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Full Senate October 9th, 2013 6:30 pm, Alderson Auditorium A. Call to Order at 6:37. B.

Approval of the Minutes C. Speaker: Jeff Severin, KU Fights Hunger i. Hunger in Douglas County. How can KU help? ii. Global Statistics iii. A survey done in spring reported that hunger was #4 on a list of concerns of residents of Douglas County. iv. Campus organization, connecting point for varies events on campus. Started as a food drive and has combined with CCO with events. v. Assess needs on campus: Daily Bread, KU Fights Hunger, KU Food Bank vi. KU Fights Hunger Month: a. Oct. events: i. Oct. 17: A Place at the Table ii. Oct. 20: Hunger Run (irunforhunger.com) iii. Oct. 24: Hunger Advocacy Training iv. Oct. 1-31: Campus Food Drive (www.justfoodfund.org) 1. Text to donate $10 vii. Check out: kufightshunger@ku.edu D. Speaker: Alex Wong, Deputy Support Officer for KU Information Technology i. IT help desks ii. Questions: a. Alek Joyce: What might be available on Virtual Apps in the future? i. Add entry: things you want to see in the future. ii. Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Suite b. Eric Hurtt: Isnt there security software students can download for free? i. Security.ku.edu, available for windows and macs c. Hannah Sitz: What are your thoughts on double-sided printing? i. Absolutely feasible, it would take a week to pull off from a technical standpoint. ii. Politically, it would take more time. iii. Financially, rates committee, and make sure they are okay with the changes. d. Aleck Joyce: Is there a way students could give feedback to IT? i. Blackboard upgrade ii. Focus groups E. Officer Reports 1. Marcus Tetwiler, Student Body President a. Free pizza this Friday 12-1 for IT focus group. b. Natalie Scott: Excel Finalist, congrats



4. 5.


c. Natalie Parker: Rep advertisement page about her role in senate. Continue to do great outreach. d. Buddy System: Halloween season, be safe and be responsible e. Breast cancer awareness: pink senate logo f. Boards and Committees: doodle, Student Health Advisory Board meeting this Thursday g. Strong Hall Resolution h. Camping season and election reforms conversations will be starting soon i. Take a minute and think about your role in this legislative body. Educate yourselves on issues and leave a great legacy within senate. Emma Halling, Student Body Vice President a. Revamping Title IX, womens athletics, treatment of pregnant women, sexual harassment, and more i. 40% participation in the sexual harassment survey 1. Take the survey and encourage others around you to take it as well. ii. Campus wide roundtable that will be held monthly. b. Board Reforms: Open slots available c. University Senate: Same sex partners: political priority, resolution benefiting same sex partners coming through senate soon. d. Deadline for first bill: This Friday at 5pm e. Section 8 of Rules and Regulations enforced tightly this year Tyler Childress, Chief of Staff a. Removal of senators due to attendance issues. i. Opening up replacement application again. 1. Open online on the senate website. b. Election reforms: Coalition issue separate from reform issue. c. Attendance: Email Executive Secretary Madeline Dickerson, Executive Secretary a. New JayLEADers Eric Hurtt, Government Relations Director a. Civic Engagement Week: i. Tabling about student hunger ii. Make a Difference Day iii. Tabling Oct. 16, taking monetary donations from 11-2 iv. SLAB: 1. Chamber of commerce, David Schmitt v. Cuts to funding: 1. Lawsuit, K-12 Funding vi. Check email for more information of upcoming events Marquise Paige, Development Director a. High school leadership conference i. Saturday, Oct. 23 from 9-2.

b. Public affairs and student affairs collaborating on creating an off campus resource center. i. Alek Joyce: Would this body be a neutral body toward neighborhoods offcampus? 1. Yes 7. Pantaleon Florez, Graduate Affairs Director a. Tea at 3 i. Student Senate Table 1. Oct. 17 from 3-4 a. Count as an office hour b. Looking for a graduate student focus group for the KU Masterplan 8. Drew Harger, Assistant Treasurer & Michael Graham, Tresurer a. $4,000 going through right now, we are on track for this cycle. b. Speak to student groups about funding process. It takes awhile for funding to go through. c. Strong Hall Resolution i. Add your name to the list of sponsors if you are not on the resolution already. 9. Alek Joyce: a. Committee for Financial Communications i. Purpose: discussion outside of Finance Committee meetings. ii. Creating an action plan for financial discussion. iii. Focus on short term tools F. Old Business I. Graduate University Senate Elections II. Nominations: Seyool Oh a. Motion to acclimate b. Passed III. University Senate Undergraduate Elections: a. Nominations: i. Justin Kelly ii. Mitch Rucker b. Speeches i. Winner: Mitch Rucker G. Consent Agenda 1. 2014-024 A Bill to Fund Muslim Student Association 2. 2014-051 A Bill to Fund SPIC-MACAY 3. 2014-061 A Bill to Fund the Collegiate Veterans Association 4. 2014-062 A Bill to Fund the Student Society of Health System Pharmacists 5. 2014-063 A Bill to Fund KU Environs Potter Lake Project 6. 2014-064 A Bill to Fund KUs Sport Management Club 7. 2014-065 A Bill to Award General Funds to Hawks Helping Hawks

