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EcoTek-1™ (Fuel Additive) by GreenEcoTek.

Advanced Fuel Additive Technology with Combustion Chamber

EcoTek-1™ is not just a fuel additive; EcoTek-1 is a patent pending combination

of high-quality, scientifically created esterfied compounds based on a proprietary
manufacturing method blended with our patented combustion chamber catalyst.
EcoTek-1 is a new approach to fuel system performance.

Let's face it; the fuels (gasoline and diesel) that we put into our vehicles are dirty.
This means particles are left behind, which together form hard carbon deposits
that harbor poisonous gases such as Carbon Monoxide. When we operate our
vehicles many of these gases are emitted into the air, thus causing air pollution.

Vehicles with combustion engine technology, be it commercial, Industrial or

private don't have to be a major cause of the atmospheric pollution in our cities.
Drastic measures taken by federal and state agencies to reduce this pollution are
costly, ineffective and generally cause more problems than they solve. If
EcoTek-1™ were used by everyone a very substantial percentage of our
transportation and power generation pollution in the atmosphere would be
eliminated. Because EcoTek-1™ contains a unique, patented, combustion
chamber catalyst it will burn off the carbon deposits in the engine, which normally
lead to emission problems, and keep the engine free of new deposit formation.

Here is the way it works: When EcoTek-1 is added to the fuel tank, the fuel
carries our unique product to the combustion chamber. Its combustion chamber
catalyst agents are used to treat the metal surfaces by forming a Film that is
technically called thermally derived oxidation. The carboxylic metal creates an
oxide residue on the hot surfaces at the time of combustion. This process can be
compared to the scorching of a pan when cooking. When overheated, the food
residue forms a layer on the pan when it is oxidized; leaving a film even after
being scrubbed that discolors the pan and appears to permeate the pores of the
Inside an engine cylinder, small amounts of material provided by EcoTek-1
oxidize in high temperatures, rapidly producing a thin layer of film on the cylinder
walls, the piston face, and the fire deck, this thin Film layer (thermally derived
oxidation) then provides several benefits.
First; of all, EcoTek-1 enhances the surface heat absorption characteristics of
the metal. The fuel and air mixture produces energy in the form of heat that
creates expansion that drives the piston down, and the film inhibits the transfer of
radiant heat. This directly results in higher combustion temperature, greater
expansion, and more power.

Second; EcoTek-1 film provides is a polished surface effect that allows more
even distribution of the fuel. It can be compared to the beading of water on a
polished paint job. The micro film attracts the liquid fuel resulting in better fuel
distribution that shapes the charge to yield more power.

Third; The film is serving as a catalyst precursor to react with the catalyst
component in EcoTek-1 itself. The active compounds of EcoTek-1 in
combination with the heat in the cylinder cause a catalytic reaction that promotes
better disassociation of chemicals and better burn. The catalytic reaction is also
exothermic and produces heat. Altogether, these three benefits result in a total of
30 to 40% more expansion in the cylinder with an equal amount of fuel.

When used properly, EcoTek-1 can significantly reduce the emissions of

hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate
matter (PM) and other harmful by-products of combustion, while increase in the
emission of O2.

Fourth; EcoTek-1 is beneficial in that it provides additional lubrication in the

upper cylinder, reducing friction and wear. EcoTek-1 is especially beneficial
when used in low and ultra-low sulfur diesel applications as it replaces the
lubricity the sulfur provided. This reduces friction, heat and engine wear,
extending the life of the engine significantly.
Improves Fuel Economy!

EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst removes carbon deposits and

