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Submitted to: Dr. Navjot kaur

Submitted by: Madhvi sethi (336) Jasmeet kaur (331) Kamalpreet (326) School of Management Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala

Questionnaire Name: Age: Occupation: 1. Are you brand conscious? No Yes May be

2. Brand preference and awareness for fairness creams? Fair & lovely Loreal Lakme Ponds Garnier Others..Please specify..

3. Mind awareness for fairness creams? Fair & lovely Loreal Lakme Ponds Garnier Here 1 is high and 5 is low preference and awareness? 4. Factors influencing brand preference? Fairness Sunscreen Fragrance Brand name Trust on brand Recommendation

Othersplease specify.. 5. Sources of awareness for fairness creams?

Friends Family members Retailers recommendation Television Newspaper ads Magazine ads Advertisements 6. Reasons for switching brand? Variety Promotion Advertisement Non-availability Price Packing/novelty/features 7. What schemes do you prefer? Price off

Premium( Free gift) Discount coupons/ Free samples Bonus pack contests Others..please specify 8. What are the general complaints that you face regarding fairness creams? Packaging problem Duplicate products Side affects Non availability Others..please specify 9. In your family which age group gets most affected due to sales promotion schemes offered? Youngsters

Adults Older people All 10. Can u recall any current advertisement of fairness creams? Yes No

Objectives: To find out the brand preference for fairness creams among women. To study the factors influencing brand preference for fairness creams. To study the sources of awareness and users of fairness creams among different age group.

Research methodology: To study the perception and buying behavior of women for fairness creams. Data source: Primary data Research approach: Survey approach Research methodology: Descriptive research

Research Instruement: Questionnaire

Analysis and interpretation: Brand preference for fairness creams and top of mind awareness. Brand preferr ed Fair & lovely Lakme Ponds Loreal Garnie r Others Total No. of respon dents 39 27 14 55 10 5 150 % of respon dents 36% 18 % 9.3 % 26% 6.6 % 3.4 % Rank

1 3 5 2 4

*Others include Fem, Godrej fair glow, Shehnaaz hussain, Jhonsons andFair one etc Interpretation: From the above table it can be inferred that 36% of the people like Fair and lovely and 26% of the people like Loreal which shows that there is a high preference for HLL`s Fair & lovely. And rest 18% people say Lakme etc. So Less preference is for garnier that got 3.6% share.And top on the mind awareness is Fair & lovely and Loreal on the

second. So these two are commonly used by people.

Factors influencing brand preference: Factors No. of responde nt 70 6 12 20 32 10 150 % of responde nts 46.6 4 24 13.3 21.4 6.7

Fairness Sunscreen Fragrance Brand name Trust on brand Recommenda tion Total

Interpretation: It is clear from above chart that 46.6% people use the fairness cream in order to get Fairness.

Sources of awareness for fairness creams: Sources of awareness Friends Family members Retailors recommen dation Television Newspaper ads Magazine ads Total No. of responden ts 12 25 21 % of responden ts 8 16.7 14

70 10 12 150

46.7 6.6 8

Interpretation: It is clear that television is the most common source of the awareness for fairness creams.

Classification of fairness cream users on the basis of age: Age No. of responden ts 40 50 20 20 150 % of responden ts 40 33.3 13.3 13.4

Less than 25 25 35 35 45 More than 45 Total

Interpretation: From the above figure it is clear that more percentage is among the youth and the people between the age group of 25-35 who like Fairness creams.

Brand conscious Categories No. of responden ts 80 50 20 % of responden ts 53.3 33.4 13.3

Yes No May be Total

Interpretation: It can be inferred from above that more than 50% of the people are brand conscious. Conclusion: Fairness creams constitute a consistent proportion of income for the FMCG companies in India. As most of the Indians are very much bothered about their colour complexion and the fairness creams enjoy very good market growth rate when compared with other related product categories. As Fair & lovely has done wonders, other players in the market can also follow their philosophy of

`fairness`. Loreal is also the preferred brand but fair & lovely is leading among others. It is not sufficient if a company has the right product with right quality.It has to be communicated properly to the target audience. Hence TVCs which were widely remembered and recognized by Indian consumers for fairness consumers for fairness creams can be made use for creating the awareness for various brands for fairness creams.