8. 2014-069 A Bill to Fund the KU American Red Cross Clubs (ARCC) Event: International Humanitarian Law Workshop 9. 2014-071A Bill to Fund Jayhawk Motorsports 10. 2014-048 A Bill to Fund Queers and Allies H. Regular Agenda 1. 2014-068 A Bill to Fund Center for Community Outreachs Into the Streets Week a. March 22-April 3 i. Highlights activism and volunteerism within the student body ii. Health, homelessness, and iii. RJ Mitte: Walt Jr. Breaking Bad: coming to speak at KU 1. Speaking on Thursday, March 22. 2. Ballroom iv. Funding: Applied to Coca-Cola, called the Oread marketing team. b. Motion to call to question c. Seconded d. Passed 2. 2014-302 A Resolution Imploring University Administration to Make An Accessible Entrance to Strong Hall A University Priority a. The only accessible entrance to Strong Hall is around back b. We need a more physical accessible campus. Not a receptive compliance c. Motion to extend speakers time d. Seconded e. Design construction and management has created the design we have now f. We believe it is inappropriate that Strong Hall is a memorable building on campus yet contradicts being accessible to all staff, faculty, and KU students. g. Construction could begin next summer h. The money should come from the university i. Motion to extend speakers time j. Seyool Oh: how much money is predicted for this project? i. No money from Student Senate ii. $200,000 k. Bahar Barani: Who have you talked to about liability on this project? i. Conversation has been going on since December l. Neg. Speech: Tyler Childress and Marcus Tetwiler: i. Funding issue: amendment to bill, WHEREAS clause in line 63 m. Alek Joyce: If we had money would we be taking on financial projects like this one? i. We shouldnt be seen as a body that needs brings campus buildings up to code. n. Motion to call to question on the amendment o. Motion to call to question on the resolution i. Passed: 55-0-1

3. 2014-303 A Resolution Encouraging the KU Administration to Make the Standard Print Setting At Printers Used by Students Two-Sided a. More economical, environmentally friendly b. Save costs to students and costs for the university c. Drew Harger: What has your involvement with IT been? i. KU IT customer support ii. We have been told by IT that this is possible d. Eric Hurtt: If this bill is passed and the changes are implemented will I have the option to print single sided in the library? i. Yes e. Move to extend speakers time f. Sara Anees: Cost estimate for savings? i. $0.08 per page g. Neg. Speech: Tyler Childress and Alek Joyce: Not sure if this will really save money or paper. We should add in that we are given the results of savings. Add every academic dean on campus. h. Move for amendment i. Move to call to question on the amendment j. Passed: 53-2-0 k. Drew Harger: The authors of the bill said that we could do this and that it would be easy, however, that is not what I got from the authors. There would be many more loopholes to jump through. More research needs to be done. There has not been much contact with IT at all so far. l. Motion to extend speakers time m. Hannah Sitz: What are your thoughts on the impact of this on other entities involved? i. There is still so much research that needs to be done. Libraries havent been contacted at all. n. Ebube Nwadiei: Would you feel more comfortable with more signatures from students? i. Yes o. Positive Speech: Mark Savoy: We need to have more spirit within our body. We would spark a conversation here. There is no harm if you present an issue to administration. This is an easy fix and will generate discussion for an important change. p. Positive Speech: Alek Joyce: There is not a binding role for administration and there are not any negative consequences in discussing this issue. q. Positive Speech: Cody Christiansen: The student body is trying to get involved with saving the environment. There is a diverse group of authors. There is a vast amount of support for this resolution already. r. Motion to extend speakers time s. Hannah Sitz: Who have your contacts been so far? t. Drew Harger: Can we friendly line 42? Is the printing a student fee as addressed in line 22






u. Motion to extend speakers time v. Drew Harger: Does line 33 say that I can print anything other than homework and papers? w. Motion to call to question on the resolution x. Passed: 40-16-2 2014-067 A Bill to Amend Rules and Regulations Article VI Section 2: Fee Review a. More transparency with finance and groups b. Motion to call to question c. Passed: 55-0-1 2014-072 A Bill To Amend Student Senate Rules And Regulations Article VI Section 3.8.1: Student Safety Advisory Board a. Motion to call to question b. Passed: 59-0-0 2014-073 A Bill to Amend Student Senate Rules and Regulations Article III To Reflect the Changes Made in Appendix O: Office Hours for the 2013-2014 Student Senate a. Motion to call to question b. Passed: 55-2-0 2014-074 A Bill to Amend Student Senate Rules and Regulations Article V Section 8: Responsibilities of the Executive Secretary a. Neg. Speech: Alek Joyce: we have had it for years, it doesnt take more time. Proposed amendment. b. Ashlie Kohen: Do you see the Internet as an archive? c. Neg. Speech: Tyler Childress: Not an efficient use of time or money. Not reflective of student senate d. Neg. Speech: Hannah Sitz: Social media already catches the not so serious side of this body. Scrapbooks are incredibly expensive. Should not be put on the Executive Secretary. e. Motion to call to question f. Fails g. Motion to call to question h. Fails: 39-2-0 2014-075 A Bill To Amend Student Senate Rules And Regulations Article IV, Section 2: Membership And Structure a. Neg. Speech: Alek Joyce b. Move to extend speakers time c. Move to extend speakers time d. Positive speech: Hannah Sitz: e. Positive speech: Cody Christiansen f. Move to call to question g. Passed: 48-12-4

I. Announcements J. Adjournment at 9:34

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