prevents them from coming back!!! Carbon deposits in the combustion chamber
can be thought of as a hard absorbent sponge. During the combustion process
they actually soak up fuel and prevent it from burning. This unburned fuel then
gets exhausted as unburned hydrocarbons, which are poisonous emissions.
Carbon deposits can get so hot that they'll act like a spark plug, giving off a spark
too early. This is known as pre-detonation, or 'knock and ping', and is normally
covered up by using higher-octane fuels. Carbon deposits get grit, acid and
mineral contaminates into your oil and lube, which makes you to have to change
your oil more frequently and causes your engine to be less efficient. Carbon
deposits can cover the tips of your injectors, inhibiting the spray pattern, which
causes a decrease in fuel efficiency and a loss in power.
You can get more miles out of each gallon of fuel and more miles equates to less
money spent on fuel. From a number of field studies performed, we've found that
our customers have saved up to 20% on fuel costs with the consistent use of
EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst “alone”. Dynamometer tests
conducted show EcoTek-1 combustion chamber catalyst agents “alone” can
reduce fuel consumption by 38% in both gasoline & diesel applications. In
addition to the savings on fuel consumption Independent laboratory studies
confirm that continued use of EcoTek-1 combustion chamber catalyst agents
significantly reduces emissions, fuel consumption, and engine maintenance

Treats the Engine:

EcoTek-1™ is that your engine will last longer. Deposit-build-up in the engine
results in greater friction, causing more wear. Because EcoTek-1™ contains a
patented chamber catalyst it will burn off any existing deposits. Consistent use of
EcoTek-1™ will also prevent new deposits from being formed in their place. This
catalytic action that occurs helps to improve the longevity of the internal
combustion engine, and reduces maintenance costs.

EcoTek-1™ Combustion Chamber Catalyst, has been shown to:

- Reduce Carbon Monoxide 15-20%
- Reduce Hydrocarbons 25-30%
- Reduce Nitrogen Oxides 15-25%
- Reduce Sulfur Oxides 35-50%
- Reduce Smoke 50-90% - Reduces engine operating temperature - Reduces
maintenance costs - Improves fuel efficiency 15% or more - Is safe for the

When using EcoTek-1™:

• Reduces Black smoke from all combustion engine driven forms of
transportation, shipping,
power generation, trucks, buses and automobiles.
• Reduces Nitrogen oxides.
• Reduces Corrosive sulfur oxides that cause acid rain.
• Reduces Carbon monoxide and ground level ozone toxins.
• Reduces the need for Oxygenated fuels.

Additional Benefits:
EcoTek-1’s esters Winter Blend Label Branded products pour-point is - 31
degrees F significantly lower than other competitive fuel additive ester products.

EcoTek-1 is the perfect additive for all bio-fuels as it contains no petroleum.

EcoTek-1 treats twice the fuel to that of the competition.
EcoTek-1 is bio-degradable and is 100% ACTIVE
EcoTek-1 esters are made from 100% bio-renewable sources
Because of the impurities in petroleum-based fuels, carbon deposits form along
the surfaces of the combustion chamber, which will not combust at temperatures
lower than 600oC. This becomes a problem because the surfaces of the
combustion chamber stay cooler than 600oC, which means that these deposits
will not burn off by themselves. These deposits are the problem. They are what
cause your fuel mileage to drop over the life of your vehicle, they are what cause
you to have to use higher octane fuels, they are the primary cause of automotive
emissions, they are what cause your motor oil to get dirtier faster, they are what
plug up your fuel injectors, and they are what cause a decline in overall engine
performance. As a fuel additive that contains a combustion chamber catalyst,
EcoTek-1™ lowers the Energy of Activation of the rate-determining step to
200oC, which allows the carbon deposits to burn off at temperatures as low as
200oC as opposed to 600oC.

Below is a diagram of a combustion chamber, where as you can see, the areas
around the Piston Tops and Cylinder walls are relatively cooler. These are the
areas where impurities tend to build up and form deposits. EcoTek-1™
combustion chamber catalyst bonds to these impurities and deposits, and as a
catalyst it allows a chemical reaction to happen at a temperature where it
normally wouldn’t happen. This chemical reaction allows the impurities to
completely combust, and the deposits to burn off.
Because EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst agents clean out the
combustion chamber, there's no need for an Octane Requirement Increase
(ORI), so if you're using a higher octane fuel to get better performance out of
your vehicle you can stop wasting your money and switch to EcoTek-1™.

Technical Discussion

Increasing Surface Area

The approach being taken by EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst agents
differs from our competitors’ products in that we are using active particles only 10
nanometers across. This creates a greater surface area for catalyzing the
required reactions. It also means that EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst
agents can be used at concentrations as low as 20 parts per million in
hydrocarbon fuels. This is one-tenth the concentration of competitive additives.
These micro- particles also remain more evenly suspended in the fuel.

