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Swami Beyondananda's Guidelines for Enlightenment 1. Be a FUNdamentalist.

Make sure that the fun always comes before the mental. Realize that life is a situation comedy that will never be canceled, a laugh track has been provided, and the reason we are put in the material world is to get more material. Have a good laughsitive twice a day which will insure regularhilarity. 1. Life Is a Joke -- But God Is Laughing With Us, Not At Us 2. Fun Is Fundamental. A fooly-aware person need only look in the mirror to begin laughing. So play to God daily. Surrender to the Farce, and smile ... youre on Candid Karma. 3. A Laugh Track Has Been Provided. 4. We Are Put In the Material World To Get More Material 5. Nonjudgment Day Is At Hand! The Ten Rules for Being Human By Cherie Carter-Scott 1. You will receive a body. 2. You will be presented with lessons 3. There are no mistakes, only lessons 4. A lesson is repeated until learned 5. Learning does not end 6. "There" is no better than "here." 7. Others are only mirrors of you. 8. What you make of your life is up to you. 9. All your answers lie inside of you. 10. You will forget all of this at birth. The Common Elements in Teachings of the Masters What are the common elements in the teachings of those that are convinced that they have the truth and seem to have the proof they needed to satisfy their own requirement? 1. Take responsibility over your own life. 2. Become aware, conscious of all via observation. 3. All things are possible to him who believes. 4. That we are divine or at least some part in us. 5. Discover who you are, right now, by observation. 6. We are to be the Masters of our own thoughts. 7. Change yourself to what you want to be and you will have what you want to have. Quick check please Pause for a moment and have a rest, be at ease Slow down by feeling the weight of your body on the chair Pay attention to all the sounds you are hearing Pay effortless attention to your breathing Breathe as you merge all sounds about you with your breath Relax and continue being aware of the sounds and breath Let go of listening to the voice in your head and be quiet, be still Check if you now are more centred, real or present within? Smile, if you are and notice your weight and the breathing

Watch as you inhale-pause-exhale-pause-in-pause-out-pauseTRUST any real silence you have within not that noisy, tiresome troublesome voice in your head. BE STILL - the still silence, within the body reading these words.

The real enjoyment of life is in the present moment - in the NOW. I am becoming more and more conscious as I am learning to live in the NOW. I am enjoying my life more and more, as my mind is less controlling and as I think less, unnecessarily.