used in the following measurements. (14 points) Basic SI unit & abbreviation Tool used


Length Volume Mass Weight

c. Density 15. Where are you going to read the measurement of the liquid? Temperature Time


b. c.


LINE GRAPH. Using a graphing paper, line graph the following data on the table below. (10 points) Sitos monthly savings from June to March

16. If you dropped a stone on a graduated cylinder with 30mL of water in it, and then the water level rise up to 35mL, what will be the volume of the stone? a. 5 mL b. 10 mL c. 30 mL d. 65 mL 17. Ball A and ball B has the same size but ball A is heavier than ball B. This means that a. They have the same mass b. They have the same volume c. Ball A has greater volume than B d. Ball B has greater mass than A 18. Which is not true regarding mass and weight? a. They can be measured through the use of spring balance. b. Weight changes as you get farther from the earth, mass doesnt. c. Their SI unit is kilograms. d. Weight is lesser in moon than in Earth 19. Why does water settles down at the bottom of a container when mixed with oil? a. because water is heavier than oil b. because water is denser than oil c. because water is cleaner than oil d. because water is poured in first 20. What is the red liquid inside the thermometer that has the capacity to go up and down depending on the temperature? a. Mercury b. Water c. Alcohol d. Gasoline

Month June July August September October November December January February March

Savings (Pesos) 50 45 65 70 60 55 70 70 55 30

(Note: Make your increment in your Y-axis [Pesos] by 5) IV. LABORATORY EQUIPMENT. Identify the name of each laboratory equipment. Choose your answer from the box. (15 pts) Test tube rack Funnel Crucible
Mortar and Pestle

Beaker Test tube holder Test tube


Wire gauze Burner Balance

Magnifying glass
Erlenmeyer Flask


Stirring rod



________________ 3.

_______________ 4.





____8. Bunsen burner ____9. Platform balance ____10. Thermometer ____11. Magnifying glass

h. Grinds solids i. Used for cleaning j. For evaporation k. for magnifying an objects image

_________________ 7.

________________ 8.

1-6 The six steps in doing the scientific method

_________________ 9.

_________________ 10.
VII. EXPLAIN. Answer the following as concise as possible. Answer in complete sentence. (2 points each)

__________________ 11.

__________________ 12. 1. Why is an alcohol thermometer used in measuring the temperature of the environment rather than using a mercury thermometer?

_________________ 13.

__________________ 14. 2. What are you going to tell your friend when he says that he will place all his notes and books under the pillow so that he will remember all that he studied?

___________________ 15.


__________________ MATCHING TYPE. Match column A with the uses of the laboratory equipment in column B.Write your answer on the blank provided. A B ____1. Beaker a. Measures volume of liquids ____2. Graduated cylinder b. For heating ____3. Mortar and pestle ____4. Crucible and cover ____5. Test tube brush ____6. Evaporating dish ____7. Tripod c.Supporting apparatus when heating specimen d. Measures mass e. Measures temperature f. Used as a container g. For heating solids V.

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