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Pratimaan Case Study Computech (P) Ltd.

is an information technology company in the field of Technology Resourcing and Knowledge Consulting. The Company provides solutions through application of proven platforms and adaptation of emerging technologies. Core to its offering is a solution through well documented software engineering practices, project management mile stones and quality assurance parameters for each stage of software training and development lifecycles. Computech Technologies (P) Ltd. is a committed venture of I.T. services, by a team of dedicated professionals having distinct experience in technical, management and functional domain both in domestic and international business. Their long association with the industry has equipped them with proven proficiency to lead the venture to its aspired goals. The entire business process has been chalked out, by combining the strengths of proven and potential technologies and experience of leading professionals of the industry and consulting services. Utilization of resources is pledged to a systematic and properly channeled business activity to ensure long-term business development. Computech Technologies (P) Ltd. plans to enter the Computer Training field through a planned subsidiary Eduventures, as the training division of the company. The company plans to develop a young, dynamic, enthusiastic team, with a dossier of Engineers, Functional Experts and management professionals with a backdrop of premier education and rich experience. The Product range under consideration is PGDBA(PGD Business Analytics) PGDMA(PGD Management Accounting) CBA(Certified Business Analyst) CPBA(Certification Program in Bigdata Analytics) CFM(Certified Finance Manager) PGCBA(PGC Business Analytics)

The Venture is to be funded by a Capital investment of Rs 10 Crore by Computech Technologies (P) ltd. along with an additional infusion from a Private Equity Fund. The Company is planning to start the venture with only two products initially. The Financials relating to the Products are given in Appendix B and Appendix C. (Refer the password protected file Pratimaan_Data.zip (23.4 MB) for Appendices.) The company has purchased a Database of Marketing research information based on promotional Campaigns conducted on similar products and this is given in Appendix A. 1. Based on an analysis of the information available, decide which two products the Company should launch first, and why? Limit your response to 250 words. 2. Based on analysis of the research data provided by the Marketing research company, work out the profile of the kind of Consumer, the Company must focus on. We suggest you to build a predictive model through logistic regression. You can employ other methods also. 1

Figures, graphs, etc. for both the problems can be put separately in Appendix section. You can make use of any tool of your choice (Excel/SPSS/SAS/R/etc.).

Deliverables: 1. A doc/docx/pdf file named teamname_collegename containing responses for both questions along with appendix section. Include a cover page containing team details. 2. Source-code/calculations: Depending upon the tool employed, include calculations, source code and outputs in your submission. These should be well documented and relevant to the recommendations made by you. Zip the above files together as teamname _collegename.zip.

Submission: Email your zip file to pratimaan2013@sjmsom.in with the subject Pratimaan Submission. In case your zip file exceeds 10 MB, upload the same on Google Drive and email its link. Deadline for submission is 23:59:59 hours, 17th October 2013.