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I have chosen to apply for a degree in Biomedical Sciences as I find the physiological processes of the human body, along

with the biology that underpins disease extremely fascinating and intriguing. It is this hidden world within a world of seemingly endless, complex and intricate processes that I am continuously in awe of and have a keen desire to understand in as much depth as possible. The advances in modern medicine affect us all and I can think of no other area of human endeavour that would be more exciting, challenging or rewarding to be a part of. I have had an interest in medical science for some time but, through research, was only recently made aware of the range of subjects on offer from universities. When I read about the Biomedical Science programme, it seemed most related to my interests. I believe that this course best suits me as, as mentioned previously, have had a genuine interest in the subject matter and through finding out about this degree programme I have become acutely aware of the important role that biomedical scientists play in modern medicine, researching complex disease and aiding in patient diagnosis and treatment. I also see the profession of biomedical science as being very exciting and dynamic. I have recently recovered after a period of ill health and although this was a difficult time, it made me realise that I am mentally resilient and ultimately inspired me to return to full time education and achieve my goals of becoming a scientist and bettering myself. In the past, I have worked for my local council in an administrative role. While not being directly related to anything scientific, the experience of working in this sector allowed me to develop a number of key, transferable skills such as effective time management, the ability to shoulder significant levels of responsibility and working well as part of a team. I also have customer service experience, which enabled me to sharpen my communication skills and learn to use my own initiative when faced with problems that needed to be solved in the workplace. Prior to starting my current study programme, I undertook introductory online courses in cellular physiology, the cardiovascular system, virology, and the digestive system. These subjects were a means of preparing me for the content of my current course and also served to give me a taste of learning independently. I was able to hone skills required for further education for instance, researching and referencing. I also believe that this demonstrates my commitment towards my current studies and my interest in science. The specific subjects involved in my current studies such as biochemistry, applied biology and human physiology are laying an excellent foundation for me to work from for studying at degree level. Although academically challenging, I am finding the course very interesting and enjoyable. I particularly enjoy laboratory practicals; following a method and achieving a desired result; it is satisfying work. I also find that studying biology on a molecular, microbial and cellular level has opened up a whole new area of interest and fascination for me and I would look forward to furthering this at degree level. Although I have no formal experience in the arena of biomedical science, I regularly read medical literature and some of the areas of medical science I am particularly interested in are cardiovascular physiology and pathology and the human immune system. I have recently been learning about the renin angiotensin aldosterone system and its role in congestive heart failure and chronic hypertension and haven also been looking at the pathophysiology of HIV and AIDS in more detail with particular emphasis on how the virus behaves and has the ability to lie dormant for long periods of time. Following the successful completion of my chosen degree course I would very much like to work in a pathology laboratory or as a research scientist.

Outside of college I enjoy cycling and hiking. I also enjoy reading, mostly non-fiction topics such as military history and biographies. I am a keen music fan and attend gigs and festivals whenever possible. I have an eclectic taste, listening to everything from jazz to instrumental hip-hop. I consider myself to be a very creative person with a love for the arts. I sing and have played the guitar for a number of years and have recently started learning the piano. I enjoy making music, and have been lucky enough to have been able to release some of my own material through a small record label based in Germany.