Unique Metal Compound

EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst agents use a complex of chemical
compounds including elements from both Group 8, and a unique material not
categorized as belonging to one of the 18 Groups in the Periodic Table. This
state-of-the-art formula provides EcoTek-1™ with the technology that surpasses
all other commercial fuel related additive products.

EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst agents were developed to make fuel

treatments easier and less expensive. With EcoTek-1™ a biodegradable and
eco friendly fuel additive, makes easier and less expensive to ship, and great for
importing and exporting.

EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst agents are combustion managers

formulated to address combustion side fuel problems encountered with gasoline,
diesel, fuel oil, and residual fuels. These agents contain potent multi-functional
components, which act as deposit modifiers, and combustion surface modifiers.

EcoTek-1™ combustion chamber catalyst agents act as deposit and combustion

surface modifiers preventing deposit build-up in open flame combustion
equipment and internal combustion engines. EcoTek-1™ deposit and
combustion surface modifiers catalyze the combustion of existing surface
deposits and inhibit combustion particle agglomeration. Benefits include
improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, cleaner oil, reduced maintenance
cost, reduced wear, and lower friction. Fuel treatment with EcoTek-1™ at
recommended treatment ratios does not alter or change any of the commonly
used fuel specifications. EcoTek-1™ is recommended for large commercial /
Industrial scale fleet applications as well as small-scale treatment programs,
such as consumer vehicles and light to heavy-duty trucks, diesel trains, marine
engines, building and construction, mining, search and rescue, municipal fleets.
First tank = 20 gallons of fuel: Add 4-ounces to 20 - gallons of fuel in your tank.
Second tank: Add 2-ounces to 20 - gallons of fuel in your tank

CONTINUED USE: 1-ounce for every 20 - gallons at fill-up, save 15% or more on Fuel; Gas,
Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Ethanol, CNG, LPG.

EcoTek-1 Benefits:
- EcoTek-1 treats twice the fuel than the competition, providing your customer 100% more ROI.
- EcoTek-1 is the perfect additive for all bio-fuels as it contains no petroleum.
- EcoTek-1 is bio-degradable and is 100% ACTIVE esterfied product.
- EcoTek-1’s esters are made from 100% bio-renewable sources.
- EcoTek-1’s esters pour-point Winter Blend Label Branded Product is minimum -31 degrees F
Significantly lower than other ester derived fuel additive products.

In Summary EcoTek-1:
- Improves fuel efficiency 15% or more
- Reduces carbon, NOX, emissions 30% or more
- Reduces engine operating temperature
- Reduces maintenance costs
- Extends equipment wear-life
- Is safe for the environment

Price Example:
(Low volume price matrix per 55 gallon drum $6,875.00 comparison to your customer)
Competitive P. - 1280 - 1 oz - $0.98 per oz / = 10.00 Gallons Fuel = $0.10 cents cost per gallon fuel.
EcoTek-1 (GET) 2500 - 1 oz - $0.98 per oz / = 19.53 Gallons Fuel = $0.05 cents cost per gallon fuel.

GreenEcoTek Additives Division is a Commercial / Industrial supplier of Fuel, Oil, Gear environmentally
friendly products that work beyond industry expectations. EcoTek-1 (Fuel Additive) ET-50 (Oil Additive)
EcoPro-1, EcoPro-2 (Fuel and Oil additive). Our motto is to under promise and over deliver.

Please keep in mind the increased fuel economy and emission reduction claims regarding
EcoTek-1 Mileage and emissions claims are very conservative due to FTC (Federal Trade
Commission) over sight on all fuel additives products. We suggest you buy, try, and decide.

WARNING: Do not exceed suggested use. If you want to save money on fuel costs, clean
abrasive deposits out of your engine and keep them out, extend engine life, reduce your vehicles
emissions, improve your overall performance, and clean the environment you live in, EcoTek-1™
are the easiest way to do it.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered.

EcoTek-1 does not void engine manufacturer warranties by compliance with the federal
Magnuson-Moss Act.